Gianni "Jo" Di Maggio is an original character created by Armorchompy. In his home world, Jo is part of a superhero team called HOME, and its founder, although not the leader.


Jo is the son of Marcel Di Maggio, the ruthless leader of a criminal organization, and Gea, a woman with mysterious powers seemingly related to a relatively common ESP phenomenon known as Projection. His childhood was unpleasant, but relatively uneventful, as his father was too afraid of Gea to reveal his true colors, selling himself as a Robin Hood type of criminal. However, that changed as Marcel's researchers finally found a way to kill Gea and harvest her powers, though only partially. Still, that was far more than enough for him to go through with the plan, and turn Jo's life into hell, as he cast him aside, planning to later use him for further experimentation, despite his lack of a Projection.

Through sheer coincidence, Jo managed to escape his cell, and stumbled upon the corpse of Gea, halfway through another experiment. The sight traumatized him, but the remainder of her soul, clinging onto her body until that moment, managed to awaken, and gift him a small part of her powers, the Projection Mother Nature's Son, which allows him to manipulate kinetic energy. 

Of course, a young and scared Jo was not gonna take down a criminal organization, no matter what abilities he was gifted, and used them to run away. He lived the next few years homeless, moving around the US, paranoid of being found by Marcel's subordinates. He would have never built up the courage to defeat him, if he hadn't heard of a mysterious group kidnapping other Projection users for unknown purposes. He quickly linked the two, and forced himself to at least try and investigate. Doing so, he met a few other kids with Projections as well, and managed to gather the courage to finally take his father down. After some other events, they agreed on founding a superhero team called HOME. They have been active for years, but if I listed all of that this page would be thrice as long and I don't wanna do that.   

At one point, however, he was suddenly taken away from his home dimension by a godlike being called The Knitter, who did the same with characters from many other realities, dropping them all within his own universe, as a sort of experiment. He has taken this as a sort of forced holiday, finding the relatively low amount of fights he has to get involved in refreshing. Still, he wishes to go back home.  

Appearance and Personality

Jo is an incredibly plain looking young man. He has brown hair and eyes, and always dresses in casual getup, even when the rest of his team is in their uniform, though he does wear a shirt with HOME's logo on it. He's rather fit, but his choice of clothing hides that, and he's of average height. His costume, for the rare times in which he wears it, is dark blue with red stripes passing by his arms and legs' sides.

Jo's usual behaviour is really relaxed and casual, which he mantains in battle after years of superheroing making him feel unthreatened by random enemies. If he is somehow brought closer to defeat, he'll instantly stop playing around, though, and shift to a much more serious personality, going all-out. There's little middle grounds between these two states. Even in this serious mode, though willing to kill, Jo doesn't lose his sanity and is capable of rational decision-making.

Jo loves cute little animals, especially birds, italian food and modern history.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Gianni Di Maggio

Origin: World of Projections

Gender: Male

Age: 19 

Classification: Human, Projection user 

Birthplace: Seattle 

Height: 178 cm 

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Status: Alive

Themes: Mother Nature's Son by the Beatles, Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B, up to 8-C with Mother Nature's Son and Gea. Up to 6-C with Atom Heart Mother, likely far higher. Low 7-C within the Knitterverse, 7-C with Atom Heart Mother.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Martial Arts, Radiation Manipulation, Summoning, Limited Electricity Manipulation (Projections are activated through a small spark emanating from the brain), Explosion Manipulation, Limited Analytical Precognition, Limited Chain Manipulation

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Able to easily defeat most non-superhuman characters, and shatter steel with his hands. Is however unable to inflict heavy damage to characters able to survive his stronger attacks). Up to Building Level with Mother Nature's Son (Can hurt Projection users able to cause such levels of destruction, and redirect their attacks) and Gea (Somewhat weaker than his own empowered strikes). Up to Island Level with Atom Heart Mother (Has never shown its full potential, as its drawbacks intensify with its power. Its strongest usage was however able to tear apart a huge starship.), likely far higher (The closest Jo's come to harvesting Gea's full power). Small Town Level+ within the Knitterverse, Town Level with Atom Heart Mother (Able to seriously damage the strongest fighters in it)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Is reliably able to parry single bullets), Sub-Relativistic combat speed within the Knitterverse

Lifting Strength: Superhuman, Class 10, possibly higher with various abilities.

Striking Strength: Wall Level. Up to Building Level with Mother Nature's Son. Small Town Level+ within the Knitterverse.

Durability: Wall Level (Has survived Building Level attacks on occasion, but barely). At least Large Building Level with Mother Nature's Son (Able to easily cancel out attacks from people comparable or superior to its offensive potential, and parried attacks that seriously damaged his allies). Building Level with Gea. Small Town Level+ within the Knitterverse, Town Level with Atom Heart Mother.

Stamina: Extremely High. Able to fight through horrible injuries, while keeping near-perfect control over his abilities.

Range: Standard melee range. Twenty meters with Gea, whose own abilities have a range of ten meters. Up to thousands of kilometers with Atom Heart Mother, likely far higher.

Standard Equipment: Nothing.

Intelligence: Gifted. Has been said to have several decades' worth of combat experience despite being active for only a few years. Mastered martial arts in a few months. He's also able to somewhat predict what his opponents' abilities are going to be due to a slight awareness of the fourth wall.

Weaknesses: Mother Nature's Son's timing lasts less than a second, and cannot be used immediately again if it doesn't absorb or deal out a strong attack. It also cannot block non-kinetic energy. Jo does not have full control over Gea, and its abilities are slightly weaker than his. He also cannot use Mother Nature's Son and Gea at the same time. Atom Heart Mother's power is directly proportional to its size, and the stronger it is, the longer Jo's not gonna be able to use his powers afterwards. Its half-life is also incredibly brief, reaching safe levels of radiation in a few seconds. Jo tends to take most fights casually at first.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Mother Nature's Son: A rare case of an inherited Projection, Jo is only able to use this ability in incredibly brief bursts, and it's contact based. It can be used to nullify or redirect kinetic energy, which Jo uses to intensify the power of his attacks, and nullify the enemy's. He can also use it to momentarily redirect their gravity, intensifying it or shooting them in a random direction. The former ability has to be activated with a strong attack, though the latter can be done with a tap.
  • Gea: A mindless manifestation of his mother's corpse based off his confused memories, Gea is an ethereal entity that Jo can summon behind him to fight by his side. It's violently protective of him, and can use a weaker version of his abilities at range. It's bound to him with chains tied to their wrists.
  • Atom Heart Mother: Jo's ultimate ability. He summons Gea, only to detonate her, causing a nuclear explosion he is immune to. Though highly radioactive, the area will quickly become safe again. However, it temporarily disables Jo's Projection due to the amount of energy it requires. This backlash can range from a few seconds to several months, depending on the size of the explosion.


  1. The Knitter balances every character's AP, speed and related stats when within his universe, as he believes that makes for more interesting conflicts. There are however still variations in stats between weaker and stronger characters. 


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