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Jane: (Insert very mad female voice as Jane powers up hers demonic rage)

Sonny (6th): What she is doing?!

(Ground begin shake)

Zeus: How she is generating this much power?!

Louise: No, don`t do this Jane! It will blow up your cover and gods know surely who you are! STOP IT NOW!!! (screams at Ashram palace)

Hercules: This is unreal!

DEL: Amazing!

Endymion: Do it Jane!

~ Jane powers up before everyone and is ready to figth Morax


Character created by Lekmos.

Jane is child of dark elf king Ashram and demon lord Louise, making her dark elf demon hybrid. Jane was born after great immigration war had ended in planet Terra. Immigration wars has begun after fall empire, because now those where been slaves and try find new place to live.

Jane with her clothing, when she was Terra.

Jane has been living peacefull childhood under hers father carefull eye. Hers dad didn`t want anything happen to hers little princess, even hers mother told that Jane will be ok, she is enough strong to take humans and monsters.

Now many years later Jane was normal hunting trip and everything is going as plan, until remnants of cult from immigration wars,which despise dark elfs, attacked Jane with surpise. Jane was howewer more exprient to take out most of attackers. But one mage was smart enough use magic spell to hamstring Jane with spell. These cultist where against dark elfs and knowed that Jane is actually half demon and their possesion was seraph blade ready to kill Jane. Jane couldn`t do nothing as cultist gets closer and was ready to strike her death. Jane would be goner, if not Marth, who was doing nephilim sreaching mission with John and Carl at planet Terra same time, come to interference cultist to kill Jane. Marth quicly dealt with cultist and proceeded ask Jane if she is okey. Marth howewer didn`t get say anything, because Jane`s mother Louise comes to scene and thinks that Marth is try kill hers daughter, leading ankward situtation....

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Appearance and Personality

When living planet Terra Jane likes wear red dress with heels and black knee shocks. When she comes live earth with Marth and others she wears classic Japanese style school uniform with white shirt, black mini skirt, white knee shocks and black shoes. As being child of dark elf, she has brown skin colour, pointy ears, with long white hair. Normally she has brow eyes, but when enraged or or using hers demon side, hers eyes changes complety red likes hers mother. Jane can also sproud out ro retact demonic wings at will.

Jane as wearing clothes when she is at earth

Jane behave to stranges as cold and distant like all dark elfs, who know their honor. But when she get knew person she changes to joyfull person. Jane has also sadistic side, because of hers demonic side. When figthing and she gives hers demonic side, she becomes sadistic person who wants see hers enemies or ``victims`` to suffer, before finish them off.

Jane later developes deep relationship with Marth, because she can relate how Marth feels being alone being son of Satan and Marth later understand also how Jane feels, being hybrid of dark elf and demon. Because even dark elfs have their own standarts and most them don`t like Jane being impure to be their next queen for throne.

Personal Statictics

Alignment: Neutral good

Date of Birth: 19, august 648, Terra, universe 1 (aka alpha universe)

Birthplace: Dark elf kindom

Weight: You can go and ask, if you dare...

Height: 165 cm



Eye Color: Brown, when demonic side active red

Hair Color: White




Martial Status: Single. Later dating in Prophesy Saga and forward with Marth


  • Future daughter/Other Universe Daughter: Annie

Status: Alive,

Affiliation: Dark elf kindom, hers mother Louise, Save nephilim brigade


Jane theme/Dark elf princess

Jane when hers demonic side has awekened

Jane, Sword Dancer!/Jane battle theme

Powers and abilities

Tier: At least 6-A, possibly 5-C

Name: Jane, Dark Elf princess

Origin: Tales of nephilim

Gender: Female

Age: 16 physically 156 (real age)

Classification: Cambion (Dark elf demon hybrid)

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (Jane can read and follow hers enemy energy signature), Dark Magic, Shapeshifting (complete tranformation), Immortality (Type 1), Supernaturally hard skin, Demonic Energy Manipulation, Telekinesis (type 1), Demonic rage Mode, Regeneration (Mid), Wing Manifestation (can manifest demonic wings to fligth and use them as shields), True Flight (with hers wings), Hell-Fire Manipulation (Via Dark Magic), Explosion Manipulation (By Final Mark), Non-Physical Interaction (Being child of higher demon, Jane can rip souls out from other beings),

Attack Potency: At least Continet level, (Jane has been fougth against Ares and other planetary gods. Has been fougth and win against Endymion), Possibly Moon Level with demonic rage, (Jane has never tested hers upper limits, but she has few times overpowered likes Hercules and Zeus. Endymion had to use Power of Three to figth and calm Jane down after she was lost in her rage.

Speed: At least Massively hypersonic, (Over 900 mach, faster than Endymion or Hercules), Possibly FTL, can fight par with Morax.

Lifting Strength: Class M+, (One time armwrestled with Endymion and won)

Striking Strength: At Least Continet Class, (normally.), Possibly Moon Class with demonic rage, has been fougth par with beings like Hercules, Zeus.

Durability: At least Continet level, (Demon body is more hard than mortals and gives protection almost any harm. Takes hits from Endymion with few bruises), Possibly Moon Level, taked hits from Endymion and gotted few wounds.)

Range: Thousands of kilometers, (With abilities and energy attacks) Planetary, (when demonic rage)

Stamina: Superhuman+, (Foughted beings like Endymion and Hercules without breaking sweat.)

Standart equipment:

  • Two scimitar swords,which her mother gaved her as birthday gift.

Intelligence: Gifted, (Knows many cunning tactics take out hers foes. Fast learning, she comes earth and quicly adjusted herself to earth life. Even being lived many years at planet Terra, which has different culture as modern earth.)


  • As being half demon, ligth magic is very effective against her.

Note: Ready, there may be changes in future...

Notable attacks/Techniques

  • Demonic rage: Being half demon Jane has not yet learn control fully hers demon side. When she gets mad or very angry, hers demonic side takes over and she turns sadistic person which enjoy other suffering. This howewer gives her large boost to hers powers and make her formiable enemy to even cherubim level angels.
  • Wing Blades: Jane`s demonic wings are perfect use as sharp blades to slice enemy along side flying.
  • Sword dance: Jane uses hers sword skill combining it with like ballerina on ice skiting sword figth style.

    Two scimitar swords which hers mother Louise gived at her as birthday gift.

  • Surpise, i am here: Jane throws her other sword towards enemy, usually towards enemy face and while enemy is dodging that Jane attacks enemy from side. This depends which side enemy dodges. After that she uses darl magic to pull sword back to her.
  • Sword bumerang: Jane uses hers dark magic to control hers sword movement while they travel at air.
  • Sword tornado: Same as before, but this time Jane uses hers sword move around enemy to cause wounds and slices around enemy.
  • Final mark: Jane infuses hers demonic energy to swords and ussually get close ange to enemy to slice x like mark to enemy with explosive energy pack in attack. Jane can do this at distance too, but she mostly gets closer to ificlt more damge to enemy. Or she can realse energy one at time, like she slash other sword energy first and then anothers later.


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  • When you think Jane`s demonic rage mode, think how Rem (from Re:Zero) acted in hers oni mode.
  • Jane had feelings towards Endymion, but never get any singals back more than be friend. This was because Endymion was already fallen love with Kiyoko and even her disappearance, Endymion wowed stay loyal to Kiyoko.
  • Being half demon Jane generates smell, which only angels, nephilims or gods can smell.