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YOU vs JIGSAW (Saw Movie) Could You Defeat and Survive Him? FUNNY ANIMATION CHALLENGE


Jigsaw is a opponent and villian who appeared on The Infographics Show. He has kidnapped people and created many traps. 

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C physically, Varies for Traps

Name: Jigsaw, John Kramer (Canonically)

Origin: The Infographics Show's You VS Series

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown but is a old man

Classification: Genius Human

Powers and Abilities: Created and Uses Traps and Billy the Puppet, Stealth Mastery (Can sneak up on people)

Attack Potency: Below Average Level physically (Is a weak sick old man), Varies for traps (The traps are all different)

Speed: Varies for traps

Lifting Strength: Varies for traps

Striking Strength: Below Average Class physically, Varies for traps

Durability: Below Average Level physically, Varies for Traps

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Varies with traps

Standard Equipment: Traps , Billy the Puppet

Intelligence: Genius (Was stated by the Narrator to be a genius, can create the traps)

Standard Tactics: He usally kidnaps someone and traps someone into one of his traps.

Weaknesses: His traps are escapeable, suffers from Cancer


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