One moment, there was nothing behind you, The next moment, there were Rapidly Flashing lights in your Rear-view Mirror


Jiles Jones, Or as in Legend; The Phantom Truck, is a Semi-Antagonistic Character in the Central POV Of SuperNatural from between the Spectral Arc & Distorted Pasts Arc. He is Of Folklore for his attributes, and “Business” on Clinton Road. During the Distorted Pasts Arc it is revealed he managed to break through the barrier surrounding Clinton road which suppressed him of his judgement.


Jiles Is Aggressive to People who Enter Clinton Road, particularly those who Are in the perimeter of his Home where he was murdered. His temper is exceptionally great, this Maybe caused by His constant trauma of his death, which was mentioned in Liam’s EVP session beside his Truck before 8 pm. Jiles usually Uses Tactics such as Tailgating, Uneven Driving, Deception, Horn Blaring. He usually appears “Patrolling” Clinton Road from between 8:00 pm to 4:00 am, and can be conjured or provoked by Blaring a Car Horn Three Times between the aforementioned times. During the Distorted Pasts Arc he seems to be one of the few entities that escaped the barrier of Clinton road, his temper seems to have gone down quite a bit, and from that point forward it’s most likely he is is randomly travelling through highways of the U.S. or quite possibly North & South America between the the aforementioned times.


Jiles Jones Stands at heights that vary from time to time, heights usually range from between 5’10 to 6’5 (Excluding His Hat), He is Slim-Bodied showing signs of Malnutrition. His Skin is pitch Black with Black-coloured smoke-like Dust evaporating from his body at a slow rate which is actually his unique form of Ectoplasm, he has White Eyes with Golden Pupils, he wears a Cowboy-Slouch Hat, and a Slightly Tattered Blackish-Brown Moleskin Jacket/Coat over a Blackish-Tan Shirt. He wears black Pants and Shoes. He keeps a shotgun on his back.

Personal Stats

Alignment: Neutral

Name: Jiles Henry Jones, The Phantom Truck

Age: 33 (Physically), 89 (Actual)

Gender: Male

Classification: Wagengeist

Occupation: Farmer (Formerly), None

Themes: Vindicator

Status: Deceased (Literally), Active


  • 1958 Chevrolet Apache Pickup - His Original Truck His used From 1958 until 1969 was a Black Chevrolet Apache Pickup Truck, The Truck was the original icon for the first decade of The Legend, before getting replaced.
  • Tri-Axle Peterbilt 359 Dump-Truck - His New Signature Truck, a 1969 Peterbilt 358A 359 Dump-Truck Model. The sudden change from his old pickup truck to his new Dump-truck cause slight confusion for Paranormal enthusiasts at the time, which made his legend seem to have ended and the one driving the truck was just a “Hillbilly”. The Truck Has The cab painted Black just like his old pickup, Today the Truck has rusting at the back container, with noticeable Dried & Scratched away Spray paint bearing the signatures from teenagers who died a long time ago. His Right Head-light appeared partially blown off with a shotgun shell but the headlight has a chance to flicker Rapidly. His Windshield is Black-tinted and the truck’s exterior already shows various signs of old age and partial dilapidation. There are several vandals at the sides of the truck’s container, Examples are; A Partially Aged over person initials, A Swastika, And a Phrase “U Suk”.

Combat Stats

Tier: 9-B Physically, 8-A Via Abilities | 9-B to 9-A Via Vehicle

Powers And Abilities:

Attack Potency: Wall Level, Potentially Multi-City Block Level Via Abilities | Wall Level to Small Building Level via Vehicle |

Speed: Normal Human Melee Attack Speed, Peak Human Potential Travel Speed, Athletic Human to Superhuman Reaction Speed (His reaction speed strangely shifts randomly) | Subsonic Travel Speed (His Truck was Described to reach speeds of over 180 Mph)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Over Class 25 (His Truck is a 6/8 Axle)

Striking Strength: Wall Class, Potentially Multi-City Block Class Via Abilities | Wall Class to Small Building Class Via Physical Vehicle

Durability: Unknown (Typically, Physical matter phase through him as if he does not even exist.), City Block Level (If a character is capable of interacting with spirits, Punched by Jason Gardner)

Stamina: Unknown

Intelligence: Above Average

Standard Equipment: 1938 Winchester Shotgun (Custom Bayonet Attachment), Condor El Salvador Machete, 1969 Peterbilt 359

Weakness: Unknown


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  • Jiles was Based on the real life Folklore of the same name and in the same location.
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