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Jamie "Jay" Grimoire is one of the three main heroes of Tales of the Red Wings. An androgynous child with no memory, he was discovered by Soichiro Sakuya in Sidhe Forest.


Jay is the reincarnated son of the Destruction goddess Etro and the Creation god YHWH. He has taken many forms across the history of Deus Ex Machina, but it was during the Red Wings cycle that Jay's final destiny would come into fruition.

In this cycle, Jay's current incarnation is the son of the demon queen, Lilith. Lilith, despite her royal status, was an avid scientist and scholar and spent much time during her pregnancy studying the space between dimensions, known as the Void. However, several strokes of bad luck led to her being stranded in the void during labor, causing her to give birth to twin girls Jamie and Jezebel. Despite the circumstances of their birth, the two sisters had a mostly happy childhood under Lilith, with Jamie coming out as transgender at an early age.

Ultimately, however, the twins' lives were cut short. When their castle, their home, came under attack by a rival faction of demons, a deep-seated power within Jamie awoke. He wasn't completely untouched by the Void, you see; his exposure as a newborn triggered a latent connection to the nothingness, and in the panic and confusion following the attack, Jamie and Jezebel vanished, seemingly into thin air. The two spent six long years in the void, and it showed. Jezebel lost her body entirely, her soul migrating into Jamie's body, protecting her brother. The two also lost their memories, ultimately falling out of a void gate onto Algo, a lush planet recovering in the wake of a world-spanning war almost 2 millennia ago.

Jay, lost and confused, eventually was found by a man named Soichiro Sakuya, who took the child in and offered to let the twins travel with him. Said travels quickly caused them to happen upon a burning forest and an unconscious boy clutching a sword: Rynild Ras'Aul. Soichiro took him on as well, revealing the source of the forest: The Astirian Empire, a massive military force spanning the small country whose soil they stood on. Ryn and Jay both expressed the desire to overthrow them, but were firmly shot down until another chance meeting: This one with a kitsune named Zephyr Highwind. Zephyr was the last of his tribe as the rest of them had been wiped out by the empire. The three formed a quick alliance, and seeing the trio's camaraderie, Soichiro reluctantly agreed to introduce them to the Red Wings, a revolutionary group composed of himself, a man named Milas Baldwin, retired assassin Aida Romanoff, blacksmith Hammond Marsh, and school teacher Cedric Durge.

Not long after, tragedy struck - An unlucky encounter with Steelhide, the top enforcer of the empire, led to the capture and imprisonment of every single one of them. It was thanks only to the intervention of a mysterious stranger that the three children escaped. Zephyr took Ryn and Jay to a remote location: A kitsune village, where they spent a full week training in order to fight back against Steelhide. In a desperate race against time, with their new friends' execution dates looming, the trio had to train and master newfound abilities that would let them stand up to Steelhide's intimidating power. What followed was an unbelievably fierce battle... but one that ended in victory. Steelhide was slain, the empire was overthrown, and what was once a simple rebel group became what would end up being one of the most important organizations in Algo's history: The Red Wings.

Personal Statistics

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Jamie "Jay" Sigurd Grimoire Classification: Imp, Incubus, Baphomet, Demon Lord Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, formerly Chaotic Good Gender: Trans Male Age: 12 (Volume I), 15-16 (Volume II), 18 (Volume 3) Date of Birth: April 21st Height: 3'0" (Imp), 4'8" (Human Disguise), 5'4" (Incubus), 4'9" (Baphomet) Likes: Small Animals, Candy, Fluffy beastkin Dislikes: Being hungry, Worms Affiliation: Soichiro's Troupe, Red Wings Guild, Dragonroost, Grimoire Family, Etronia Music: 

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Jezebel "Jess" Lilim Grimoire Classification: Umbra Bat, Light-Eater Bat, Shadow-Weaver, Demon Lord, Eclipse Weaver Alignment: True Neutral Gender: Female Age: 12 (Volume I), 15-16 (Volume II), 18 (Volume 3) Date of Birth: April 21st Height:5'6" Likes: Dislikes: Affiliation:Grimoire Family, Red Wings Guild, Etronia Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nASM_GJIWQ8

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Daisy Dee Astroza Classification: Goblin, Hobgoblin, Blue Oni, Kujata Demon Lord Alignment: Neutral Girl Gender: Female Age: 11 (Volume I), 14 (Volume II), 16 (Volume 3) Height: 4'9" (Goblin), 5'3" (Hobgoblin), 5'10" (Oni), 5'3" (Kujata) Likes: Nature, Animals, Hunting Affiliation: (Formerly) Alexandrian Empire, Red Wings Guild, Grimoire Family Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dono8H2NFQ

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Vivianne Watson Classification: Void Imp, Void Queen Alignment: True Neutral Gender: Female Age: 307 (Volume I), 310 (Volume II), 312 (Volume 3) Height: 4'7" Likes: The Void, People who aren't overemotional Affiliation:The Void Territories, Red Wings Guild, Grimoire Family, Etronia Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE8PhCIcJE0

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Benjamin Stolas Classification: Vampire, Greater Vampire, Demon Lord Alignment: Chaotic Evil Gender: Male Age: 15 (Volume I), 18 (Volume II), 20 (Volume 3) Height: 5'2" Likes: Conquering, Blood, Guns Affiliation: Crimson Arms, Grimoire Family, Red Wings Guild Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mps2asHLLco

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Diane Stolas Classification: Succubus, Banshee, Doppelganger, Arch-Banshee Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Gender: Female Age: 15 (Volume I), 18 (Volume II), 20 (Volume 3) Height: 6'2" Likes: Music, Clubs, Lust, Crowds Affiliation: Crimson Arms, Grimoire Family, Red Wings Guild Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIzZdsItsEY

Origin: Tales of the Red Wings Name: Thomas Watson Classification: Etronian, Technomancer Alignment: True Neutral Gender: Male Age: 312 Height: 4'2" Likes: Logic, Mathematics, Technology, Science Affiliation: Etronia, Red Wings Guild Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HWTkebbSY0


Initially, Jay is portrayed as a feral child, unable to speak beyond a few simple words. At this time, Jess acts as a guiding force, and is the one with the intelligence. She tells Jay what to do to survive, and is basically responsible for keeping him out of danger. However, he's also very bright and eager to learn, and was able to learn how to speak, read, and write over a short period of time. He enjoys the company of small animals. Once he learns how to speak, his personality is revealed to be somewhat childish, but also quite friendly, eager to play with animals and make new friends.

Jay proves to be somewhat arrogant, referring to himself as "the brains" of the group despite his absolute lack of common sense. He also has little sense of figurative language and has taken every figure of speech he's been presented with literally (E.G. "I can't wear a heart on my sleeve, it's in my chest!"). Despite this, he has a good heart and genuinely cares for the well-being of his friends, often to the point of tagging along against their will just to make sure they're okay.

After his torture at the hands of the Cult of YHWH, Jay lost a large portion of his sanity, becoming far less morally-grounded and far more willing to use insidious means to achieve his goals. While he still will do anything to protect the people he cares about, he doesn't tend to care about anyone outside his guild and family. Exceptions to this are childen his age and animals.


Jay's appearance, thanks to his shapeshifting ability, tends to vary throughout his life. Generally speaking, he appears as a young, androgynous boy with dark skin. His hair color and style varies constantly, though he most consistently wears it either loose and wild or tied into twin tails. After meeting Crystal Rosewater, it has remained pink in color, though the exact shape isn't constant. After being tortured for almost a month by the Cult of YHWH, his hair turned white and his eyes turned pink. He gained a much more emaciated and serious appearance compared to before, though this would recover over time.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-A | At least 8-A, likely Low 7-C | Low 7-C, 7-B with Deedee's strength | 7-B, High 6-C with Giga Water Drill | 6-C, High 6-C with Giga Water Drill | At least Low 6-B | 6-B | At least 6-B, likely far higher | High 6-A | High 6-A | At least High 6-A5-C with Haiana | 5-C

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Multiple PersonalitiesImmortality (Types 1, 2, 3, and 4. Survived and regenerated from decapitation and being melted with acid, and he can resurrect after a period of several centuries), Body Control (His body is composed of Demon Essence which he can freely manipulate into weapons or other shapes), Enhanced Senses (Capable of sensing mana, as well as emotions and danger), Regeneration (High-Mid; Can reform his body as long as his demon essence isn't destroyed), Fusionism (Demons can mix their demon essence with another to fuse), Plot Manipulation (As the avatar of one with Intent, his destiny is impossible to alter via outside forces)

  • Jay possesses DeconstructionAbsorption (Can drain mana through biting or breaking down objects)
  • Jess possesses Enhanced Senses (Though Jess is blind, she can see in the dark using sonar, possessing enhanced hearing), Darkness Manipulation (Capable of using Shadow Magic, controlling the shadows of others), Telekinesis (Lifted Zephyr upside-down with his own shadow), Immersion (Can merge into shadows to travel around), Teleportation (By moving into the shadows, she can appear from any angle and attack from any location)

Flight (Dissidia can fly to Jay), Instinctive Reaction (Dissidia will react to Jay's distress and protect him autonomously), Dimensional Travel (Dissidia can travel between the world and the void), Immortality (Type 8, dependent on Lilith)

Magic (Capable of manipulating Mana)

Shapeshifting (No Names, Many Faces allows Jay to completely reconfigure his body into living or inanimate objects at will), Information Analysis (Can gain complete knowledge on a species' traits and biology through touch), Biology Mimicry (Jay can permanently gain the biological traits of those he turns into, and access them whenever he wants)

None notable

Resistance to Curse Manipulation (Naturally resistant to this as a demon), Plot Manipulation (As the avatar of one with Intent, his destiny is impossible to alter via outside forces, even when used on a boundless scale), Many abilities through Saving Throws

Same as before, plus Transformation (Can turn into a Kitsune and a fox), limited Sound Manipulation (in Fox Form, capable of magically projecting his voice)

Same as before

Same as before, plus Water Manipulation (Learned Water Magic from eating water magicite), Steam Manipulation (Can create a cloud of mist using water), Flight (Can fly by using water wings), Fire Manipulation (Drained Eagle's mana, gaining his fire magic), Forcefield Creation (Gained Eagle's Mana Ward by biting into him), Life Manipulation (Drained some of Finch's mana, granting him the ability to create familiars by giving life to the elements)

Same as before

Aura, Soul Manipulation (Aura is the physical projection of the soul), Longevity (Aura users age slower than regular members of their species), Magic Nullification (Aura is capable of defending against magic), Invisibility (Aura is invisible to those who do not have it), Intangibility (Aura cannot be interacted with normally), Transmutation (Jay is a Transmuter-type Aura user), Resistance to Air Manipulation, Pressure Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, and Death Manipulation (Aura users can resist the effects of Projectors)

Same as before, plus Resistance to Magic with his cape (Purchased a special anti-magic cape), Air Manipulation, Pressure Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, and Death Manipulation (Aura users can resist the effects of Projectors)

Same as before, plus Natural Weaponry (Horns and Hooves when mimicking a Pan), Sleep Manipulation (Pan wool causes those around them to become sluggish and drowsy, and fall asleep with enough exposure). Deedee possesses Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Statistics Amplification by releasing her limiters, Enhanced Senses (Has enhanced smell and hearing compared to a human), Chain Manipulation (Can use the chains around her wrists as weaponry), Animal Manipulation (Capable of forcing her will over animals, even god-beasts), Instinctive Reaction (DD allows her to see attacks coming from behind and dodge them on instinct), Weather Manipulation (Ran fast enough to create a tornado), Sound Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation (Her voice is powerful enough to kill animals from the vibrations), Berserk Mode, Resistance to Gravity Manipulation (Broke out of a plaguespawn's gravity spell), Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Goblins are naturally resistant to disease and poisons)

Same as before

Same as before, plus Creation (Figured out how to use Creation Magic to make familiars), Summoning (Can summon his familiars to him at any time), Curse Manipulation (Absorbed part of the Plaguelands and gained Curse Magic), Deconstruction, Absorption (Curse Mana breaks down matter and mana and absorbs it to turn it into more curse mana), Disease Manipulation, Corruption (Can theoretically use the spellplague to corrupt others, though he hasn't demonstrated this)

Same as before

Same as before

Loses Magic resistance, gains Resistance to Disease Manipulation (Wasn't affected by the Plaguelands), enhanced resistance to Gravity Manipulation (Deedee was able to break out of a Plaguespawn's gravity spell through brute strength)

Same as before

Same as before

Same as before, plus Danmaku

Same as before, plus Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; Sticky Fingers works in a similar way to Rune Magic), Can steal traits, items, and properties, Physics Manipulation (Capable of stealing friction), Statistics Reduction (Stole Zephyr's speed, massively increasing Jay's as a result), Electricity Manipulation (Via Static Overcharge)

Same as Before

Same as Before, plus enhanced Resistance to Fire, Ice, and Electricity (His aura automatically nullifies these abilities when sent at him, putting them under his control)

Same as before, plus Longevity (Mimicked Sitha, a Dragon that can live for thousands of years), Mind Manipulation (Mimicked a Dragon, all of which can enthrall beings through their Gaze), True FlightBreath Attack (Dragons can naturally breathe elemental magic), Attack Reflection (The scales of a Dragon deflect almost all magic), Acid Manipulation (Has access to Sitha's Breath Weapon), Poison Manipulation (Has access to Horus' Breath Weapon), Ice Manipulation (Has access to Cryovale's Breath Weapon), Can turn into a Dragon. Vivi possesses Non-Corporeal (Her existence is a soul touched by void), Dimensional Travel (Can travel between Algo and the Void at her leisure), Physics Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation (Physics seem to bend around her, and she can walk and levitate completely unhindered by gravity), Clairvoyance (Using Dissidia, was watching Jay's progress since he left the void), Resistance to Physics Manipulation, Void Exposure which includes Existence Erasure (As a place without any concepts, most of what enters is unable to withstand it, and it erased), Absolute Zero (The void has no concept of heat), Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation (Its very nature distorts space and time), Statistics Reduction, Power Nullification, Transmutation, Breaking the Fourth Wall (Read the Script to the story and is capable of referencing the writers directly), Acausality (Type 2. Time doesn't affect her as a natural void being, and she is capable of nullifying Sindri's Almighty Eye)

Same as before, plus Energy Manipulation (Can generate three rotating blades of energy along its outer edge). Dissidia now possesses Divinity

Same as before, plus Shapeshifting into coins, Coin Manipulation (Can control coins after being cursed by one and absorbing the curse), Intangibility (Elemental, can phase through attacks by turning into coins), Transmutation with his cursed coins that he stole. Vivi possesses Void Manipulation (She has control over the Void between dimensions), BFR (Can suck objects and people into the Void), Magicite Creation (Can form voidstones with Jay's magicite creation), Candy Manipulation (Can manipulate void candy, which grows in the void the same way plants and fungi do on Algo)

Invisibility, Light Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Can steal his own light and sound), Can steal Flight, Gravity Manipulation (Took his own gravity and put it on a rock)

Same as before, plus Extrasensory Perception (Sensors can sense things far away with their aura), Air ManipulationPressure Manipulation (Projectures turn their aura into a wave-based offense that can send others flying), Empathic Manipulation (His aura projection is childish, making it less likely for enemies to attack him)

Same as Before, plus enhanced Resistance to MagicElemental Manipulation (Of all varieties), Acid ManipulationPoison Manipulation (Resistant to the breath weapons he possesses)

Same as before. Vivi possesses Regeneration (Low-Godly, can reform from her voidspawn form)

Same as before

Same as before, plus Magicite Form (Can transform his body into magicite), Large Size (Type 2) with Embrion, Mercury Manipulation and Poison Manipulation with Mercurius (Mercurius is a semi-sentient ball of mercury that Jay can manipulate every drop of), Sealing (Can seal Mercurius in a vial), Instinctive Reaction (Mercurius automatically defends its wielder), Shapeshifting (Can form Mercurius into weapons and constructs), Statistics Amplification and Fusionism (Can fuse himself with Mercurius to save his own life and gain its abilities and strength, though he wouldn't suffer the same effects as Finch), enhanced Absorption and Statistics Reduction with Mercurius (Mercurius can drain mana directly from a pinned foe to weaken them)

Sense Manipulation (Attempted to steal Griffon's aura sense. Took his own hearing), Heat Manipulation, Absolute Zero (Killed Eagle by stealing his heat and placing him into a state of Absolute Zero)

Same as before

Same as Before, plus vastly enhanced resistance to Existence Erasure, Void Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Transmutation, Absolute Zero, Mind Manipulation (Specifically of the destruction variety), and Biological Manipulation (Thanks to Vivi's blessing, can survive being within the void)

Same as before. Jess gains Light Absorption (Jess can turn ambient light into darkness around her), Creation (can form clothes and objects from her shadows). Deedee gains Non-Physical Interaction (Capable of grabbing aura and air through strength alone), Barrier Nullification (Can punch through barriers)

Same as before, plus Darkness Manipulation, Absorption, limited Heat Manipulation (The blades absorb light to a degree that even in pitch-black darkness, the blades' blackness is visible. This causes them to be incredibly hot due to how much light they absorb), Sense Manipulation (The blacklight blades can blind those who look at them from sheer darkness), Fire Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Forcefield Creation (The Lost Ember Gloves can form barriers of gravity and manipulate Lost flame, a special type of fire which can burn souls), Explosion Manipulation and Candy Manipulation with the Needlegun (Can fire crystals of void candy, which explode), Probability Manipulation, Reality Warping with Infinidie (An infinite-sided die that, when rolled, produces one of potentially infinite random effects by bending the laws of probability)

Same as before, but vastly enhanced. Gains Accelerated Development (Can use his magicite form to gain new magic types). Vivi gains Teleportation (Capable of teleporting in and out of the void instantly), Existence Erasure (Can focus the void into erasing enemies from existence), Danmaku, Can shape the void into more detailed constructs, though mostly geometric shapes

Skill Manipulation (Can steal skills), Intelligence Manipulation (Capable of stealing intellect. Stole an innkeeper's resistance to get a free room), Mana Absorption (Can absorb Mana directly)

Same as before, plus Clairvoyance (Has increased his sensory aura enough to let him see over the horizon), Psychic Wavelength Manipulation (Was taught ESP by Crystal), Telepathy (Can telepathically speak with others, and even project sound into their minds to annoy them)

Same as before, plus Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Psychic Wavelengths, Telepathy (All espers can resist enemy mindhax; can survive accessing the Cognita plane)

Same as before. His niffin parts possess Non-Corporeal (Niffins are composed entirely of Mana), Body Control (Niffins can control their own body), Weapon Creation (Niffins have shown the ability to form their body into weapons), Stealth Mastery (Infiltrated Arashi's and Yharim's strongholds, the latter twice), Enhanced Sleep Manipulation (Can put someone to sleep with a touch), Immunity to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, and Biological Manipulation (Lacks these, being a pure mana construct). Jess gains Poison Manipulation with her bite.

Same as before, extra defense with his Equilibrium Armor, Enhanced Darkness Manipulation and Thread Manipulation with the Shadoweaver Needle, Vastly enhanced Fire Manipulation and Non-Existence Erasure with the Nightmare Heart: Barbatos (It allows Jay to manipulate crimson fire that can burn anything from souls to minds to even the nonexistent void)

Same as before, plus Holy Manipulation, enhanced Power Nullification with Holy Magic, Statistics Reduction, Willpower Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Absolving Glow annihilates ill will and causes severe neurological damage), Body Control (Can generate obedience tendrils), Radiation Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, and Energy Projection with Galaxy Crash (It combines light, fire, and space to throw a miniature galaxy that inflicts irradiation and burns), Darkness Manipulation (Can control his own shadow like Rusalka), Pocket Reality Manipulation (His shadow is connected to a pocket dimension like Rusalka's), Can summon and control torture instruments with Regeneration Negation (Up to High-Mid), Can create tracking glyphs, Time Manipulation (Can create a time dilation chamber). Jess gains Thread Manipulation (Jess is capable of weaving shadows and forming them into clothing), Transmutation (Jess can manipulate the properties of her shadow threads, turning them sticky, blunt, hard, sharp, and more), Forcefield Creation (Jess can weave shadow threads into a barrier), Weapon Creation (Jess can weave shadow threads into weapons)

Resistance Negation (Devour is an attack infused with divinity, which nullifies the resistances of natural saving throws), Niffin Form (Devour forms the body parts of Jay's niffin to attack with), Absorption (Devour, true to its name, can gain the skillset and abilities of opponents by eating them), Soul Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Biological Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Power Absorption (Devour eats the memories, soul, concept, body, voice, abilities, and knowledge of its victims, trapping them deep within his body), Willpower Manipulation (Devour erases the willpower of its victims, and rewrites their personality to be loyal to Jay), Existence Erasure, Fusionism (Jay can silence a soul by merging with it, erasing it entirely)

Same as before, plus Astral Projection (Can enter the Astrum). While within the Astrum, gains Astral Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Reality Warping (Can manipulate reality using his own imagination inside the Astral Plane), limited Mind Manipulation (Those who die in the Astrum will have their minds erased)

Same as before, plus Resistance to Madness Manipulation (Type 3; Survived looking at Metatron's wings), Holy Manipulation and Statistics Reduction (His body sparked three times in order to save him from the holy magic), Animal Manipulation as a Niffin (Deedee was unable to control his Niffin), Enhanced Resistance to Divinity, Resistance Negation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Light Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation with Equilibrium Armor (Equilibrium is an ark armor designed to defeat gods with, and the orbs set in it grant resistances to the above magic), Enhanced resistance to Durability Negation (The Equilibrium Armor partially stopped a blow from Muramasa). After absorbing the Nightmare Heart, gains enhanced resistance to Fire (He can survive his own flames coursing through his body, which can burn even the void)

Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Chaos Manipulation (Type 2. Demons, as the chosen faction of vale, passively spread chaos to their surroundings unless they actively rein it in), Madness Manipulation (The presence of demons causes enhanced aggression and unreasonable behavior), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, and 6), Regeneration (At least High-Mid, Low-Godly inside the Abyss and overtime), Can survive as a disembodied soul, Possession, Corruption (Demon souls can possess human vessels and turn them into demons over time), Enhanced Senses (Can detect emotions with her horns), Flight, Empathic Manipulation (Can create and emit a powerful aphrodesiac), Absorption (Of mana and life), Martial Arts, Enhanced versions of his imp abilities, (Beat the crap out of Blood). Jess gains Inorganic Physiology (Type 1, her body is an extremely advanced machine). Blood possesses Enhanced Senses (Vampires can smell blood type and blood-borne diseases), Body Control (Can turn his wings into weapons and shields. Can manipulate his demon cells), Social Influencing (Can successfully raise a rebellion within the Abyss), Can imbue blood with various properties, Blood Drinking, Transmutation (Can turn others into vampires by biting them). Diane possesses Enhanced Senses (Can detect emotions with her horns), Flight, Empathic Manipulation (Can create and emit a powerful aphrodisiac), Absorption (Of mana and life), Natural Weaponry (Carmilla, a fellow succubus, can control her Hair and Claws at will)

Same as before, plus Information Analysis (With his Tome), Sound Manipulation, Flight, and Empathic Manipulation with Diane's Melody (Her suit is capable of flying and manipulating sound, to the point where it can control emotion), Plasma Manipulation, Blood Manipulation with RedLight (The blade form of RedLight can absorb Blood and convert it into Plasma, firing it from the gun form), Regeneration Negation (Those cut by the blades can't stop bleeding until every drop of blood has left their body). However, he loses the powers of Nightmare Heart: Barbatos

Same as before, plus Summoning Meteors, Plant Manipulation and Poison Manipulation through Dark Rose, Earth Manipulation to use Meteora, Homing Attack (Dark Rose automatically homes in on enemies), Can use Hellblaze, which negates the Regeneration of demons and can burn through magic, Heat Manipulation, limited Sound Nullification (Embrion is capable of creating heat waves, causing the air to vibrate enough to cancel Diane's soundwaves out), limited Instinctive Reaction (His familiars weill summon themselves if Jay is incapacitated), Duplication (Can form copies of something by infusing mana into it). Blood possesses Blood Manipulation (Can control blood, rip it out, and form it into constructs), Body Puppetry (Can control others by manipulating blood inside them), Shapeshifting into a bat, Explosion Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Regeneration Negation (The Blood Shrapnel Bomb clumps together fire and lightning magicite in a ball of blood. The wounds inflicted by this won't stop bleeding for hours). Diane possesses Sound Manipulation (Banshee can manipulate sound freely), Durability Negation (The ultrasonic scream of a Banshee can shatter bones and body parts far tougher than the user), Voice Projection (Can throw her own voice and change it to sound like a different person), Perception Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation (Can cast illusions with her sound), Fear Manipulation (Made Jay terrified)

Same as before, plus Duplication (Can sprout little Jays from his body that can fight for him), Biological Manipulation (Can forge Little Jays), Self-Destruction, Fey Magic (His little jays have displayed these powers, though Jay should have access to them as well), Stamina Manipulation (Stole a guard's stamina). Blood possesses Metal Manipulation, Weapon Creation (His Magic Eye allows him to focus the iron in blood into weapons), Homing Attack (The weapons he creates can home in on opponents), Shapeshifting (His blood arm can shapeshift into weapons), Elemental Manipulation (His eye can also control the mana in blood to trigger it, activating various effects like evaporation and freezing)

Same as befoer

Same as before, plus vastly enhanced resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Body Puppetry, and Empathic Manipulation (Given enough time, was able to fight off the Power of Dominance)

Same as Before. Deedee gains Ice Manipulation, Water Manipulation and Resistance to them both (Blue oni are naturally able to perform Ice and Water magic), Gets stronger when drinking alcohol, Self-Sustenance (Can breathe underwater), Regeneration (At least Low-Mid)

Same as before, plus Time Manipulation (Slowing down, Speeding up, and Reversing, with his clock weaponry), Age Manipulation (The Clock Knife ages a foe to dust), Vehicular Mastery, Stealth Mastery, Invisibility, and Forcefield Creation with Apex (The ultimate hunter's armor allows Deedee to take on multiple forms)

Same as before, plus Plant Manipulation, Absorption of Sunlight, Light Manipulation through Blossoming Death, Danmaku with Sakura Barrage, Portal Creation (Can travel between trees), Sealing (Can seal others in trees), Gravity Manipulation (Devoured a portion of Shura's gravity magic)

Same as before, plus Symbiosis with Symbiosis

Same as before

Same as before

Same as before, plus all of Rynild Ras'Aul's abilities, including Damage Reduction (Ryn Having 100% Dragon Cells nullified 80% of the effects of all attacks that do not possess divinity), Mind Manipulation via hypnotic gaze, Precognition (Through Grima's Eye, can see into the future of the entire timeline), Clairvoyant Dreams (Ryn foresaw Arashi's attack on the Red Wings manor, though interference from Gale prevented him from telling when or how it would happen)

Same as before, plus all of Rynild Ras'Aul's equipment, including Immovability (As long as Jay is connected to the ground, Durandal renders his body entirely immovable unless Jay would die without moving), Weather Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (His Storm Lances can generate tornadoes and lightning bolts), Energy Projection, Danmaku, Homing Attack with Augustus' Crossbow, Precognition (Can see the future using Tyrant's Eye), Summoning (Can summon armor onto himself with biometal and Tyrant's Eye), Technology ManipulationMetal ManipulationEnergy Projection, and Holy Manipulation with Biometal Model A (It is an angel-themed biometal that can simulate holy magic), Energy Manipulation with the Mana Saber, Reactive EvolutionInvisibility, and enhanced Resistance to Curse Manipulation with Tyrant's Eye (The armor can evolve to resist certain environments and magic, as well as turn invisible), Immortality Negation (Types 3 and 7, against Undead), Durability Negation against Undead, Holy Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (Dawnbreaker is extra effective against Vampires and Undead, killing them instantly by triggering an internal explosion)

Same as before, plus all of Rynild Ras'Aul's abilities, including Earth Manipulation (Gained Ryn's natural earth affinity. By creating Coal, he can cause ignitions and small explosions), Vibration Manipulation (Ryn learned from Hammond how to create small earthquakes), Light Manipulation (Gained Light Magic by Sparking), Crystal Manipulation (Can generate crystals that refract mana), Attack Reflection and Absorption (Jay's crystals can absorb magic into them and fire them back out at enemies, or store it for use later), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3, Ryn was able to directly absorb Augustus' rune magic), Spatial Manipulation and Teleportation with the Warp Strike, Air Manipulation, Flight (Ryn absorbed Zephyr's airball, gaining access to the Whirlrynd), Attack Reflection, limited Intangibility (With his crystals, via one-sided mirror), Thread Manipulation (Ryn gained Mana Threads from Spinne), Summoning of spirits (Can summon spirits to his side), Elemental Manipulation (Of the Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire varieties thanks to Ryn's spirits), Bronze Manipulation (Ryn gained Bronze Magic by absorbing one of Berith's spells), Ice Manipulation (Ryn absorbed the ice element from Valefor)

Same as before, plus Rynild Ras'Aul's crest, granting him Summoning (Can summon his equipment to his body with Hero's Arms), Weapon Manipulation (Can control weapons by forming a magic circle on whatever point he wants to "lift" them from), Dimensional Storage and BFR (Via Hero's Arms)

Same as before, plus all of Rynild Ras'Aul's abilities, including Earth Manipulation (Earthshaper allows Jay to freely manipulate the earth he's touching without a magic circle), limited Matter Manipulation (Can change the state of matter of earthen materials with Earthshaper), Sand Manipulation (Earthshaper allowed Ryn to Solidify the sand around the Thunder Tribe Village, allowing him to enter), Statistics Amplification and Body Control with Haiana (Haiana doubles the rate at which he can use magic, at the cost of running his reserves dry twice as fast), Aura (Haiana generates a crimson aura around Jay), Attack Reflection and Spell Amplification (Counter Assault allows him to reflect attacks back at foes with twice the speed, power, and potency), Element Absorption (Counter Blast allows him to syphon the element off of mana and return it as a non-elemental blast), Duplication (Can create clones with Counter Clone), Mounting with Spirits, Balance Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4, by applying the concept of Intensity to an object, he can change it between its extremes), Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction (By changing the extremes of something, he can increase or decrease its intensity), passive Damage Reduction (Attacks made on Jay will automatically be reduced in intensity, reducing even the most mortal of wounds to tiny scratches and marks), Damage Boost (Jay can massively increase the intensity of failed attacks, turning a small scratch into a fatal wound), Plant Manipulation (By intensifying plants and seeds, Jay can cause trees and building-sized plants to grow), Healing (Ryn could close wounds and purify disease and poison by heavily reducing their intensity), Disease Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Ryn could also open scars and increase the power of Disease and Poison), Water Manipulation (Created a tidal wave from a drop of water). Clones possess Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Regeneration (High-Mid), Body Control (As their bodies are made of mana, they can regenerate from a puddle and change their body composition at will), and Self-Destruction

Same as before. Gains access to all of Rynild Ras'Aul's resistances, including Electricity Manipulation (Ryn was able to safely channel Victor's electricity out of his body), Precognition (Two users of Precognition will cancel each other's abilities out), and all of his own abilities (Ryn was able to fight and resist all of Jay's abilities during the House Grimoire Arc)

Same as before, plus Disease Manipulation, Corruption, Biological Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Power Absorption (The Power of Dominance, as a Fully Fledged Demon Lord, allows him to control all demons). Jess gains Light Manipulation (Can manipulate Light and cause eclipses), Creation of planetoids, Madness Manipulation (Can burn one's mind and drive them insane with her Eclipses). Deedee gains Body Control (Can create extra arms, legs, horns, and faces, as well as dispel them whenever she wants), Regeneration (Low-Mid, can regrow her limbs and completely restructure her face)

Same as Before, plus Water Manipulation with Dagon's Trident and Aqueous Cloak, Corruption and Disease Manipulation with Blackheart, Technology Manipulation, Information Manipulation (NetWeave is a high-tech ark that can analyze and manipulate information, as well as interface with all technology)

Same as Before, plus Petrification (Via Petrifying Breath), Star Creation (Can create miniature stars and suns), Abyss Magic (Can use Abyss Magic, which negates demon cells and drags them to hell directly). Deedee gains Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Earth Manipulation (Kujata are capable of manipulating Water, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Wind). Vivi gains Spatial Manipulation (Can designate space with which to use magic), Can instantly erase someone within a Designated Space, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create pocket dimensions that are separate from her void). Blood gains Animal Manipulation (Can create beasts and monsters from his own blood), Statistics Amplification, Berserk Mode (Gains a beast form that increases his strength and gives him sharp teeth and claws), Teleportation (Can teleport through blood sources), Hypnosis. Diane gains Mind Manipulation (Can enthrall others with her voice, turning them into her servants), Statistics Amplification and Statistics Amplification (Her song can strengthen her allies and weaken her enemies)

Terminus possesses Technology Manipulation (Can manipulate technology with a thought), Cyborgization (Partial, has interfaced technology from Netweave into his body), Information Analysis (Possesses analysis technology that can scan multiple universes at once and instantly parse information for whatever is useful to him), Mathematics Manipulation (Can perform calculation magic, and can use that to amplify or lessen the effect of spells, though it is more methodical than Ryn's balance magic), Forcefield Creation, Weapon Manipulation, Teleportation, Genius Intelligence, Analytical Prediction (Smart enough to analyze the future and predict what an opponent is going to do next)

Same as before

Attack Potency: Small Building Level (Dissidia split a tree upon first being summoned) | At least Multi-City-Block Level (After unlocking his aura, far superior to The Three Holy Knights), likely Small Town Level (Comparable to Zephyr and Ryn, who were barely able to defeat Steelhide together) | Small Town Level (Comparable to many Astirian Mages, who have increased significantly in strength with Steelhide no longer binding them), City Level with Deedee's strength (Deedee could defeat opponents comparable to Victor, who created a 15-megaton storm) | City Level (Comparable to Deedee after sparking), Large Island Level with Giga Water Drill (The drill has a radius twice Jay's height and a height of thrice it, producing energy equivalent to 227 Gigatons) | Island Level+ (Fought Cryovale, who generated a blizzard of this magnitude, and Rathalos, who is comparable to Shenlong's partially transformed form), Large Island Level with Giga Water Drill | At least Small Country Level (Can Vandole, who in his prime is stronger than all of his knights put together) | Country Level (Can create Crabulon with his own mana) | At least Country Level, likely far higher (Was forcibly sent through three sparkings. Mastered his own Niffin and killed and absorbed Rusalka, a cultist who was capable of casually restraining Jay beforehand) | Multi-Continent Level (As an awakened Demon Lord, should be roughly comparable to his sisters, as he can spar with them. Defeated Blood and Diane, two Lord-level threats, alongside Jess) | Multi-Continent Level (Stronger than before) | At least Multi-Continent LevelMoon Level with Haiana (Devoured 100% Dragonized Ryn, gaining all of his power and using it to defeat Gale Highwind alongside Zephyr) | Moon Level

Speed: Unknown (No feats of speed), possibly Subsonic (Shouldn't be that much slower than Zephyr) | At least Supersonic+, likely Hypersonic (Roughly comparable to Zephyr, who could fly at Mach 3 while heavily encumbered) | Hypersonic (Faster than before as Steelhide's binding no longer affects him) | At least Hypersonic with Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Comparable to Deedee after sparking), Relativistic reactions and combat speed with Deedee (Deedee was able to dodge a beam of light from Michael Ellend's sword) | At least Hypersonic with at least Sub-Relativistic reactions and combat speed (Comparable to Ryn, who fought the lightspeed Arvel the Swift after amping to 20 times his normal speed) | At least Hypersonic+, with FTL reactions and combat speed (Kept up with Vandole, who is far superior to Arvel) | At least Hypersonic+ with FTL reactiond and combat speed (Deedee was stated to be capable of outrunning a flashlight beam) | At least High Hypersonic (Could fly at Mach 27) with at least FTL reactions and combat speed (Should be faster than before) | At least High Hypersonic with at least FTL reactions and combat speed | At least High Hypersonic with at least FTL reactions and combat speed | Massively FTL (Kept pace with Gale in speed) | Massively FTL

Lifting Strength: Class 1, likely Class 5 (With Hammond's help, forced open a 3 ton Vault Door). Class K to Class M with Deedee's strength, possibly higher with her limiters off (Deedee is stated to be able to lift 1200 tons at her max, and is capable of lifting dragons with ease)

Durability: Small Building Level | At least Multi-City-Block Level, likely Small Town Level (Took hits from Finch. Comparable to Zephyr) | Small Town Level (Comparable to many Astirian Mages, who have increased significantly in strength with Steelhide no longer binding them), City Level with Deedee's durability | City Level (Comparable to Deedee after sparking) | Island Level (Survived hits from Cryovale) | At least Small Country Level (Survived hits from Vandole) | Country Level | At least Country Level, likely far higher (Should be far tougher than before. Able to resist Holy Magic, which Demons are weak to) | Multi-Continent Level | Multi-Continent Level | Multi-Continent Level, Moon Level with Haiana, higher with Balance Magic | Moon Level

Stamina: Immense (The regeneration of demon cells grants them nigh-limitless stamina. Possesses enough energy inside him to power all of Algo for hundreds of years)


Extended Melee with Dissidia, Hundreds of Meters with magic. Kilometers at his maximum aura range of 1 mile, up to Complex Multiversal when it comes to sensing souls, up to High Complex Multiversal with Dissidia

Extended Melee to Hundreds of Meters with equipment and magic. Thousands of Meters with Aura, up to Complex Multiversal with Sticky Fingers, Soul sensing, and Telepathy, High Complex Multiversal with Devour and Arks


Jay himself is childish and doesn't have a lot of common sense. However, he's surprisingly creative and a quick learner. He can learn magic after seeing it done just once, understand a species' biology just by touching them, see the effect of spells just by looking at magic circles, and outsmart foes with far more skill and battle experience than he has, especially thanks to his unorthodox battle tactics. He's willing to tank wounds in order to get an opening, open voids inside his own body to sneakily shoot breath weapons from behind people. He's also VERY good at making people angry, even when strapped down and undergoing torture. It took Rusalka, a torture expert with knowledge specifically catered to demons, almost a month to finally break his will, and that lasted for all of an hour before he was better.

Jess is more academically gifted than Jay, but her combat feats are comparatively lacking. However, it is worth noting that she was able to defeat the dragon Horus, even bypassing his poison while holding her breath. Horus is an old Dragon, constantly battling others with superior physicality but beating them in a war of attrition, something Jess turned against him in the end.

Deedee, much like Jay, is very childish and not incredibly smart. However, her skill speaks for itself. Being the mortal form of the Goddess of Hunting, one of the main battle goddesses, she's a master of every martial art and weapon style, as quite literally every feat of skill from soloing armies to battling eons-old angels can be traced back to her. However, it's important to note that she cannot use these at full capacity due to her limiters being imposed, as Grima (Responsible for defeating a 1000-strong squad of angels comparable in speed and strength to her without being struck once) was still able to match her.

Vivi's combat skill is unknown thanks to her showings. It's worth noting that she's the oldest aspect of the four, but she mostly provides support. It's notable, however, that in a fight, she has very few morals and limitations, and is very fond of attacking people with void to "teach them a lesson".

Blood is a master combatant, and likely the most skilled of the group apart from DD. He's a master of every form of firearm combat including snipers, pistols, shotguns, explosives, and completely impractical weapons for one person to use. He was able to fight Jay and Jess at the same time, and is a skilled tactician. It was theorized that he might have been able to overpower Lilith and take over the Abyss had he not been pre-emptively stopped by Jay.

Diane's true combat prowess is unknown. She's incredibly acrobatic, and is an expert musician, but mostly relies on her suit and sound to do work. However, it's worth noting that she's very tricky, and can completely turn the tide of a battle by altering the perception of her foe and making them think they're winning.

Terminus possesses immense intelligence, though that doesn't necessarily translate into combat prowess. Instead, he acts as a tactician and a strategist, using his nigh-omniscient mind to analyze every possibility and situation.

Standard Equipment: Dissidia | Same, plus Magic Cape | Same, plus Guitar, Daggers, Deedee's chains | Same as before | Same, plus Dragonbone Swords, Dragonbone Gauntlets, Cursed Coins | Loses Dragonbone equipment, but gains Mercurius and Void Debris | Same, plus Glasses, BlackLight, Infinite-sided Die, Lost Ember Gloves, Needlegun | Same, plus Voidium Scythes, Voidium Helmet, Equilibrium Armor, and Nightmare Heart: Barbatos | Same, plus Twilight Tome, Melody and Redlight | Same as before | Same, plus all of Ryn's equipment

Dissidia: A mysterious ring blade, black in color and covered in cracks and chips that came out of the void with him. It follows him around seemingly of its own will, rolling along the ground or even flying to defend its wielder. It possesses the power to reshape itself, giving a handle wherever Jay is holding it as to not cut him and shifting its size.

  • Energy Blades: After the Dragon Civil War, Shenlong gave one of his own scales to restore Dissidia's ark properties and repair it. It gained gold lining filling in all the chips and cracks, making it completely shiny and smooth. It can now sprout energy blades of purple mana that can rotate quickly.
BlackLight: A pair of dagger hilts, arks made for Jess to wield. BlackLight manipulates darkness by coalescing it into solid blades, and are so black that they're visible even in complete darkness. This causes the blades to also be incredibly hot, and looking at them can actually blind people from the sheer darkness of it, like looking into the sun. It possesses ark properties. Infinite-Sided Die: True to its name, it's a die with infinite sides, and therefore infinite effects. When rolled, it could do anything from displacing a single atom to destroying all of creation. However, it tends to act in accordance with its user's will, albeit only vaguely. Equilibrium Armor: Mysterious armor formed on Jay's body when he was sent into the Astral Plane. It's a sleeveless armored jacket with six orbs built into the front: White, Black, Yellow, Purple, Blue, and Red. Each of these orbs represents a fundamental power of creation, and defends Jay against their effects.
  • White Orb: An orb representing Holy Power. It protects him from order-based and holy effects, such as Statistics Reduction, Binding with Holy Chains, Power Nullifying, and Mind Manipulation.
  • Black Orb: An orb representing Curse Power. It protects him from chaos-based effects, such as Absorption, Matter Manipulation, Various Curses, and similar Mind Manipulation.
  • Yellow Orb: An orb representing Light. It protects him from light-based effects including extreme heat and blinding.
  • Purple Orb: An orb representing Shadow. It protects him from darkness-based effects including extreme cold and paralysis.
  • Blue Orb: An orb representing Time. Understandably, it protects him from the effects of time magic such as Fate, Causality, and... well, obviously Time Manipulation.
  • Red Orb: An orb representing Space. Understandably, it protects him from the effects of space magic such as spatial deletion, BFR, and spatial cutting.
Nightmare Heart: Barbatos: The heart of an old Demon Lord, and an ark used by Grimm after having it implanted into his body. It grants him the power to control a special type of red flame which can burn anything into nothingness. It can burn the nonexistent void, it can burn souls, and it can even burn other types of fire. Barbatos would later be destroyed after Thorn shot it with an immortal-killing bullet. Melody: An Etrotech suit worn by Diane. It can interface with her body, enhancing her natural abilities, and is capable of forming on Jay as well. Melody can emit sound that influences emotion that works on even things that do not possess emotion. Its sound can make anyone who listens love her, and by using it on magic, she can turn spells against their casters by literally changing their allegiance. RedLight: Blood's main weapons. RedLight is a pair of technological daggers that can fold back and transform into guns. The blades are capable of absorbing blood like a vampire's fangs, and the guns can transform that blood into plasma, firing it out. Those who are cut by the blades can't stop bleeding until every drop of blood has left their body. Apex Armor: Deedee's main suit. It takes the form of a glove, that when activated, transforms into a suit around the wearer reminiscent of a Tokusatsu outfit. This suit can change its form to match Deedee's different hunting styles, and grows in power the more she uses it.
  • Train Hunter: An explorer who hunted for Treasure and helped map out the old world's railway system. It wields a club-like baton and can fire trains made of magic, as well as create floating tracks to move with incredible speed on.
  • Beast Hunter: A warrior who hunted god-beasts for sport. It can form massive gauntlets and a spiked morning star, as well as form a shield resembling a Dinosaur's shell.
  • Target Hunter: An assassin who eliminated high-profile targets with Ninja-like stealth and skill. It can fire shuriken, vanish in a puff of smoke, pin peoples' shadow to paralyze them, and replace Deedee with a nearby object to avoid an attack.
NetWeave: Terminus' ark, a high-tech orb that floats beside him at all times. It possesses the ability to scan and analyze any information its wielder desires, working even across multiple universes, and transfering it back to the orb for them to look through. It can also change its shape into various high-tech weaponry, including an absolute-zero cannon, a windstorm cannon, and mutliple explosive and energy weapons. Dagon's Trident: A trident given to Jay by Dagon. It allows him to form and control the Eutrophic waters of Shadowsea, mixing water and shadow. Aqueous Cloak: A cloak given to Jess by Dagon. It allows her to turn into water, allowing her to move through solid objects, reform her body, and avoid attacks. Crystal Equipment: A set of crystal weapons and armor that Deedee looted from the 665th floor of the Abyss, the Great Tower of Pandaemonium. All of it is incredibly durable and tough, and includes: Armor, a Crown, a Cape, Gauntlets, a Mace, a Sword, a Bow, a Spear, and an Axe. Blackheart: A scythe formed from the Power of Dominance. It Corrupts those he cuts with it, imbuing their bodies with demon cells. This can be used to weaken enemies as the cells drain their mana, kill enemies if the cells get to their heart, or turn enemies into demons, who will then be affected by the Power of Dominance and be swayed to follow him.

Magic Cape: A magic cape purchased in Dollet. It's enchanted with spells that increase its durability, letting Jay use it as a shield. However, it was later cut in half by Brine. Guitar: A small guitar fit for a child, that Jay got as a souvenir from the Sound tribe village in Lindblum. It can be used as a conduit for magic, but Jay has not yet figured this out. Daggers: A pair of hunting daggers that Jay bought during his and Ryn's visit to the Spirit Tribe Village. They can be enhanced with his aura, and while he typically uses them as his main weapons for melee, he can also launch them at a range using his aura, similar to Kratos' blades of chaos. Chains: Chains that Deedee is shackled to. She can extend their length at will and use them as powerful bludgeoning weapons and even slicing weapons. Jay can use them by enhancing them with his aura. Cursed Coins: A bag of cursed coins that Jay stole from Fatalis' Treasury. These coins appear normal until picked up, at which point they create a mouth that bites whoever is holding them. This causes the effected to disintegrate, cursing them by turning them into a pile of coins, effectively killing them by rendering them inanimate. It's worth noting that demons can reverse this effect by absorbing the curse and remaining conscious. Dragonbone Short Swords: A pair of short swords that Jess wields like knives, made from the bones of dragons. Would later be taken back by the Dragons. Dragonbone Gauntlets: A pair of gauntlets that Deedee wields, used during the Dragon Civil War. Made from the scales of a Yellow dragon, they possess immense durability while not being overly cumbersome. True to the dragon that made them, they can also emit blinding flashes of light. Would later be taken back by the Dragons. Glasses: Special shadow glasses that Jess can wear, which are capable of letting her see in the light. Lost ember Gloves: A pair of orange gloves decorated with x-shaped markings. These gloves can manipulate both gravity and fire, the former of which can form flat, circle-shaped barriers while the latter can manipulate Lost Flame, a special type of fire that can burn souls and kill ghosts. Needlegun: An Etronian firearm that forms rounds out of void candy and shoots them. Said rounds have a tendency to violently explode, making them deadly despite their small size and innocuous nature as candy. Voidium Scythes: A set of three scythes made of Voidium, loosely resembling the claws of a praying mantis thanks to their serrated edge. They were carried by the Void Knights in YHWH's palace and taken by Jay as spoils of war when he fought his way through it. Voidium Helmet: A tall, crown-like helmet worn by one of the Void Knights that Jay defeated. It's incredibly solid and durable, and has been compared to dragon scales. For the record, Jay ate the rest of the armor, including the other helmets he found. Clock Weaponry: During the battle between Jay, Hida, and Sindri, Jay had Void Jay engulf several of Sindri's Clock Missiles, developing weapons from them. All of said weapons are black and blue in design, with a sleek clock embedded in them.

  • Clock Dagger: A dagger that reverses time, and can be used to reverse oneself out of danger... albeit in a painful way.
  • Clock Knife:A knife that speeds up time, and can rapidly age what it strikes into dust.
  • Clock Longsword: A longsword that, when swung upward, speeds up time, and when swung downward, slows it down.
  • Clock Bow: A longbow that shoots special arrows, capable of fast-forwarding themselves to hit enemies.
Vivi's Oddities: Due to the timeless nature of the void, there are a multitude of random bits of debris flying at velocities incomprehensible to the human mind from existing in there for such a massive amount of time. Jay can use these as a speed buff whenever he wants, taking speed from them and adding it to himself. Furthermore, Vivi has a large shed storing dozens of weapons and items from other worlds. It should be noted that these are not used for combat and should be considered to be visual gags unless actually referenced. Items shown include:
  • An old, faulty lightsaber
  • A batarang
  • A glaive of unknown origin
  • An exploding Jack-In-The-Box
  • An authentic Pokeball
  • The Millennium Puzzle
  • A stand used to set up shop in certain areas
  • The dagger of time (Prince of Persia)
Weaver's Needle: A massive needle that strings together darkness into tangible threads whose properties can be altered. They can be hardened, sharpened, made sticky, stretched, made heavier or lighter, sense vibrations, and become intangible. Twilight Tome: A tome used by Jay and Jess together. Tomes allow demons to record and cast spells, and when the twins combine their power, this tome can also analyze magic around them, getting a general idea of the types of magic an enemy possesses. Given time, Jay can use this to learn more magic later.

  • Durandal: A sword that Ryn found while exploring the caves in the forest he grew up in. It is an Ark that increases Ryn's connection to the earth, making him immovable while on the ground, even against high-tier Spatial magic like gravity and mass teleportation. It possesses a B-rank in divinity, and like many ark weapons, Ryn cannot be disarmed of it.
  • Swords: A set of normal swords stored within Hero's Arms. Ryn used these in rapid succession against Augustus, and seemingly still has access to them, as he was shown dual-wielding them.
  • Lyre: A lyre from the Sound tribe village. Though it can potentially be used to play magical music, Ryn hasn't used it at all since he acquired it.
  • Healing Potion: A one-use potion that can heal Ryn's wounds when drunk. Ryn used it during the Vandole Arc.
  • Red Dragonlance: A large, heavy lance made from the scales and bones of a Red Dragon. True to the dragon that created it, it can generate an aura of flame, and possesses ark properties. It also comes with a small shield that can protect Ryn from most attacks.
  • Dragonbone Bow: A large bow made from dragon bones. It possesses ark properties and can fire off powerful arrows that can pierce the scales of dragons. Along with the dragonlance, it was later taken back.
  • Storm Lances: A set of dozens of spears used by Griffon. Each one contains a core of ventus and fulmen magicite, allowing them to emit lightning and wind respectively. They can also change their shapes, and Ryn can use warp strike with them. Ryn can turn the spears into a massive dragon head.
  • Crossbow: A magitek crossbow belonging to Augustus and synthesized from proto-etronian technology uncovered from a sunken ruin. It siphons off a mixture of its wielder's mana and the mana in the air to fire spreads of homing rays, lasers, ricocheting bolts, and various other projectiles.
  • Vibron: Augustus' sword, synthesized from Etronian technology uncovered from a sunken ruin. It generates a red-hot blade of mana that can sever through most materials, and Ryn is fond of dual-wielding it alongside Durandal.
  • Mana Saber: Simply put, it is a sword hilt that syphons off Ryn's mana in order to form a blade of energy. It's worth noting that it's resistant to the effects of Curse mana, as Grima's scythe wasn't absorbing it when she was fighting Ryn.
  • Scythe-Torch: A weapon wielded by Grimm, and given to Ryn by Jay. It's a long rod with one end that's a scythe blade, and another end that's a magic torch. It helps Ryn focus his fire magic.
  • Dawnbreaker: A holy sword kept in the void by Vivi. It is incredibly effective against undead and necromantic constructs, bypassing their defenses and incinerating them in holy light. It is unknown if it possesses ark properties.
  • Clockbreaker Axe: A massive gold-and-black axe with a clock embedded into its head. It's an enchanted arms that grants its holder resistance to time magic. Ryn also had one of his scales forged into it, granting it limited ark properties.
  • Magic Rings: A group of magic rings that Ryn used. Ultimately, these wouldn't see much use after Ryn unlocked his natural magic, but upon unlocking his second wind, he was able to replace the magicite inside with the "mana bombs" that he gained from refracting spells with his crystal armor.
    • Pyra Ring: A small ring with a piece of red Magicite in it.
    • Korr Ring: A small ring with a piece of brown Magicite in it.
    • Fulmen Ring: A small ring with a piece of lavender Magicite in it.
    • Cyri Ring: A small ring with a piece of cyan Magicite in it.
  • Bronze Armor: A set of light bronze armor, purchased from the market in Dollet. It doesn't have any known properties besides basic enchantments that make it toucher.
  • Bracers: Bracers from Dollet, that Ryn wore on a regular basis. They're leather and steel in nature, and are enchanted with magic to make them tougher.
  • Scarf: A magic scarf that Ryn brought between the events of the Astirian Annual Championship and the Dragon Civil War. Though it serves little purpose in combat, it changes its color to reflect the wearer's mana. It is normally green, but turns red during Haiana.
  • Tyrant's Eye: An ark sword made from Voidium and Grima's Scales, containing one of the Fell Dragon's eyes within the hilt. When activated, it summons a projection of Grima's dragon form, before forming into a suit of armor across the user's body. Tyrant's Eye is capable of turning invisible (though it doesn't conceal other methods of detection), and can evolve to counter phenomena like time stop and freezing. It also possesses a sort of defensive "Film" behind it that can be manipulated into a blade and shield. However, it also slowly bonds with the user, transforming them into a dragon. Due to being made from Grima's scales, it provides resistance to curse magic. Jay, however, is immune to the draconization effect.
  • Biometal Model A: A shard of Biometal, special living voidium that can bond with its user. When activated, it bonds with the wearer's body and soul, forming into high-tech armor. Model A in particular is based on Angels, and is capable of firing bolts of holy energy out of its hands. It's also heavily resistant to void, and a similar biometal user, Samuel, was able to completely disperse a void beam with his bare hand.
  • Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema: A pair of ark discs that float behind Jay and form pure, feathery wings, made from an angel of the same name. It allows Jay to fly at high speeds, and the wings themselves can generate powerful whirlwinds, fire off razor feathers, and even reflect magic attacks and projectiles back at their wielder.
  • Limiter Bands: Metal bands with magical stakes in them that attach to Ryn's arms and legs. Ryn wore eight at any given time, but possessed more. These bands prevent Ryn's Draconization from spreading further, as well as limiting his power.

Weaknesses: Very childish, and doesn't have much common sense. Has a fear of exploding. Weak to holy magic and angelic weaponry thanks to being a demon. Certain types of magic, like Ice, Lightning, and Fire, can damage or otherwise incapacitate his essence, making it more difficult to return. Jess is entirely blind. His magic crest will eventually turn him into a Niffin | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before | His draconic form comes with vulnerability to anti-dragon weaponry | Same as before | Same as before | Loses weakness to holy magic. Most likely insane from the nonstop chatter of souls inside his head, though this doesn't seem to have affected his personality or skill

Key: Beginning of Series | Vandole Arc | Alexandria Arc | Championship Arc | Dragon Civil War Arc | Return of the Empire Arc | Start of Volume II | Post-Devour | Incubus Lord | Arashi Arc | Ryn Absorbed | Demon Lord

Note: Because Jay can fuse and unfuse with his siblings at will, he doesn't always have access to all of their abilities. As such, when making a VS thread with him, whichever abilities he has absorbed need to be specified.



  • (Deedee) Killed two birds by yelling, then one-shot a deer by throwing it
  • Blocked Alana's electricity trap
  • Outran Finch's Mercurius
  • Perceived the path of lightning magic
  • (Deedee) Dodged a laser from Michael
  • Has a bite force enough to chomp down steel and magicite
  • Can eat anything, including Voidium


  • Learned how to speak English from a few sentences and context clues.
  • Tricked Finch into flooding the Ishgard prison so that Jay could electrocute him.
  • Used his aura as a tether to hook on to his own magic water orbs like a grappling hook.
  • Opened a void inside his own throat so he could shoot fire breath from Alana's blind spot.
  • (Vivi) Mastered usage of void magic, an incredibly dangerous element
  • Lifted a portion of the Ocean without issue
  • Formed a telescope by freezing a lens made of water and using his hands


  • Tracked Zephyr's aura across a third of Astiria.
  • Defeated Stinger in the Astiria Royale Tournament.
  • Helped take down Sitha, the Vicious.
  • Helped kill the dragon Cryovale and defeat Aldriot.
  • Defeated Finch and Eagle of the four Holy Knights of Astiria.
  • Aided in the final defeat of Emperor Vandole


  • Rode a sky whale.
  • Could somehow see a landmass over the horizon.
  • Sensed Ryn across Algo
  • Infiltrated Yharim's stronghold and stole three Arks without anyone noticing

Sticky Fingers Feats:

  • Stole Zephyr's Speed.
  • Stole Sitha's strength and siphoned it into himself.
  • Stole Cryovale's flight, causing him to plummet.
  • Stole his own light and put it on a cow, making a very bright cow.
  • Stole his own gravity and put it in a rock, causing him to start floating.
  • Stole the sound and light from Himself and Ryn for a stealth mission.
  • Stole his own hearing to counteract Raven's fey magic.
  • Sent Eagle into a state of absolute zero by stealing his heat.
  • Capable of stealing skill and intellect.
  • Stole his aura presence and put it inside his shadow
  • Instantly incapacitated a demon by stealing his stamina

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Ascension: An ability possessed by all non-human races. Those with ascension can go through a sudden metamorphosis, evolving into a different species or an enhanced version of their current species. For example, Deedee can go from a Goblin to a Hobgoblin, while Jay can go from an Imp to an Incubus.

Imp: Jay began his life as an Imp, a small, lowly species of demon that many start out as. As such, he possesses the natural biological abilities that all imps do. Imps share common traits: Red skin, small wings that allow for hovering flight, and a sensitive, whip-like tail.

  • Demon Cell Manipulation: Like all demons, in lieu of a normal cell system, Jay's body is composed of Demon Cells, sometimes known as Demon Essence. Demon Cells are a homogenous cell type that are quite different from normal ones. Though there is a biological component to them, each individual cell is filled with curse mana, making them superhumanly durable compared to humans.
    • High-Speed Regeneration: In a sense, Demon Cells could be compared to Stem cells. They're all-purpose building blocks that can shape into any type of cell that the demon needs. This allows them to adapt to extreme environments such as the abyss's immense heat and cold. More notably, Demon Cells can regenerate incredibly quickly, duplicating and repairing wounds. It is worth noting, however, that destroying their cells with certain methods, such as burning or freezing, can slow and even temporarily stop this regeneration.
    • Immortality: Demons are essentially immortal thanks to regenerating Demon Cells. As their body is essentially one big collection of identical cells, they can survive lethal wounds like decapitation, severe brain damage, and being blown to pieces. Holy Magic can bypass this immortality, however.
    • Fusionism: Demons can fuse with other demons by merging their essence together, giving them both control over a singular body with multiple abilities.
  • Curse Affinity: Jay has a natural affinity for curse magic. Though this gives him a weakness to holy attacks, it lets him resist curses and demonic attacks.
  • Draining Bite: All imps including Jay have the ability to drain mana directly from others by biting them, in the same way that a vampire drains blood. Doing this gives them access to the same magic element, and to an extent the same abilities. By biting Eagle, Jay was able to use his fire magic and magic ward, while by biting Finch, Jay gained his life magic.

Incubus: Upon reuniting with his biological family, Jay was quickly able to use his first ascension, becoming an incubus. Incubi are male demons that share very similar traits to succubi and are essentially the humans of the demon world (In that they're the most common sight to see). Incubi appear similarly to humans, but their skin tones can range from human ones to red to even purple, and they possess horns, wings, and a tail.

  • Pheromones: Incubi and Succubi alike are capable of releasing pheromones, chemical trails that act similarly to an aphrodisiac. It makes opponents hard to focus, and makes it even easier for Jay to manipulate others to get what he wants.
  • Wings: Jay's wings can change their shape at will, extending themselves and their joints, expanding to form into shields and being used as bladed weapons.
  • Horns: The horns of an Incubus are a sensory organ capable of detecting emotions of those around them.
  • Abyssal Regeneration: A more advanced regeneration technique. When regenerating cells isn't enough to heal from damage (Whether it be by complete incineration or other techniques), Demons are capable of gathering mana in the environment and cursing it, forming it into a new. As such, Demons can persist after their body is destroyed without passing into the afterlife. It's worth noting that, unless the fight takes place in the abyss, this technique is inapplicable in combat.
  • Possession: In lieu of creating a new body, Jay can potentially send signals from his soul and mind into another body, be it a spare or another person, and possessing them.

Baphomet: An ascension that is one of the many paths an Incubus or Succubus could choose to become upon reaching the rank of Demon Lord. Baphomets are demons that possess cloven hooves and massive horns, as well as a small stature somewhere between that of an Imp and an Incubus. They also have a tendency to wield scythes.

  • Demonic Affliction: A pseudo-disease possessed by all demons, and similar to the Spellplague that Grima released onto Alexandria during the years of the Great War. Demonic Affliction corrupts mana and turns it into demonic power, and Jay can manipulate and inflict this disease at his leisure. This also gives him the ability to absorb and control other plagues such as the Astral Infection.

Power of Dominance: Jay is a Demon Lord of the Abyss, a realm made up of Various realms within a maelstrom of chaos, sustained by a massive piece of deicite at its bottom known as The Stone of Vale. Holding a piece of the Deicite's power means that Jay can manipulate the Power of Dominance, allowing him to control the minds, souls, bodies, and laws of demons, and turn anyone around him into a demon at will.

The Aspects: Unique among Algoans, Jay possesses multiple souls. Due to being one of the children of Etro, Jay can take on the souls of his godly siblings into himself, giving him access to their abilities and to their information 24/7.

Jay's biological sister, Jezebel. Along with Jay, she was lost in the void for quite some time, but ultimately sacrificed her body in order to protect her twin brother.

Umbra Bat: Jess' original species. Umbra Bats are low-class demons who are typically blind, but possess excellent hearing and an affinity for shadow magic.

  • Darkvision: Umbra Bats cannot see in the light. However, they are capable of sensing things that are cloaked in shadow, acting as sight in the dark. Umbra Bats also possess enhanced hearing and sonar, as evidenced by their large ears.
  • Shadow Manipulation: Jess can use shadow-elemental magic, but has so far only used this to control the shadows of other people, tripping them up and lifting them.
  • Shadow Travel: Jess can merge and vanish into darkness, traveling through it at incredibly high speeds. This allows her to appear at any location in the connected darkness, attacking from any angle.
  • Darkness Sense: Jess can actually sense the location of anything in the darkness, even through walls. However, she cannot sense things that are in light, relying only on the shadows those things are casting.

Light-Eater Bat: Jess' first ascension. Light-Eater bats are enhanced versions of Umbra bats, possessing even darker fur and larger wings. Jess gains enhanced shadow manipulation in this form, and can form crude objects and clothing.

  • Absorption: Light-Eater bats have the ability to absorb ambient light, darkening their immediate surroundings.

Shadow-Weaver: Jess' second ascension. Shadow-Weavers combine the characteristics of a light-weaver bat and a spider. She gains small, eye-like dots around her eyes, and her wing joints become more pronounced like a spider's legs.

  • Poison Bite: Jess possesses poison fangs as a Shadow-Weaver, inflicting a poison that can paralyze a mage in seconds.
  • Shadow-Weaving: Thanks to her Weaver's Needle, Jess is capable of manipulating threads made out of shadow. When weaved together, shadowthreads can be used to make blunt weapons, nets, barriers, traps, blades, piercing weapons, and clothing

The title granted to a Shadow-Weaver who has ascended to become a Demon Lord. Eclipse Weavers gain off-white fur and hair, vastly different from the black fur that they had previously, and their eyes turn red as they regain their sight.

  • Light Magic: Eclipse Weavers can generate destructive amounts of light that are shaped into beams and other various projectiles, allowing them to blind enemies.
  • Planetoid Creation: Eclipse Weavers can generate small planetoids (Typically a few meters wide at most) that channel mana to use for their ultimate attack.
  • Eclipse: True to their name, Eclipse Weavers can cause Eclipses with the planetoids that they create. The dark light that emits from them at this time can drive those who view it insane.

A goblin huntress who spent most of her life wandering around Alexandria before meeting Jay Grimoire for the first time. She is oddly fascinated with Jay and the Red Wings to the point of merging with Jay, and was later revealed to be one of Jay's godly siblings.

  • Limiters: Deedee possesses immense strength, to the point where her own body can't take it. To that end, she has several ranks of limiters on her to keep her power in check. Deedee can temporarily remove these if needed.
    • Deluxe Destruction: A buff that multiplies Deedee's power and speed tenfold.

Goblin: Deedee's original form. It's a low-ranking monster with a heavy resistance to disease and poison, but Deedee's insane strength helps offset this weakness.

  • Animal Empathy: Deedee has a natural connection to animals, and due to a mysterious force, she can force them to obey her through her own aura. Small animals naturally flock to her, but she can do this to more aggressive species and even god-beasts.
  • Sonic Roars: Deedee's roars are powerful enough to send damaging vibrations through the air, that instantly killed a pair of birds and paralyzed a deer long enough for her to kill it instantly with a single blow.
  • DD: A mysterious voice in Deedee's head that guides her in battle. Using this voice, Deedee gains the ability to dodge attacks and fight back, acting completely on instinct as DD can warn her of danger. DD can also take control of Deedee to access Berserk Mode.
  • Berserk Mode: A fighting style that allows DD to fight like a wild animal, on all fours using her teeth and claws. She gains sharper fangs in this mode, as well as a spectral aura shaped like a wolf. She also gains enough power and speed to create a tornado by running in circles.
    • Wolf Metal Ball: A special technique that DD uses in Berserk Mode. By creating a tornado, DD leaps high into the air using a combination of her own strength and the tornado's updraft. She then tucks her knees in and begins to spin like sonic, creating a whirling metal ball of chains buffed up by her own aura.
  • Cold Shiver: Deedee can build up heat from fire magicite and her surroundings. Cold Shiver rapidly lowers her own temperature by rapidly expelling all the heat from her body, releasing a wave of heat that incinerates most opponents but leaves Deedee near-absolute zero afterwards.

Hobgoblin: Deedee's first ascension, unlocked between Volume I and II. A hobgoblin is significantly more intelligent and powerful than a goblin, and possesses sufficient dexterity to wield more intricate weapons like bows.

  • Ghost Hunt: Deedee is capable of grabbing things that cannot otherwise be grabbed, allowing her to physically interact with non-corporeal beings as well as stop herself in mid-air by literally grabbing onto the air around her.

Blue Oni: Deedee's second ascension, unlocked shortly after Jay's kidnapping at the hands of House Grimoire. Oni are far superior to goblins, and while they do not quite reach the strength of Ogres or Giants, they make up for it with magic prowess.

  • Ice Magic: As a Blue Oni, Deedee is naturally inclined towards Ice Magic and has a natural resistance to cold.
    • Ice Chains: Deedee forms chains made of ice that she can use to restrain enemies, mostly monsters. SHe was able to restrain Valefor's snake with it.
  • Water Magic: Blue Oni have a natural affinity for Water Magic, and are capable of breathing underwater for long periods of time.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Oni do not have quite the regenerative prowess of many other demons. However, they can still regrow Limbs and restore otherwise-lethal wounds.
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Oni gain a boost in strength, muscle mass, and aggression when drinking alcohol.

A type of bull-like demon that possesses large horns and the typical wings and tail of a succubus. Kujata are considered to be among the physically strongest demons in the Abyss, and for good reason.

  • Body Control: Deedee can sprout extra arms, legs, horns, and faces across her entire body, and dispel them at will. She can also regenerate them, should they be severed.
  • Elemental Manipulation: A Kujata can channel elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Ice, and Lightning) into their fists and mouths.

The self-proclaimed Princess of the Void, a Void Imp who seems to fulfill the role of Jay's guardian angel. She's a playful and sassy girl who's been watching Jay's development through Dissidia, sending it to him whenever he needs it. Later on, Vivi revealed Jay's true nature as a fallen god to him.

Vivi is very conniving, and likes making money, either through selling the junk contained within the void or outright scamming others. She also has the power to break the fourth wall, and does it often.

Voidspawn: Vivi's original form. Voidspawn are souls who have been imbued with void, lacking a true physical form but free from the constraints of death.

  • Non-Corporeal: Voidspawn lack a true body, as their true forms are merely souls roaming the void. These souls are unaffected by the laws of the worlds they visit, allowing them to ignore physics and gravity.

Void Imp: Vivi's first ascension. Void Imps are voidspawn who have gathered enough power to form a physical body. They're similar in appearance to imps, but a pale purple rather than a deep red.

  • Void Manipulation: Vivi can manipulate the void, a massive nothingness that resides between worlds and typically erases whatever passes through the boundary between it and the material world. It's a massive junk space filled with floating debris, and Vivi can manipulate it at her leisure.
    • Void Gates: Vivi can quite easily open void gates, black hole-like spheres that suck whatever touches them into the void. She can also use these to travel, as well as teleport between the void and the world in purple pulses.
  • Void Imp Physiology: Though Vivi no longer possesses her natural non-corporeal nature, she can regenerate a physical form from her soul were her body ever to be destroyed. Like her voidspawn form, she can ignore the laws of physics as she pleases.

Vivi's second ascension, unlocked between Volume I and II. Void Arch-Imps are stronger and more magically-inclined Void Imps who have a more intricate use of the void.

  • Void Beams: Vivi can form beams of void that erase what they strike.

Real name is Benjamin. A powerful vampire who was building up an army in the Abyss in preparation for the next great war against YHWH. He has a scottish accent (That's secretly a cover-up for his british accent), and a violence-loving, crass personality to match, but behind that facade is... Well, a complete and utter nerd.

  • Blood Magic: True to his moniker, Benjamin is capable of manipulating blood through magic. He can rip it out of victims, create spikes and weapons, and absorb it through the skin to increase his power (Though it should be noted that too much can send him into a berserk rage).
    • Blood Puppetry: By controlling the blood in someone else's body, he can manipulate them and force them to turn on their allies. He can even manipulate the mind by controlling blood flow to the brain.
    • Blood Arm: Blood's left arm has been reduced entirely to the substance his moniker comes from. It's usually covered in crimson bandages, but can be called out for combat at will.
  • Bloodshot: Blood's Magic eye, taking the form of a pure red sphere with a tiny crosshair in his left eye. It allows him to focus the iron in blood, forming it into metal weapons ranging from crude blades to ornate firearms. Weapons he creates have homing properties thanks to his immense control over them.
    • Blood Imbue: After Sparking, Blood gained the ability to trigger the mana in blood to give it various properties. He can make his blood weapons boiling or freezing, or even trigger the mana in someone's wound to evaporate their blood and kill them instantly.
    • Blood Shield: By hardening the iron in his own blood and focusing it, he can shrug off any form of slashing or piercing attack. However, Blunt Force still works on him.

Lesser Vampire: The starting stage of a vampire's ascension cycle. Lesser Vampires possess the basic traits of their greater kin.

  • Blood Drinking: Vampires are capable of drinking blood, increasing the speed of their regeneration. A vampire's bite inflicts instant paralysis and can drain a human of blood in just a few seconds. They also possess natural defenses against the bite of other demons like Imps.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Vampires are capable of regenerating even from decapitation. Though, their regeneration isn't quite as fast or powerful as the Succubi's regeneration, and they share a common weakness of holy weapons.
  • Wings: Vampires are capable of levitation, and can also sprout wings from their bodies that can be used as a shield or a weapon.
  • Curse Affinity: Like all Demons, Blood possesses a resistance to curse magic.
  • Demon Cell Manipulation: Like all Demons, Blood can manipulate his demon cells.

Full Vampire: The evolved form of a lesser vampire, possessing the full ability set of vampire-kind.

  • Abyssal Regeneration: Like Jay, Blood should be capable of Abyssal Regeneration..
  • Possession: Like Most mid-ranked demons, Blood should be capable of possession.
  • Shapeshifting: All full vampires can shapeshift into a bat, though greater vampires can take this a step further with varying transformations.

A title referring to a Vampire that has achieved the rank of a Demon Lord. Blood now possesses large red wings, and complete contorl of all the blood in his vicinity.

  • Blood Beasts: Benjamin can form monsters and animals out of his own blood.
  • Blood Mode: By going berserk, Blood can gain a massive increase in power, as well as granting him sharp claws and teeth.
  • Blood-Port: Simply put, it is the act of teleporting through any sufficient amount of blood.

A mysterious Succubus pop idol employed by Blood, as his army's mascot and hype-girl. Her music possesses a hypnotic property that can influence the emotions of those who hear it and enhance their battle prowess.

  • Sound Magic: The manipulation of Sound, and an enhanced variation of Wind magic. Diane is capable, in part thanks to her suit, of weaponizing and emitting sound to fight. She can emit ultrasonic waves that disrupt hearing, Fire blasts of sound, and encase foes in spheres of pure sound.

Succubus: Succubi are among the most widespread demons in the Abyss, known for producing a powerful airborne aphrodisiac and for having incredibly powerful regeneration.

  • Mana Absorption: Through touch or sex, succubi can drain the mana and life force directly from their victims, killing them on the spot.
  • Demon Cell Manipulation: Like all demons, Diane can manipulate her own demon cells.
    • High-Speed Regeneration: Demon Cells can regenerate incredibly quickly, duplicating and repairing wounds. It is worth noting, however, that destroying their cells with certain methods, such as burning or freezing, can slow and even temporarily stop this regeneration.
    • Abyssal Regeneration: Like most mid-ranked demons, Diane is capable of using Abyssal Regeneration.
    • Horns: The horns of a Succubus are a sensory organ capable of detecting emotions of those around them.
  • Curse Affinity: Being demons, Succubi are naturally resistant to curse magic, though they possess a weakness to holy magic.
  • Possession: Like most mid-ranked demons, Diane should be capable of possession.

Doppelganger: A type of demon related to both the succubus and the mimic. The true form of a doppelganger appears to be a child with dark hair and a body covered from the neck-down in curse mana.

  • False Body Creation: Doppelgangers can form false bodies to hide in that act as substitutes for the real thing. As they do not physically age, this allows them to form a more appropriate body for surroundings, as well as forge false identities.

Banshee: A variant of succubus more powerful than the standard variety. Banshees rely less on their Aphrodisiac pheromones and more on the power of their voice to accomplish their goals.

  • Voice Manipulation: Banshees can throw their voice, as well as change their voice to resemble another person. When combined with Melody, all of her sound weaponry can do the same.
  • Hair Manipulation: Diane can control her own hair, which is one of the reasons that she leaves her hair out of her suit. She can form it into whips and fists to grab people, and it's both sharp and tough enough to be used as a piercing weapon.
  • Ultrasonic Scream: When threatened, Banshees can unleash a hellish shriek, creating a shockwave of sound that can pulverize solid metal and crush skulls where they stand.

The title granted to a Banshee who has ascended to become a Demon Lord. Abyssal Sirens are similar in appearance, but are capable of breathing Underwater and possess gills as well as fin-like ears and blue blood.

  • Enthrall: The voice of an Abyssal Siren possesses natural hypnotic properties. A single word can lull a man into complete obedience, luring them to their deaths.
  • Inspire: Like their earthly counterparts, a Siren's Song is capable of bolstering their allies and weakening their enemies. They can make Allies never tire as long as they sing, or make movement so difficult that enemies can't even hold their swords.

The only living Naturally-born etronian on Algo (Real name: Thomas Watson, sister of Vivi). He willigly sealed himself away in the abyss, using NetWeave to silently watch and observe reality from his seal, and subtly manipulating events to make Jay find his way to him. Terminus is incredibly intelligent, allowing him to predict the future with near-100% accuracy.

  • Variable Drive: Terminus' magic eye, which manifests in his Right eye and takes the form of a greenish gear. It allows for the analysis the structure of objects and beings, breaking down and listing the compounds or materials needed to make it, as well as the quantity. This works for spells, too.
  • Cyborgization: Terminus has interfaced NetWeave's technology with his own body, giving him a 24/7, constant feed of information across the Abyss, the Astral Plane, The Feywild, and the Material World, automatically parsing it to fit his needs.
  • Technomancy: Terminus can manipulate calculations into physical form, allowing him to create gear-shaped barriers, fire gear blades, teleport short distances, create gear-shaped portals, and more. These Calculations do not necessarily possess physical force; rather, they create a formula to alter reality as Terminus sees fit: Turning a projectile's velocity to 0, for example.

Magic: Magic refers to the manipulation of mana particles in the environment or the human body. Most races possess a Magic Index, a special organ that stores mana, as well as Magic Circuits, a pseudo-nervous system that connects the brain, the Index, and most parts of the body. Demons, however, are essentially composed entirely of magic circuits built inside a shell of mana, which lends to their incredibly hard-to-kill nature. Mana comes in many different types and elements, and its usage is different across different people. Magic manifests magical circles when being cast, a "program" that tells mana what to do in any given situation.

  • Sparking: When a Mage is reduced to near-death, or put into an incredibly stressful or emotional situation, their mana can undergo a shift known as Sparking. True to its name, Sparking causes the user's mana to rapidly glow and crackle until a burst of energy emits that blasts away anything that was previously restraining them like mind control. Sparking bestows new abilities upon the user in accordance with what was putting them in near-death in the first place. For example, when Jay was being stabbed, he developed the ability to steal things, allowing him to remove the weapon. Sparking also tends to highly increase the user's power and physicality.
  • Saving Throws: It is important to note that, while the damage of a spell (Be it a fireball, a lightning bolt, or what have you) can be easily blocked or tanked without issue, the effect of it, due to the higher-dimensional nature of mana, is far deadlier. Even if one is immune to fire, they can still be burned. One immune to ice can be frozen, one immune to electricity can still be shocked beyond repair, et cetera. To combat this, mages are capable of Saving against these effects, shrugging off what would otherwise be deadly blows. A list of things confirmed to be resisted with Saving Throws can be found (On The Cosmology Blog)

Water Magic: From Zoua Magicite. Jay can manipulate and create water to attack. This is his main method of combat, and he has shown to be incredibly versatile with it, creating intricate and ingenious constructs beyond simple discs and blasts. Jay can also manipulate fog and steam, coalescing it back into water, though he cannot manipulate ice.

  • Water Wings: Jay can form wings of water on his back that allow him to fly, though this has ultimately been replaced with his draconic wings.
  • Water Orbs: Jay creates an orb of water, which can be wielded as a projectile or made hollow to form a shield. They also act as mobility tools for his dagger.
  • Stream Burst: By causing one of his water familiars or a water orb to explode, Jay causes a group of high-pressure water streams to rush out in all directions, before converging on whatever target Jay wishes and punching holes in them.
  • Giga Water Drill: Jay forms a gigantic drill made of spinning water, that can drill through solid rock and steel and destroy the toughest of opponents.
  • Water Clone: Jay forms a clone of water to take attacks for him. he can also transfer his light and sound to this to create a fully-functioning fake Jay.
Fire Magic: From mimicking Eagle's magic. Jay can manipulate and create fire to attack, as well as generate it from his hands to cook things. He has also shown the ability to create flaming familiars.
  • Fire Breath: Self-explanatory. Jay breathes a blast of fire from his mouth which can burn and incinerate most objects.
  • Fire Gun: Jay forms a finger gun with one hand, firing a small, but compressed and precise heat ray that can punch through metal.
  • Firenado: Jay forms a swirling vortex of fire and launches it at his enemies. He can form multiple of these at once.
  • Phoenix Wing: By lacing his arms with fire, Jay forms a pair of large flaming wings. He can fire bits of them off like feathers, overwhelming enemies with the sheer number of projectiles.
Magic Wards: Stolen from Eagle. Most mages possess an inner "barrier" of sorts that protects them from harmful magic. However, Jay also possesses a second barrier on the outside of his body, a skintight, regenerating layer of mana that harmlessly disperses most magic attacks and makes it incredibly difficult to harm him with magic alone. However, physical attacks can break it. That said, Jay doesn't always use it.  Life Magic: From draining Finch's magic. Jay can manipulate the element of life, allowing him to give life to objects and manipulate plants and animals. However, he has not yet shown the ability to use this directly, instead infusing it into his other elements.  Curse Magic: From absorbing mana from the Plaguelands, an ancient magic disease made to corrupt living objects. Jay can now use curse magic, magic which deconstructs and absorbs mana and matter it touches, requiring saving to defend against.
  • Curse Claw: Jay forms a massive clawed hand over his arm, allowing him to grab and absorb targets that come close to his melee range.
Void Magic: The manipulation of Void, the nothingness between dimensions. Void magic has the tendency to erase its targets from existence, or even send them into the void itself where they'll suffer from a number of harmful environmental effects.
  • Void Blade: A void-elemental spell which he accidentally stole from Ainz Grimoire. Jay forms a blade out of void, which appears as a black, almost starry rift. This attack negates durability by erasing the matter it comes into contact with into the void, but its functionality is limited due to its melee range.
  • Void Gates: Even without Vivi's help, Jay can open void gates, black hole-like spheres that suck whatever touches them into the void. He likes to use them as portals to sneak attacks through, attacking foes from multiple angles.
  • Void Sling: Jay shoots himself through a void gate, increasing his momentum and coming out at a random angle to attack. If his opponent manages to deflect the attack, Jay pushes off of the enemy, increasing in speed even further until his foe ultimately can't react to him.
  • Vubble: Jay forms a bubble of void around him. It takes the appearance of a translucent black sphere, but erases all matter that it comes into contact with, preventing enemies from getting close to him.
Coin Form: After being bitten by a cursed gold coin in a Dragon's Lair, Jay was transformed into a pile of coins. However, thanks to his physiology, he was able to absorb the transmutation spell, not only gaining his normal body back but giving him the ability to turn himself into coins. He can fire off coins as projectiles and phase through attacks by turning into coins. Magicite Body: After eating a cursed piece of magicite and turning into a crystal statue, Jay can convert his body into magicite, rapidly regenerating broken parts and giving him easy access to elemental magic. He can rapidly morph his body into magicite for various purposes, especially shields and blades.
  • Voidstones: Shards of Void Magicite that explode into miniature black holes when destroyed. Jay can place several of them in a circle to open a long-term void gate.
Holy Magic: The ability to manipulate and control holy energies, the opposite of Curse magic. Demons aren't typically able to use this, as holy power burns their bodies, but after heavy amounts of exposure meant to push him to the breaking point, Jay was able to develop a resistance to it to the point where he can safely use it despite this weakness. Holy Magic is effective at nullifying enemy magic and reducing the power of an enemy.
  • Opulent Blades: Jay forms blades out of holy magic that he can fire as projectiles or wield as melee weapons. They inflict nullification and weakening on contact.
  • Absolving Glow: Jay releases a large burst of holy magic which annihilates ill will. The light burns and can inflict neurological damage.
  • Obedience Tendrils: Tendrils of holy magic that come from Jay's body, especially in Niffin form. They have the appearance of glowing white thorns and can be used to restrain foes.
Dark Rose: A combination of Life and Curse magic. Jay uses this to form crimson rose petals that possess curse properties and fire them out at foes. They home in and inflict poison should they successfully damage a foe. Jay can also light the roses on fire to increase their damage. Meteora: A spell mixing Earth, Fire, and Space that calls down a meteor. It ranges in size heavily. Meteora Minor is a meteor several meteors in diameter that can damage a large part of the castle. Meteora can summon one over a dozen meteors in diameter or a swarm of smaller ones. Meteora Major is a kilometers-wide meteor, that Eliza claims could destroy all life on Algo if she cast it there. However, it takes some time to cast. Omega Cool Blade: A spell obviously named by Jay himself. The... Omega Cool Blade is a combination of Holy and Shadow magic, formed into a sword. It can fire arcs of holy mana that can kill demons.
  • Super-Deluxe Twin-Style Omega Cool Blade: An even stronger variant, and a Unison Raid performed with Jess. Combining his mana with Jess, Jay forms a comically-large sword made from Holy and Shadow Magic and swings it, shooting off a wave of pure destruction.
  • Omega Cool Disc: Jay forms a Yin-Yang shaped disc of holy and shadow energy and launches it.
Gravity Magic: Gained after devouring Gravity Magic fired at him by Shura, and later after eating one of his Gravi-Arms. A branch of Spatial magic, Gravity magic allows Jay to manipulate gravitational forces, controlling attraction and repulsion. He can form a gravity well to suck up matter into it. Abyss Magic: The direct manipulation of the power of the Abyss, an ability that can only be possessed by Demon Lords. Abyss Magic allows the user to create constructs that are darker than black, surrounded by a dark purple-and-red aura. Users of Abyss Magic can directly drag a target's soul to hell.
  • Abyss Gate: Jay opens a gate to hell, creating a massive, 100-meters-wide column of abyssal power that annihilates everything inside subatomically and drags it to hell.

Creatures created from magic that listen to the creator's command. Jay is capable of forming all manner of creatures, including orbs and geometric shapes with limbs and, as of Volume 2, realistic depictions of animals.

  • Flameys: A small fireball with a face that Jay can create. He can make dozens of them as a light and heat source. Notable ones are Flamey, Flamey Jr, Flimsworth, Charby, Spicy, Brimstone Johnson, and Nova. He can form a giant familiar made of fire if he has a large enough source of it.
  • Legs McGee: The first of Jay's familiars, which he accidentally created through Finch's magic while creating a mode of transportation through the desert. Composed entirely out of water, It is a flat surface with several chairs on it, along with a larger armchair that has a pedestal, all supported by two large, human-like legs. It's capable of running at extremely fast speeds over various types of terrain, controlled by Jay placing his hands inside the pedestal. It has a limited degree of sentience, as it bowed to Jay and followed orders.
  • Orby: Another one of Jay's familiars, composed entirely out of water. It takes the form of a large orb of water that can sprout large arms made of the same water to punch and chop enemies.
  • Crabulon: A massive crab created from water, which Jay used to ride out of Arcadia City on his way to Camelot. It can also sprout water wings and fly, similar to a plane rather than a bird.
  • Unnamed Wing Ball: Similar to Orby, this is a massive ball of water that Jay can ride on. Unlike orby, this one can sprout wings of water, allowing it to fly and carry Jay on top of it. Deedee suggested naming it "Wings McStings", but was promptly denied.
  • Lil Droplets: Familiars resembling small, 1-foot-tall version sof Jay and his friends that Jay can create. They possess limited intelligence and can manipulate their own water in imitations of the spells their real counterpart can make.
  • Embrion: Jay's ultimate fire familiar, formed from both Finch's familiar creation magic and eagle's fire magic. By building up magicite and flames over time, Jay can form Embrion, a massive humanoid construct with the ability to form a colossal flaming greatsword. His strength was so great that, with a single slash, he cut Mercurius' amped form in twain. With enough flames, he can easily grow to the height of a Skyscraper. Jay later superimposed it onto a Little Jay's body, making him more humanoid and giving it flaming armor. It was later revealed that Embrion contains the soul of Finch, who Vivi used Sticky Fingers to take the soul of. As Embrion is fully loyal to Jay, he never realized that Embrion and Finch's souls were one and the same.
    • Hellblaze Mode: Embrion covers his body in Hellblaze, granting him super-effectiveness against angels and light elementals, as well as the ability to negate demonic regeneration.
  • Mercurius: A familiar created by Finch, later passed on to Vandole and then to Jay. When sealed, it takes the form of several small vials attached to the belt on his chest. However, when released from said vials, it rapidly balloons and expands into an orb of "living" mercury. This mercury is completely under Jay's control, and he has a large supply of it, enough to create tidal waves, artificial buildings, and constructs with enough vials. It's normally used by Embrion.
  • Rusalka: A female familiar made entirely out of Shadow. It contains the soul of Rusalka, the Cultist of YHWH that was responsible for bringing out Jay's niffin in the first place. As such, it possesses a form of her personality and is capable of using her shadow manipulation and torture implements. She also uses the Needlegun that Jay found in the Etronian facility.
  • Flame Cultists: Familiars made from devoured cultists, composed entirely of fire.
  • Rayne: Jay's ultimate water familiar, created during his battle with murk. It's a colossal primordial water elemental formed from large amounts of water, and stands no less than three stories tall. It can sprout water tendrils to use against foes.

A list of beings that Jay has devoured, and the powers that they bestow upon him. Metatron: An angel created by an unknown being and placed inside the palace Jay ventured through in the Astral Plane. He possesses no personality, and his soul is essentially a blank slate, even without Jay actively managing it. He is the first soul Jay ever devoured.

  • Space Magic: The manipulation of the fabric of space. It's one of the most difficult elements to master, and is considered to be near-impossible to wield without diluting it with at least one other element.
  • Light Magic: The manipulation of visible and magical light, and the second-fastest of all the elements, second only to Time magic. It's a popular magic type for how fast it is, as well as how little mana it takes to cast. Jay has no feats of using this on his own, but uses it as part of Galaxy Crash.
    • Solar Magic: The combination of Light and Fire, creating incredibly powerful and hot constructs similar in makeup to that of the Sun. It's known to have long-lasting effects due to a little-researched phenomenon called radiation.
    • Galaxy Crash: A spell that combines Light, Fire, and Space. Jay forms a miniature galaxy in his hand or mouth and fires it outwards. It's an incredibly powerful attack that inflicts radiation poisoning and severe burns on foes that can survive its immense destructive output.
Rusalka: A member of the Cult of YHWH, and Jay's torturer for almost a month straight. She possesses a playfully sadistic personality.
  • Shadow Magic: The ability to manipulate and create darkness, the opposite of light magic. Like light, Shadow magic is incredibly fast, but colder and more tangible than light magic is. Jay displayed the ability to use this after devouring Rusalka, one of the members of the Cult of YHWH.
    • Shadowbind: Jay binds his target with tendrils or chains made entirely of condensed shadows. When used by Rusalka, this was capable of restraining Jay's niffin despite the power gap between them.
    • Shadow Dimension: Jay is capable of accessing a pocket dimension known as the Shadow Realm through his shadow. This place lets him store anything he wants, and is completely disconnected from the outside world. Jay can use this as a spot to store things stolen with Sticky Fingers.
    • Torture Implements: As Jay inherited this power from devouring Rusalka, he can summon a wide variety of torture implements in order to damage and inflict pain upon his foes. Said items are known to seemingly nullify aura and magic, as all four aspects were completely helpless to escape them. Known implements include chains, a rack, nails ranging from tiny to six feet long, and giant spiked wheels.
Cultists: A group of twelve cultists that Jay devoured. Their names and personalities are unknown, as are the abilities that they bestow upon Jay. Grimm: The leader of the Cult of YHWH, a tall, bug-like demon who captured and tortured Jay for a month straight until he unleashed his Niffin. Jay later devoured Grimm after a fierce battle in the Astrum.
  • Tracking Glyph: Grimm (And by extension Jay) can create small magic symbols on the bodies of others that allow him to remotely track their location.
  • Time Dilation: Grimm was capable of creating a chamber where Time was dilating, causing roughly a day outside the chamber to turn into almost a month within it.
Thistle: One of a pair of Demon Twins that Jay devoured during his mission to capture Blood and Diane. Jay was unable to eat the other sister, Thorn, as her body was destroyed by his fire.
  • Ice Flower: Thistle (And Jay) can cause flowers and thorns made of ice to bloom all along the ground and walls in his vicinity. These flowers freeze whoever touches them, rendering them vulnerable to being shattered.
Florent: A kitsune from the Mori tribe, and a member of Arashi. Jay absorbed him after defeating him alongside Nellen.
  • Sakura Barrage: Florent/Jay can create a storm of sakura petals numbering up to one million in total. They're enhanced with mana to slice through objects, and he can form them into multiple shapes and constructs, as well as automatically defend himself.
  • Blossoming Death: Florent/Jay summons a massive flower behind him, one that generates energy by absorbing sun or moonlight.
    • Blossoming Death - Sun: In the daytime, Blossoming Death's flower emits a colossal beam of light that vaporizes most objects.
    • Blossoming Death - Moon: At night, Blossoming Death's flower splits off, sending dozens of crescent-shaped light beams that home in on enemies.
  • Tree Travel: Florent's crest gave him the ability to travel between any tree in the world so long as he knew where he was going. These trees could also transport others, and if Florent was feeling especially bloodthirsty, he could seal foes in trees, transmuting their bodies into plant matter.

At the climax of the Arashi Arc, Ryn forcibly breaking his limits against Gale was enough to push his humanity to its absolute limit, hitting 99% Draconization. Before he could use what might have been a killing blow, Gale dispatched him with his Deicite's power. Ryn was mortally wounded, inflicted an unhealable wound by the power of the Deicite. As Zephyr attacked Gale in a rage, Ryn was left dying in Jay's arms. In a last-ditch effort, Ryn asked Jay to absorb him. Though Ryn would cease to exist as he was... Jay would receive the power to finally put an end to Arashi after a three-year-long conflict. All of Ryn's abilities can be viewed Here.

Magic Crest Mutations: Magic Crests are unique sets of magic circuits that manifest as a uniquely-shaped marking somewhere on the user's body and bestows a special ability that would otherwise be exceedingly complex and difficult to perform. Jay's magic crest is unique in that it is a mutation. Those who suffer from a magic crest mutation have a crest that constantly grows, giving them multiple unique abilities. However, as the crest grows and covers their body, more of their blood vessels will be converted into mana network, leading to a vastly-decreased lifespan as their body eventually either breaks down in an early death or converts into mana entirely, becoming a Niffin. Being a demon, Jay doesn't have to worry about an early death, but becoming a Niffin is a definite possibility.

The first application of Jay's magic crest, which he has possessed since birth. Jay's shapeshifting is vastly superior to that of the average demon, allowing him to take on not only the appearance, but the biology of whatever species he turns into, similar to the monsters known as mimics. This allows him to use the biological abilities of that species, as well as reproduce with them. Jay can also turn into inanimate objects like doors. Jay only needs to see a species or person to mimic them, and a single touch gives him complete information on their DNA. Jay can even mimic existing people, as well as mixing and matching faces.

  • Pan: Because of his bond with Nellen Orlend, Jay can transform into a Pan, a sheep beastkin. Young Pan are often chronically sleepy thanks to the effects of their wool, which can lull anything and anyone around them into a peaceful slumber through just his presence. He also has tough horns that can be used as a weapon, and hooves that can crush solid stone.
    • Touch-Induced Sleepytime: Also known as T.I.S., Jay is capable of putting others to sleep by touching them, even without turning into a Pan. He learned how to do this after becoming an incubus.
  • Ratatoskr: Jay can transform into a pseudo-ratatoskr, a Squirrel beastkin, after having seen a squirrel during his initial appearance on Astiria.
  • Cheshire: Because of his bond with Crystal Rosewater, Jay has learned how to transform into a Cheshire Cat, a species of feline beastkin prominently associated with Fey. Their full capabilities are currently unknown.
  • Kitsune: Thanks to constant interactions with Zephyr, as well as fights with Flare, Jay has mimicked the ability to turn into a Kitsune.
    • Fox-Fire: A magical orange flame Jay can release from his tail. This fire can act as a light source and can ignite small objects.
    • Fox Form: Jay can turn into a small pink fox, allowing him to dig through snow and travel longer distances. It also lets him communicate through telepathy.
  • Dragon: Jay mimicked a Dragon, a species of god-beast that lives on the floating island of Dragonroost, to the south of Astiria. Dragons are massive, semi-reptilian monsters that are widely known to be the most powerful species that lives on Algo, and for good reason. When Jay turns into a dragon or a semi-transformed mode, he gains their physiology and abilities.
    • Magic Resistance: Because of the innate power that Dragon scales carry, they have the effect of completely shrugging off magic spells and even reflecting them depending on their makeup. Lightning will arc off of their body, Heat and Cold will be ignored, and Earth will shatter beneath their claws. Unless one uses accurate magic to target their insides, it's nearly impossible to kill them with magic alone.
    • True Flight: By sprouting draconic wings, Jay can achieve true flight that his water wings and tiny imp wings were previously unable to provide.
    • Thought Acceleration: Dragons are considered to have a "higher dimension" of intelligence compared to humans. While this doesn't explicitly apply to Jay, it does vastly increase the speed at which he can process information.
    • Sense Enhancement: The senses of Dragons are vastly superior to even the most trained of beastkin. They can detect clear, odorless poisons in food and drink, see miles away, and hear even the faintest sounds across the world. In addition, Dragons are all connected to eachother on the same "psychic wavelength", allowing Jay to communicate with them and sense important events.
    • Enthralling Gaze: The gaze of Dragons places all that meet them under a subconscious trance, that can be triggered at the Dragon's will. Often, these "sleeper agents" can go months or even years without being taken advantage of.
    • Breath Weapon: Of all the superhuman characteristics that Dragons provide, a Dragon's Breath Weapon is among their most powerful. Compared to humans, who create spells outside of their body, a Dragon builds their breath weapon inside its body before releasing it as a high-pressure jet of whatever element that they command. Because of his mimicry physiology, Jay can create different types of breath weapons, not just one.
      • Acid Breath: A jet of corrosive acid, taken from Sitha, the Vicious. This breath weapon can turn entire lakes uninhabitable, and melt solid steel down into nothing. It's also incredibly effective at hampering regeneration, as it destroys cells and has a tendency to remain in the body even as it tries to regenerate.
      • Poison Breath: A cloud of poison, taken from Horus, the Royal Advisor. This breath weapon emits a cloud of dangerous gas that burns the eyes and throat and can cause a fast, but agonizing death.
      • Frost Breath: A jet of ice and snow, taken from Cryovale, the Hunter of the North. This breath weapon fires out a high-pressure jet of snow that creates ice shards wherever it strikes, freezing people solid and sealing them within ice.
      • Fire Breath: A jet of burning fire, taken from Rathalos, the Burning. This breath weapon fires out a high-pressure jet of compressed flame, that sparks and burns through essentially any man-made material. Some legends say it can even melt Adamantine.

The second application of Jay's magic crest, unlocked through his second wind after being impaled in the chest by Ainz's void blade. This ability allows him to steal "ideas" from objects through physical touch (Later from anything that touches his aura), similar to how Rune Magic alters ideas in imitation of the godly script. using this, he can do things like steal heat from an area, take away senses, and remove friction from objects, as long as he is able to touch the target with his aura. In addition, he can transfer properties like this to other beings to give them traits or even weaknesses.

  • Stat Snatch: Jay's main usage of this technique is to steal one's physical power using Sticky Fingers. He can take strength, speed, and durability, weakening the opponent while strengthening himself. Though he originally couldn't handle the difference in speed, training during the 3-year timeskip has allowed him to cope at vastly increased speed. Jay normally takes enough to reduce the opponent's stats to those of a normal human, but he can reduce these stats lower than that, or even to zero.
  • Physical Snatch: Jay can take various other physical aspects from his foe or the environment. The ones shown so far have been Senses (From both himself and from others, ranging from physical to aura senses), Flight (Taking a dragon's flight caused it to plummet), Friction from the ground and other people, and Gravity to float.
  • Stealth Snatch: Jay can become completely undetectable by stealing his own traits. By taking his light and sound, he becomes completely invisible and inaudible. By taking his aura presence, sensor-types can't see him. He can also become intangible but didn't display this as he didn't think he would be recognized by air pressure.
  • Cognitive Snatch: Jay is capable of stealing mental aspects from somebody such as intellect and skill. He once stole an innkeeper's resistance when he wanted a free hotel room, making her unable to turn him down (Not an innuendo, he literally didn't have the right kind of money).
  • Cold Snap: By stealing the heat from someone else's body, Jay can place them into a state of Absolute Zero. This causes them to crumble, negating most forms of regeneration as they fall apart on a molecular level, and can even incapacitate Demons.
  • Static Overcharge: Jay can steal the friction from a wide area around him. This makes the ground incredibly slippery for anyone but himself and causes him to emit large amounts of electricity. he can then channel it into an opponent to electrocute them.
  • Overload: By stealing all of the strength, speed, and durability from the environment, Jay receives a massive increase in power. This, however, has adverse effects on the environment and only lasts a short time before Jay has to release it back.

During the search to find the missing King Romulus, Jay would find himself kidnapped by the Cult of YHWH, an organization aiming to resurrect a long-dead god masquerading as a traveling carnival, led by a demon named Grimm. Here, he was placed in a time-dilated area, tortured for months with holy magic, forcibly sparked several times in rapid succession, and pushed to the breaking point in both body and mind in an attempt to release his niffin (The plan being to leave behind a hollow vessel for YHWH to inhabit). The result, however, was disastrous. Jay's niffin proved to not only function separately from his physical body, but was IMMENSELY stronger than the cultists anticipated. It rampaged through the compound, devouring everything in sight, until it was finally sated by eating everybody in the building. When Jay had awoken, he found that his crest had once more expanded, and he had gained an entirely new ability: Devour.

  • Niffin Form: Niffins are beings made entirely of mana that result when a mage overuses their own magic reserves and burn up their bodies to compensate. Jay was forcibly reduced to this during his torture at the hands of the Cult of YHWH, but after recovering, he can now transform any part of his body into a Niffin. Most notably, this includes sprouting maws from his hands and on his face, as well as emitting tendrils to pull in foes.
  • Absorption: By devouring a foe, either with his Niffin maw or the "normal" way, Jay assimilates the entirety of their being into himself, gaining access to everything they ever were. In this state, the target's consciousness is erased, placing them into an eternal dream-like state and leaving them completely unable to fight back. Even if the victim could regenerate from their soul and concept being destroyed, the assimilation process renders them unable to reform. As Jay explained, "They're there, but they're not doing much."
    • Mimicry: Jay absorbs the personality, knowledge, memories, appearance, souls, and voice of those he devours, allowing him to mimic them perfectly.
    • Strength Increase: Absorbing their stats, intelligence, and skills allows Jay to rapidly increase his fighting knowledge by devouring others.
    • Ability Absorption: Jay gains all the abilities of those he devours, allowing him to use them just as well as the original users.
  • Soul Stock: Souls that Jay devours are not erased; rather, their existence is reformatted and altered to be entirely loyal to Jay. To this end, Jay is capable of placing souls into familiars, granting them powers and abilities to match. This vastly increases his familiars' effectiveness.
    • Soul Merge: A last-resort technique. Jay is capable of quieting and erasing souls by eating them. Though he will permanently lose the soul he devoured, his aura and soul will increase appropriately.

The crest of the Grimoire family. Grimoire family members have the ability to create and emit Hellblaze, a combination of Curse, Fire, and Shadow magic. The flame is hotter than the sun and can burn for up to a week, even underwater. More notably, it can negate the regeneration of demons, rendering them vulnerable.

  • Hellblaze Enchant: Jay enchants one of his normal fire abilities by turning it into hellblaze. This has most notably been seen on Embrion.

After Jay fell into Carmilla's Ark Forge, he sparked, his crest increasing again, and gained the ability to create Little Jays, smaller duplicates of himself. These Little Jays have their own goals and aspirations, as well as a personality created by Jay himself, and retain all of Jay's original abilities, including Devour. Their height ranges from 3' to 4'8". Jay can sprout them whenever he's incapacitated, and transfer his body between them, leaving a Little Jay in their place. It should be noted that despite coming from an Ark Forge, Little Jays do not have divinity, as Jay was forced to expel the divine energy from his body to avoid dying. Though they do retain Jay's abilities, Jay typically assigns them an element or power to use, such as Blood's guns or his own Water. The "Idea" of one forms every time that Jay learns something new or gains a new power, and their endless creation is fueled by Jay's desire to learn more. This makes each Little Jay a different part of the main one, be it the manifestation of a feeling, a thought, an ability, or a memory. There are known to be well over twenty thousand. Each Jay has a unique look of Devour.

  • Ruler Jay: The leader of the Little Jays. He wears fancy clothing and has a crown, standing above even Royal Jay, and he commands authority among the other little jays.
  • Cheshire Jay: A little Jay taking the form of a Cheshire. He's serene and slightly absent-minded, and fights by forming orbs of Psychic Wavelengths and Fey Energy.
  • Dragon Jay: A little Jay taking the form of a Draconian. His personality could be described as "Helpful", as he's the desire of Jay's desire to help others. Dragon Jay can fly and fire breath weapons, and his devour forms a maw over his mouth.
  • Flaming Jay: A little Jay taking the form of an Elemental. He's incredibly angry, and can't speak, only letting out flaming screeches. Flaming Jay can manipulate fire and ash magic, as well as self-destruct.
  • Lil Jay: A little Jay taking the form of an Imp. He believes himself to be the main Jay and tries to fight him every time he's summoned.
  • Sheepy Jay: A little Jay taking the form of a Pan. He's very sleepy, inheriting hypersomnia from Nellen.
  • Kitsune Jay: A little Jay taking the form of a Kitsune. He retains Zephyr's combat-focused nature, and utilizes his fox-fire to attack.
  • Water Jay: A Jay surrounded by torrents of water that utilizes water magic.
  • Electric Jay: A Jay that's eternally crackling with electricity and utilizes Lightning magic. He is the manifestation of Jay's hyperactivity.
  • Holy Jay: A Jay whose body is laced with holy mana, and utilizes Holy magic.
  • Shadow Jay: A Jay whose body is cloaked in shadow, and utilizes Shadow magic.
  • Guitar Jay: A Jay who uses a Guitar, and utilizes Diane's sound manipulation.
  • Gun Jay: A Jay who can form guns from his own blood, similar to how Blood himself does.
  • Void Jay: A purple-skinned Jay resembling Vivi somewhat. He can manipulate the void as well as use Duplication magic. He can form void gates into more than just spheres, and shape them into weapons. As time doesn't apply within the void, he can analyze the opponent from a safe spot, using all the time he needs to develop weapons.
  • Royal Jay: A Jay who wears a tiny crown. He uses Jay's coin manipulation and shapeshifting abilities.
  • Coin Jay: A Jay obsessed with coins. He can form coins inside his body and fire them from his hands and mouth, and is the manifestation of Jay's desire for riches.
  • Doll Jay: A strange Jay that looks like a large doll and is very emotionless. He uses Jess' shadow-weaving, and is the manifestation of Jay's existential dread. A red void inside his body is his devour, which he pulls foes into using his threads.
  • Beach Jay: A Jay wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit, carrying a surfboard. He's relaxed and chill at all times, and rides waves created by water magic.
  • NinJay: Short for Ninja Jay. He's a Jay in ninja clothes that specializes in infiltration, espionage, and reconnaissance. He can turn invisible with "Shinobi Vanish".
  • Others: To put it frankly, there are too many Jays to list individually. Other known ones include Don't-Wanna Jay, Baker Jay, Hungry Jay, Miner Jay, Minor Jay, Pirate Jay, Countess Jay, Barbarian Jay, Running Jay, Earth Jay, and many, many more.

Jay gained this power during his fight with Gemini of the Twelve Zodiacs. Unable to counter his superior skill and mimicry, Jay ended up developing an entirely new power. By attaching himself to someone, he can take over their body and control them in the same way that demons can fuse with each other.

  • Fusion Armor: Jay forms into armor over another's body, granting the wearer increased physical power and access to many of Jay's magical abilities.

Aura: The manifestation of one's soul, which forms as a shroud of phantasmal energy around the user's body. Aura is present in every living thing, and training one's aura can allow them to make greater use of it, and even weaponize it in some situations. Thanks to possessing multiple souls, Jay's aura is greater than that of his peers.

  • Transmuter: Jay is a Transmuter-type aura user, meaning he can change the properties of his aura. He can make it sticky, stretchy, electric, hard, hot, cold, and anything else he can really imagine.
    • Aura Gun: Jay makes finger guns, directing a stream of his aura to attack a foe. It's been compared to a stream of water and offers a more potent version of the normal effects of Aura.
    • Aura Web: Jay creates strands of Aura from his fingers that stick to objects and stretch, letting him pull them to him and manipulate them with ease.
    • Elemental Aura: Jay enhances his aura to possess intense heat or cold, enough to affect the environment around him.
    • Aura Charge: By applying a charge to his aura, Jay can cause it to electrify, shocking all those who touch him.
    • Aura Egg: Jay consolidates his aura into an egg-shaped shield around him, increasing its defensive prowess against enemy aura.
    • Weapon Transmutation: Jay can enhance weapons with his aura, turning them sharper, stronger, more durable, or even dull. He can also bounce weapons on strings, wielding his daggers in a manner similar to the blades of chaos.
    • Attack Redirection: Jay's aura is capable of nullifying attacks against him that could bypass his regeneration, such as Fire, Ice, and Electricity. If such attacks enter his aura range, Jay gains control of them, adding it to his own power. Jay often turns these attacks into Familiars to prevent them from falling back into enemy control.
  • Sensor: After accidentally following a duplicate of Nellen Orlend made to trick him, Jay decided to train his aura senses. He can now sense anything in the vicinity of the aura, allowing him to see through walls and detect secret areas.
  • Projector: Projector-type aura users can flare their aura outwards to induce feelings of pressure, fear, or other emotions. Jay's aura possesses a unique, almost childish property that causes those in his proximity to want to befriend or protect him rather than attack him. As of Volume II, this can make opponents subconsciously hold back, though its effect is sharper on those who have a natural aversion to killing children.

ESP: The manipulation of Psychic Wavelengths is an art that not many can achieve. During the three-year gap between the fall of the Vandolian Empire and the disappearance of King Romulus, Crystal taught Jay some of how to use ESP. Jay is not very well-versed in this skill, but he is capable of using Telepathy to project his voice into the minds of others. He can even project Deedee's screams directly into someone's brain... which is powerful enough to kill them.

Astral Projection: By leaving his body behind, Jay can project his consciousness into the Astrum. The Astrum is a place where dreams, as well as the barrier between life and death, reside. Anybody who consciously enters the plane can use it to scry across the cosmos, and those with enough imagination and vigor can warp reality within it. Death in the Astrum destroys one's consciousness, rendering them brain-dead. By putting someone to sleep with his Pan magic, Jay can drag them in with him.


  • Jess' favorite food is fish.
  • Jay's favorite food is anything he can get his hands on, but he prefers Candy and other sweets.
  • Every element of mana has a different taste to Jay. Known elements are:
    • Fire: Cinnamon
    • Water: Has no taste, much like water
    • Earth: Chocolate
    • Wind: Minty
    • Thunder: Tangy, like sprite
    • Ice: Ice Cream
    • Life:
    • Metal:
    • Light: Coconut
    • Shadow: Black Licorice
    • Holy: Very sour Lemon
    • Curse: Bananas
    • Time:
    • Space:
    • Fey: Pure sugar
    • Void: Bland, actually makes Jay hungry
  • Jay enjoys coloring books, and whenever he mimics a new species, a coloring book appears in his mental space.
  • Jay is currently romantically-involved with Nellen Orlend.


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