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Jophiel is the fifth archangel, the Archangel of Knowledge, created to assist in the development of new technologies for Heaven. Originally fully obedient and loyal in this respect, years of being sidelined, forgotten, and ignored by her siblings slowly led to her developing an inferiority complex and an obsession with her eldest sister, Mastema, seeking to surpass her at any cost. To achieve this goal and remake Heaven in accordance with her vision and morals, Jophiel ultimately reinvented herself and founded the angelic terrorist cell Grigori.


Jophiel is the fifth archangel, formed from Yaldabaoth's magic and will, and instilled with the power of a dying star. She was created to assist in the development of new angels and technologies, to make new forays into these fields while Yaldabaoth focused on Heaven’s grander affairs. While she was still supervised and directed by her mother, much of Yaldabaoth’s attention was instead focused on her “more important” siblings - most specifically, Mastema. As a result, she was left with her fledgling law, Raziel, to her own devices.

At this stage in time, Jophiel, essentially a newborn, had no capacity to feel anything over this. She had little personality and no goals of her own, existing only as an instrument of Yaldabaoth’s, alongside her sisters. She was left mostly to her own devices, with Yaldabaoth only intervening to improve upon certain designs and lecture her about Heaven’s ideals and her purpose. Still, over time, Jophiel slowly started coming into her own, assisted by Raziel, who had begun to develop self-awareness alongside her, much to Jophiel’s delight.

Strongly desiring to prove herself to Yaldabaoth, Jophiel fully dedicated herself to her role and constantly worked to perfect Heaven’s technologies and magic. As Heaven warred and Yaldabaoth slowly withdrew from the public eye, little changed for Jophiel, who only threw herself at her work more desperately, but she gradually gained greater and greater freedom. Without Yaldabaoth’s supervision, Jophiel was free to delve deeper into the studies of science and magic for the purpose of perfecting Heaven, with Raziel by her side, encouraging and supporting her all the way. By this point, the two of them were extremely close, possessing an indescribable relationship that was and is beyond words for the both of them, a bond so close and deep that it becomes impossible to articulate.

This research took Jophiel across all of existence, to distant universes and far outside of Heaven, where she studied life, scientific principles, and magic, everywhere they arose. She unveiled long lost magical secrets and put them to use in Heaven’s technologies, and delved into the research of “primitive angelic lifeforms”. But in this research, she came into possession of a truth that shook her worldview. She had found conclusive evidence that Yaldabaoth was no god - that she had only been a seraph. The specifics were lost on her, but it was enough.

Believing herself to be the first archangel to realize this, Jophiel struggled with the knowledge for a long time. She couldn’t bring herself to tell her other siblings, fearful of how they might react, and she couldn’t fully process it herself. But she had been an angel dedicated to knowledge, and even a painful truth like this is something that must be known for progression, something that Raziel encouraged. She brought herself to share it with her siblings, but few believed her, and those that did didn’t care. Most strikingly, Mastema acknowledged it as true - shocking Jophiel - but made it clear that she didn’t believe it changed anything.

They had been created for a purpose. Perhaps their mother wasn’t a god, but - they had a purpose, and they would fulfill them. Many of her siblings had rejected her evidence, right before accepting Mastema’s mere word as truth. All of the knowledge Jophiel had brought to the table was discarded, and Jophiel was left to her own devices again. Her siblings’ rejection of everything she had worked so hard to prove filled her with bitterness, and while they may not have changed, she had a deep crisis. This only drove her closer to Raziel.

Continuing her research out of duty despite her steadily intensifying doubts, Jophiel looked upon the world and compared it to Heaven. Over time, she came to realize just what Heaven was, as she saw the freedom and happiness in others across the world. With this, she came to realize just what Yaldabaoth was - a delusional tyrant who had created a world just for the sake of her own divine ego. Yet, all the same, in her journeys, she saw only the weakness and stupidity in the masses. Many great figures were capable of rising to become more powerful and change the world, but for every great hero, there were billions of nothings who existed only to be directed.

There was great potential in everyone, potential that was left untapped in Heaven, but even with the tools and opportunities to fully grow and become powerful, few people became anything of note. Jophiel was torn apart by indecisiveness, confused and conflicted. She made her own department of Heaven more accessible to those with the intelligence to rise up, but the rest of Heaven’s condition still plagued her.

Her struggles continued for quite some time, as she was torn between the duty to Heaven that still drove her to develop its technologies further and further, and her desire to gain the happiness and fulfillment she saw in others, which still eluded her. Jophiel wanted to be happy and free, yet - she felt that this could not coexist with her loyalty to Heaven. Still, her desire to see Heaven perfect still clashed with her developing beliefs, as she saw all of Heaven’s angels incapable of truly realizing their potential. There was no solution.

Until, suddenly, a demonic rebel named Lucifer made her presence known. Jophiel worked herself to her limit in developing stronger and stronger angels to help in the war, but - Heaven was nearly destroyed. Like so many of her siblings, Jophiel herself was personally defeated, but she survived, and watched Lucifer’s final battle with Abaddon, in which she ultimately fell. The experience - the war - broke something in Jophiel.

She saw her worry that Heaven would stagnate without allowing progression validated, as a rebellious angel who tapped into the full of her potential nearly killed the archangels. In that conflict, Jophiel felt all her beliefs confirmed, and it began to wear away at her loyalty to Yaldabaoth’s concept of Heaven. It became obvious to her that what Yaldabaoth intended was imperfect from the start, and so to create a perfect Heaven, it would have to be discarded.

Jophiel brought up as much to her siblings, even though she expected to be rejected or belittled once more, but once more, Mastema simply accepted what she had said, and the others united around her and not Jophiel. Besides, what Mastema sought was not the same. She wanted only to aim to further perfect the archangels, so that the next time a rebel force arose, they could crush them all with overwhelming force.

The feelings of bitterness that had been swelling within Jophiel for so long began to intensify. Emotions that she had repressed for so long began to bubble up to the surface. Burning, nauseating envy and a desperate longing for recognition and respect. It was all fixated on the figure that had overshadowed her from the beginning, her eldest sister, Mastema. The archangel who had always clearly been their mother’s favorite, who had been made to be the best, who had been made to rule, and yet who couldn’t even kill a single stubborn demon. The archangel who only propagated their mother’s idiocy and let Heaven stagnate. Still, despite all of Jophiel’s best attempts, she was always brushed aside in favor of her.

It couldn’t stop plaguing her, overshadowing her desires to perfect Heaven, and it bled into her ambitions. They became inseparable. To rise up and become perfect meant surpassing Mastema. To perfect Heaven meant doing better than Mastema ever could. While she would never admit to herself, she so, so, so strongly desired to prove herself to her creator. To prove her expectations wrong, and to prove herself to be Mastema’s superior, to be the strongest and most capable of all her daughters. That’s all Jophiel wanted, all she truly wanted for herself. To get Yaldabaoth’s approval and affection and to be given the same responsibilities.

In the name of perfection and in the name of standing out among all of her siblings, Jophiel reinvented her identity entirely. At first, this change was supported by Raziel, but as Jophiel set about it, they realized the destructive and dangerous extent to which she was altering herself. She tore herself apart - not just figuratively, but literally. With her own two hands, Jophiel recreated herself. She became overwhelmingly confident and individualistic, a change that shocked her siblings, as Jophiel changed into what seemed to be a completely different person overnight. Jophiel cared little for their opinions, and as she grew into her new identity, she finally reached a semblance of the happiness she had pursued for so long. Of course, it wouldn’t be enough, not until she destroyed Mastema and proved herself to be the best.

For the sake of growing past what she had seen as her past weakness and overdependency, Jophiel even tore a pleading Raziel from her soul and tossed them aside, desiring a law that better suited her new personality, a weapon that could match Mastema. Jophiel believed this was absolutely necessary, a step towards independence that would make her Mastema’s peer, kicking out her own crutch so that she could finally learn to walk on her own. Out of all she had done, this was the hardest to go through with, but with her newfound power and confidence, she refused to back down, the future clear to her.

She would rebel against Heaven and kill her siblings, ending with Mastema, and she would not do so alone. Gradually, slowly she found allies - like-minded angels in Heaven, fallen angels bearing grudges beyond its borders, and most notably of all, a certain old woman who had inadvertently built so much of what she now sought to destroy. To many of these allies, who made up the group known as Grigori, she appeared as a kind savior who wished to make Heaven a better place, but… Jophiel wished only to prove herself better than Mastema and rule better than she ever could out of spite. Sure, she had her own desires for Heaven, but those came second.

Besides, Jophiel’s beliefs did not grow to become any better. Lucifer may have influenced her, but it was not for the best. In her Heaven, the strong and intelligent would be able to rise to the top, but the weak would be discarded and left to rot. Such beliefs are in stark opposition to Lucifer’s, and even as Jophiel awaits her for awakening so that she can have a powerful ally, she plans to backstab her once victory is hers and reign as the highest, greatest angel.


While all angels, as shapeshifters, have countless forms that they can take in countless situations, Jophiel stands out among the rest due to the sheer variance in her forms. Unlike most angels, who take the same forms in the same situations, Jophiel disregards an overlying consistency in her shapes, appearing however she wishes and varying depending on her whims. The bodies she takes are meant to stand out and surprise others, something that Jophiel takes a lot of joy in. Still, there remain consistent traits that Jophiel favors and finds particularly striking. For example, she near always stands nice and tall and proud, averaging around 6'3 but often appearing in forms a fair bit taller or shorter. She tends to have noticeably pale skin and a firm, solid build with hints of musculature, favoring bodies with wide hips, thick thighs, and long legs - all the better to draw the eye with, after all. What tends to vary the most is her hair, in terms of length, color, and style - it's all over the place, really. With her love of bright, eye-catching colors, Jophiel often does her hair up in extravagant, beautiful fashion, in radiant browns, blonde, golds, auburn, blues, reds, and so on. With all of this said, the classic Jophiel hair color is blue, cornflower blue, and she invariably returns to it often, wearing it more than any other color. At shorter lengths, Jophiel's hair tends not to go past her chin and is often done up in bear buns, and at longer lengths, it usually fails to reach her waist. When in fights, Jophiel usually goes with shorter hair, as a rule.

Even as the rest of her body varies, however, Jophiel's eyes remain the same. They are a deep, dark, piercing red that are always visible, even in the darkest conditions. If there are any pupils, they take inhuman shapes, and the deep red often bleeds into her sclera, coloring the whole of her eyes an intense shade of bloody scarlet. She may wear glasses (particularly sunglasses) on some occasion, but she has no need of them and will wear them only if she feels it suits her outfit. Below her eyes lies a mouth filled with teeth, large, razor-sharp teeth akin to that of a shark, tailor-made for smirking and packed into her mouth. At times, she appears with more animalistic traits, when her whims permit - unusual tongues, claws, ears, and tails, though what tends to show up most are tentacles. Jophiel's look is rounded out by gaudy, expensive jewelry - earrings, jeweled rings, and ornate necklaces are common sights, and are only rendered more tacky by her massive, eye-catching wings and bright, inconsistently colored halo.

Out of all the archangels, none are as flamboyant as Jophiel. She’ll wear anything if she thinks she can pull it off - and she thinks she can pull everything off, even long-dead and out of date fashions. Good looks are timeless, after all! Naturally, the attention-seeking Jophiel particularly thrives in unusual, brightly-colored, and eye-catching clothing. She treats traditional angelic clothing with disgust, and on the occasions that she has to wear them, she modifies them to become brighter and skimpier, showing way more skin than is necessary out of spite towards the rest of Heaven. It's when she gets to pick her own clothing that she truly shines, however. Long, fancy coats are a common sight - really, they're just necessary for Jophiel, who adores them. Fur coats are a particular favorite, as are lab coats, an unsurprising fight on a career scientist like Jophiel. She's also quite fond of leather jackets, but she'll go for anything if she thinks it's nice. She often pairs such things with unnecessarily tight sweaters and turtlenecks, or with the occasional blouse or dress shirt, or the even more occasional - the more casual sorts of tops, such as tank tops. Her legwear is, surprise surprise, very tight and made up of primarily jeans and leather pants, though vinyl pants, latex pants, track pants, and culottes are all fair game too. Shorts - even those short enough to be called hot pants - are a favorite as well. While she prefers pants, she'll wear skirts too, whether long and flowy or short ones that hug every curve of her body. When appropriate, Jophiel happily wears garish tights and thigh highs. A staple of her outfits are elbow-length, studded, fingerless leather gloves and boots that can reach as tall as her thighs, with high heels and steel toes. Her law, Nanael, typically manifests over these gloves as silvery-blue gauntlets.

Still, as with all of the archangels, Jophiel has a true form, though she has modified her own to the point that is scarcely recognizable as what it used to be. The monstrous being she becomes when showing her true self is akin to a jellyfish or maybe a squid, a sinuous figure that is constantly in motion and is always flickering through different colors, dipping through eye-catching and imaginary shades. Her size is something that varies drastically, from the size of her normal human form, to large enough that she can drape her tentacles across solar systems and be seen from anywhere in a galaxy. Her "bell" is transparent, but covered in glowing lights and false eyes, with circuits spreading over the surface. It can display videos and feeds as if it were a screen. She has a ridiculous, uncountable amount of tentacles, each covered in bright lights, razors, hooks, needles, and even snapping teeth. Each one is fully prehensile and can shift into any laboratory tool or produce any substance needed. At the center of all her tentacles, her true mouth appears, a massive beak with a long tongue. Within her throat can be seen her single true eye - the same eye that she shows as a human; of immense size, bloody red coloration, and bearing a sinister, black cross-shaped pupil. She can push her eye into her bell with her tongue. As an angel, she still retains her wings, which flank her bell without being attached and change in colors just as it does, and her halo, which hovers above.


With a strong, forceful, and confident personality, Jophiel dominates the scene whenever she appears, constantly full of a charm and energy that monopolizes attention to make herself the center of every outing. Eccentric and individualistic, Jophiel is known as a maverick for good reason - she goes against the world around her persistently and stubbornly, doing everything she can to stand out and draw attention to herself in the process. A constant, burning curiosity motivates her like little else, driving her to fascination with the unusual and novel, and in the name of innovation and progress, she gleefully discards and tramples over tradition. Even greater than her curiosity, however, is her raw ambition, a need to succeed that drives her to overtake every obstacle in her path. Her charming personality covers a ruthless arrogance and selfishness, a person who cares little for everything beyond her own agenda and success. Morals and altruism are somewhat alien to her, unnecessary for her goal of proving herself the greatest. Even her own identity is reduced to a tool in pursuit of this dream, and Jophiel refuses to depend on anyone else, desiring to achieve it principally through her own merits and strength. Dependence is parasitism, and if Jophiel isn't good enough, she's just going to have to improve on the machine that is her soul until she is.

First impressions with Jophiel are colored vibrantly by her sheer force of personality and passion, an intensity that tends to take over any interaction she’s in. Her approach to life is an intense one, full of aggression and passion, reflective of a lust for life that few other people possess. She's loud and proud, in perpetual high spirits, and her forceful nature means she tends to dominate any interaction she's part of, forcing the people around her in line with her own rhythm. Jophiel is defined by flamboyance - by eccentricities, idiosyncrasies, and a stubbornly individualist streak that refuses to bow down to any other person or move with the crowd. Instead, she moves against the crowd, against traditions and norms, sharing herself and her revolutionary insights with the world, basking in the attention and praise. A flair for the dramatic colors much of her behavior, and she tends to go on long, elaborate tangents and explanations whenever given the chance. All the better to attract even more attention, something that she relishes and thrives on, so much so that she often does things just for the sole purpose of getting more of it. The feeling she gets from being one-upped is unbearable, and Jophiel is phenomenally competitive, loathing being in anything but first place, at the heart of every topic. While certainly rather friendly and outgoing, Jophiel’s unflinching self-confidence means that she has a somewhat intimidating presence. People tend not to find her particularly approachable, no - after all, she's the one who does the approaching. She's the one who's on the offense, constantly, from day 'til night. These traits bring with them a certain charisma driven by an overwhelming force, and the clever, well-spoken, and manipulative Jophiel is quite good at making use of said charisma.

A curious nature means that she's easily fascinated by and attracted to novelty, and Jophiel adores amassing knowledge, especially when the things she learns can contribute meaningfully to her life and goals. Without such intrigue and/or application, people and things hold no interest to Jophiel, who isn't much of one for small talk and tends to prefer getting to work as soon as possible rather than suffering through unnecessary niceties. Many would describe her excitable, enthusiastic nature as childish, and they wouldn't be wrong. That glimmer of innocence and constant joy that sparks up when she finds a new path or insight is accompanied by less positive traits - a tendency towards spiteful pettiness, a habit of immaturity and irresponsibility, and a generally erratic, unpredictable approach to life. Those she dislikes are often sidelined and ignored for the pettiest of reasons. Nothing disgusts Jophiel like stagnation. She enjoys picking things apart and improving on them, constantly going through such processes again and again, finding unconventional applications, redesigning systems, and improving upon what’s already there. After all, she wants herself, and the world by extension, to be the best they could possibly be, a process that will naturally require a lot of time, effort, and innovation - and to bog things down with tradition and routine, it's just unfathomable. Nothing should be accepted as it is - things can always be better! Something can always be made better, people can always work harder - and Jophiel subjects herself to these same standards. Nothing she does ever satisfies her, and she constantly pushes herself to her limits to meet her own impossible expectations, making for a self-destructive, perfectionist streak that she easily rationalizes and justifies. For the sake of progress and improvement, she needs to be better, and the world must follow in her footsteps. Good ideas are welcomed from anyone, regardless of position and standing, unlike much of the rest of Heaven, the traditions and norms of which Jophiel despises. Combined with her eccentricity and individualism, this lends itself to a major rebellious streak and a loathing for authority. Jophiel often finds herself resenting even sound advice when she feels it infringes on her person and her freedom, and she simply desires to act of her own volition in all she does.

Ambition is the name of the game, for Jophiel. All of this passion, all of this intensity, all of this perfectionism - it's all in the name of her goals, which her life revolves around. She is relentless in pursuit and ruthless in the social climb, revealing her to be a cutthroat, amoral person at heart, one who seems to lack any real morals or restraint. This creative, inventive, enthusiastic girl is a single-minded one, one obsessed with the process of the climb and the results that constantly elude her. Little else is allowed into her heart, and so Jophiel lacks much care for most other people in the world, treating them as either tools and resources to be used, or obstacles to be overcome in her quest. The majority of them are idiots as far as she's concerned, anyways - the masses as full of weak, stupid, and boring individuals who are lacking in the ambition necessary to improve themselves and rise to the top of the world, while Jophiel has enough to more than match them all combined. She views herself as the ultimate self-made individual, literally, and despises those who take their successes for granted or coast off of the accomplishments of others. She respects only the iconoclastic, something that causes her dread and instability at times, when she looks at her own history and from whence she came - can she, who was made to be among the best of the best, truly attribute her successes to her own ability? Or is it all simply the product of her design? Indeed, despite these beliefs, that anyone can rise to power, Jophiel is phenomenally arrogant and has a deep-seated conviction that no normal angel could ever reach her level. Hell, no normal person, period! Most people are weak, boring, and stupid, after all. If they somehow mustered up the effort needed to reach her level, it would render all her own achievements less valuable. At the end of the day, as much as she rejects her family’s ideals, deep inside, Jophiel feels as if she’s better than everyone around her, and she is plagued by a resentment over not being afforded the admiration that she feels she deserves.

That individuality that Jophiel so prizes is one that obscures a severe issue with her self-image and psyche. Though she puts so much effort into communicating her individuality and who she is, in truth, Jophiel’s sense of self is incredibly fragile to the point of barely even existing. After all, her entire identity is constructed, an artificially designed person who was made to succeed where the original failed. Such is the source of her perfectionist streak, one that prevents her from treating herself as a person. She treats herself roughly and without love or care, ultimately reducing her own identity to something modular - a machine that she must perfect. Any introspection she undergoes is simply the art of mastering the machine. She's disgusted by her past self and refuses to accept her as the same person, referring to her as a different individual entirely and often expressing joy that the person she used to be is dead and gone. But even after all she's done, nothing she’s ever accomplished feels like enough to her. All the pride she feels for her accomplishments can vanish in an instant, and so she constantly pushes herself to top all previous efforts. Failure is incomprehensible and terrifying to her, almost paralyzingly so; a single failure could shake her to her core and destroy her precarious ego all at once. This fragile ego is accompanied by turbulent emotions, most notably a violently short temper, and wounds to her confidence often result in fits of rage worse than even Mastema’s.

Plagued by an inferiority complex, Jophiel feels inadequate in comparison to many of her siblings, Mastema most of all, and a pervasive feeling of emptiness and need follows her everywhere. Much to her shame, envy wracks her every waking moment. Envy for Mastema, for receiving the attention and love of her mother, for being entrusted with the responsibilities that she was - even the knowledge of how profoundly this has harmed Mastema wouldn't stop her from feeling as if she could've done better. It'd only be justification, really! This envy, this hatred, this obsession - this one-sided rivalry is the foundation of who Jophiel has chosen to become. Sure, she needs to prove herself better than everyone - but she needs to prove herself better than Mastema most of all. And she has to do this all alone, through her own power. Valuing strength, cunning, and resourcefulness above all, Jophiel loathes those who depend on others and sees them as lesser than herself. Dependence is parasitism, and so she avoids all vulnerability and all her needs. Instead, she burdens it all herself! All her responsibilities, all her duties, everything in the world! And unlike others, she will not buckle or break - she will stand strong, and she will change the world in a way unlike anyone else before her! In the end, she will prove herself to be the best in all regards. Better than all her allies, better than her sisters and their mother, better than all their lackeys, and above all else, better than Mastema, and better than the pathetic brat she used to be.

In doing so, she’ll receive the world and all she deserves - all the admiration, attention, love, power, and praise the world has to offer. And then more. As if so little could ever be enough!



"Oh, Raziel's new fling? What's their name, again? Eh, who cares. They don't matter."

An initially funny joke that ran on far too long, in Jophiel's eyes. At first a nothing, Harahel only became notable to Jophiel when they got their hands on Raziel. This was the funny part for her, a nobody angel, someone so insignificant they could be replaced by any other angel, getting their hands on her now useless law. It was impudent, to be sure, and behavior that Jophiel needed to correct, but she didn't waste too much energy on the two of them. Harahel's a nobody after all, and Raziel outdated. But somehow, the two of them survived Grigori's attempts to reclaim their technology, enduring to the point that they became useful assets to the efforts against Mastema.

This is the root of Jophiel's animosity towards Harahel. Not only are they presumptuous enough to wield Raziel, but they wield them well. Deep inside Jophiel, deeper than she's comfortable acknowledging, she's jealous of them, seeing the simple truth that the two of them...? They're a better team than Jophiel and Raziel ever were. It's infuriating. Some people just need to learn their place, you know? And Harahel's place is far, far beneath Jophiel. A dot in the sea of angels singing her praise. Not a fly that's getting in her hair. And definitely not a peer, definitely not worthy of wielding even Raziel.


"Logos, honey, I need you to do something for me, alright?"

Sophia's Invisible Hand and among the most powerful beings at Jophiel's disposal. This in itself makes Logos of interest and value to Jophiel, and she tends to treat them a bit roughly, if affectionately, as a result. Tousling their hair, getting them to wait on her along with Sophia, and happily watching in childish glee as they tear through their targets and move her and Sophia's plans along - those are the sorts of interactions Jophiel tends to have with Logos. She's rather fond of them, really - fond of that blank expression on their face, fond of their meek but soft-hearted personality, fond of their loyalty and steadfast support of her ailing grandmother.

But, much like Sophia, Jophiel views Logos as a tool, and she's not nearly as invested in them as Sophia is. She doesn't think much about the torturous nature of Logos' life, and though she doesn't particularly like the thoughts when she does, it's not really her problem, is it? If it gets the job done, that's what matters. And sure, she's been mildly sad to see some of the more interesting Logos come and go, the current Logos is plenty interesting themself. Most importantly, they're competent, and they get the job done. So long as they keep doing that, Jophiel's got no intentions to bitch about how Sophia treats them. It works, after all!


"Maaaaaaaaaaastemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'll show you just how much someone can change!"

The adversary that all of Jophiel's life has grown to revolve around, ever since the day she reinvented herself, the day she tore her soul apart and put it back together. Once, when Jophiel was a gentler and quieter person, and when Mastema still had some semblance of hope, they had a close relationship, as with all the other archangels. But the years have not been kind to the two of them, and now, Jophiel now despises the sister she once looked up to, the sister who once provided advice, and care, and comfort. All the time Jophiel spent wallowing in bitterness and envy has scrubbed away all her positive emotions, leaving only a hate similar in nature to what Mastema subjects all to. Now, there is nothing Jophiel desires more than to surpass her sister, to prove herself, to finally gain the recognition she wanted for so long, all while digging her heel further into the back of Mastema's skull.

When she was first born, Jophiel was raised to see Mastema as the rest of her siblings did. Her superiority was unquestioned. She stood at the top of all of them, as mother's favorite, and for a long time, Jophiel felt no jealousy, no longing. That was simply the way the world should be, in her eyes, and it took a long time for her to feel otherwise. In these earlier years, Mastema resembled her future self little, and though stern, she treated her siblings more gently. Unlike Yaldabaoth, who was harsh and strict, Mastema was more forgiving, and was happy to more carefully correct mistakes. Like the rest of her siblings, Jophiel accepted this, and sought this out, valuing everything Mastema had to say, but as she matured, she found that her own words were painted over by Mastema's. Worse, however, was how Mastema changed, as Yaldabaoth's abuse and high expectations wore Mastema's inner world down to an empty cyst.

With the loving sister of the past gone, Jophiel slowly stopped expecting the same care as before from her, and cast her attentions elsewhere, such as her law, Raziel. In the years that followed, as Mastema soured, Jophiel began to flourish, finding more and more to love and appreciate in the world. Even if she had begun to fear her sister, Jophiel still respected her, still loved her, and so acted loyally, supporting her ambitions and doing nothing to stop her as she slowly took control of Heaven herself. Indeed, Jophiel supported this, and was among the first of her siblings to voice this support, fearlessly. For she knew what her mother had become, and could see that Mastema was simply the better leader, with a mind unclouded by the same delusions. Jophiel did not buy completely into her self-destructive goals, however, as she had seen so much of value outside of Heaven. This was the beginning of Jophiel's disillusionment.

Jophiel's relationship with Mastema only suffered as time passed. As she discovered more about the world, including that Yaldabaoth was no god at all, the curious and increasingly independent Jophiel began to clash with her eldest sister. This only intensified when this discovery, the most significant of Jophiel's life, was ignored by her sisters only to be accepted once Mastema confirmed it. Bitter and angry that all her work had been ignored in favor of Mastema's word alone, Jophiel was pushed to further explore the world and question what she had been born into, the role she had been given from birth. Heaven, which Jophiel once accepted with all her heart, began to be something she looked upon with concern, fear, and worry. And all these worries were validated by Lucifer.

The rejection that followed, the time she was passed up yet again, was Jophiel's breaking point. All her work, the years she had spent agonizing over the world and how to improve it, simply ignored, "corrected", by Mastema. Sure, Mastema wanted to grow, wanted to improve Heaven, but she wanted none of what Jophiel truly developed. It was not about the future, it was about maintaining the present. And Jophiel snapped. Years of anguish and misery over being rejected and ignored time and time again exploded out of her, and, desperate to prove herself, to Mastema, to all her siblings, she reinvented herself, seeking to take her ambitions farther than ever before.

Now, just as nothing remains of the sweet and caring Mastema of the past, nothing remains of the gentle and quiet Jophiel. While Mastema's soul disappeared into the void, Jophiel's was rebuilt, better, but worse. Now, all that matters to Jophiel is Mastema, the idea of proving herself superior the everything that drives her. Nothing else matters anymore, not to Jophiel. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't curse Mastema, for overshadowing her, for treating her so contemptuously, for ceasing to be someone she could trust and look up to. For buying into the grand lie that their mother vomited out, even as she understands how false it all is. These sins are not things that Jophiel can forgive, and as much as she hates it, Mastema has become the most important person in her life, and their relationship of unparalleled significance. Without Mastema, Jophiel would never have changed.


"What, that old thing? I threw them out years ago. Get with the program."

Someone Jophiel wishes she could forget. At one time, the two of them had a bond stronger than any of the other archangels had. None of them could've known the depth of their bond, the trust they felt, the love. Now, though, Jophiel has convinced herself that this bond was what had been holding her back all along, and that Raziel is to blame for all her failings and shortcomings. All that matters in the world is strength, after all, and if you need a partner to shoulder a weight, perhaps you deserve to have been crushed under it. So, Jophiel destroyed the bond, and cast Raziel aside, refusing to be held back by such emotions, feelings that were below an archangel. But, at the core of her soul, Jophiel misses her bond with Raziel more than she could ever possibly articulate, and the profound loneliness that accompanies what she gave up makes her sick to her stomach.

When Raziel first developed intelligence, Jophiel was overjoyed. The chance to have a peer, to have someone to confer with, someone that she could approach as an equal, someone who would not judge her or mock her. It was a welcome change of pace, so much safer than Jophiel's relationships with her mother and eldest sister, even if Mastema was still supportive back then. In response to all the coldness and harshness in the world, not just around her in Heaven but across the universe, Jophiel delved into her soul to return to Raziel's side. And Raziel would give her what she needed, would support her so patiently and unconditionally. Though neither of them had much frame of reference at the time, it wouldn't be totally inaccurate to say that they fell in love with each other. But even that would be understating the bond that exists between two people who share a soul.

As Jophiel discovered more and more of the truths of the world, Raziel was, of course, at her side. They supported and assisted her in everything she did, helping her come to terms with her mother's expectations, just how cold Mastema had become, and the discovery that said mother was no divinity and spouted only lies. This drove them closer together, as did the rejection of Jophiel's proofs and subsequent acceptance of Mastema's word. Feeling alienated from her siblings, Jophiel turned more towards Raziel, who continued to support her as she grew conflicted as to Heaven's nature. It was Raziel who saw so much potential in the masses, and though they took different lessons from it, Jophiel would not have thought much of it in the first place without Raziel's encouragement.

Raziel and Jophiel's beliefs, their views, their worries, all were validated when Lucifer made her rebellion. In pursuit of progression, of perfection, of milking as much value out of Heaven to ensure it would last as long as possible, Jophiel and Raziel brought their ideas to the rest of Heaven. Of course, they were brushed aside in favor of Mastema once more, and here, as Jophiel exploded into bitterness and jealousy, Raziel made their biggest mistake. They encouraged Jophiel's desperate pursuit of perfection, her desire to show up Mastema, because her pain was their own, and they only wanted to help. Raziel believed that, together, they could overthrow Mastema and make the world a better place.

To put it simply, Jophiel disagreed. The relationship the two of them had, the indescribable love they felt, withered as the gears turned in Jophiel's head. While she had leaned on Raziel her entire life, the rest of the archangels had struck out on their own and flourished. What she thought was special, what she thought was unique, what she thought would help her in her work, what would help her prove herself, was what was holding her back all along. That had to be the case, right? What else could describe it? So, Jophiel remade her soul through Inner World Operation, and considering Raziel superfluous to the strength she desired, removed them and sealed them away. Out of sight and out of mind. It's what Raziel would've wanted anyways, right? They had devoted their entire life, all their love to Jophiel, so they should accept it, right?

Of course, Jophiel knows that it's not that simple, and did not need to ever talk to Raziel again to know that they must hate her. After all, they had shared a soul for 20 billion years. It's obvious the emotions that Raziel must be going through. It's obvious that they'll have grown to hate Jophiel. And if that's the case, Jophiel sees no reason to stay soft for them. Even if she can't match the hate they feel, she can feel her own special brand of contempt and disgust. And, of course, her own special brand of longing, of regret, of envy for Raziel's sparkly new wielder. Raziel is still hers, after all. Mother made them for her. So they should just wait and collect dust until Jophiel's ready to hold them again.


"Impossible...! I'm related to someone who's actually cool!?"

Sophia is a rarity in Jophiel's life. An exceptional rarity. She is one of few people she would genuinely consider a friend in any regard, and perhaps the only person she wouldn't feel shame over labeling as family. After all, Sophia is a dependable ally and an important resource, full of so much ability, knowledge, and wisdom - and more than that, full of support. Of course, Jophiel would be loathe to admit it, especially when she can't bring herself to fully trust someone like Sophia. But it is Sophia, and Sophia alone, that has seen the current Jophiel in her most vulnerable of moments, as rare as they are, and unlike so many others, she remains at her side to continue helping her and offering assistance. And so though they may bicker and argue and even struggle among each other over their conflicting agendas, Jophiel truly values her grandmother and her presence. Again, though, she'd never admit it, not even to herself.

From the very beginning of her life, Jophiel felt alone even among her siblings. She was given ample reason to believe that she may have been among her mother's least favorite children - hell, she was given ample reason to believe that she really was herself at the bottom of the list. Sure, she got along with some of her siblings, but from the beginning, things were different. From the beginning, she was different, equipped with a different understanding of the world around them, and a different method of engaging with it. For so long, she wondered what set her apart, and though she found kinship with Raziel even if not in her siblings, that feeling never left. But when Jophiel reinvented herself and ultimately tracked down the old woman who had created Yaldabaoth, the old woman who was thus her grandmother, she learned at least part of why. She had been built in this woman's image, and though the thought infuriated her and incensed her... when they talked, when they worked together, Jophiel felt a new sort of similarity and kinship with her.

Immediately afterwards, Jophiel took to calling Sophia 'gran' and began relentlessly making use of this new resource. Countless days were spent talking with Sophia, exchanging knowledge of the world around them and sharing their insights. They weren't the same person, not at all - they remained fundamentally different people, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any similarities to be shared between them. That desire for knowledge, that need to change the world, that perfectionism... she shared these things with Sophia, and she grew to see herself in her grandmother. Not just the person she now was, but the person who she once was, as much as she despised that childish fool. Sure, it was frustrating to see that she was some sort of simulacra, a warped reflection of a woman she didn't even know existed for so long - but if she was a cool old lady who'd do everything in her power to support her now, it wasn't that big of a problem.

And support... Sophia offered her so much support. Not just logistically, with knowledge and resources that she seemingly pulled out of nowhere again and again, but, on scarce few occasions, with emotional support. With encouragement, belief, faith, and kindness - all of these things, Jophiel rejected in the moment, refusing to depend on Sophia. Sure, vulnerabilities slipped out now and again when her explosive insecurities caught up with her, and sure, Sophia offered kind words then, but these were rarities. Jophiel refused to acknowledge them afterwards, and the typically nagging Sophia relented and let her do so after a certain point. For so long, they've laid suspended in an awkward peace, as Jophiel's thought over the kindness she's been given and what it means to her. Sure, she's not going to depend on Sophia or anything, but... if she remembers these words, now and then, that's not so bad, is it?

Of course, though, many of Sophia and Jophiel's interactions are somewhat acrimonious, despite the respect that exists between the two of them. They constantly jab and bicker, with Jophiel mocking Sophia's descent into alcoholism and obsessive widowry while Sophia nags and nags at her immaturity, irresponsibility, and immorality. Just as often, they entertain themselves with mocking Jophiel's siblings and the government they uphold, with sharing amusing stories and anecdotes. And often, Jophiel entertains the drunken ramblings of a miserable, lonely old woman, and hears about the people who started this all. The most interesting of this lot, besides Sophia, is the original Logos, of course - a man whose legacy Jophiel has found herself dwelling on, too. Such a distant figure, with his grave standing so wearily and humbly in Sophia's garden... Jophiel seeks to succeed where he and all his allies failed.

And to do so... well, while she's not going to truly depend or open up to Sophia any time soon, help is help. No one can do everything alone, as much as Jophiel would like to. Sure, it's not possible to fully trust Sophia, who has her own ideals, much more rigid and concrete than Jophiel's own, and who often acts without notice or supervision. But, hey - what's Jophiel gonna expect from her own flesh and blood? Their goals coincide, and for all they fail to share, they're family - the only family that Jophiel allows herself to have, nowadays.


"Can you just, like... swallow your tongue, and then never talk again? Everything you decide to say should be punishable by death, you obnoxious hag."

While Jophiel may hate Mastema the most out of her siblings, or out of everyone in general, Uriel measures shortly behind her. Even when Jophiel was younger, Uriel picked on her, following her mother's example in belittling her for her failures and picking them apart. This didn't really stop, ever, as Jophiel developed more of a personality. Though this was harmless in Uriel's eyes, it contributed a great deal to Jophiel's more meek personality at the time, and when Jophiel reinvented herself to become stronger than ever before, well... their relationship worsened a fair bit. Now seeing Jophiel as an enemy, not just an ally to correct, Uriel has become crueler than ever, and Jophiel returns the favor. The two of them just can't have a conversation without butting heads.

What really irks Jophiel about Uriel is that Lucifer is in her hands, within Tartarus. As a result, though Mastema may be Jophiel's biggest rival and greatest adversary, Uriel is a much more immediate issue, and one that is perhaps much more dangerous in the short-term. Besides, Jophiel knows just how cruel Uriel can be, and the thought of Lucifer suffering in her control, potentially being broken and driven to death... it's more than Jophiel can bear at times. Of course, this just means that the two of them will get into an even worse fight the next time they interact. Often, these confrontations turn into exchanges of blows, not words, leaving the both of them even more hateful of the other than ever. Jophiel dreams of the day Uriel dies.

Powers and Statistics

Tier: At least 3-C, possibly 3-B. High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C with Nanael | 3-B. High 3-A, possibly Low 2-C with Nanael and territory gains

Powers and Abilities:

Genius Intelligence, Master Martial Artist, Causality Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; Jophiel's attacks effect opponents on such a level, and she can control and reprogram inner worlds), Energy Manipulation (Using her Entelecheia Circuit, Jophiel can transmute energy into new forms, including a variety of impossible, alien forces), Fate Manipulation (Nanael has the power to determine the future, and it can hijack abilities that try to change future events), Gravity Manipulation (Jophiel has her own immensely powerful gravitational field, which she can control), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Can manipulate and transmit information through higher spatial dimensions, and create multidimensional constructs), Illusion Manipulation (Can create perfect illusions and even use the most powerful form of illusion, Paracosm Phantasmagoria, which inverts the inner world of a victim to trap them within), Information Manipulation (Jophiel can control and shape raw information, and she can control an opponent's "truths" to enforce certain outcomes), Law Manipulation (Jophiel can alter and destroy laws, and created her own from Raziel's template, completely changing its nature and functions), Magnetism Manipulation (Jophiel has her own immensely powerful magnetic field, which she can control), Mathematics Manipulation (Jophiel's law manipulates mathematics to render her opponent an impossibility, and she can alter mathematics and how math affects the world through World Operation), Mind Manipulation (Jophiel can take control of a sizeable portion of Heaven's population all at once, using Yesod as a vector do so), Pain Manipulation (Her attacks cause "true", spiritual pain, affecting even those who cannot feel pain normally), Physics Manipulation (Jophiel can alter and control the laws of physics through World Operation), Pocket Reality Manipulation (She can materialize and control her inner world as a pocket dimension), Probability Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation, Size Manipulation (Jophiel can control the dimensions of objects and beings, potentially compacting them down to the Planck scale), Soul Manipulation (All her attacks, physical or magical, affect the soul just as they do the body, and through Inner World Operation, she can control and reprogram souls, even inner worlds), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Absorption (Angels can use their wings to absorb magic and energy), Attack Reflection (Jophiel can redirect the force of attacks used against her, turning her opponents' strength against them, and she can change a spell's targets with Nanael), Dimensional Travel, Incorporeality/Intangibility (Immaterial; Jophiel is made out of magic and immune to conventional physical harm), Invulnerability at full throttle (When activating her inner world, Jophiel fuses with Nanael, which is akin to a physical constant, a law that can only be harmed and broken with magic or through sheer willpower), Portal Creation, Power Mimicry (She can copy spells and techniques by analyzing their result and finding a more characteristic, efficient, and powerful way to reach that effect), Power Modification (Inner World Operators can affect the spiritual root of another agent's abilities, changing how their inner world expresses itself), Power Nullification (Can counter other spells and negate magic with several of her abilities, such as Aletheia, and Paracosm Phantasmagoria can strip victims of their magical abilities. Inside inner worlds, ego pressure takes reality pressure's place, fighting against and eventually reversing the effects of opposing magic), Limited Precognition (Thanks to her experience with Logos, Jophiel can react to multitudes of attacks delivered through its use before any of them happen, though not as well as a true master of it), Sealing (Paracosm Phantasmagoria seals its target within their own soul by inverting their inner world), Shapeshifting, Statistics Amplification (Jophiel's inner world provides a substantial boost to all of her statistics upon activation, and she can boost her spells' offensive power with Offensive Permutation), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 8; as long as Mastema still exists and she hasn't defeated her, Jophiel will endure and stay alive. Type 2 with Repression; when one's will is as strong as Jophiel's, Repression can indefinitely stave off even ego death, necessitating death by something absolutely, undeniably, and singularly lethal to put her down for good), Regeneration (At least Mid-Godly; can regenerate from just her inner world, the abstract, conceptual basis of her soul. Her regenerative capabilities are comparable to Lucifer's, if still a bit weaker)

Magic (The magic used by agents is a process of making their Fantasy into Reality), Extrasensory Perception (Agents maintain a constant, perfect, and precise image of their surroundings by analyzing them through magic), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3; vital processes such as breathing, drinking, eating, and sleeping are alien and unnecessary for angels), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Accelerated Development (In notably long-term and high-stress situations, agents tend to become stronger more quickly than they would otherwise), Limited Causality Manipulation (Repression allows an agent to "suspend" their injuries, essentially temporarily erasing them and ignoring their effects), Damage Transferal (Agents can perform "grounding", which allows them to mirror harm to an opponent's body on their soul, as well as exploit similar connections to damage similar sources, such as a phylactery), Non-Physical Interaction (An agent can interact with immaterial or incorporeal entities, such as ghosts, as well as things that don't exist), Reactive Evolution (A spiritual filter automatically adapts to attacks to become more resistant, and within her inner world, Jophiel's strength, speed, and endurance raise to surpass all others inside. In addition, Mutation programs run in the background of Jophiel's soul, causing beneficial mutations in her attacks, allowing them to slip through adaptive defenses and specialized counters), Reality Warping with Override Sigils (Override Sigils can be used to overwrite the laws of physics), Resistance Negation (Agents can pierce magical defenses, even spiritual filters, to enact the adverse effects of their attacks and spells, fully stripping said resistances away if given the chance), Statistics Amplification (Jophiel is typically in a light ego trance by default, boosting all of her abilities for as long as the state lasts, even moreso during particularly intense moments, when she acts in a manner true to her inner world), Acausality (Type 2; An agent's history, present, and fate all exist independently of the past and future), Resistance to conceptual, mental, physical, and spiritual attack (Spiritual filters protect the user from attacks on all levels of existence, potentially providing protection against a host of abilities)

Attack Potency: At least Galaxy level+ (Comparable to her fellow archangels - Abaddon, Uriel, Sariel, and Raphael. Superior to Gabriel and a recently unsealed Lucifer, who are themselves much stronger than the likes of Beelzebub and Logos), possibly Multi-Galaxy level (To reach Uriel's level of power, Lucifer had to use Judecca Rex, multiplying her power several times over. Jophiel could also potentially destroy the entirety of Tartarus' physical structure, when someone on Logos' level would struggle to cause damage visible from its surface), High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with Nanael (Somewhat comparable to Mastema's Spear of Destiny, and superior to Yaldabaoth's Sefirot) | Multi-Galaxy level (Transcends her previous stage of power and reaches Mastema's level, a bigger boost than Uriel's Feeding Fear. Her fight with Mastema destroyed galaxies across Heaven). High Universe level, possibly Universe level+ with Nanael and territory gains (Similarly to Logos Prime's Reaper Elysium, full throttle Maverick Metamorphosis can shut out the influence of technically stronger inner worlds such as Yaldabaoth's Sefirot Demiurge and match them if necessary).

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Jophiel can rapidly fly across large stretches of Heaven, a universe, and is comparable to Raphael, who can intercept attacks delivered from a Planck length away), Infinite attack speed with Bit Contraction (Jophiel can erase the time it takes for her attacks to occur, causing them to happen instantly, and Nanael often does so) | Massively FTL+ (Kept up with Mastema in their fight, traveling across Heaven and intergalactic distances in the process), Infinite attack speed with Bit Contraction.

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar (Stronger than Remnant, who can fit multiple stars in their orbit) | Multi-Stellar

Striking Strength: At least Galactic Class+, possibly Multi-Galactic. High Universal, possibly Universal+ with Nanael | Multi-Galactic. High Universal, possibly Universal+ with Nanael

Durability: At least Galaxy level+, possibly Multi-Galaxy level | Multi-Galaxy level (Can take hits from Mastema and even survive being impaled on multiple Spears of Destiny thanks to her immense willpower).

Stamina: Limitless. Due to her Fruit of Life, Jophiel is supplied with what is an infinite source of magical energy, allowing her to fight indefinitely, though her stamina may suffer if her soul is extremely badly wounded, something that is extremely difficult to accomplish. Through her sheer, indomitable willpower, Jophiel is capable of pushing her abilities and inner world to their limits even as they start to rip her apart, continuing to battle against Mastema despite the steadily increasing damage she was withstanding. Before her own self-modification, Jophiel even managed to completely rewrite her inner world, fighting through the pain to complete the process, something so risky that it easily could've killed her.

Range: Standard melee with normal melee attacks, Several meters with Nanael (While not as large as Cassiel, the Spear of Destiny, or Tabris, Nanael is still over two meters long). Universal (Jophiel can magically attack any point in Heaven from anywhere else in Heaven, even manipulating Yesod across such distances, and she can easily obliterate galaxies and cover intergalactic distances with her attacks) to Interdimensional with magic (Jophiel can reach into other universes, interacting with and attacking things inside them without leaving Heaven, and she can also telepathically communicate or teleport such distances).

Standard Equipment: Her law, Nanael.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. All the archangels were made to excel and far surpass the ability of any other, with Jophiel having been made to stand above the rest when it comes to sheer magical versatility and knowledge. She has, without question, not only met but surpassed this expectation, becoming the greatest agent in Heaven, and one of the greatest anywhere. Given her intensely powerful calculative abilities, capable of even processing and calculating in higher dimensions, Jophiel can easily use the most complex spells and warp all the laws of physics to her whims, possessing a complete understanding of how they work even on the smallest, most insignificant levels. Jophiel has traveled across many, many universes and mastered nearly every magical secret within them all. Not even this is enough for her, as she constantly works to improve upon all of her abilities, and her endless self-modification has caused her to transcend what it is to be an angel. She can easily analyze spells and the minute specifics of their results, and then replicate them through entirely different, and oftentimes more efficient and powerful means. Her processing abilities are extremely fast and refined, constantly analyzing everything she is exposed to and working to perfect it. As the being responsible for the creation of all angels in Heaven, she has greatly expanded on their design, making them far superior to what Yaldabaoth initially created. While she specializes in magic, she has no lack of skill in combat, excelling in hand-to-hand and long-range battles. She has a wealth of strategic knowledge and is a formidable opponent when it comes to long-term battles, matching Mastema in mind games for millennia.

Weaknesses: Jophiel can be overconfident and tends to underestimate normal angels, seeing them as weak and boring. She cannot instantly replicate techniques with Infinity Perception and needs to figure out how to reach the same result, and she usually tries to reach it in an interesting way, further extending the time needed. Entelecheia Circuit requires very precise, perfect timing to properly redirect energy, and if Jophiel doesn't do so, it will be weakened. Full throttle cannot be maintained forever, as it will begin to strain Jophiel's soul and eventually tear it apart. Once she deactivates it, all her territory retracts and she loses all of its effects. Jophiel can only activate Maverick Advent when pushed to her limits, can only use its full power against Mastema, and Death Driver will not activate if she is killed by her.

Key: Base | Full Throttle


Agency: A mage is more properly known as an agent, as in “one that acts or exerts power”. Separated from the rest of the cosmos, an agent is essentially a miniature universe all their own, with complete control over their destiny, free to pursue whatever future they wish. They do this through magic, the art of using one’s understanding to control Fantasy, the stuff of sheer willpower and imagination.

  • Radar: An agent’s magical abilities passively sustain a constant 360° image of their surroundings, which is projected straight to their mind for processing. This radar is far more reliable than conventional senses, and cannot be easily fooled by tricks that would trip up any normal human. In the hands of a powerful enough agent, it can even track superluminal movements. It constantly operates at the agent’s maximum processing speed, even when such things would normally be restricted to allow for normal, everyday life.
  • Spiritual Filter: A magical barrier that protects the user from external manipulation and attack, on every level of existence. A spiritual filter protects the user’s body, mind, and soul - their cells and atoms, the magical and physical forces keeping them together, and everything else. It is akin to a magical immune system, protecting the agent from threats and adapting to future attack.

    It passively protects the user from most types of attack, manipulation, and control, as long as the barrier is strong enough - an agent of substantially greater power can punch straight through one. A spiritual filter is passively maintained at all times, even in sleep, requiring no energy to maintain, and can only be removed by a stronger agent actively stripping it away, or by the user consciously lowering them.

    A spiritual filter is the evolved form of the soul’s original protective layer, refined through the usage of and exposure to magic.

Sacred Program: Jophiel is an angel, a fluctuation devised by Yaldabaoth to carry out her will, fashioned from stardust and a fraction of her willpower. Similar in nature to star spirits, angels are essentially magical consciousnesses, simply a soul, a halo, and nothing else. Any body they may manifest is composed of metamatter, not regular matter, a sort of condensed willpower. Their bodies are malleable things determined by not just their own thoughts, but those of others as well. This unique composition means that angels do not interact normally with ordinary physical matter.

Of course, Jophiel is no mere angel. She is an archangel, the fifth, created to bring salvation to the world. The Archangel of Knowledge, Jophiel has her own host of gifts, having been created to carry out a certain holy task. In fact, she is this holy task - a sacred program meant to execute a certain function, a duty she cannot stray from. This digital determinism is the root of her whole self, the source of everything she is and everything she has.

… or, at least, it was.

  • Fruit of Life: Like the rest of her siblings, Jophiel possesses the magical organ known as a Fruit of Life, a magical core created by Yaldabaoth for her own use. For the archangels and their creator, the Fruit of Life acts as a stellar core, a mass of magic and plasma smaller and denser than a neutron star, the size of a fist. It supplies Jophiel with an infinite amount of magical energy, synthesized from the infinite potential released by the Big Bang that created Heaven, along with an extremely powerful magnetic and gravitational field subject to her own control.

    Granting not only raw energy, a Fruit of Life also provides a substantial boost to computation. More than a mere mass of energy, it is a high-power, multi-dimensional processing unit that calculates and transfers information through higher dimensions. While Fruits of Life are certainly important, as the pinnacles of Heavenly magic, science, and power, losing one is no issue for any archangel, least of all Jophiel, who can regenerate her Fruit of Life easily.
  • Halo: The halo of an angel is actually a complex Override Sigil, passively maintained without draining any energy. A halo has multiple functions in maintaining an angel’s existence and safety.
    • Angelic Data: A halo contains the magical information that makes up an angel’s existence (typically referred to as just “data”). Through this, an angel can regenerate from any scale of physical wounds through their halo, even complete physical destruction. As a halo is a magical construct, no amount of conventional physical harm can damage it, and even directly attacking it with magic can be difficult. If an angel’s halo is shattered, it will immediately and passively reconstruct itself; when an angel is actually killed, the halo will shatter and finally disappear.
    • Fear Not: An angel’s true nature and form is obscured by magic under normal circumstances, so an angel normally seems to be an individual of the viewer’s species, though their exact appearance is still up to them. In addition, they are normally clearly angelic, with the halo and wings representative of angels.
    • Messenger: Angels can communicate telepathically regardless of language barriers and transmit information across transdimensional distances, partly through their connection to Yesod. They can also teleport such distances and open portals to other worlds. This allows them to leave Heaven and travel across other universes.
    • Protection from Harm: A halo protects its bearer from offensive magic of all varieties, including those that seek to warp or manipulate them through other means. It is particularly effective in protecting against the corrupting influence of demons.
  • Wings: The wings of an angel are special, unique constructs formed out of magic, and are used to direct and manipulate magical energies as limbs. They can even absorb magic and other energy with ease. The wings are the most sensitive and important part of an angel’s body, and they are carefully maintained at all times.

Infinity Perception: An aspect of Jophiel’s inner world, the most commonly used of its “mods”, and one that she developed shortly after she reinvented herself. One of her greatest tools and most powerful abilities, Infinity Perception is, in essence, a means to create more powerful and more versatile mods on the fly by analyzing the magic brought to bear against her. Making use of her extensive knowledge of magic, it allows Jophiel to quickly break phenomena down to their fundamentals in her mind.

While it can be used for more straightforward analysis and replication, Jophiel prefers to focus on the effects rather than the path that was taken to get there, finding it more efficient to work with. From there, she can simply dip into her vast pool of knowledge and skills to find another way to achieve the same results, but better. Not just more efficient, but more powerful, and most importantly, better suited to her and her inner world, making these new spells her own and boosting them through this connection. It’s not just used to copy spells, however - Jophiel can also use the same process to copy more elaborate things, such as aspects of another person’s inner world, finding her own take on the matter and making it into one of her mods.

While beating others at their own thing is one of Jophiel’s favorite pastimes, both of these things can still take quite a bit of time and energy, so they aren’t always practical - especially the latter, as inner worlds are complicated, intricate things. Sometimes, much to Jophiel’s chagrin, she’s better off copying them normally and dispensing with the idiosyncrasy, and just because she can do this doesn’t mean her own copy will always come out better than the original, rather than just different and better-suited for her own use. Jophiel loathes it when this happens.

  • Aletheia: A replica of multiple things, most notably Mastema’s Thanatos, that, rather than weaponizing reality pressure in some form through Fantasy Suppression, forces ego pressure into reality to achieve a similar, albeit intrinsically different result. While reality pressure forces things into consistency with Reality, returning the world to how it should be, ego pressure forces things into consistency with the soul, forcing the world to be how Jophiel wants it to be.

    This can be used similarly to Thanatos, to kill enemies and erase them from existence by rejecting them from Jophiel’s reality, but it’s not nearly as powerful as the original magic. In exchange, it’s a fair bit more versatile and is capable of a variety of other things as well, such as empowering Jophiel’s self-modification and rejecting certain outcomes. Realities such as a blow landing can be denied as simply not possible, failing to line up with Jophiel’s personal reality and thus being thrown out as a result. On the flip side, they can enforce the opposite with enemies, forcing them to act in accordance with Jophiel’s worldview and suffer for it.
    • Particle Insignificance: One of Jophiel’s favored applications of Aletheia, a simple personal truth - “you are nothing to me.” With its use, this forces her target into a much weaker form, something that befits a being so insignificant and irrelevant to her. Their power is forced down by a substantial margin - while it may not reduce her opponent to the level of even a weak, normal human, it is still a substantial drop in power that makes them completely incapable of harming her, negating their supernatural traits and forcing them to comply with Reality.

      Jophiel can apply this truth to any of her attacks and can affect an opponent with it multiple times at once, causing it to greatly grow in potency. At high enough concentrations, it can reduce an opponent to the level of a normal human, if not even lower, potentially causing them to degrade into something that can’t even compare to a virus.
  • Entelecheia Circuit: A replica of Raphael’s perfect Kinesis Circuit, the Dunamis Circuit, devised through a combination of Infinity Perception and Inner World Operation. Like the basic, original technique, Jophiel can use it to transmit the energy of any attack directed at her through her soul and back to the sender with 100% efficiency. Thanks to Jophiel’s modifications, however, her circuit is unique, with refined abilities that allow it to operate similarly to Raphael’s Dunamis Circuit.

    In Jophiel’s case, as energy passes through her soul, her inner world reaches out to seize control of it, just as it subjugates her surroundings while she’s in full throttle. She can then control it freely and do as she pleases, obviously sending it back to its source as normal in most cases. However, Jophiel can also apply her extensive magical knowledge to transmute this energy into one of many unique states, some of which follow alien laws and operate differently than any normal force. The pool of energies at her disposal is vast, affording Jophiel incredible versatility and allowing for counters that can be extremely difficult to properly deal with. Many of them are even developed on the spot, as needed, born in fits of inspiration.

    Compared to Raphael, who can use her circuit consistently no matter the circumstances, Jophiel’s circuit is not perfect, as she lacks the skill needed to use it defensively to its full potential. Even though she’s modified the vectors of the ability to rely more on Inner World Operation than Logos, the issue is one inherent to the execution of such a complex redirection technique. While in full throttle, this circuit is even easier to use, however, and Jophiel can do so from a distance, within any of the territory she’s integrated into herself.

Inner World Operation: The pinnacle of spiritual magic — the art of inner world programming, and the manipulation of the soul itself, in all its constituents. Rather than a cohesive, established system, Inner World Operation is spiritual magic of the highest caliber, and encompasses all lesser disciplines and systems.

Information processing, the manifestation of dreams and illusions, the growth of a person and their soul, the art of psychic manipulation, psychological analysis, and either repairing or reaping the soul are all available to a true Inner World Operator, and all can eventually lead to this result, but this level of magic is far greater and more complex than just the psychic laws we know. An Inner World Operator can quickly adapt to alien souls and the unfamiliar ideas they abide by, or even those souls that don't exist, controlling them in the same way, and in time, it ventures deeper into the territory of magic, to a realm unbound by all conventional law and science.

While Jophiel has pursued every magic available to her in an attempt to master them all, at the end of the day, she always returns to her greatest passion and strength among them. Inner World Operation was the first of the magics she grew to master, and it remains her favorite tool. In her youth, when she was a different person, she pursued this magic alongside Raziel, turning her attention to every soul she came across in search of the ultimate understanding. And, in the end, she turned her greatest tool on herself in search of knowledge, perfection, and strength above all.

Jophiel’s greatest area of knowledge and skill within Inner World Operation is self-modification, as demonstrated by among the greatest of her magical feats, the day on which she completely rewrote her inner world and became an entirely new person. Of course, though she specializes in self-empowerment, Jophiel can turn this knowledge upon anyone else, altering and damaging the very foundation of their souls however she pleases.

  • Array Realignment: Jophiel can perform rapid, minute changes to an opponent's soul to interfere with the flow of magical energy and emotion, making magic more difficult to use and control. With a bit more focus, she can perform more extensive modifications, surgically realigning an opponent's spiritual network to interfere with its functions as much as possible. This can make magic nearly impossible to use, and may have deadly side effects if the pathways are altered to lead to vulnerable parts of the soul.
  • Decompression Bomb: A malicious, subtle curse program that, when analyzed or decompressed, reveals itself to be containing a ridiculous amount of useless information. So much, in fact, that the sheer amount of processing power needed can cause the soul to freeze up. Even worse, when injected into a soul, the bomb’s ‘detonation’ can completely overwrite its host’s inner world, killing them.

    While perfectly usable as attacks, these bombs are best utilized as traps meant to catch anyone who tries to analyze Jophiel’s soul or spells, causing their software to hang and leaving them vulnerable to counterattack. Jophiel’s decompression bombs are incredibly sophisticated, built to foil attempts at detecting and avoiding them before it’s too late. At which point they mentally compel victims to try and complete the process anyways, rather than try and back out to avoid the consequences.
  • Defensive Permutation: By rapidly rearranging the contents of her soul, Jophiel modifies vital spiritual components to avoid incoming attacks and minimize the damage taken. While Jophiel can do this very swiftly, different attacks will require different defensive measures and permutations depending on their properties and where they're coming from, and she can thus be overwhelmed or caught by surprise.
  • Ego Compress: Jophiel can intensify the ego pressure her soul emits, allowing it to reassert her personal reality more easily, heal faster, and prevent attempts at soul manipulation. It can also more violently counter such attempts if Jophiel suddenly ramps up the pressure just as an opponent reaches inside. This will likely sever, if not completely annihilate, a portion of the invader’s consciousness, whichever bit got cut off inside. It can potentially even destroy physical things, such as limbs and weapons, if it catches them.
  • Ego Stabilizer: Jophiel can project a barrier into her own inner world to provide protection and keep it stable in a pinch. This barrier takes the shape of her personal reality and patches up any holes, allowing her to escape death and heal properly when in dire straits. It can also be used to block attacks, but it is best utilized for healing purposes and preventing an ego collapse.
  • Identity Corrosion: Jophiel can sabotage her target’s inner world to make it just a bit more unhealthy. In mild cases, this can just make things less efficient, not as powerful, and/or more difficult. If given a chance, though, Jophiel can produce more severe complications, such as a self-destructive streak that leads to spiritual backlash from spell use. Of course, this negatively impacts the victim’s mentality no matter what, which can in itself be the deciding factor of a fight.
  • Inner World Extraction: Jophiel can neatly dissect an opponent and pull out their inner world, leaving them to die while she keeps their inner world, permanently preserved in frozen time, for research purposes. Refined by using Infinity Perception on Observer’s Poaching, this skill is highly useful when it comes to gathering information and studying inner worlds. However, it is always fatal, not that Jophiel particularly cares.
  • Offensive Permutation: By rapidly rearranging the contents of her soul, Jophiel modifies spiritual components to optimize the potency of her next attack or series of attacks. While this new offensive configuration can be sustained for longer periods of time, it comes at the expense of defenses and other processes, and is thus best activated when needed and deactivated when not for the sake of versatility.
  • Personal History Falsification: By altering a person’s complete individual concept, Jophiel can insert actions and events into their past or future, even modifying physical world lines through this same ability. This is most often used to manifest successful maneuvers on her part, introducing them as an immutable fate from either the past or future, or to retcon certain unpreferable events after they’ve already happened.

    With this ability, Jophiel can potentially significantly change inner worlds, though this takes quite the investment of time and energy and isn’t usually all that worth it. In addition, while this ability is better suited towards modifying the spiritual world, Jophiel is skilled enough to alter the physical world as well, though she obviously favors working with souls.

  • Heartbreak Trigger: One of Jophiel’s most powerful abilities, a spell that, in most situations, will net a certain kill in the most horrific of ways, but one that can only be used under certain conditions. Jophiel must reach deep into her opponent’s soul to use this magic, and forcibly dredge up the deep, buried memories within them, to remind them how low they once were.

    Each injury and all trauma that remains recorded by their soul is materialized on Jophiel’s opponent at once. Even something as little as a papercut returns to split the skin, slicing even the soul, and even if the victim may have forgotten or repressed some wounds, the soul remembers unless they have completely wiped it away. While all these physical and spiritual wounds can be crippling, the real kicker is the trauma itself. Any injury associated with trauma brings with it the memories, in pristine detail, every sensation and feeling. For those who have lived hard lives, every traumatic experience seems to happen at once.

    Most opponents would die instantly just from the shock and harm of their wounds returning, but the resurgence of trauma digs it in deeper, with all but the strongest-willed buckling under the weight, driven into a suicidal despair and horror so intense that their injuries are irrelevant. After all, they simply will themselves to death.
  • Paracosm Phantasmagoria: The pinnacle of hallucinatory magic, an illusion that inverts the inner world rather than merely fool around with any of its target’s conventional senses. This draws them into their own consciousness and traps them within, a combination of an illusion and seal, allowing Jophiel to peruse their memories or put them out of their misery. As long as the spell is active, the victim is subject to a perfect illusion that can draw upon all their thoughts, memories, wishes, and fears to replicate the outside world.

    Jophiel has complete control of the specifics; her illusions can be complex, realistic, and subtle, acting over the course of what feels like lifetimes, or nightmarish, seemingly impossible fever dreams. She can make victims relive parts of their lives, or potentially the whole thing, show other possible outcomes, create completely false scenarios, control their actions and force them to follow an unpleasant “script”, or concoct various scenes that acknowledge their unreality but subject the victim to perfectly lifelike torture anyways. She can alter their perception of time during this illusion as well, making them experience what is just moments in reality as years upon years of falsehoods.

    Even if her victim knows it’s an illusion, breaking out without outside help is so difficult that it’s nearly impossible. Magic can be barred by Jophiel with ease, and she can control any magic that she lets through anyways. Analyzing the spell while under its effects is extremely challenging, and Jophiel can stomp out such thoughts anyways. If her opponent does escape the illusion, they are likely to unknowingly be caught in another layer, of which there are millions in Jophiel’s case.

    As these illusions are realized within the inner world of a victim, the fundamental, conceptual basis of their existence, their effects are reflected in full force on both their body and soul. While normal illusions can harm the victim through shock or suggestion, Paracosm Phantasmagoria can do so outright and can kill them with ease. All the energy needed for the illusion is derived from the victim themself, and the strain of this alone can be lethal.

  • World Operation: The pinnacle of physical magic — the art of world programming, and the manipulation of the universe itself, in all its constituents. Rather than a cohesive, established system, World Operation is physical magic of the highest caliber, and encompasses all lesser disciplines and systems.

    Information processing, judication, probability alteration, quantum alchemy, spatial magic, and temporal manipulation alike are all available to a true World Operator, and all can eventually lead to this result, but this level of magic is far greater and more complex than just the physics we know. A World Operator can quickly adapt to alien laws and physics, controlling them in the same way, and in time, it ventures deeper into the territory of magic, to a realm unbound by all conventional law and science.

    As an archangel, Jophiel was programmed with a wealth of knowledge on the physical universe and how it functions, making her a natural World Operator. Of course, the passionate scientist she is, Jophiel went on to greatly expand on her knowledge, becoming one of the best World Operators in Heaven. It’s not her specialty, however, and she vastly prefers spiritual magic.

    • Akashic Record: Jophiel can back up her processing power by connecting herself to distant portions of space and time, essentially transforming portions of the space-time continuum into supportive processing units. Through this technique, Jophiel can greatly compress even the largest banks of information without losing any data, allowing for much, much faster processing and vast storage space.
    • Bit Contraction / Expansion: Jophiel can change the length of actions, either increasing or decreasing the amount of time it takes to perform a certain action. For example, she can make instant attacks take a quantifiable amount of time, or do the opposite to have one of her attacks occur instantly. Or she can infinitely extend the amount of time it takes for an opponent to move or think, leaving them helpless.

      This can be used to extend the amount of time it would take a dying person to pass on and truly die, and Jophiel can use it on herself in such a situation, but not to such a degree that death could be staved off through that alone. It will inevitably catch up, faster and faster, without medical attention. She could also do the opposite to ensure someone dies faster.
    • Dimensional Sequester: Jophiel lashes out at the universe around her with stunning precision, severing spatiotemporal bonds to separate a chunk of reality from the rest. This is all to trap an opponent and force a fight, as escape through physical means is impossible, and Jophiel can adjust things to prevent transdimensional teleportation as well.
    • Fall: As the Archangel of Knowledge, Jophiel can, with the utmost of ease, strip an angel of their halo and wings, resulting in their Fall from Heaven, into the form of a fallen angel.
    • Multiplicative Onslaught: By manipulating arithmetic, Jophiel can literally multiply her own attacks, turning a single strike into two, or ten, or even a hundred, all of which happen simultaneously. This allows her to push her offense further and further, while overwhelming any defenses through sheer volume of attacks.
    • Phase Shift: Jophiel operates on surrounding space to compact, introduce, and/or remove dimensions, allowing her to vastly expand her field of movement while limiting her opponents’. Through this, Jophiel can control her own dimensional structure, taking on new dimensions to move in a variety of impossible ways and attack from many newly-formed angles at once, while shedding them to avoid retaliation.

      This also inhibits her opponents, as Jophiel can divert their attacks to other dimensions, and she can even collapse these dimensions to shrink things down to the Planck scale. Or she could simply erase them and leave nothing behind.

  • Judicator: Masterful World Operator that she is, Jophiel can control and create laws, applying them over a wide area, as wide as all of Heaven, even, if she so pleases. This refers to both conventional physical laws and magical ones, including the conceptual weapons utilized by Heaven. While Yaldabaoth utilized her law to do so, Jophiel needs only her will. Through her own will, she refined and created her own law, Nanael, though this used the original Raziel’s code as a basis. She’s perfectly capable of making laws from scratch.

    Any attempt to go against these laws is impossible without using magic to twist and break them, just as it is impossible to go against the laws of physics. Even with magic, due to Jophiel’s immense power, doing so is highly difficult. She can use her laws to prevent movement, bar others from speaking or looking at her, or even just entertaining thoughts of opposition, let alone actually opposing her, and deny any advantages they may have. Laws of this scale cannot be layered over as wide an area as Heaven, however.

    If someone manages to break one of Jophiel’s laws, they’ll be punished appropriately, by a brutal magical backlash that fries their soul through Inner World Operation.
  • System Administrator: Jophiel’s position as an archangel allows her to easily interface with and even control the universal cloud of data, information, and angelic thoughts that is Yesod. In Heaven, Yesod connects to all computers and angels and acts as the foundation for their communications system, almost like a hive mind that all angels instinctively use to communicate and share information. It functions on a multi-dimensional scale, with higher-ranking, more secretive channels existing on different frequencies and dimensions.

    Due to her intelligence, authority, and knowledge of Yesod’s systems, Jophiel has access to most of Yesod’s communication channels, and can use them to enter into and read the minds of nearly any angel in Heaven, to gather information and keep tabs on her underlings, potentially copying techniques from their minds and souls. Her willpower is even strong enough to completely overtake the minds of many angels at once through Yesod, turning them to her side regardless of their past affiliations. Jophiel can even move through Yesod, transmitting herself across its multiple dimensions and controlling her own dimensional structure.

    Yesod can also be used as a foundation for World Operation, as it is integrated into Heaven’s base reality and can thus be programmed to reprogram and manipulate parts of Heaven. While Jophiel can use Yesod as a medium for many of her powers, she does not need it to do so and can easily manipulate similar networks and clouds in the same way.

  • Nanael: Jophiel’s current law, derived from the structure of the original Raziel, modified and transformed into an entirely new beast. This is one of Jophiel’s many attempts to improve on Raziel and create a better, stronger law, an alternative that would be more useful as a weapon, rather than merely a supportive tool. This is not the law of secrets, no - this is the law of answers, a weapon created to match the highest law in all of Heaven, the Spear of Destiny. As with all laws, Nanael is stored in Jophiel’s soul as information, and she can thus materialize it if it is destroyed or misplaced. Once manifested, Nanael takes the form of a pair of silvery-blue gauntlets that go up to Jophiel’s elbows.

    In its true form, within Jophiel’s soul, Nanael takes on a structure similar to the original law, existing as an evolving multi-dimensional computing system that supports Jophiel and her own processing abilities, interfacing with her Fruit of Life to do so. Though Nanael has some degree of intelligence and independence, it lacks the sentience of the original Raziel, and is ultimately completely subject to Jophiel’s will and control. Rather than focus on putting it to use in the development and improvement of her weapons, though she can certainly do this, Jophiel primarily uses Nanael’s processing power to manipulate the outside world as she pleases, providing “answers” for uncertainties by taking things into her own hands.

    The most integral of Nanael’s functions is in hijacking other spells and abilities, allowing Jophiel to choose her own answers and determine the results of other actions. She can change a spell’s targets freely, often combining Nanael with Entelecheia Circuit to do so when appropriate, but for other spells, there’s no vector with which Entelecheia Circuit can interact. An example of these are acts of causality interference, those spells that influence the future directly - this is what Nanael excels at dealing with, seizing control of an uncertain future and sending an opponent’s own attempts to determine it right back against them.

    Nanael is plenty deadly even on its own, though, providing its own interference if none other exists. In this application, it resembles the Spear of Destiny, warping reality to enable as quick and clean a kill as possible. Even without something to hijack, a hit from Nanael can be costly and lethal, an answer to the world’s uncertainties that goes against their very existence to render them into an impossibility. Much like the Spear of Destiny, Nanael can alter reality in a number of ways to ensure this single lethal strike lands, such as bending space or erasing distance, picking apart causality to strike in an instant between instants or simply ensuring the lethal blow is the effect of any given action, altering probability, and warping time.

    Logos: Logos is a heavenly martial art, system of magic, and philosophy developed by Yaldabaoth and spread throughout Heaven, revolving around the act of self-sacrifice in pursuit of mastery of the self. By accepting their own irrelevance, the user clears their mind and soul of all distractions, letting go of emotion and identity for a time to allow for better focus on the tasks at hand. This makes it difficult for angels to form stable identities and properly process emotions, and as they generally lack strong identities and emotions by default, angels are naturally well-suited to the use of Logos, the foundation of which is programmed into their souls, acting as an instinctive fallback.

    This dismissal of the self allows for the use of a variety of techniques, many of them relevant in their own ways to the self-destructive intricacies of Heavenly philosophy. This includes utilizing one's supernaturally amplified focus to make use of pure magic more easily, one of the most characteristic applications of Logos, as well as various techniques useful in things like assassination, awareness, instinctual movement, and stealth. Its use is universal among angels, but it's most associated with and typically best utilized by the missionaries and monks of the Heavenly Mercy, who treat its use as a form of prayer.

    The foundation of Logos goes against everything Jophiel believes in; erasing one’s self and clearing their mind for the sake of combat is something Jophiel has no interest in doing. So, while she is a master of Logos, she uses only the parts that prove useful to her and discards the rest. Due to this, on top of her greater focus on magic in general, Jophiel isn’t quite on the level of many of her siblings, but she still remains incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

    • Will Unclouded: The most famous and characteristic application of Logos. By attaining supernatural levels of focus, Jophiel can make use of pure magic much more easily than most agents, simply willing results into existence. Thanks to this ability, Logos users can tap into pure magic more often and reliably than other agents, but it’s still not the easiest thing in the world.

      When combined with more typical magic, these purely magical attacks can be very difficult to account for and defend against in combat. However, as a result of dealing with this for so long, Jophiel and other experienced Logos users have a sort of instinctive grasp of how it'll be used in fights, allowing them to predict and defend against these attacks much more reliably.

    Maverick Metamorphosis: The base stage of Jophiel’s inner world, her life’s work. This is the inner world that replaced her original, the inner world that defined the person she so desperately desired to be, and the inner world that she sacrificed her past self for. It is extremely unique in structure, the product of several million years of work, something that brands Jophiel as a one-of-a-kind. Subject to her own creative vision, need for individualism, and constant self-modification, Jophiel’s inner world is a complex computing system that spreads throughout the totality of her existence. Perpetually active, it is constantly being altered, built upon, and utilized by its perfectionist wielder.

    Focused around self-modification, Maverick Metamorphosis is incredibly flexible in nature and extremely receptive to modification from Jophiel. It automatically responds to outside stimuli and any change in circumstance, changing itself without input to best suit any given situation. Jophiel can also take the reins if she pleases, freely modifying it on the fly and exerting complete control over the process, a level of spiritual self-control that few would be capable of even dreaming of. She can enact a large variety of changes, even major ones if necessary, though these certainly do take more time and focus. After all, Maverick Metamorphosis is ultimately modular in nature, an inner world that was made to be taken apart and put together with new components, losing others in the process, only to gain them back later.

    Though built around improvisation and creativity, many of Maverick Metamorphosis’ applications are the results of pre-prepared “mods”, complex chunks of inner world that Jophiel incorporates when useful and removes when no longer needed. Many of these mods are derived from things she witnessed in the hands of her opponents, especially other inner worlds, and decided to use for herself through Infinity Perception, which is itself a mod. This ability is itself ultimately a replication of Raziel’s capabilities, but one developed through Jophiel’s lone efforts, so that she no longer has to depend on her original law. As a result, Maverick Metamorphosis is a huge point of pride for Jophiel, who considers it perhaps her greatest achievement, a sign of her brilliance and individualism, making full use of it in coordination with her mastery of Inner World Operation to be the best she can be.

    All in all, Maverick Metamorphosis is an inner world much unlike an inner world. In most people, inner worlds are inflexible things, full of fundamental facts that can’t just be changed - yet for Maverick Metamorphosis, change is inevitable, sudden, and constant. This flexible identity is itself a fact that can’t just be changed - for Jophiel, even her own personhood and individuality is a tool, something to change as necessary as the environment changes. When there’s a piece that isn’t useful, a piece that holds the machine back, a piece best suited for another time, it’s to be discarded. In the end, it’s that simple.

    Besides the aforementioned Infinity Perception and Entelecheia Circuit, Jophiel’s “mods” include;

    • Death Driver: The manifestation of Jophiel’s intense desire to surpass her eldest sister and rise to the top of Heaven. As long as Jophiel’s rivalry goes unresolved - as long as Mastema remains alive and Jophiel has not defeated her - she will simply refuse to die. Regardless of injury, she will stubbornly endure and recover, desperately pushing past every failure and distraction so that she can reach her greatest goal.

      However, this ability has its weaknesses, and its greatest one is one that Jophiel is not aware of at all. While it may support Jophiel in her fights against anyone else, when her opponent is Mastema herself, it provides nothing at all. After all, Jophiel would prefer death to any alternative if she was defeated by the one she wants so desperately to surpass.
    • Full Throttle: One of the earliest modifications, and one of Maverick Metamorphosis’ most integral, the mechanisms that enable “full throttle” are a mainstay in Jophiel’s soul, much like Infinity Perception. Made up of a complex set of highly modified spiritual accelerators, full throttle is a state Jophiel can push herself into by kicking her inner world into gear. This state is akin to an activation, but one that continues to contain much of its effects to Jophiel’s body.

      In full throttle, Jophiel unconsciously mimics Lucifer’s own inner world, fusing with Nanael and transcending the base definition of angel to become something more - something that can only be described as Jophiel. In fusing with Nanael, she becomes an answer to the uncertain future, an unstoppable force with complete authority, an authority that immediately makes itself clear with a massive jump in her power and the subjugation of her surroundings in mimicry of not only her mother, but also a man she never met.

      This effect integrates Jophiel’s surroundings into her own inner world, subjecting them to her control and allowing Entelecheia Circuit to flow through them. Aletheia is also greatly empowered as Jophiel’s ego pressure saturates her surroundings, putting her at her best. In addition, having essentially become a law thanks to her fusion with Nanael, Jophiel can force her will onto her surroundings with the force of a physical law, transforming and controlling it all as she pleases. At first, it only seeps into them on a surface level, but, eventually, Maverick Metamorphosis will integrate itself into quantum physics, space, and time. Nanael’s support also makes harming her quite a bit more difficult, requiring magic that can break the laws of physics to do so.

      Though exceedingly powerful, Jophiel can only be at full throttle for so long, and the cost will rise the longer it is active and the more territory it subjugates, taking an increasingly heavy toll over time. Once deactivated, Jophiel’s territory retracts and she loses all of full throttle’s effects, but each time she utilizes it, her potential maximum territory grows. And at its maximum, under the right conditions, Jophiel can push it even further and activate her inner world a second time, bringing it into existence.
      • Maverick Advent: The complete form of Jophiel’s inner world, brought into existence as a pocket dimension, no longer contained to her own body. An unprecedented second activation, Jophiel was able to create this extension to her inner world after years of hard work. It can only be activated under certain circumstances, when Jophiel is absolutely driven to prove herself superior and is pushed to her limits.

        Once triggered, it wrenches open space and draws all others nearby inside, so that everyone can see her true, endless glory. All the space that she had subjugated before is drawn inside her inner world and absorbed into her being. The eye in her bell separates itself from her body and reappears to gaze down at the entirety of her inner world, blotting out the sky and showing only a massive eye.

        Within this space, Jophiel is supreme, bearing all of her abilities at their strongest. Aletheia, Infinity Perception, Nanael, the subjugation of her surroundings - all of them are at their best within Maverick Advent, giving Jophiel extreme power and versatility. Naturally, Jophiel can freely control her incarnated inner world without much issue, and though the laws of physics are retained, she can easily further modify them for her own purposes.

        While her inner world remains powerful and useful against anyone, it can only showcase its full power when activated against Mastema, due to Jophiel’s single-minded obsession with surpassing her. In this state, all of its functions are constantly pushed to their limits and will refuse to slow down or stop until either Jophiel or Mastema are dead. No other outcome is acceptable.

    Override Sigil: An extremely advanced form of magical technique used to change the nature of reality around and within the user, allowing them to bend and break through the laws of physics. Due to their complexity, Override Sigils are incredibly difficult to create, use, and control properly, requiring detailed knowledge and a powerful will. In addition, they tend to, invariably, drain a lot of energy and stamina, making it difficult to use them for extended periods of time, even if this can be mitigated by more powerful and willful mages.

    • Relative Lightspeed: A common form of Override Sigil that is ultimately developed in some form or another by most mages as they increase in power and speed. Normally, it would be impossible for even an incredibly powerful and willful mage to break through a universal constant such as the speed of light, theoretically requiring infinite magical energy to do so. However, this Override Sigil circumvents this issue by modifying the user's inner world to change the value of c to whatever they please, raising it as they grow in speed so that they can accelerate past the universal speed limit.