Jay Grimoire is one of the three main heroes of Tales of the Red Wings. An androgynous child with no memory, he was discovered by Soichiro Sakuya in Sidhe Forest.


Lilith Grimoire, newly-crowned Demon Queen, was considered a prodigy. As one of the youngest to take the crown (And a succubus, no less), bearing equally powerful children was expected of her from demonic society. However, her thirst for knowledge led her to spend much of her time studying other planes, including the Void, a space between the demon world and the others.

Far into her pregnancy, Lilith was alone in the void, recording some of its effects. However, she fell into labor around this time. Unable to focus enough to return to her world, she was forced to give birth to her twin children at this time. Unfortunately, the void reacted to this, and in an instant, the two infants vanished before her eyes.

Lost in the hostile world between realities, Jay and Jess certainly would have lost their lives. Indeed, Jess lost her body shortly after they were stuck in the void. In a miraculous twist of fate, however, her soul found its way to jay, and the two were able to survive. The two were eventually ejected into Sidhe forest, where they were found by demon hunter Soichiro Sakuya and would end up joining him on his many travels.

Personal Statistics

Origin: Astiria

Name: Jay Grimoire

Classification: Boy with two souls, Mimic


Alignment: Chaotic Netural

Gender: Varies depending on which soul is in charge. Jay himself is male. 

Age: 12 

Date of Birth: April 21st

Height: 4' (Child)

Weight: Unknown 

Likes: Small animals, Candy

Dislikes: Being hungry

Affiliation: Soichiro's Troupe, Red Wings Revolution



Initially, Jay is portrayed as a feral child, unable to speak beyond a few simple words. At this time, Jess acts as a guiding force, and is the one with the intelligence. She tells Jay what to do to survive, and is basically responsible for keeping him out of danger. However, he's also very bright and eager to learn, and was able to learn how to speak, read, and write over a short period of time. He enjoys the company of small animals. Once he learns how to speak, his personality is revealed to be somewhat childish, but also quite friendly, eager to play with animals and make new friends. When encountering the unconscious Rynild Ras'Aul for the first time, he asked if he could keep him and give him a name, indicating that he still has much to learn.

After getting accustomed to his companionship, Jay proves to be somewhat arrogant, referring to himself as "the brains" of the group despite his absolute lack of common sense.

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B | 8-A | At least 8-A, likely Low 7-C

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Capable of sensing mana, as well as emotions and danger), Power Mimicry (Being a mimic, he can copy the characteristics of others through sight and touch. Can also eat almost anything to gain its abilities), Shapeshifting (Can transform his body easily, turning into a Squirrel beastkin when watching a squirrel go by), Aware of the Fourth Wall (Can percieve narration as a voice in his head, but can't interact with it), Regeneration (At least Low-Mid, likely Mid. Regenerated from being cut in half by Brine, and mimics are said to be able to regenerate half their bodies), Absorption (Absorbs the things he eats to mimic them, and is capable of draining mana by biting people.), Magic, Non-Physical Interaction (Magic can harm non-physical entities such as ghosts and elementals), Reality Warping and Information Manipulation (In essence, the art of magic allows the user to enforce their will onto reality, altering the world and its information), Empowerment of Resistance (Via willpower), limited Power Nullification (Mages can nullify each other's spells through possessing greater magic), Water Manipulation, Steam Manipulation, limited Flight (Capable of emitting water jets to fly and creating water wings) | Resistance to Magic with his cape (His cape has a spell that defends it against magic, and even canceled out one of Alana's traps), Fire Manipulation (Copied Eagle's fire magic) | Soul Manipulation (Through Aura), Aura, Statistics Amplification (Aura can be used to enhance one's strength and durability), Paralysis Inducement (By overpowering somebody with Aura, one can inflict paralysis), Air Manipulation (Releasing one's aura tends to cause bursts of air), limited Death Manipulation (Powerful aura can kill the weak-willed), Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Aura, Paralysis Inducement, Air Manipulation, and Death Manipulation (Strong aura users can resist the effects of enemy Aura), Heat Manipulation (Can make his aura hot enough to ignite the air or cold enough to create frost), Electricity Manipulation (Transmuted his aura into electricity), Elasticity (Via Aura Gun), Surface Scaling (Via Aura Web), Forcefield Creation (Via Aura Egg), limited Life Manipulation, Summoning, Creation (Through absorbing Finch's Magic, inadvertently created a familiar known as Legs McGee)

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Should be comparable to Zephyr, and Ryn with Durandal) | Multi-City Block Level (Fought and defeated Eagle alongside Hammond) | At least Multi-City Block Level, likely Small Town Level (Comparable in power to Zephyr and Ryn, and defeated Finch while playing around)

Speed: Average Human with Subsonic Reactions (Was able to perceive Zephyr) | Supersonic (Reacted to a burst of electricity from Alana Heartlily) | Supersonic+ (Outsped Finch's Mercurius)

Lifting Strength: Class 1, likely Class 5 (With Hammond's help, forced open a 3 ton Vault Door)

Durability: Wall Level (Soichiro noted that Jay didn't get seriously wounded by being blown though a wall) | Multi-City Block Level (Took hits from Eagle) | At least Multi-City Block Level, likely Small Town Level (Survived attacks from Steelhide)

Stamina: Unknown currently.

Range: Extended Melee with Dissidia.

Intelligence: Though he's childish, he is an exceedingly fast learner, and can come up with intelligent strategies in the middle of a battle, partially thanks to jess.

Standard Equipment:

  • Dissidia: A mysterious ring blade which came out of the void with him. It follows him around seemingly of its own will, rolling along the ground or even flying to defend its wielder. It possesses the power to reshape itself, giving a handle wherever Jay is holding it as to not cut him and shifting its size.
  • Magic Cape: A magic cape purchased in Dollet. It's enchanted with spells that increase its durability, letting Jay use it as a shield. However, it was later cut in half by Brine.
  • Guitar: A small guitar fit for a child, that Jay got as a souvenir from the Sound tribe village in Lindblum. It can be used as a conduit for magic, but Jay has not yet figured this out.
  • Daggers: A pair of hunting daggers that Jay bought during his and Ryn's visit to the Spirit Tribe Village. They can be enhanced with his aura, and while he typically uses them as his main weapons for melee, he can also launch them at a range using his aura, similar to Kratos' blades of chaos.

Weaknesses: Very childish, and doesn't have much common sense. Has a fear of exploding. Because of his constantly-changing neural network due to his mimic physiology, suffers from "selective intelligence", which causes him to be completely child-like and outright nonsensical in many common scenarios despite how smart he is.

Key: Base | With Magic Cape | Finch Drained + Aura Unlocked

Notable Feats


  • Learned how to speak english from a few sentences and context clues.
  • Tricked Finch into flooding the Ishgard prison so that Jay could electrocute him.
  • Used his aura as a tether to hook on to his own magic balls like a grappling hook.

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Mimic Physiology: Jay is a Mimic, and quite a powerful one at that. As such, he possesses all the natural abilities that all mimics do.

  • Mimicry: Obviously, Jay can mimic things by sight and touch, gaining their physical characteristics. Once mimicked, he can retain the appearance for as long as he'd like. He can turn into inanimate objects like rocks, pillows, and pancakes, as well as change his appearance partially to resemble other species like kitsune.
  • Absorption: Jay has the ability to eat almost anything. If he does so, he gains the properties and abilities of whatever he ate. This includes normally inedible objects like rocks and even weapons.
  • Shapeshifting: Jay can turn into previously mimicked forms, or even combine them should the need arise. He can also change what he looks like at will.
  • Regeneration: A sub-ability of his shapeshifting is quick regeneration, enough to heal from even impalement.
  • Enhanced Senses: Jay can sense things that others can't, such as Mana, Emotions, and Danger. This makes him an expert tracker, letting him track down Zephyr all the way across Astiria.

Multiple Souls: Uniquely among most Algoans, Jay possesses two souls in his body. While one is his own, the other is that of his twin sister, Jess Grimoire. Jess is somewhat of a caretaker to Jay, keeping him out of trouble while also keeping him entertained. She can take over at any time, causing his body to shift and become slightly more feminine in the process.

  • Headspace: A mental world inside jay, where the twins live when not in control of the body.

Magic: The art of bending mana to one's will. Jay has some knowledge of magic, even though he has no idea how it works or the history behind it. However, after eating some magicite, Jay gained the ability to use some magic to great effect.

  • Water Magic: From Zoua Magicite. Jay can manipulate and create water to attack. This is his main method of combat, and he has shown to be incredibly versatile with it, creating intricate and ingenious constructs beyond simple discs and blasts. Jay can also manipulate fog and steam, coalescing it back into water, though he cannot manipulate ice.
  • Fire Magic: From mimicking Eagle's magic. Jay can manipulate and create fire to attack, as well as generate it from his hands to cook things. He has also shown the ability to create flaming familiars, and even generate blue fire.
  • Life Magic: From draining Finch's magic. Jay can manipulate the element of life, allowing him to give life to objects and manipulate plants and animals. However, he has not yet shown the ability to use this directly, instead infusing it into his other elements.
    • Flameys: A small fireball with a face that Jay can create. He can make dozens of them as a light and heat source. Notable ones are Flamey, Flamey Jr, Flimsworth, Charby, Spicy, Brimstone Johnson, and Nova.
    • Legs McGee: The first of Jay's familiars, which he accidentally created through Finch's magic while creating a mode of transportation through the desert. Composed entirely out of water, It is a flat surface with several chairs on it, along with a larger armchair that has a pedestal, all supported by two large, human-like legs. It's capable of running at extremely fast speeds over various types of terrain, controlled by Jay placing his hands inside the pedestal. It has a limited degree of sentience, as it bowed to Jay and followed orders.
    • Orby: Another one of Jay's familiars, composed entirely out of water. It takes the form of a large orb of water that can sprout muscular arms to punch and chop enemies.

Magic Crest - Absorption: Jay has a magic crest in the center of his chest, whose power allows him to drain the mana of others. This grants him the ability to use their magic, giving him an ever-growing stock of abilities. Draining happens through physical contact, typically by grabbing the opponent or biting them like a vampire.

Aura: The manifestation of one's soul, forming as a shroud across the user's body. Those with control over their auras can emit them, paralyzing those with a weaker soul than themselves. In extreme cases, Auras can generate powerful winds, cause physical damage, and even inflict instant death. Aura can be weaponized by a skilled enough user, and thanks to possessing multiple souls, Jay's aura is greater than that of his peers.

  • Aura Gun: Jay makes finger guns, directing a stream of his aura to attack a foe. It's been compared to a stream of water and offers a more potent version of the normal effects of Aura.
  • Aura Web: Jay creates strands of Aura from his fingers that stick to objects and stretch, letting him pull them to him and manipulate them with ease.
  • Elemental Aura: Jay enhances his aura to possess intense heat or cold, enough to affect the environment around him.
  • Aura Charge: By applying a charge to his aura, Jay can cause it to electrify, shocking all those who touch him.
  • Aura Egg: Jay consolidates his aura into an egg-shaped shield around him, increasing its defensive prowess against enemy aura.
  • Aura Enhancement: Jay can enhance weapons with his aura, turning them sharper, stronger, more durable, or even dull. He can also bounce weapons on strings, wielding his daggers in a manner similar to the blades of chaos.


  • Jess' favorite food is fish.
  • Jay's favorite food is anything he can get his hands on, but he prefers Candy and other sweets.
  • Whenever Jay mimics a new species, a coloring book of said species appears in his headspace.
  • Every element of mana has a different taste to Jay. Known elements are:
    • Fire: Tastes like cinnamon
    • Water: Has no taste, much like water
    • Earth: Tastes like chocolate
    • Thunder: Tangy, like sprite


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