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Joly the wolfess.

I won't go to the police, my powers can undo unjust deaths.


Joly is Drake Biggs' mother. She's a secondary character of Kitty Pride. Joly is a blue she-wolf who manipulates time.

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 8-C, higher with Time reverse

Name: Joly Biggs, Mommy (by Drake), Bitch (by Magus)

Origin: Kitty Pride

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Age: 185 in Borealis, 210 in Kitty Pride, physically 20 in Kitty Pride

Classification: Wolfess

Powers and Abilities: Age Manipulation (is able to become infinitely younger), Existence erasure (can replace someone physically by sending herself back in time), Durability Negation, Limited Fate Manipulation (Can steer already existing events in the direction she wants by looping its factors back into the past and attempting various actions), Genius Intelligence, Healing (by sending back in time), Immortality (Type 4, requires that some of her blood still exists), Longevity, Magic, Memory Manipulation (can erase memories by sending someone's brain back in time), Mind Manipulation (By sending someone's brain back into the past ad infinitum, she can more or less try anything to convince them), Low-high Regeneration, Resurrection (by sending a corpse back to the past), Limited Shapeshifting (by rejuvenating), Stealth Mastery (by erasing the memory of people who meet her), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Teleportation (sending things back to a place in the past), Time Manipulation (she can only send things back in time), Time Travel (in the past)

Attack Potency: Large Building level+ (Is far above the strongest wolves, which grow 100 times stronger than other species, comparable to Borealis Coccolo with Melting Heart), higher with Time reverse (completely rebuilt a destroyed hospital in seconds), can negate conventional durability by replacing someone in time.

Speed: Supersonic+ (Could easily intercept Magus' attacks during Borealis' events while he was speeding up 16 times)

Lifting Strength: Class 50

Striking Strength: Large Building Class+

Durability: Up to Town level (take damage from weaker attacks and can be defeated by them but can withstand attacks this strong), immortality makes her hard to kill.

Range: Standard Melee Range, Hundreds of meters with time manipulation.

Intelligence: Genius (Has gained over 200 years of knowledge. Is able to instantly understand the changes brought by her power in a situation, is able to develop strategies to better navigate through time. Has been able to manipulate Magus for years without him ever managing to kill her. Has been able to manipulate an entire court of law with her power so that the situation evolves as she wants without being caught while everybody at the court knew she had such a power)

Weaknesses: Never dodge an attack.


Notable Attacks and Techniques

Joly has the power to send objects, people or areas back into the past within a radius of a few hundred meters.

  • Teleportation: To teleport herself, or teleport people to places where they have already been.
  • Memory Erasure: To send parts of someone's brain back in time by touching their head.
  • Room Animation: Destroying a room, knocking over furniture, then sending it back to its original position to cause damage when the enemy moves through the room.
  • Resurection: If killed, Joly automatically returns to the state before her death if there is blood left in her body as a post-mortem reflex. She can also resurrect people whose corpses have not disappeared.
  • Body erasure: Replace someone physically by sending herself back in time to a moment when she was in the place where her target is standing.



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