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Johanna of Rethal is an original character created by Armorchompy.


Johanna is a woman born in the empire of Rethal, and used to be one of the three High Generals of its army, cleverly leading its armies in conquest of the territories around it, with no regards for the lives of those against her. She was also gifted with a rare ESP ability known as Projection, a phenomenon that has a unique effect relating to the psyche of each individual able to use it. Johanna's Projection was able to create and morph a special metal into soldiers, and it was named Seven Nation Army.

In her youth, Johanna was much less strict and cold, though she'd already been somewhat pressured by the government to join the army due to her gift, and expecting her to have the same potential as her brother, Linus, who'd already managed to become a High General, despite his young age. Around that time Johanna, who was much lower in the ranks than her brother, fell in love with a man in her same unit called Hugo, and started dating him. And once she started trusting him, he used her to get close to his brother and poisoned him, as he actually was a spy from the neighboring kingdom of Viola, who was being conquered and destroyed by Rethal. Taken over by hatred and a wish for revenge, Johanna quickly rose through the ranks, and rapidly became the spearhead of the assault against Viola, eventually crushing its last stronghold and killing the king in a legendary one-day siege.

For decades, Johanna continued her duty, mercilessly conquering smaller populations for the glory of Rethal, but this all came to an end when, in a really unlucky and completely sudden event, almost as if this just had to happen for her to be used in the RP in which she was first introduced, she was taken away from her home dimension by a godlike being called The Knitter, who did the same with characters from many other realities, dropping them all within his own universe, as a sort of experiment.

At first, Johanna attempted to gain power within that universe in the hopes of eventually bringing it back to Rethal, but was eventually defeated and almost killed, only to be rescued and cured by the same people she hoped of defeating. Confused, she decided to form a truce with them, and try to aid them as long as their interests (getting back home) aligned. However, in an expedition to retrieve an object that contained some of The Knitter's power, she attempted to use her power on it, and came into contact with its energy, which rapidly killed her. However, a series of odd phenomenons happened to her corpse, such as bleeding mercury, as she had not actually fully died.

The Knitter's power kept her in a state between life and death, in which she was able to wander around an alternate version of her original reality. This parallel universe was known as Supper's Ready. Within it, Johanna lost Seven Nation Army, her Projection replaced by an intangible young girl with an independent personality and a fox mask who called herself Genesis. She acted as a guide for Johanna, locating and telling Johanna to gather seven trumpets, which each gifted its holder a special power, though she denied that was the reason behind gathering them. Throughout her adventures in this land, she met several figures from her past, including Linus, which she now realized was far more cold and manipulative than before.

Eventually she found herself wandering into a magical lake, following Genesis, and as she looked into her own reflection, she was sent into a long flashback, in which she was forced to relive through the entirety of her life again, unable to do anything but watch her younger self go through it. Johanna managed to stay sane, but as she paid more attention to actions she'd partially forgotten, she found herself horrified at her old self's actions, realizing she had blocked out most of the memories of her atrocities in war, and now that they had been brought back in front of her eyes, she was filled with regret, and as she slowly went through the many years of her life, she found herself abandoning her loyalty to Rethal and the army, only wishing to atone for her sins.

When she woke up from this experience, which had only taken a few seconds in real life, she noticed two people in odd attire, who led her to a small underground base, where an odd woman named Gea, who was organizing a rebellion against the empire told her she used to be a godlike being, but she had been defeated in battle by the Emperor, who had then taken away her her power, and stored it together within the trumpets, which Johanna had almost finished collecting. However, the last one still belonged to Linus, who had also managed to find Gea's location and was marching with a small army towards them.

Johanna managed to defeat the platoon with a brilliant plan, and steal the last trumpet, only for Linus to reveal he knew she would do that, and suprise her with a swarm of hundreds, if not thousands of Platinum, the strongest unit in her old Projection, Seven Nation Army, coming from a lake. He revealed the Emperor had sent him through hundreds of different dimensions, forcing him to live through his life over and over again like Johanna did once, scouting for the right one, where Johanna finally managed to gather the rest of the Trumpets, so that the Emperor could then have taken them for himself. After this short speech, Linus ordered his army of Projections, each of which he'd stolen from one of the alternate Johannas he'd killed, to fire on Johanna.

Gea threw herself between and Johanna, to seemingly no avail, as an arrow pierced both of them, killing Gea instantly and wounding Johanna to death. As she started losing consciousness, the ground cracked from the energy released by Gea's death, and Johanna fell into one, dying. She felt the Knitter's energy fading from her, but realizing her death would signify the loss of all hope for Rethal, she refused to die. As she realized why Gea had sacrificed herself in such an apparently useless way, the dirt around Johanna turned into feathers, and then blossomed into six wings, as she inherited Gea's abilities and flew back to ground level, staring down Linus, before killing him without a word as fast as she could, as the surge of power within her was such that The Knitter finally realized she'd somehow escaped his grasp, and brought her back to his reality.

Appearance and Personality

Johanna was a tall woman with white hair typical of Rethalian people and grey (blue in her youth) eyes. She wore the typical Rethalian military outfit, a mostly black uniform with few distinctions between ranks. She carried a sword on her side, and sometimes wore a cape in colder environments. Now, she wears a more intricate blue and silver armor, with poofy white cloth underneath. She is taller, and has six angelic, white wings on her back.

Johanna used to be a cold and calculating woman, who subconsciously excused her actions in war by trying to forget about them. She had a strong sense of honor regarding Rethal, though she wasn't without her own ambitions. After a lot of hardship and character development, she dropped her hypocrisy and love for war, becoming a more pacifist person, though she is still aware fighting is unavoidable for someone in her situation.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Evil

Name: Johanna

Origin: World of Projections

Gender: Female

Age: 90 physically, 181 mentally 

Classification: Formerly human, now goddess, formerly Projection user.

Birthplace: North-East Rethal

Height: 191 cm

Eye Color: Silver

Hair Color: White

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Themes: Supper's Ready by Genesis, formerly Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-C, higher with weaponry, 10-A with Copper, 9-C With Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron, 9-B with Lead, Gold's charged arrow and Platinum, at least Low 7-C with Mercury, likely higher  | 9-C, Unknown with Genesis, 9-C with summons | At least Low 7-C, likely at least 6-C

Powers and Abilities:

Peak Human Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Social Influencing, Longevity, Regeneration (Low, Low-Mid when using Mercury), Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery (For Johanna, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Platinum) Summoning (of the Projection), Metal Manipulation, Inorganic Physiology (Type 1) and Superhuman Physical Characteristics (For the Projections), Enhanced Vision (For Copper), Body Control (For Iron), Flight for Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Platinum, Electricity Manipulation (For Gold, limited for herself, as Projections are summoned through a small spark in the brain), Large Size (Type 1, for Lead), Poison Manipulation (With Mercury), Immortality (Type 3, when using Mercury)

Genius Intelligence, Social Influencing, Longevity, Regeneration (Low), Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Limited Extrasensory Perception (Able to see and hear Genesis), Non-Corporeal (For Genesis), Intangibility (For Genesis), Clairvoyance (For Genesis, able to sense the location of trumpets), Imperceptibility (For Genesis), Heat Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Summoning, Earth Manipulation, Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Genius Intelligence, Social Influencing, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3 and 4), Abstract Existence (Type 2), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Light Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid. Able to regenerate her limbs in roughly 30 seconds, and her body or head in roughly a minute), Self-Sustenance (All types), Power Bestowal (Could theoretically gift her power to someone else as Gea did to her), Forcefield Creation, Resistance to thought-based abilities (Her shield can block thought-based hax just how it would any other attack), Flight (Johanna is able to hover even without the usage of her wings, although she'll use them for more agile and faster flight), Statistics Amplification, Corruption, Time Manipulation, Acausality (Type 1), Resistance to Poison Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Blood Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Limited, Gea's true self is a constant in the multiverse, and even the Emperor couldn't erase her)

Attack Potency:  Street level (People grown under the effects of the Elixir are naturally stronger, and Johanna is a trained and athletic individual, able to easily defeat soldiers bare-handed albeit mostly through skill), Street level+ with weaponry (Able to keep up with her weaker projections. A Johanna from an alternate universe was able to damage her when she had the first four trumpets), Athlete level with Copper (Can only grip things, though firmly), Street level+ with Iron (Far more powerful than a normal axe due to its properties), Gold, Silver and Bronze (Their arrows are able to smash through small amounts of rock and embed themselves and easily kill normal humans), Wall level with Gold's charged arrow (Said to be slightly more powerful than Platinum's attacks), Lead (Easily able to punch through walls and cause large amounts of damage. Should be this strong via sheer size) and Platinum (Comparable, though inferior, to Lead), at least Small Town level with Mercury (Easily flooded an entire town and would have been able to tear it apart) | Street level+ (Considered superhuman by Rethalian standards, and more than twice as strong as before), Unknown with Genesis (Never interacts with anything physically), Street level with summons (Comparable though inferior to her first key's human stats), some of her abilities ignore durability. | At least Small Town level (Now wields Mercury's fully power), likely at least Island level (This should make her much stronger than Jo's Atom Heart Mother)

Speed: Subsonic (Dodged a cannonball. Able to keep track of Platinum's arrows and with Projection users able to react to bullets) combat speed, Subsonic for most Projections (Comparable to Johanna), Superhuman for Copper (can quickly patrol large areas), Immobile with Subsonic combat speed for Lead | Subsonic | At least Subsonic, High Hypersonic travel speed (Was weakened by being taken into the Knitterverse, yet still managed to fly into space in a short amount of time)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (People grown under the effects of the Elixir are naturally stronger. Managed to somewhat briefly wrestle with Platinum), Peak Human with weaker Projections, Superhuman with Platinum, Class 10 with Lead, Class M with Mercury (Able to flood an entire town) | Superhuman, Class K with hydrokinesis (Was able to lift a huge part of Mercury when fighting her older self), Unknown with Genesis (Never interacts with anything physically), Athletic Human with summons | At least Class M, likely higher (Able to use Mercury's full power)

Striking Strength: Street Class, Street Class+ with weaponry and Iron, Athlete Class with Copper, Gold, Silver and Bronze, Wall Class with Lead and Platinum, at least Small Town Class with Mercury | Street Class, Unknown with Genesis, Street Class with summons | At least Small Town Class, likely at least Island Class

Durability: Street levelStreet level+ for weaker Projections, Wall level with stronger ones, Unknown with Mercury, regeneration makes her difficult to kill while using it | Street level+ (Scales to her AP), Unknown with Genesis (Never interacts with anything physically), Athlete Level with summons (Relatively easily destroyed by weaponry) | Unknown (Johanna's durability is not comparable to her strength, as full-strength physical strikes will tear her arms apart, although she can regenerate from this

Stamina: Very High (Constantly commanded and fought on the front lines for hours in battles, survived many near-death situations in the span of a few days, yet was still able to partecipate in long battles afterwards), Superhuman while using Mercury (Able to sustain several deadly injuries and keep on fighting, her self from another universe could have fight for weeks if she hadn't been injured) | Much higher than before

Range: Standard melee range, extended melee range with sword and Iron. Her Projections can each get as far as hundreds of meters from Johanna, though she will lose precision in her control of them when they get too far, with the exception of Copper, who she can control perfectly no matter the distance. Below average melee range with Copper, several meters with Lead, hundreds of meters with Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum and Mercury | Standard melee range, extended melee range with sword, dozens of meters with waterbending, extended melee range with summons | Standard melee range, extended melee range with wings and light constructs, hundreds of meters with Mercury 

Standard Equipment: A sword and a dagger | A sword, a dagger and four magical trumpets | None 

Intelligence: Genius. A strategical and tactical mastermind, known for her impeccable logistics, Johanna continuously and effortlessly crushed any opposition Rethal had, greatly helping in its expansion. She's also a skilled manipulator and great at planning for smaller scale battles, such as 1v1s. | After gaining Gea's powers, Johanna became slightly more trusting and less prone to scheming, but she is just as intelligent as before, and capable of quicker and colder thinking.

Weaknesses: Johanna is fiercely devoted to Rethal. She is also instinctively afraid of using Mercury, and will refuse to do so even at the risk of her life. Mercury's regeneration is also limited, and she will die after deactivating it if she's sustained too much damage | The trumpets need to be on her person for her to have their powers | Slightly more trusting than before, and her regeneration is still not infinite. Her resurrection takes decades.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Seven Nation Army: Johanna's Projection. She is only able to have one entity of it active at a time, with the exception of Gold, Silver and Bronze, who are a trio. Each iteration of SNA has its own intelligence, but is perfectly loyal to Johanna. Each are also obviously made of the metal they're named after.
    • Copper - The original version of SNA, Copper is a large drone with plates around itself, a metallic eye on top and pincers underneath. It's not very useful for combat, but it's great for patrolling areas.
    • Iron - A huge, completely metallic axe. Subtly modifies its shape with each swing to favor Johanna in combat, such as extending to block an attack or turning its blades into a blunt hammer, or a sharp spike.
    • Gold, Silver and Bronze - A trio of cherubs each wielding bows. Bronze is the most durable of the trio, Silver is the fastest and Gold is able to electrically charge its shots to greatly power them up.
    • Lead - A legless metal giant. Johanna can control it remotely, or enter the cockpit in his head.
    • Platinum - An adult angel with a custom bow above to fire incredibly powerful arrows. Far above any of the other Projections in speed, and the one Johanna usually prefers for 1v1 combat.
    • Mercury - A formless liquid that emanates from Johanna's wounds and orifices when she's near death, and destroys everything around her while healing her wounds and emitting a poisonous gas she's immune to. She isn't fully in control of its destructive power.
  • Genesis: Johanna's new Projection, a young girl with a fox mask only Johanna can see or hear, and that not even she can touch. Though she is of no use in combat, Johanna has used her as a scout in occasions.
  • Trumpets: Magical trinkets containing Gea's power. They cannot actually be played.
    • 1 - Allows Johanna to lift any liquid telekinetically. It cannot be shaped into anything more complex than primary shapes, and it's heavy to her and cumbersome if she lifts too much. It cannot affect liquids inside living beings.
    • 2 - Manipulates heat, having it surge from Johanna's body into anything she touches. That something won't suffer the effects of the heat, but anything it touches next will.
    • 3 - With a recharge time of 70 minutes, if anyone buries a tooth underground, a clay version of that one person will be able to be summoned, wielding whatever weapon that someone had in mind. The trumpet has around a hundred "charges", due to the many teeth that were buried for it without summoning units immediately.
    • 4 - Raises her physical stats to noticeably superhuman, though not incredibly so.
    • 5 - Allows her to use Seven Nation Army again.
    • 6 - Causes useless sparks of light.
    • 7 - Unknown
  • After absorbing Gea's power and the trumpets within herself, Johanna's powers became a far more powerful, though modified, version of the trumpets'.
    • Johanna is no longer able to manipulate any liquid, only Mercury. This, however, allows her to control the Mercury in her veins with flawless precision, to harden parts of her body if needed, or to shoot it out. Her control over mercury is such that, when around her, it does not even release poisonous gas, and is therefore completely harmless.
    • Johanna can no longer heat up objects, but can heat herself up, setting herself on fire. This makes the mercury inside her red-hot and heats up her entire body, but she is not immune to its effect, and the effect will slowly overcome her regeneration.
    • This trumpet is completely changed, as Johanna no longer views herself as a General. Instead of having others sacrifice for her, Johanna summons a shield to protect herself. It can block even thought-based attacks... if she activates it beforehand. It's rather fragile, however, and it takes a few seconds for it to be available again if it's overpowered and broken.
    • Johanna's new form is born of taking in Gea's power, sealed within the trumpets. This greatly enhances her physical stats, gives her regeneration, six wings with power greater than her arms and makes her far faster, and capable of flight. Furthermore, it enhances or changes the powers of the seven trumpets that are now inside of her, reflecting her change of morals. It should be mentioned her regeneration relies on her mercury blood, and is therefore finite.
    • Seven Nation Army is now locked in its Mercury form, and always active within Johanna.
    • Johanna can create constructs of hard light, such as weapons.

Keys: With Seven Nation Army | First Four Trumpets | With Gea's power 

Notes:  Though all seven trumpets are listed in the Notable Attacks/Techniques section for the sake of completion, Johanna never gets the chance to use them in battle as they are almost immediately taken away, so her key for that arc only gives her the first four. 


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