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Jeanne Pendragon née D'Arc is the leader and founder of the organization, Blacklight. She is the niece of Adrian Mariner and Natalia Mariner, though they refer to her as auntie due to the massive age gap. She is the Patron Saint of France, a rather ironic title due to her heritage. Though she works for the protection of Mankind and the world, her views have long since been eroded and she does it out of obligation rather than want. Jeanne is someone whose life on Earth surpassed that of humans and due to seeing their true nature, has long lost faith in them.



Jeanne is a young woman in her older twenties. She is slightly taller than her younger sister, Catherine. She has long pink hair with a single braid on the left side of her face, reaching down to her lower back. Her eyes are a pinkish-violet and she has fair skin reminiscent of that of the natives of the region. Jeanne is said to be the spitting image of her mother but does not have the overly curvy curves her mother possesses. Though it is noted that Jeanne has a bigger chest than Catherine but only slightly. Her body is lean from years of learning how to fight and being a member of the French Army during the Hundred Years War.

Like her younger sister and most members of Blacklight, Jeanne wears dark colors, wearing black and grey. She wears a grey turtleneck sweater. Around the collar, she has a black ascot decorating it. The ascot has a black outer border with a red diamond embroidered into the center. She wears a black skirt that goes down to her mid-thigh. Jeanne also wears long grey socks and red boots. The socks form a zettai-ryoki just around the lower half of her thigh.


In contrast to her sister who is lazy and carefree, Jeanne appears to be prudish and uptight, at least from Catherine's point of view. She is a strict, no nonsense professor who sits at her desk with a constant poker face (resting bitch face according to Catherine). Jeanne takes her job as the leader and as the Dean rather seriously, often clashing with her younger sister on how to move forward with things. She prefers slow and methodical as opposed to the risky plans that her sister tends to come up with though Jeanne acknowledges that these plans do have a bit of merit to them. In short, Jeanne is seen by others as a girl whose entire persona was similar to an iceberg, cold and ruthless. She is also regarded as the best Dean of Massachusetts Institute of Technology within the last 50 years yet no one knows what goes on in her mind.

In private however, Jeanne displays love and empathy. She is highly protective of her younger sister and has been called a closet siscon by Adrian. Jeanne often blames herself for her younger sister's obsession, stating that it's her fault that Catherine became embroiled with this world. Jeanne empathizes with Morgan Pendragon, who decided to stay away from her for her own protection. Thus, in private around her sister, Catherine always states that she always looks sad. Some speculate that this is the true reason Jeanne formed Blacklight. To find a way to be with the Wizard for the rest of her life without interference from others. It appears that she succeeded in that regard.

Jeanne also possesses a level of snark that only seems to manifest around Morgan. The two can always be seen manipulating and snarking at each other.

Catherine, along with the other members of the Society, acknowledge that Jeanne is secretly worse than Catherine when it comes to thinking logically. While Catherine states that she will sacrifice others for the sake of her goals, it is intended to be a last resort while Jeanne will sacrifice them without a heartbeat. This seemingly heartless side of her often creates friction between her and her friends, making her seem paranoid. Perhaps it is a byproduct of her time in the Hundred Years War, but Jeanne appears to be well aware of this trait and often tries to dial it back for the sake of her younger sister. However, she acknowledges that she would never be able to fully grow out of it as it has become natural part of her, especially since they are aware of the things mankind isn't. As a human whose empathic abilities surpasses that of her younger sister's, Jeanne has witnessed seen the true nature of mankind's ignorance and stupidity. Thus, Jeanne has an aversion for mankind and does not see them as worth much in her study, unlike her younger sister and the others who strive to study the relationship between the Supernatural and Mankind.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-B. 4-A in Partial Qliphoth, higher in Complete Qliphoth

Classification: Cambion, Saint, Leader of Blacklight

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 3), Regeneration (Low-High), Flight, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance, Social Influencing, Magic, Elemental Manipulation (Of Fire, Ice, and Lightning), Energy Projection and Manipulation, Instinctive Reaction, Summoning (Is bound by contract to Jingwei, the Phoenix Goddess from Chinese Mythology. Can also summon weapons and items), Holy Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Telekinesis, Illusion Manipulation and Perception Manipulation (Her ability inherited from her mother is the ability to mess with perception and cast extremely powerful illusions that can fool the brain into thinking that whatever is happening is real, thus reflecting whatever the brain processes as actual physical wounds on the body), Mind Manipulation (Has a variation of her mother's Rose Garden called Fleur De Lis, which allows her to project the image of a flower garden into the target's mindscape. Bound several key words to different items that produce a variety of memetic effects), Empathic Manipulation, Memory Manipulation via Mendelev's Grafting, Resistance Negation via Unyielding Faith (Unyielding Faith creates absolute mental commands from the user's own brain, causing them to believe that the attack before them can harm them, thus leaving them vulnerable), Power Nullification (Can nullify powers in different ways such as Counter Cursing), Power Modification (Can use Triangular Casting and Pentagonal Casting), Heat Manipulation and Absolute Zero, Explosion Manipulation, Healing, Aura (Her aura induces the feeling of fear into her foes and radiates an ungodly pressure), Teleportation, Portal Creation, Curse Manipulation via Curses, Purification and BFR via Exorcisms, Soul Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Reality Warping, and possibly Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Her unique magic that she developed known as Imaginary allows her to control the invisible dimensions located within 4-D space-time as well as the higher dimensional mathematical function spaces in Beriah), Subjective Reality (Can convert objects into an imaginary value via Wick Rotation Magic), Durability Negation (Imaginary allows her to cut at invisible dimensional angles, allowing her to bypass durability, whether it be physical or magical), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Non-Physical Interaction, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Transformation

Immunity to Radiation Manipulation, Conventional Poisons and Diseases (Due to her supernatural heritage, Jeanne cannot be affected by man-made or natural poisons, nor can she ever be affected by any natural or man-made diseases. Like other demons and cambion, Jeanne is completely unaffected by radiation), Magic (Cambion and Demons have a naturally higher resistance to Magic than other species such as humans), Holy Manipulation (Her human blood grants her a higher resistance to Holy objects and techniques such as Holy Water and Demonic Banishment), BFR (Cannot be banished by Demon Banishing Sigils), Paralysis Inducement (A Solomon's Gate cannot trap nor restrict her movement nor can Profane Sigils), Power Nullification (Profane Sigils cannot restrict her power and she can resist the power of higher beings to remove abilities for a period of time), Attack Reflection (Was unaffected by Ruby's Seven Mirrors Curse), Curse Manipulation (Resisted Athena's Gorgon Curse which was placed on Medusa), Death Manipulation, Regeneration Negation, and Deconstruction (During her invasion of Mount Olympus, she was stabbed with Marcus's Sword, which was blessed by Hades. She was competely unaffected), Mind Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, and Perception Manipulation (Due to being Asmodeus's daughter, Aphrodite was unable to influence her nor did her illusions have any effect), Fire Manipulation (Only had slight redness from being hit by Hephaestus's flames though he held back. Can wield the fire of La Pucelle without turning to ashes), Ice Manipulation and Absolute Zero (Unaffected by Khione's ice), Madness Manipulation and Corruption (Dionysus found that he could not drive her insane nor amplify her cravings)

Attack Potency: Solar System Level (Is the strongest member of Blacklight, past, present, and future to the point where Taki hesitated at the sight of her. Can fight on the level of major Gods and was able to snap Zeus's neck a full 180 degrees with a single sucker punch. Overpowered Ares and Demeter at the same time and claimed that she could outright kill them with her bare hands.). Multi-Solar System Level (Her partial Qliphoth Transformation allows her to fight on near even grounds with Poseidon. Her power was too great for the other Olympians to deal with and is stated to be at least a hundred times stronger than her base form.), higher (In her True Qliphoth Form, she is capable of overpowering even Poseidon and fight on par with Zeus and Hestia.)

Speed: FTL, possibly Higher

Lifting Strength: Class T

Striking Strength: Solar System Class, likely higher

Durability: Solar System Level. Multi-Solar System Level in Partial Qliphoth and Complete Qliphoth

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Melee Range. Extended Melee Range with La Pucelle. Several Meters to Interplanetary, possibly Interstellar with her Powers | Low Multiversal via Gate Sigils and Teleportation

Standard Equipment: La Pucelle

Intelligence: Immensely High

Weaknesses: Shares the same weaknesses as demons to a far lesser degree thanks to her human blood | None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Key: Jeanne Pendragon