Every day, human life is ended, by the hands of either nature or other humans. Humans commit evil deeds, as it is just as natural to them as acts of good. If a specific scenario is carried out, all life on the planet will end within moments, and most of the populace will die either whimpering, or in utter silence.

So, why do we continue to fight? Nothing I said was a lie, as we live our lives, these facts remain. Even if you try to complain, say it's not fair, dream it away with your own fantasies, that is how the world is. So beyond those grim realities, what is there?

Wasted Tears

This short story details the first Alsandair named Abban, who buries his brother, only to find him once again alive a few days later. Following their arrival, a decay comes upon his surroundings, forcing him to isolate himself inside his tent. Shortly afterwards, a strange being explains that Abban must kill his brother, lest all come to ruin.

Jack of All Trades: War

In a January morning, a massive explosive blast is unleashed in the center of London. The city experiences complete annihilation, rendering millions of people dead within an instant.

Shortly afterwards, a war, unlike anything else seen of our world erupts, where the fight between life and death becomes the most critical it could ever hope to be.

Jack of All Trades: The Rightous Side of Hell

A currently in development story where a group of rogue spirits under a mob boss in the 1920s have to grapple with their new states of being in a violent world of crime.

Jack of All Trades

The main series details the life of Xander Alsandair, someone who was sheltered from the violent life of magic, until the curtains eventually gave way, and he was forced to confront a reality far harsher than himself.

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Wasted Tears

Jack of All Trades: War

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