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Jay rose is the son of ruby rose and Oscar pine and he is the team leader of team RSBR (R jay rose S Fuyumi snow B noirs Bella R Nick Razz) and a magic user in training who travels to stop his possessed room mate who was taken over by Salem

Combat Statistics

Tier: high 7-C | at least high 7-C, 7-B with silver jay | low 7-B, 7-B with silver jay, 7-A with completed silver jay

Name: Jay Rose Pine

Origin: STRW

Gender: Male

Age: 17 | 18 | 19

Classification: Human

powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Speed Amplification, Transformation (can turn into a lightning bolt) Via Speed Boost, Magic, Skilled at hand to hand, Skilled Swordsman, Marksman, and Scythe Wielder Gravity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Water Manipulation, aura, Forcefield Creation (His body and soul is covered by a forcefield), Extrasensory Perception (can sense magic and life energy), Holy Manipulation (has the same power as Ulerin, that can petrifiey, disintegrate and paralyses beings of darkness), Resistance, to Willpower Manipulation (was unaffected by the skeleton being of darkness that removes will power) and Resistance to Extreme Heat and Cold (Aura protects the user from sub-zero temperatures, letting them be fine in the coldest place in the world when it would normally kill someone in hours, even lets them be fine being frozen solid by ice magic. it can also let them be fine be blasted by fire magic and lava) | All previous abilities plus Flight and Pseudo-Duplication (with special ability), Transformation (can Turn into silver jay thanks to his silver eyes + magic) | All previous abilities plus true flight, Aura and Sleep Manipulation as well as Fear Manipulation (with this magical ability that only a few people have jay can send a shockwave of a aura with a look that will terrify or knock out anyone one weaker than him. It can override mind control as shown by blazes use of this, however it's not known if she has a advanced version of it), limited Power Nullification (took away Salem's curse of immortality to kill her in one massive beam for good), Homing Attack (with his lightning snake cage attack), Healing (healed someone's broken ribs and fixed them), Self-Sustenance (type 1) (was able to breath in space after Dark Blaze threw him on the moon. he can breath fine in the atmosphere)

Attack Potency: large town level (beat two goons that sent nick flying who did this and fought on par with Fuyumi), his holy magic ignores the durability of Beings of darkness | At least large town level (can now one shot dragon beings of darkness, that previously took his whole team to beat. Broke a weakened Arvind's teeth after sinking them into mag), his holy magic ignores the durability of Beings of darkness, City level with silver jay (he was able to weaken Adam and ran right through his absorbed slash that is 4 times stronger then himself at 13.92 megatons, forcing him to run away), his holy magic ignores the durability of Beings of darkness | small city level (battled and killed a Sphinx alongside Mag and even destroyed a cliff side by ramming into a mech. After all of that he got a few weeks of training and became stronger than that), his holy magic ignores the durability of Beings of darkness, City level+ with silver jay (he battled on par with Blaze and almost killed her although it could be due to his holy magic), his holy magic ignores the durability of Beings of darkness, at least mountain level+ (overpowered and vaporized Salem when he had half of his power after she returned stronger with her saying she has enough power to Destroy atlas, a feat that is 617.15 megatons, he latter on battled dark blaze who was even stronger then salem), his holy magic ignores the durability of Beings of darkness)

SpeedHigh Hypersonic, High hypersonic+ with electric pedal boost (Clashed with Fuyumi before anyone could see or hear the clash happen until a shock wave reached them. Scales to Fuyumi who dodged sound before it reached where she was) | at least High Hypersonic, High Hypersonic+ with electric pedal boost, Higher with silver jay (completely speed blized someone who was faster then him with super speed), higher with electric pedal boost, relativistic in completed silver jay (can keep up with dark blaze, higher with electric speed boost

Lifting StrengthUnknown | Unknown | Unknown, Class G with silver jay (helped lift Amity), at least class G with completed silver jay

Striking StrengthLarge town class | at least large town class, City class with silver jay | small city class, city class+ with silver jay, Mountain class+ silver jay

Durabilitylarge town level (lived Jupiter vaporizing the mess hall), higher with aura (acts like a heath bar. Letting him take more damage) | at least large town level, Small city level with aura (took some hits from a held back Arvind before it finally broke), city level with silver jay | small city level, higher with aura, city level+ with silver Jay, Mountain level+ with completed silver jay

Stamina: Superhuman (was able to fight non stop all day when fighting a bunch of beings of darkness that kept coming), far lower in silver jay (he can only hold the transformation for a few minutes), higher in completed silver jay (in this form it lasts far longer than the incomplete version. however after four months of training he doesn't have this problem anymore)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Hundreds of meters with magic, Tens of kilometers with silver jay, thousands of kilometers with completed silver jay

Standard Equipment: his scythe that can turn into a sniper rifle and a sword

Intelligence: Above Average (is a pro magic user and even made his own weapon and can fight super well with magic. Was trained by Saturn and his great uncle who taught him how to fight hand to hand and how to fight with a sword, a scythe that was said to be one of the most dangerous weapons, and the most hardest to master and he knows how to snipe. After Blaze takes over and he travel the world looking for the relics he makes a new fighting style where he shoots out hundreds of lightning blasts that are moving all around the place as he turns into a lightning bolt and attacks by turning back to normal to attack his foe and then go back into lightning. He did this vs that ghost magic user who has the ability to see into the future and forced him to use it to even dodge the lightning attacks and out smarted him with his lightning tracking him)

weaknesses: is kinda reckless and runs into a battle without thinking, if he takes too much damage his forcefield will beak, leaving him tired. He can't use his holy magic unless he is in a desperate situation and he goes unconscious for days when he uses it up until his arc three key. Silver jay can only last for a few minutes, and it makes him tried when he drops out of it, however his completed silver jay form longer but he can't use magic for 5 minutes and tired after dropping out the form as it puts his body far beyond it's limits

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

electric pedal boost: jay has super speed however this is a byproduct of his real ability of turning into a lightning bolt, but he leaves blue rose petals behind when he runs with electricity charged into them, giving people a shock when they touch it

Magic: Magic is a energy in every living thing, but most have not ever unlocked it, it can be used to make elemental attacks or fly and even make the use faster, stronger and increases defense. Most people with magic unlocked unique powers like Saturn's modes, Taiga's Glyphs.

Keys: arc one | arc two | arc three


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