Juuchi Yosamu is a weapon in The Black Pillars. It is the legendary blade of the swordsmith Muramasa, a bloodthirsty demon blade, and the manifestation of its legend of cutting all things in a river on a real weapon through an Arms Class Narrative.

Looks like a Black Katana

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | At least 9-B

Name: Juuchi Yosamu, 10,000 Cold Nights

Origin: The Black Pillars

Age: Several centuries

Classification: Arms Class Narrative, Demonic Blade


Powers and Abilities: Abstract Existence (the blade is the manifestation of a story of Juuchi Yosamu), limited Plot Manipulation (the blade is created by overwriting the story of a normal weapon with the story of the sword, can harm Phantasms who are living stories), limited Conceptual Manipulation (can harm Phantasms, who are living ideas) | All prior in addition to Plot Manipulation (forces an enhanced version of the story of the sword on those around it), Telekinesis (pulls everything within its range - including light - except the wielder towards the edge of blade), Durability Negation (part of its story is that it can cut through all things), Death Manipulation (the blade "extinguishes life", instantly killing anything it cuts, even if the damage would not normally be enough to kill it), Blood Manipulation (draws the blood or conceptual equivalent - e.g. chlorophyll for plants - of anything around it into itself, with greater potency than its basic telekinesis), Empathic Manipulation (drives its wielder into a bloodthirsty rage in which they will attack anyone around them, friend or foe)

Attack Potency: Wall level (can harm Pro) | At least Wall level (stated to be far stronger than before)

Speed : Varies on the user

Durability:  Wall level | At least Wall level

Range : Melee range | Extended melee range

Weaknesses: Will vanish if the user runs out of Fantasy to fuel it will | Overcharging requires a higher input of Fantasy, causing it to vanish in a much faster period of time

Key: Base | Overcharged

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