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The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.
~ Jaakuna


Jaakuna is a character from Storiverse.

She was a Kovan and a warrior for Kovan Undivided for all of her life. She was killed during a battle but instead of dying, for unknown reasons became an undead, due to Kovan's obsession with keeping Kovan race pure, she had to left her Country, having been betrayed by her own people, she left the Universe and decided to became a lone wolf, only loyal to herself.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-A, likely 8-C, higher with Ruh | 8-B, higher with Ruh, High 6-C with Ruh Kesici

Name: Jaakuna, Jaakuna the Undead, Impure One

Origin: Storiverse (ExSENNA)

Gender: Female

Age: 22 at the time of her death, over 700 total

Classification: Kovan (formerly), Undead

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7), Regeneration (High-Mid; Regenerated after being blown to pieces), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Genius Intelligence, Dimensional Travel (Can travel across the multiverse), Martial Arts, Swordswoman and Markswoman, Clairvoyance and Information Analysis (Can understand how strong her opponent is and what their weaknesses are by just looking), Statistics Amplification (With Ruh, can greatly increase her stats), Resistance Negation (Capable of bypassing resistances, including forcefields), Body Control, Acid Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (Can freely control her body, her body fluids are acidic and carry various diseases, can throw them to opponents), Analytical Prediction (Can sense how a fight will go just by looking at enemy's stance, can sense enemy's next move), Enhanced Senses (can sense everything in 200 meter radius), Extrasensory Perception and Non-Physical Interaction (Can sense and interact with Incorporeal and abstract beings), Durability Negation, Soul Manipulation and Resurrection (Can take souls of those she has killed; can attack soul with Kemtorna, can resurrect dead at the cost of Stolen soul), Selective Intangibility (Only for Kemtorna), Summoning and Necromancy (Can summon several of Undead under her command, can turn corpses into Undead), Statistics Reduction and Memory Manipulation (Passively causes her opponent to forget how to fight, also reduces their physical strength over time)

Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Plot Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (Unaffected by a Notrene's brainwashing that controlled an entire planet, Unaffected Michelle's ability to write stories in her book to bring them into reality, undeads don't get sick), Death Manipulation, Existence Erasure and Power Nullification (Survived from Erlik's geberson which killed and erased everyone in vicinity, Erlik could not block her powers), Power Absorption, Causality Manipulation, Absorption and Fate Manipulation, (Resisted Primera's absorption and ability to change causality to manipulate outcomes), Sealing, Social Influencing, Transmutation, Probability Manipulation and Resistance Negation (Resisted numerous technological devices and opponents with these abilities), Precognition, Clairvoyance and Information Analysis (Erlik could not see any future related to her, Narsa could not predict her abilities or any information about her by looking). Immunity to Soul Manipulation (lacks a Soul) and Pain Manipulation (Doesn't feel any pain due to being an undead)

All previous greatly enhanced plus Regeneration (Low-Godly; regenerated after complete destruction of her body), Fire Manipulation, Earth Manipulation and Magma Manipulation (With Kemtorna, she can create and control fire and earth, can combine both to create lava as well), Spatial Manipulation (With Kemtorna, she can cut through space), Void Manipulation, Intangibility and Nonexistent Physiology (Can turn herself into nothingness, thus not being exist while being able to attack via Kemtorna. She can stay nonexistent as long as she wants but can only attack for first 10 seconds of entering this state, automatically activates if she's in danger), Conceptual Manipulation (While nonexistent, she will temporarily remove her own concept from existence, as a result of this, everyone will forget about her existence, even those with resistance to mental abilities as this is not a mental ability), Death Manipulation (with Lethal Slash), Regeneration Negation and Resistance Negation (Kemtorna slows down or outright prevents healing abilities of whatever it cuts), Acausality (Type 2; When she first used her ability to become nonexistent, all of her past and future also become nonexistent, even after she stopped using it, she no longer exist in past or future)

All previous plus Resistance to Power Mimicry (Keder Leydi was only able to copy Kemtorna's appearance but not its powers), Absolute Zero (Was able to move and break out of Keder Leydi's Absolute Zero), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; Keder Leydi was not able to seal or absorb her with her power to give names)

Attack Potency: At least Small Building level (Casually kicked someone such that they flew across over a kilometer distance then fell into the ground ), likely Building level (Encountered Mugens several times and should be physically comparable to an average Elite Knight) higher with Ruh (Ruh increases her stats 50%) | City Block level+ (Comparable to Page 4-7 Kin), higher with Ruh (Ruh increases her stats 50%), Large Island level+ with Ruh Kesici (Ruh Kesici increases her stats 1010 times)

Speed: Hypersonic with Massively FTL+ reactions (Can keep up with likes of Kin), higher with Ruh (Blitzed and killed Kin numerous times with Ruh active) | Hypersonic with Massively FTL+ reactions, higher with Ruh, far higher with Ruh Kesici

Lifting Strength: At least Class 50 (Can lift a W13 Class Tank, which weights around 40 Tons), higher with Ruh | At least Class 50, higher with Ruh

Striking Strength: At least Small Building Class, likely Building Class, higher with Ruh | City Block Class+, higher with Ruh, Large Island Class+ with Ruh Kesici

Durability: At least Small Building level, likely Building level, higher with Ruh | City Block level+, higher with Ruh, Large Island level+ with Ruh Kesici

Stamina: Nigh-Infinite. Due to being Undead, never runs out of stamina

Range: Extended Melee range normally, hundreds of meters with Kemtorna, Multiversal+ with Dimensional Travel. Varies with whatever she finds in battlefield | Same as before, several kilometers via Natural Slash Combinations

Standard Equipment: Kemtorna, can make use of everything she finds in battlefield

Intelligence: Genius. Jaakuna is very cunning and analytical, constanly fought against enemies who are far stronger than herself yet still won via exploiting their weaknesses. She likes to mislead, irritate and deceive her opponents, capable of understanding her opponent by analysing every single bit of their appearance and movements, can make use of all that is avaible to her in battlefield can always think of a way to win if it's possible. Can make good use of enviroment.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attcaks/Techniques

  • Undead: Jaakuna was transformed into an Undead after her death for unknown reasons, this granted her many abilities, such as Regeneration, Creation and Control of other Undead, Nigh-infinite stamina and Acidic diseased body fluids. She was capable of regenerating from an explosion that blew her up, later she increased her regeneration so much that complete phsyical destruction of her body is not enough to kill her. She also has ability to take over someone else's body, when her entire body was destroyed and only her hand left, she still survived and was able to command her Undeads to retrieve her, shortly after this, she took over body of one of Undeads by commanding him to "equip" the hand. The body she took over quickly changed and obtained same appearance as her original body. She can turn corpses into Undeads under her command by inserting her body fluids into them, these Undeads aren't as strong as her but they have similar Undead abilities. She can also summon if they are away.
  • Ruh: Ability allows her to increase her stats by 50%. Lasts one hour. Can be used once in every two hours.
    • Seviye : Ruh Kesici: Jaakuna's first ability that reached Seviye "∞", which seemingly is the limit of this ability. Far superior to regular Ruh, increases her physical capabilities 1010 times. Lasts 3 seconds. Can be used once in every hour.
  • Soul Extraction: An ability she had prior to being an Undead. She can take souls of those she has killed and use them for various purposes, Such as resurrecting those who are dead at the cost of stolen Soul which she cals "Dirilme", or combining all Souls to create weapons with unique abilities, such as Kemtorna.
  • Kemtorna: Kemtorna is her weapon, technically two weapons, a Sword and Bow, She made those weapons via using Souls of numerous people she has killed. She is able to use various abilities with Kemtorna. Kemtorna is capable of gaining new abilities when fed enough souls, Inscreasing its "Seviye".
    • Seviye 1: Grants fallowing abilities.
      • Soul Slash: Kemtorna's Seviye 1 Ability, can attack one's soul as well as steal it when target is killed
      • Nonsensed Slash: Kemtorna's Seviye 1 Ability, can also attack certain things while pass through others. People are incapable of touching or blocking Kemtorna even if they are normally able to touch such objects.
    • Seviye 2: Grants fallowing abilities
      • Vanishing Slash: Kemtorna has the ability to cut through space itself and granted Jaakuna to turn herself and her undead into nothingness for a short amout of time. She herself is able to stay nonexistent as long as she wants but can only attack during first 10 seconds of it. Automatically activates when she's in danger.
    • Seviye 3
      • Natural Slash: Kemtorna gained ability to control and create mineral, fire and air. By combinind mineral and fire she can control lava. By combining all three she is able to cause explosions of varying degree, these explosions cover a huge area as they shown to be able to hit enemies from kilometers away.
    • Seviye 3: grants her fallowing abilities
      • Lethal Slash: Kemtorna gained ability to instantly inflifct "death" on any being it cuts. May it be a biological death, or death in different forms. It can affect from living beings to robots, or even incorporeal and abstract entities.

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