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Irre is a character in Everybody Wants to Rule the World 4. Irre is the result of a six souls being mashed into one. As a result of this Irre literally is multiple persons in one body. It became one of the Makuta, an ancient race that maintained the universe that they lived in. During its time as part of the Brotherhood of Makuta Irre was shunted by the inhabitants of the universe that it had to maintain. Because of its multiple personalities it was seen as a kind of chaotic and mischievous deity. It had a hard time dealing with its multiple personalities, because they had trouble communicating with each other. Only one part of its soul could be in control at a time and the personalities were not aware of each others actions. There were two more dominant parts of the soul, those were the host, Irre Darstellerisch, and the Actor. These two were mostly aware of the other personalities actions and were even able to influence them. The Actor took advantage of the wildly different views and personalities of the others and started to manipulate them as if they were its puppets.

When Joseph put Irre into the new world Irre Darstellerisch was inactive for unknown reasons. This allowed the Actor to basically do whatever it wanted. Several personalities came out and were manipulated by the Actor before Irre Darstellerisch took over the reigns and restrained the Actor. The multiple personalities came into contact with several other people, notably Will Wistop and Silas Erebus. With its new abilities Irre Darstellerisch then found a way for its other personalities to inhabit their own bodies.

Appearance and Personality

Irre Darstellerisch: The host of the all the parts of the soul and the one with he most control over their actions. Irre has a very pretty androgynous appearance. It has a pale complexion and pale eyes and hair. Irre is a level headed person that is able to make cold calculations no matter what situation it finds itself in. It doesn't really concern itself with good and evil and simply tries to live its live and take care of those close to it. Irre likes to create things and values the duality of existence. Irre hates hypocrisy and shallowness however.

Actor: An overdramatic figure that sees the world as its stage and all events at a show. Actor always appears in military garb and it's face is described as something similar to a sinister mask with an unwavering smile. Not even when it's talking does its facial expression change. Manipulating others, including the other Irre personalities, in order to make its "scenes" is something that Actor does all the time.

Hiro Darstellerisch: The kindest of the personalities. Hiro was described as a "very handsome" person by Will when they first met and as "cute" when she assumed her female form. Hiro is a caring individual, who values life and freedom and is quick to protect those. She does however place her family before anyone else and would do almost anything for them. She seems to be able to enjoy almost anything, especially if she's together with friends and family. After curing Will Wistop from his endless hunger she grew very close to him and they became lovers.

Anne Darstellerisch: Anne is rash and immature and it has trouble expressing itself. It's basically still a kid, but it has a strong desire to take out "bad" people. It sometimes has poor judgement however. When Irre reigned in Actor and started taking care of its other personalities it treated Anne like its younger sibling and taught it more about life. After this Anne seemed to have given up on its witch hunt and acted more like a quiet child.

Reus/Rea Darstellerisch: A hot headedindividual. Rea first had an androgynous appearance that looked like a more mature Anne, but she assumed a female form after meeting Silas Erebus. Rea is very honest about everything except her own feelings. She used to think of herself as a villain, because being shunted by the inhabitants of her home universe and Actor's manipulation. Although she claimed to be a villain she secretly just wanted to be loved. Shortly after meeting Silas they started dating and she became more calm and less violent, although she still loves some carnage and a good fight.

Noxa Darstellerisch: A very mysterious individual that has barely shown itself. It wears a scarlet and black suit that covers its entire body and it has never shown what it looks like beneath. When it confronted a group of gang members its voice was described as suprisingly sweet and gentle. Noxa kills without hesitation and is a very focused person. It seems to have a mission, but it's unknown what its mission could be.

Personal Statistics

Name: Irre Darstellerisch

Origin: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Gender: Androgynous, female as Hiro and Rea

Age: Unknown

Classification: Makuta, Lightbearer, God

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Weight: Varies

Height: Varies

Eye Color: Varies

Hair Color: varies

Marital Status: Single, Hiro is in a relationship with Will Wistop and Rea is in a relationship with Silas Erebus

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least 9-C, likely 9-B, Higher with kinetic energy absorption | At least 8-C, likely High 8-C, up to 8-A with Sun Shine and/or Stardust Vortex, 7-A for Kardas | At least High 7-A, likely 6-C, up to 6-B with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex, Higher with Machaíri, 6-B for Kardas | At least High 5-A, likely Low 4-C far Higher with Creations/Inventions and stat amps, 3-B with Wairua Nui and Machaíri, at least High 3-A Environmental Destruction with the Grand Kanohi, up to 2-A with Will Power, Unknown for Kardas

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Multiple Personalities, Extrasensory Perception, Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3), Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Information Analysis, Genius Intelligence, Preperation, Enhanced Senses, Weapon Mastery, Martial Arts, Flight (Can fly by growing wings), Dimensional Storage (Can store equipment in a hammerspace), Telepathy (Can telepathically communicate with people and read their minds across the planet), Mind Manipulation, Shapeshifting and Sizeshifting, Absorption (Can absorb others and can drain different forms of energy including the energy of other people. It can also absorb kinetic energy making it hard to damage. The ability to absorb kinetic energy also spreads to any mount it may be using), Darkness Manipulation (Possesses mastery over elemental Shadow), Corruption (Type 2; can drain the inner light of others with Shadow Leeches and can corrupt Kanohi masks), Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Capable of creating Rahi and breaking down objects on a molecular level through various means), can create and control Rahi, Kraata and Rahkshi, Adaptation (Can instantly adapt to any situation), Air Manipulation (Can control air and vacuums), Anger and Fear Inducement, Animal Manipulation, Density Manipulation (Possesses complete control of its own density, and can manipulate the density of others with a touch; can turn intangible), Electricity Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation (Can make things explode violently), Gravity Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Poison Manipulation (Can poison things, living and unliving, even soil), Sleep Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (Can generate and control powerful sound waves that can shake objects apart), Virus Manipulation (Can engineer and control energy-based viruses), Weather Manipulation, Time Stop (Can freeze an opponent in a stasis field that traps them in space and time), Disintegration, Elasticity, Forcefield Creation, Healing (Low-Mid), Heat and Laser Vision, Illusion Manipulation (Can form complex illusions), Invisibility (Can blend into any environment), Teleportation, Possession (Can possess unoccupied bodies), Non-Corporeal (In its true form, Irre is a mass of Antidermis, which is pure energy), Regeneration (Low-Mid; Can instantly regenerate from serious wounds, and can recover from being devolved into a body that doesn’t have room for its new internal organs), Longevity, Immortality (Types 3 and 6), Intangibility (The sword Dead End Rainbow can freely change its blade between spiritual form and material form), Death Manipulation (Can kill its opponents in 7 hits by damaging their spiritual bodies with Dead End Rainbow), Magic, Holy Manipulation, Precognition (Can look a few seconds into the future and can accurately predict movements), Power Absorption (Can gain the abilities of others), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm its opponents even if they exist in spiritual form and can harm elemental spirits), Summoning, Soul Manipulation and Biological Manipulation with Disintegration, Paralysis Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Petrification and Corrosion Inducement with Eyes of the Heavenly Snake Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Unique skills are the shape of the mind itself, and require a strong soul in order to possess them), heat, cold, Information Manipulation (Magic Senses overloads the brain with so much information it would kill a normal human, but Irre doesn't suffer from this), and Data Manipulation (The information from Magic Sense is turned into data, which overloads the human brain, but Irre doesn't suffer from this), Statistics Amplification and Resistance to Elemental Manipulation with Invulnerability, any mount it uses will gain Reactive Evolution

All previous abilities to a higher degree plus Aura, Healing (Low-High), Blessed, Can harm those outside of logic (Can hurt Colzin, who exists outside of logic, being invulnerable against weapons), Fire Manipulation, Intangibility, Regeneration Negation (High), Heat Manipulation, Light Manipulation (Can emit intense light with the same properties as sunlight), Statistics Amplification most notably with Sun Shine and Stardust Vortex, Empowerment, Summoning (Can summon Rhitta from extremely far distances), Resistance to Life, Blood and Power Absorption (Colzin passively absorbs those, and Irre wasn't affected), Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly) (Able to regenerate even after being hit by Colzin), Fire Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Immunity to Mind Manipulation (Irre's memories are stored in its astral body. In other words it can think with its soul and is thus immune to mind control and mind reading effects), Curse Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Magic (Has an innate resistance to magic), Power Nullification, Holy Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Poisons, Corrosion Inducement, Fear Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, and Pain Manipulation

All previous abilities to a higher degree plus Stealth Mastery (Can't be sensed, even by those who have exceptional senses), Acausality (Types 1 and 4), Space-Time Manipulation (Includes Attack Negation through Dimensional Gap and Durability Negation through Dimensional Slash and World Break), NPC Creation, Mana Absorption and Energy Beams, Magic can't be used when it is absorbing mana, Vibration Manipulation, Duplication, Creation, Metal Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Technological Manipulation, Resistance to Statistics Reduction, Poison Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Can resist Seithr, which is poisonous, can induce addiction and deteriorate bodies, as well as reduce the power of others), Existence Erasure, Memory Manipulation, Attack Reflection (Not affected by Colzin's passives), Conceptual Manipulation (Yamato and Red Queen took a hit from Colzin, whose attacks hit in a conceptual level, and weren't affected by it) Empathic Manipulation (Om the scale of at least 150,000 people), Absolute Zero, Illusions, Disease Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Includes Acid), Time Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Matter Manipulation (Which works at the atomic level), Decomposition, Hellfire Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Precognition, Fate Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Power Modification (Those who possess an ultimate skill are not affected by lower abilities. Every rule of the world is ultimately reduced to this unique level. In other words, they will not be affected by any form of magic–highest or not), Power Mimicry (Ordinarily stealing an ultimate skill from its owner is impossible, as the skill is born from them, deep within their soul, and is etched into their nucleic heart which exists within their soul), Information Analysis (The abilities of ultimate skill users can't be analyzed by those with lower skills, in addition ultimate skill users can know when someone is trying to analyze their abilities, and can even give fake information about their abilities), and Law Manipulation (Ultimate skill users understand the laws of the world and are also released from them), With Creations/Inventions Irre has access to Danmaku, Elemental Manipulation and Absorption, Energy Projection, Chain Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Time Manipulation, Telekinesis, X-Ray vision, Translation, Size Manipulation, Limited Probability Manipulation, Astral Projection, Necromancy, Limited Power Mimicry, Text Manipulation, Light Absorption, Sense Manipulation, Reactive Evolution, Hacking, Fusionism, Status Effect Inducement, Limited Power Nullification, Social Influencing, and Resistance to Extrasensory Perception

All previous abilities to a far higher degree plus Decomposition, Information Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9; Irre can ressurect in its Throne World and even when its conceptual existence is destroyed it will reincarnate as a new Irre. Its death is not inside its body. Its Ghost can revive Irre as long as it has a connection to the Light. Irre's memories transcend space-time, because of which it can't die as long as it has any bodies), Regeneration (Mid-Godly), Acausality (Type 3 [With Multiple Existence Irre can share its consciousness simultaneously with multiple bodies. Each body is connected through the Soul Corridor which makes their memories transcend time and space and are accumulated within each other. Thus Irre can't die as long as its other bodies exist in imaginary space and other universes]), Sealing, Power Bestowal, Reactive Evolution, Fate Manipulation, Power Modification, Physics Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Life Manipulation (Can absorb and manipulate life energy to induce death, create life, heal others, and even resurrect the dead), Existence Erasure, Reality Warping, Regeneration Negation (Mid-Godly), Disease Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Dimensional Travel, Portal Creation, BFR, Subjective Reality, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Abstract Existence (Type 2), Causality Manipulation, Resistance Negation, Space-Time Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Black Hole Creation, Time Travel, Density Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Durability Negation, Bone Manipulation, Damage Transferal, Homing Attack, Clairvoyance, Transmutation, Dream Manipulation, Transformation, Minor Plot Manipulation, Supernatural Luck, Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg), Resurrection, Soul Manipulation via Thorn, Immortality and Regeneration Negation via Thorn (The Thorn is capable of devouring the light of Guardians to prevent their Ghosts from healing or resurrecting them), Pain Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Large Size (Type 7) with Wairua Nui, Age Manipulation, can reverse evolution, Curse Manipulation, Invulnerability, Resistance to Possession, Physics Manipulation, BFR, Physical Impediment (automatically phases through whatever is trying to stop it), Slashing Weapons, Piercing Weapons, Immunity to Modern Weapons (Servants are Divine Mysteries that cannot be harmed by modern weapons such as guns, knives, or bombs unless they are infused with a supernatural aspect such as magical energy or possess a certain amount of age or mystery behind their creation), Black Holes, Resistance Negation, Sealing, Damage Transferal, Matter Manipulation (Macro-quantum level), Reality Warping, Soul Manipulation (Damage to or destruction of Guardian souls is not particularly important to Guardians, as they regularly endure such effects), Telepathy (Has defenses that ward off those who try to read its thoughts), Energy Projection, Dream Manipulation and far more (Has all of Will Wistop's abilities)

Attack Potency: Street Level+ (Stated to be one joule below Wall Level by WoG and decree of Joseph), likely Wall Level, Higher with kinetic energy absorption, ignores durability with a multitude of abilities | Building Level+ (Stated to be one joule below Large Building Level by WoG and decree of Joseph), likely Large Building Level, up to Multi-City Block Level with Sun Shine and/or Stardust Vortex (Can become a maximum of one hundred times stronger), Mountain Level for Kardas | Large Mountain level+ (Stated to be one joule below Island Level by WoG and decree of Joseph), likely Island Level, up to Country Level with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex (Can become a maximum of ten thousand times stronger, with its creations being powerful enough to tear it apart quite easily), Higher with Machaíri (Irre's most powerful weapon. Restored the damage that was done by all nukes in Eurasia going off in their silos), Country Level for Kardas (Is stronger than Irre at its peak) | At least Dwarf Star Level+ (Stated to be one joule below Small Star Level by WoG and decree of Joseph), likely Small Star Level, far Higher with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex, Multi-Galaxy Level with Wairua Nui and Machaíri, at least High Universe Level Environmental Destruction with the Grand Kanohi, up to Multiverse Level+ with Will Power, Unknown for Kardas

Speed: Supersonic| Massively Hypersonic, up to Sub-Relativistic with various stat amps | FTL+ up to Massively FTL+ with various stat amps | Infinite, Higher with stat amps and Will Power, Immeasurable with Time Warp (Can transcend time and space to reach the location it desires) and Space-Time Transcension (Can boost its speed to move outside of the bounds of space and time. It's like an extended Time Warp that can be used in combat)

Lifting Strength: Class G | Class G | Class G | Unknown, at least Stellar, up to Immeasurable with Will Power

Striking Strength: Street Level+, likely Wall Level, Higher with kinetic energy absorption | Building Level+, likely Large Building Level, up to Multi-City Block Level with Sun Shine and/or Stardust Vortex (Can become a maximum of hundred times stronger), Mountain Level for Kardas | Large Mountain level+, likely Island Level, up to Country Level with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex (Can become a maximum of ten thousand times stronger, with its creations being powerful enough to tear it apart quite easily), Country Level for Kardas (Is stronger than Irre at its peak) | At least Dwarf Star Level+, likely Small Star Level, far Higher with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex, Multi-Galaxy Level with Wairua Nui and Machaíri, up to Multiverse Level+ with Will Power, Unknown for Kardas

Durability: Street Level+, likely Wall Level, Higher with kinetic energy absorption | Building Level+, likely Large Building Level, up to Multi-City Block Level with Sun Shine and/or Stardust Vortex (Can become a maximum of hundred times more durable), Mountain Level for Kardas | Large Mountain level+, likely Island Level, up to Country Level with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex (Can become a maximum of ten thousand times more durable, with its creations being even more durable), Country Level for Kardas (Is more durable than Irre at its peak) | At least Dwarf Star Level+, likely Small Star Level, far Higher with Creations/Inventions, Sunshine and Stardust Vortex, Multi-Galaxy Level with Wairua Nui, up to Multiverse Level with the Aegis and Will Power, Unknown for Kardas

Stamina: Extremely High. Can fight for an entire month and is tireless physically. | Same as before | Same as before | Infinite

Range: Extended melee range, Tens of meters to hundreds of kilometers with abilities and planetary with teleportation and telepathy. | Same as before | Same as before, Planetary with Machaíri | Multiversal+

Standard Equipment:

Notable pieces of equipment

Its sword, Dead End Rainbow, which can destroy the spiritual body, which is the foundation of any individual's lifeforce, in 7 hits, even if his opponents only exist in a spiritual form. His Rotating Shadow Blades and Twin Sword, along various other weapons.

  • Mask of Scavenging: Irre’s helmet, which allowes it to drain any residual life energy from fresh corpses nearby, making it stronger.
  • Kraahkan: The Great Helm of Shadows, the only one of its kind. It grants Irre greater control over elemental shadow over great distances, and it also allows it to see the darkness in the hearts of others. If any non-Makuta being attempts to touch it, it violently attacks them.

More weapons.

  • Divine Axe Rhitta: An large one-handed axe. It is able to store the immense heat produced by Irre during the day, allowing it to protect its surroundings and concentrate his attacks. Irre can call its axe to it from great distances by raising its hand in the air, causing the axe to fly to it. By saying "Sacred Treasure Release" Irre can unleash an immense burst of heat and light, blinding its opponents.
    • Charge and Fire: Irre can release the stored up heat in Rhitta in a powerful but concentrated attack.

More weapons and items like potions.

  • Earth Recover: A pure white shield of incredible durability.

Created Items

Irre has a extremely large numbers of created items. It has fused a lot of these items together for combined effects too.

  • Machaíri: A sword with great control over matter. It can be used to create all kinds of materials and even living beings. Irre can easily restore even entire coutries after their destruction with this staff and it can protect itself from matter altering attacks.
  • Ring of the Makuta: It allows the user to freely teleport between every room inside their base.
  • A ring that protects the user from detection by all kinds of divination-type magic.
  • Hau: The Great Mask of Shielding. It allows Irre to form a forcefield that protects itself from physical attack. Its Nuva version allows it to shield not only itself, but others as well.
  • Kaukau: The Great Mask of Waterbreathing. It allows Irre to breathe underwater for a limited period of time. Its Nuva version gives the power to only breathe water, as well as being able to survive intense water pressures indefinitely, an ability that can be shared with others.
  • Miru: The Great Mask of Levitation. It allows Irre to float and glide on air, though flight relies on wind currents. Its Nuva version allows it to share this ability with its allies.
  • Kakama: The Great Mask of Speed. It allows Irre to move at high speeds. Its Nuva version allows Irre to share this ability with its allies, on top of allowing it to phase through matter by vibrating its molecules at high speed.
  • Pakari: The Great Mask of Strength. When used, it simply raises Irre's physical strength past his regular limits. Its Nuva version simply enhances its effects and allows Irre to share them with its allies.
  • Akaku: The Great Mask of X-Ray Vision. It allows Irre to see through solid objects and is outfitted with telescopic lenses that enhance its vision further. Its Nuva version strengthens the effect to the point where Irre can see through illusions, and can share it with its allies.
  • Huna: The Great Mask of Concealment, which allows Irre to become invisible, though it still leaves a shadow.
  • Rau: The Great Mask of Translation. It allows Irre to understand and speak virtually any written or spoken language, as well as the meaning behind carvings.
  • Mahiki: The Great Mask of Illusion. Through its power, Irre can create a variety of illusions. It can shapeshift to change its appearance, and mimic voices as well.
  • Komau: The Great Mask of Mind Control. Using Komau, Irre can see into the minds of others, control them, and attack their minds with mental blasts. However, the mask cannot be used to direct someone against their morals.
  • Ruru: The Great Mask of Night Vision, which releases a beam of light that illuminates Irre's surroundings and grants it limited X-ray vision. It can be used as a weapon, too, as the bright light can blind opponents.
  • Matatu: The Great Mask of Telekinesis, which allows Irre to manipulate other objects within its field of vision through its psychic powers.
  • Aki: The Great Mask of Valor. It combines the powers of the Masks of Shielding, Speed, and Strength, and thus allows Irre to use all three in any combination. Its Nuva counterpart can bestow these abilities onto its allies, as well, as well as allowing Akamai to phase through solid matter by vibrating his molecules at high speeds.
  • Rua: The Great Mask of Wisdom. It combines the powers of the Masks of Waterbreathing, Levitation, and X-Ray Vision, and thus allows Wairuha to use all three in any combination. Its Nuva counterpart can bestow these abilities onto its allies, as well allowing Wairuha to see through illusions.
  • Calix: The Great Mask of Fate. It allows Irre user to perform at the absolute peak of its abilities; it can execute seemingly impossible dodges, jumps, and it moves and reacts more swiftly than virtually any other being. This mask even manipulates probability to help with this.
  • Arthron: The Great Mask of Sonar. It allows Irre to navigate through echolocation, and can detect invisible opponents. It is always active on a low level.
  • Elda: The Great Mask of Detection. It allows Irre to detect nearby hidden beings. It is always on at a low level.
  • Faxon: The Great Mask of Kindred. It allows Irre to mimic the abilities of any Rahi in its general environment. If Irre was in the water, it could mimic the powers of any sea Rahi, and if it was on land, it could mimic the powers of any land Rahi. As an example, it can mimic the hypnotic abilities of an unknown sea creature.
  • Sanok: The Great Mask of Accuracy. Always passively activated, it allows Irre to turn virtually any object into a projectile and throw it with the utmost accuracy.
  • Garai: The Great Mask of Gravity. It allows Irre to manipulate the gravity of others, but not of itself.
  • Suletu: The Great Mask of Telepathy. It allows Irre to read the thoughts of others and project its thoughts, or those of another, into their mind. It can also be used to distract an opponent with mental noise. Irre's Suletu is also sentient, able to assist it with utilizing its powers. It is always on at a low level.
  • Zatth: The Great Mask of Summoning. It allows Irre to summon Rahi from its surroundings, but it can't control which ones appear or control them when they arrive.
  • Tryna: The Great Mask of Reanimation. It allows Irre to reanimate the dead and control their movements for as long as it focuses.
  • Volitak: The Great Mask of Stealth. Through its use, Irre can become nearly completely invisible and completely silent, leaving only a shadow.
  • Avhokii: The Great Mask of Light. In addition to granting Irre control over elemental Light, it allows Irre to sense the moral light in other beings, and it can also induce peace and understanding in them to end conflict.
  • Mask of Intangibility: Irre's Kanohi, which allows it to become intangible and phase through solid objects.
  • Mask of Mutation: Irre's Kanohi, which allows it to mutate others permanently from a distance. It can also reverse the mutations of others, though this is difficult without knowledge of the original mutation.
  • Felnas: The Great Mask of Disruption. On contact, it allows Irre to cause an opponent's abilities to go out of control. Depending on the ability in question, this varies in effectiveness, but it can be very lethal. Using it to disrupt teleportation abilities resulted in someone's atoms being scattered across the universe, while using it on an intangible opponent caused them to slowly fade from existence.
  • Shelek: The Great Mask of Silence. When activated, it can disable the target's ability to speak and hear for as long as Irre concentrates.
  • Jutlin: The great mask of corruption. It allows its user to break down inorganic objects within their range of vision by causing them to decompose and rust.
  • Mask of Psychometry: Irre's Kanohi, which allows it to see the past of an object by touching it. Irre does not have control over how much it can see with this ability, cannot use it on multiple objects at once, and cannot use it on other living beings.
  • Rode: The Mask of Truth. It's always passively active, and allows Irre to see through all forms of deception, such as lies, illusions, and invisibility. However, it cannot detect a lie if the target is not aware that they're lying.
  • Mask of Light and Shadow: A combination of Irre's Kraahkan and Avohkii, allowing Irre to manipulate both light and shadow, and see the moral lightness and darkness in the hearts of others. Irre can instill them with fear and anger, or peace and understanding.
  • Avsa: The Mask of Hunger. It gave its user the power to drain light, physical energy, or positive emotions from a single target over a distance. Physical energy stolen by the user will increase the user's physical abilities. Avsa can be used to make completely lightless beings by draining all of a target's light and then placing a "mind barrier" in the target.
  • Kiril: The Mask of Regeneration. It gave its user the power to repair damage to inorganic objects within their range of vision.
  • Pehkui: The Mask of Diminishment. It gave its user the power to shrink to a minimum height of six inches while still retaining their full strength and power level.
  • Mask of Sensory Aptitude: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to enhance all of their senses to a high degree.
  • Mask of Charisma: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to subtly alter the perception of one or more targets to make them agree with the user's views. The more the user spoke with their target(s), the more they would favor the user until they served the user's cause.
  • Mask of Rahi Control: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to control one or more of any type of Rahi at once.
  • Mask of Growth: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to grow larger, up to a maximum height of 60 feet. The user's strength grew directly in proportion to their enlarged size, but did not give them strength equivalent to a Pakari-user. The user's tools/weapons also grew larger.
  • Mask of Incomprehension: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to scramble both spoken and written languages for 10 minutes.
  • Mask of Adaptation: A Kanohi that automatically altered its user's body to adapt to their surroundings, including combat situations, local environs, and the weather. The mask was always on at a low level, scanning the environment; if it sensed the user needed to adapt, the mask would change them immediately.
  • Mask of Elemental Energy: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to quickly recharge their store of Elemental Energy.
  • Mask of Biomechanics: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to mentally interface with machinery. While interfaced, a wearer of this mask could directly influence the actions of the machinery, depending on how far they were from the target, and the complexity of the technology.
  • Mask of Fusion: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to forcibly merge themself with one or more beings into a single larger being. The mask user usually maintained most of the mental control over the resulting fusion. Some weaknesses were that strong minds could resist the merging, and even a weak mind could interfere with the user's control.
  • Mask of Healing: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to heal various physical injuries of other living beings. Specifically, the mask-user could cure diseases, insanity caused by a physical ailment, and the organic parts of a wounded being. However, the mask's power could not remove viruses, heal its user, reverse mutations, or uninfect Infected Kanohi. In addition, the mask-user needed to have a basic understanding of the injury targeted in order to heal the damage.
  • Mask of Rebounding: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to cause objects they threw to return to them after they hit or missed their target.
  • Mask of Aging: A Kanohi that gave its user the power to slightly accelerate the life processes of one or more targets to make them slower and weaker. The mask's power also worked on both non-living and inorganic targets.
  • Adaptive Armor: A special armor with a lot of utility. The Adaptive Armor’s onboard artificial intelligence analyzes whatever situation and environment Irre finds itself in, and adapts its construction to best suit the conditions. It can grant its user the ability to fly in aerial combat, and can even adapt to the vacuum of space.
  • Nynrah Ghost Blaster: The Nynrah Ghost Blaster fires energy, the nature of which can be altered by Irre through its thoughts. An example of this is that its beams would become attacks of light if its target is weak to light.

Nynrah Ghost Blaster_2: A special projectile weapon. The Nynrah Ghost Blaster allows Irre to take control of any mechanical object it fires at, even the mechanical parts of biomechanical beings.

  • Midak Skyblaster: It fires spheres of Light, which is highly effective against beings of Shadow. This works by drawing in the light in the user’s surroundings, and can potentially drain all the light from one's surroundings if it is overused.
  • Cordak Blaster: A powerful six-shot revolving rocket launcher.
  • Electric Shields: Irre's twin shields, which it uses to channel its control over lightning. They can contain and release hundreds of thousands of watts at a time. It can also use them as melee weapons, or as actual shields.
  • Magnetic Shields: Irre's twin shields, which it uses to channel its control over magnetism. Using them, it can create magnetic force fields, magnetize objects with a touch and manipulate magnetic materials. It can also use them as melee weapons, or as actual shields.
  • Vacuum Shields: Irre's twin shields, which it uses to channel its control over Vacuum. They can draw in large amounts of air from Lehvak-Kal's surroundings, hold it in for long periods of time, and then release it as a powerful burst of air capable of pulverizing rock. It can also use them as melee weapons, or as actual shields.
  • Plasma Shields: Irre's twin shields, which it uses to channel its control over Plasma. They can emit waves of intense heat, capable of melting down nearly any object and producing plasma to use in its attacks. It can also use them as melee weapons, or as actual shields.
  • Gravity Shields: Irre's twin shields, which it uses to channel its control over Gravity. They can either eliminate gravity in an area to throw its opponents into the air (potentially even into orbit), or it can increase gravity by many times its regular strength. It can also use them as melee weapons, or as actual shields.
  • Sonic Shields: Irre's twin shields, which it uses to channel its control over Sound. They can create protective barriers of sound, sonic booms, and even solid objects out of sound. It can shake apart objects with high power sound waves. It can also use them as melee weapons, or as actual shields.
  • Kanoka Disks: A series of disk-shaped projectiles used and fired by Irre through the use of Kanoka Disk Launchers. Different disks have different powers. The disks can have the following effects:
    • Antidote: The disk cures the effects of any poisons afflicting the target.
    • Disk of Time: The Disk of Time slows or accelerates time in a given area when fired.
    • Enlarging: The disk causes the target to grow.
    • Freezing: The disk covers the target in a thick layer of ice.
    • Reconstitution: The disk scrambles the molecular structure of the target, shapeshifting them into another form.
    • Regeneration: The disk repairs the target, usually structures or equipment.
    • Shrinking: The disk causes the target to shrink.
    • Teleportation: The disk moves the target to another location.
    • Weakening: The disk lowers the strength of the target, be they living or unliving.
    • Antidote: The disk cures the effects of any poisons afflicting the target.
  • Rhotuka Launcher: Irre can use its Rhotuka Launcher to channel its control over fire.
  • Rhotuka Launcher_2: A projectile weapon used to fire wheels of energy which induce temporary insanity in the target.
  • Rhotuka Launcher_3: A rapid-fire projectile weapon that causes targets to lose all physical coordination
  • Rhotuka Launcher_4: A ranged weapon that disintegrates targets.
  • Rhotuka Launcher_5: Irre's Rhotuka Launcher disrupts the target's sense of time, knocking their perception back in time by a few seconds.
  • Rhotuka Launcher_6: Irre's Rhotuka Launcher allows it to create constructs of solid light.
  • Zamor Launcher: A projectile weapon utilized by Irre, using Energized Protodermis Zamor as ammunition. It can briefly freeze an enemy in stasis.
  • Zamor Launcher_2: Uses Energized Protodermis Zamor as ammunition. It can drain the power of an enemy.
  • Zamor Launcher_3: A projectile weapon that fires Zamor Spheres containing Antidermis, which enslaves those it hits.
  • Zamor Launcher_4: A projectile weapon that fires Zamor Spheres that cause the target's worst fears to come alive.
  • Ussanui: A flying vehicle.
  • Nui Stone: A crystal that allows the user to absorb all the Elemental Power from his surroundings to increase his own power drastically.
  • Staff of Protodermis: A weapon that has the power to create and manipulate Protodermis to imprison and bind others.
  • Staff of Darkness: A large, bladed staff which Irre can use to channel its control over shadows. It can also be used to convert light and Protodermis into shadow.
  • The Spear of Fusion: A tool with the power to fuse other beings or split them apart.
  • Power Lance: A powerful lance. It amplifies the energy that is put into it.
  • Chains: Powerful chains that can be controlled from a distance. These chains can channel elemental powers.
  • Kanoka Blades: Powerful swords that can use Kanohi abilities.
  • Oculi Kau: A blade that has all Kanohi abilities.
  • Disintegration Staff: A staff that can fire off a disintegration beam.
  • Other tools and weapons: Irre has crafted many more weapons, shields, tools and vehicles that have abilities that are connected to elemental powers and Kraata powers.

More items. The Last Word, its Ghost, Thorn.

  • The Aegis: A powerful shield forged with Light. It grants absolute protection against anything the Vex are able to do on a Multiversal+ level and it allows one to take down incredible defenses.
  • Grand Kanohi: Irre has created an ultimate Kanohi that has all Kanohi abilities on a far higher level. Notably this grands Irre the abilities of the Ignika, Vahi and Mask of Creation on a higher level.
  • Wairua Nui: A multi-galaxy-sized robot that is under the command of Irre. It has a large amount of Irre's abilities. Wairua Nui contains several dimension seperated from normal space-time. In the main dimension there's also Irre's Throne World. Irre has complete control over these dimensions.
  • Shooting Star [Divine class artifact]: Allows the user to activate the super-tier magic, "Wish Upon a Star" three times without consuming experience.
  • Ring that allows the user to resurrect with little loss of exp.
  • Ring that protects the user from behavior disturbance.
  • Ring that allows Irre to use wands containing spells from incompatible classes (such as his resurrection wand).
  • Cloak [Divine class]: It has a Chaotic Aura Effect, causing a rippling dark red aura to rise from the feet, an aura that feels turbulent and sinister. Irre doesn't really use this, but Reus does.

Staff of the Brotherhood of Makuta

  • Automatic Attack Mode: The Staff of the Brotherhood of Makuta seems to possess some sort of intelligence, and is capable of making decisions independently of Irre in order to assist it in battle. It even possesses a mental bond with Irre, making it able to coordinate with it and follow its strategies without him needing to give it orders.
  • Dimensional Lock: An 8th-tier spell which creates a large field in which enemies are unable to use teleportation magic or other means of instantaneous movement.
  • Elemental Creature Summoning: Each gem is capable of summoning creatures aligned with its element, which will follow Irre or the Staff's orders. Among its strongest summons are Primal Elementals of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Star, which are each level 87 except for the Primal Star Elemental, which is level 90.
  • Fire Storm: A divine-aligned fire spell which covers a large area.
  • Flight: When in Automatic Attack Mode, the staff is capable of flying around on its own.
  • Shining Blast: A divine-aligned area of effect attack spell, which does increased damage to undead and other evil creatures, as well as creatures with a low karma value. Conversely, it deals far less damage to creatures with a high karma value.
  • Veil of Moon: A defensive spell which creates an immaterial barrier around the user.
  • Vermilion Nova: A 9th tier spell which engulfs the target in a large pillar of flame.
  • Resurrection Wand: This magic item is able to fully restore a dead target back to life by using the spell True Resurrection, which is potent enough to completely restore the target's body and soul and can presumably counter True Death.
  • Exchange Puppets: Cash shop items that allow the user to switch places with any being that they are given to.
  • Hourglasses: Cash shop items that allow the user to nullify the cast time of a super-tier spell when broken.

Intelligence: Genius. Has a deep understanding of the world and how it works, has incredible calculation power and has a hundred thousand years of experience. Is an extremely skilled close-quarters combatant and stategist. | Extraordinary Genius. Has more knowledge and experience than before and can accelerate its thoughts by a million times | Extraordinary Genius. Can analyze multiple phenomena simultaneously. Has even more knowledge and experience than before and is able to visualize and execute the creation of extremely complex objects. On top of all of this Irre has achieved an incredible intuition that, for example, allows it to score full marks on a subject that it has no knowledge about simply by answering the questions. | Nigh-Omniscience. Can recreate the entire multiverse, nearly identical to what it had been before.

Weaknesses: Irre is vulnerable to light. It can only use one of the Kraata powers at a time. In its Antidermis form, it can only access its mental Kraata and Makuta powers, is weaker than normal, and needs a body to contain its essence so it doesn’t dissipate. | Irre is no longer vulnerable to light and can temporarily use its spiritual body when its container gets destroyed. | Same as before. | None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Notable attacks and techniques

Makuta: Irre is one of the Makuta. Although once a biological being, Irre has evolved past a physical body like the rest of its kind, taking on a form of pure Antidermis, though it requires a body to fully utilize its power and prevent its essence from drifting apart.

  • Antidermis: Irre's true form is Antidermis, existing as gaseous energy and contained within its "armor". Due to his energy-based body, Irre does not need to eat, drink, or sleep, and if its armor is severely damaged or destroyed, it can leave it in its Antidermis form. In this form, Irre is left with only a shadow of its power and can use only its mental abilities, but Irre can regain its physical ones by possessing an empty body. Without a container to keep its essence together, Irre will dissipate and die after around two weeks.
  • Kraata Creation: Irre can create Kraata, slug-like shadow beings. While Kraata by themselves are weak, they can be used to create and power the Rahkshi, the destructive "sons" of the Makuta. There are forty-two variants of Kraata, and thus forty-two variants of Rahkshi, each possessing a unique power of the Makuta.
  • Shadow: Irre has control over the element of Shadow, allowing it to control and manipulate darkness. It can cast areas in deep shadows, and its Shadows are particularly strong against Light. Shadow can be used to cut off both Heat and Light.
    • Shadow Hand: By extending a hand of Shadow from its chest, which it can also channel through tools, Irre can pull others into its body and absorb them, breaking them down into energy. To prevent danger to itself, Irre must overpower their will as soon as possible.
  • Shapeshifting: Makuta are shapeshifters, able to change their forms as they please. Irre can assume the appearances of others, and can grow new limbs and features, such as wings. By absorbing other beings, they can use the energy they gain through this to gain further mass and grow larger.
  • Telepathy: All Makuta are telepaths, and Irre is no different. It can easily read and manipulate the minds of others, and is capable of subtly guiding its opponents without them even being aware.
  • Virus Creation: Irre can create energy-based viruses from Protodermis. These viruses do not affect purely organic beings, but are very effective on even any partly mechanical organisms.

Kraata Powers: As with most Makuta, Irre possesses all forty-two of the powers used by the forty-two variants of Kraata and, thus, Rahkshi. Some of these powers are already provided otherwise due to its nature as a Makuta, such as shapeshifting and mind reading. Irre can only have one of these powers active at a time, but it can easily and rapidly switch between them.

  • Accuracy: Regardless of the environment and its condition, or the distance of its target and its size, Irre can strike with pinpoint accuracy. It can also effectively use virtually any object as a projectile.
  • Adaptation: Irre can instantly adapt in any situation so as to gain any advantage possible.
  • Anger: Irre can easily turn even the closest allies against each other by filling their hearts with uncontrollable rage, making it difficult for them to see reason. Even the slightest differences in opinion lead to fights when this ability is active.
  • Chain Lightning: Irre can control powerful bolts of lightning that jump between multiple targets.
  • Chameleon: By blending into its environment, Irre can become essentially invisible.
  • Confusion: Irre can form an aura that can reduce others to mindless fools.
  • Cyclone: Irre can manipulate the wind to form powerful gale-force winds and vacuums.
  • Darkness: Irre can absorb all the light in an area, snuffing out even the smallest flames and leaving nothing but pure darkness.
  • Density Control: Irre has absolute control over its own density, allowing it to make itself as hard as Protosteel, decrease its density to increase its agility, or even render itself temporarily intangible, allowing it to phase through matter. Irre can manipulate the density of others as long as it can make contact, as well.
  • Disintegration: With ease, Irre can reduce even the most durable of objects to dust, breaking down their molecular structure.
  • Dodge: Through this ability, striking Irre becomes even more difficult, as it gains the ability to dodge even the swiftest of attacks.
  • Elasticity: Irre can stretch its body to great lengths with ease, and can make itself flexible and elastic enough to simply snap back from physical blows and stretch around blades.
  • Electricity: Irre can surround itself with an electric field, which it can manipulate to make forcefields and electrocute its opponents.
  • Fear: Those in Irre's presence are assaulted by a petrifying fear that can reach the hearts of even the most courageous warriors, rendering them too horrified to fight back.
  • Fire Resistance: Irre can survive in the deepest reaches of a volcano and bathe in magma without being harmed in the slightest.
  • Gravity: Irre can manipulate gravity to lift and move around objects and opponents, potentially even eliminating gravity altogether, or to crush others with intense gravitational forces.
  • Heat Vision: Irre can project long-range, high-power beams of heat from its eyes to ignite anything within its vision.
  • Hunger: With but a touch, Irre can drain all the strength of an opponent and take it for itself. This takes effect near-instantly, rendering its victim incapable of making even the smallest movements as all of their energy has been lost.
  • Ice Resistance: Irre can survive long periods of time spent frozen solid without harm.
  • Illusion: Irre can shape complex, realistic, and long-term illusions to haunt and immobilize its foes.
  • Insect Control: Irre can summon and control insects from across the planet to serve and protect it, even entire hives of great, powerful insects.
  • Invulnerability: This power greatly increases Irre's resilience, granting it resistance to powerful elemental attacks and making physical attacks almost useless.
  • Laser Vision: Irre can fire high-power concentrated laser beams from its eyes.
  • Magnetism: Irre can use magnetism to manipulate metals from its surroundings, shaping them into weapons and armor, or reducing them to an unrecognizable scrap.
  • Mind Reading: Irre can invade the minds of others and read their minds as if they were open books, allowing it to react to attacks before they occur.
  • Molecular Disruption: Irre can completely disintegrate any inorganic object with a touch, and can form disruption fields that eat away at its surroundings.
  • Plant Control: All the plants in Irre's surroundings bow to its will, allowing it to grow and use them as it pleases. Irre can form toxic, poisonous thorns, and creepers that rapidly grow and ensnare its opponents.
  • Plasma: Irre can fire superheated plasma to vaporize objects with ease, and can superheat the same objects on contact. It can also form solid constructs out of plasma.
  • Poison: Irre's presence alone is toxic, poisoning its surroundings, even the soil, preventing plants from growing and making its opponents severely ill.
  • Power Scream: Irre can release a high-power scream that can be heard all across the island of Mata Nui, with enough power to shatter stone and deafen its opponents.
  • Quick Healing: Irre heals from wounds at a rapid rate, even serious ones, and can heal others just the same.
  • Rahi Control: Irre can control all the Rahi, which are biomechanical life forms.
  • Shapeshifting: Irre has complete control over its body’s shape, though it must absorb other beings to increase its mass.
  • Shattering: Irre can create high-power explosions on contact and from a distance.
  • Silence: Irre can surround itself with an aura of silence that absorbs all sound, deafening its opponents. It can even absorb sound with a touch.
  • Sleep: Irre can immediately induce a deep sleep in its opponents that can't be shaken off through normal means.
  • Slowness: With its presence, Irre can slow down its opponents, even completely stopping all movement in an area if it so wishes.
  • Sonics: Irre can manipulate and produce intense sound waves capable of shaking objects apart and disrupting their molecular structure.
  • Stasis Field: By making eye contact with an opponent, Irre can trap them nigh-indefinitely in a stasis field.
  • Teleportation: Irre can easily teleport great distances, to places it cannot see. It can also teleport others and even teleport projectiles and beams mid-flight.
  • Vacuum: Irre can manipulate vacuums to absorb air, to pull and push itself or its opponents around, to tear them apart with great concussive force, or to suffocate them.
  • Weather Control: At will, Irre can cause great rainstorms, thunderstorms and blizzards, or drape itself in a heavy fog.

  • Magic Sense: Allows its user to perceive the magicules floating around the user. In addition, the user is able to observe how waves disturb the nearby magicules, then use that information to calculate the visual, auditory and other wave-based information of the surroundings. Magic Sense also grants the ability to understand and express the intent of spoken words even if the language of the conversation partner is unknown.
  • Usurper: The ability to gain the knowledge, techniques and abilities of its opponents.
  • Astral Bind: A skill that restricts the astral body, the vessel of the soul, instead of the material one.
  • Disintegration: The ultimate in targeted, destructive magic, which emits flashes of white light as it pours from Irre’s hands. It moves almost at light speed, as its holy power makes cells and souls vanish without a trace.
  • Eyes of Heavenly Snake: An extra skill that is able to induce all types of negative status on enemies such as paralysis, poison, madness etc. It also has a horrifyingly wide area of effect, and one would be affected by the skill as soon as Irre spots them. No one can escape it unless they can resist or endure the effects.

Ignika Powers:

It allows Irre to see a short distance into the future, and even to absorb kinetic energy, making it very difficult to harm. The power to absorb kinetic energy spreads to its mounts, who will also return in a stronger form whenever they're defeated. The Ignika powers will also automatically heal Irre and its mounts.

Sunshine: Irre's Grace. At dawn, Irre undergoes a massive jump in power, and continues to get stronger every second until noon, at which point its power reaches its peak. After noon Irre gradually gets weaker. Irre's powers caps out at 100 times its base strenght however, which is quickly reached as soon as it becomes dawn.

In addition to granting Irre great power, Sunshine allows Irre to produce enormous quantities of heat and light. It can flare its aura at will to produce an immense burst of light and heat, melting everything around it even at dawn.

Notably, Sunshine-imbued attacks can prevent regeneration up to a certain extent. Even if one can heal their wounds, the heat remains and continued to damage them. In addition, Irre's soul itself is imbued with Sunshine and severely burns those who attempt to extract and absorb it, returning to its body on its own.

Also note that the heat and fire produced by Sunshine is superior to natural fire, as it was able to instantly vaporize Black Full-Plate, which is said to be impregnable even to the Demon Clan's purgatory fire. Purgatory fire burned down the Fairy King's Forest, which is immune to natural fire.

  • Birthing Star: Irre forms a miniature sun in its hand that radiates immense heat. It can control its movements, using it to strike enemies as well as standing on it and using it as a flying vehicle. Irre can greatly enlarge the sun by putting more power into it.
  • Sunspot: Irre causes the Birthing Star to burst in an immense radiation of heat.
  • Crazy Prominence: Irre causes numerous fireball to launch from its body in many directions.
  • Stardust Vortex: A technique of extreme concentration where Irre rotates its darkness at immense speeds, creating a vortex that surrounds and attracts all living beings around it. This power makes the air flow and creates a vacuum and everything that comes in contact with it is sliced at a god-like speed by pure reflexes, making this technique a Full React.
  • Thought Communication: A higher-level version of Telepathy, letting the user build links and talk with multiple people at once. Remains effective across a range of about one kilometer.
  • Ranged Barrier: Creates a Barrier strong enough to withstand a Water Blade by itself. When infused with a fire- or heat-based tolerance, it becomes able to seal thermal energy within with a maximum range of 100 meters, and prevents any from leaking.
  • Dark Flame: Enables the user to create dark flames which can stop regeneration. Can be freely controlled and even shot like bullets at enemies with temperatures surpassing 1400°C. Irre can combine its dark flames with its Sunshine Grace.
  • Hell Flare: An original skill which is a combination of the extra skills: Control Flame, Dark Flame, and Ranged Barrier. Combining those with its own mystical skills led to this creation, an original skill exclusive to itself. It creates a 300ft dome which incinerates anything within it. Irre can only maintain the technique at its peak temperature for about 2 seconds, but that is more than enough to grill any enemies who don't possess some sort of fire resistance.
  • Battlewill: Transforms the Aura of the user into Fighting Spirit, which enhances the user's physical form. This enhancement is independent from Skills-based enhancements, so Skill-based enhancements can be used alongside Battlewill.
  • Airflight: One of the kijins’ Battlewill arts, powered by the user’s magical aura. It provides basically the same benefits as regular flight magic.
  • Resist Poison: Tolerance-type Skill that grants resistance to poison-types of attacks.
  • Generalissimo A unique skill specialized in controlling one’s power output. Irre's power will not go out of control no matter how much strength it puts into it. The secret lies within 「Prediction Analysis」, an ability which can completely analyze the flow of one’s strength and remove inefficiencies from it. Not only is it a great skill for personal combat, it is also useful in leading army. By treating the army’s movements as a flow of power, it can act as something similar to a predicting skill to determine the outcome of a situation. It can be applied this way to all kinds of things.
  • Spatial Motion: Allows the user to be able to transport himself to a place he has visited before.
  • Steel Strength: Enhances muscular strength when used.
  • Multilayer Barrier: Creates a Barrier, consisting of several thin layers of Ranged Barrier, with each layer having one of the tolerance-type Skill effects each and unless deliberately strengthened by magicules, the energy consumption is less than Irre's natural magicule recovery rate, allowing it to have Multilayer Barrier permanently active. If broken it gets recreated immediately.
  • Sense Heat Source: Identifies any heat reactions in the local area. Not affected by any concealing effects.
  • Mind Accelerate: Lets Irre extend its rate of thinking by up to a million times.
  • Cancel Pain: Tolerance-type Skill that grants immunity to physical pain sensation.
  • Perfect Memory: An extra skill which can store Irre's memories in its astral body.

  • Sword Saint: Swordsmanship maxes out.
  • Magic Resistance: No curses or debuffs, can affect Irre.
  • Fire Avoidance: 80% reduction from fire damage.
  • Wind Absorption: 80% of wind magic is absorbed.
  • Earth Resistance: Earth magic has an 80% reduced effect on Irre.
  • Water Reflection: 80% of water magic is reflected.
  • Darkness Immunity: 80% of dark magic is nullified.
  • Light Sharing: 80% of light magic is shared to another target.
  • Swiftness: Irre can move at superhuman speed. This affects mounts as well.
  • Riding Mastery: Irre can ride any mount.
  • Rain Blessing: Irre gains power in rain.
  • Sun Blessing: Irre gains power in sunny weather.
  • Night's Blessing: Irre gains power during the night.
  • Morning Blessing: Irre gains power during the morning.
  • Item Mastery: Able to know how to use any item it holds.
  • Unarmed Mastery: Very strong even without any weapons. Irre can use a sword less style of fighting in which it uses his hand like a sword.
  • Blessing of War God: Able to use any weapons masterfully, this extends to even things like iron pipes or disposable chopsticks, Irre can easily use them as weapons to cut through things.
  • Blessing of Lake: Can walk on water, can also be used to submerge itself in water if it wishes.
  • Blessing of Mist: Mist does not hinder its view.
  • Blessing of Cloud: Can walk on clouds.
  • Sodium Knowledge: Irre will never get salt and sugar mixed up.
  • Taste King: No matter how or what Irre cooks, the food will come out delicious.
  • Blessing of Frying, Steaming, Boiling: Complete mastery of all the cooking methods.
  • Clothes Designing: Can design fabulous clothes that will surely start a fad.
  • Master Teacher: Its students become successful in learning.
  • Training Mastery: Can train not only its body but also other people, to their maximum potential.
  • Poison Immunity: Immunity to all poisons.
  • Illness Immunity: Immunity to all diseases.
  • Power Bleeding: Bleeding actually makes Irre stronger. Irre almost never uses a biological body and thus cannot blood however.
  • Judgment: Enables Irre to know of any Divine Protections its opponents have.
  • Wind Evasion: A blessing that only ground dragons should have, it enables Irre to be unaffected by the wind and not encounter any wind resistance while running.
  • Precognition: Irre has an extra super sense which through its intuition alerts it of danger, and distinguishes all attacks in advance.

World Break: This ultimate skill attacks the target by slashing at space. It is also capable of tearing the very fabric of space and time. Comparably, this skill itself is like the superior version to the 10th tier spell, "Reality Slash".

Dimensional Gap: Allows the user to negate attacks by manipulating dimensions.

Dimensional Slash Irre slashes through space with a weapon.

Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka: This Ultimate Skill power revolves around manipulating organic matter and creating clones. Its sub-skills are the following:

  • Organic Matter Control: An ability that allows its user to manipulate organic matter for various purposes.
  • Duplicate Mass Produce: An ability that allows Irre to create clones that have all the skills its original body has. Thanks to its analytical capabilities, Irre can have them follow a complex order and give them a limited amount of autonomy. Irre can also let the other Irres use these clones as bodies for a limited amount of time.
  • Ability Absorption: An ability that allows Irre to absorb the abilities and properties of anything it has absorbed, adding them to itself and improving their efficiency beyond that of their original owners.
  • Parallel Processing: An ability to detach thoughts and analyze multiple phenomena simultaneously without time lag.

Powers of Creation: Allows Irre to imagine and envision the entire process of completing any given object, and then can create it if Irre knows how. Thanks to this, it is possible for it to create new objects from thin air. However, it cannot create living things itself, only giving Artakha the knowledge on how to do so and creating the very basis for what such a creature would need to exist. Coupled with Irre's extremely high processing power, vast knowledge, and incredible intuition these abilities become a powerful tool in combat.

  • Material Imperium: Irre begins bringing out many of its creations for combat. This can vary from bringing out a few swords to conjuring millions of weapons, shields and other tools with various special traits and abilities.
  • Callidus: By combining several of its abilities Irre can become undetectable. Irre becomes invisible, nullifies any sound it makes and can't be detected by those with super senses, extrasensory perception, clairvoyance and precognition.

Irre gained a lot of new abilities. The most notable ones will be listed here.

Ultimate Skills

Wisdom King Raphael: An evolution of the Great Sage Unique Skill. It confers the following abilities:

  • Thought Acceleration: Irre can accelerate its thought processes by a million to ten million times, allowing it to react to attacks and formulate strategies far more quickly than it would be normally able to.

Gluttonous King Beelzebub: The evolved version of the unique skills Gluttony and Predator, it confers the following sub-skills.

  • Stomach: The ability to store absorbed targets in a warped space.
  • Soul Eater: The ability to completely consume souls and convert them into power.

Storm King Veldora: An ultimate skill which has the following effects:

  • Storm Dragon Summon: The ability to summon Veldora Tempest in his dragon form.
  • Storm Dragon Release: The ability to have Veldora use a clone. Even in the case of death, memory recovery is possible.
  • Storm Dragon Magic Archive: The ability to use Veldora's abilities such as: Death Heralding Winds, Black Lightning, and Storm of Destruction.

Covenant King Uriel: An ultimate skill that has the following sub-skills:

  • Spatial Domination: The ability to manipulate space to instantly transport itself and others to a set of coordinates it is familiar with.
  • Defense Barrier: The ability to create a multi-layered defense, and distort space in order to create an absolute defense.
  • Infinite Prison: The ability to seal targets for an eternity in an imaginary infinite space, the ability doesn't permit interference from the outside, and also doesn't weaken overtime.
  • Secluded Space: The ability to control the heat by manipulating inertia, can also release and absorb heat at will.

Manas: Ciel (Wisdom God's Core): The core of Wisdom Lord Raphael that gained individuality, personality, and will. Although not classified as an Ultimate Skill, she possesses improved abilities compared to her old self. Ciel's power revolves around in-depth analysis, learning, and problem-solving skill, and overall utility at using spells to its utmost efficiency. Her subskills are the following :

  • Analysis Expert: An ability that allows the user to analyze their surrounding down to the most minute details and thus allowing them to make a plan according to the results of their analysis.
  • Skill Synthesis: An ability that lets Ciel combine other skills to create a stronger skill as a result.
  • Skill Promotion: An ability that lets Irre strengthen its comrades by evolving their skills to a higher level.

Void God Azathoth: Irre's Ultimate Skill that's created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. Although both Storm King Veldora and Scorch King Velgrynd used, only some certain skills are inherited. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around Time-Space manipulation, Consuming power, and magical energy sources. Its sub-skills are the following:

  • Soul Consumption: An ability that allows Irre to be able to consume virtually anything, even the souls of its targets. Irre will also gain information about whatever it's consumed, such as the consumed materials' inherent properties and abilities. It's also possible to "store" the thing it eats in its "stomach" rather than outright consuming them completely.
  • Turn Null (Nothingness Collapse): By harnessing the power of a chaotic, nuclear dimension, Irre can bypass the need for mana when using magic while also increasing the potency of its spells exponentially. This energy is in fact the primordial energy which was used to create the several parallel worlds that exist. Turn Null can create and destroy everything. Using its Turn Null Irre can create the world and the spirits, whose birth causes the existence of their respective elements. For example, time never existed until the Spirit of Time was born.
  • Imaginary Room: An ability that was made to confine and isolate the target within a separate dimension. This dimension is basically Irre's "stomach", and is infinite in size as stated by Ciel.
  • Space-Time Control: An ability that lets Irre manipulate space-time to a degree, allowing it to accomplish feats such as instantaneous teleportation and stopping time for roughly 30 minutes. This skill also makes Irre be able to move within stopped time, rendering time stopping abilities useless against it.
  • Multi-Dimensional Barrier: Irre constantly generates multi-layered barriers that make use of dimensional gaps to protect it from incoming harm.
  • True Dragon Release: The ability to materialize a clone of Veldora or Velgrynd. If either Veldora or Velgrynd dies after being summoned, its possible to revive them with this ability, ensuring Veldora's and Velgrynd's safety.
  • True Dragon Core Transformation: The ability to manifest the power of Veldora's or Velgrynd's core into a blade-like weapon with their consent, condensing the entirety of their spiritual power to launch a vectorized energy blast. It needs both Irre's intention to attack and Veldora's/Velgrynd's consent to release its full power. A blade made with Veldora's core can cause a blast that split the ocean and would've obliterated a country with a mere "thoughtless flick of a wrist". It's also possible to instead create a Pseudo-Core which only has a five percent of the original's output.

Harvest Lord Shub-Niggurath: Irre's Ultimate Skill that's created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around skills mimicry and skills creation. Its subskills are the following:

  • Skill Creation: An ability that enables Irre to create new skills from information and skills that it has already gathered via its Analysis Expert & Food Chain skills.
  • Skill Duplication: The ability to duplicate any skills it's obtained and analyzed.
  • Skill Gifting: An ability that enables Irre to grant its duplicated abilities to its subordinates. It's also possible to remove skills it has bestowed on its subordinates.
  • Skill Bank: An ability that enables Rimuru to turns abilities that have been obtained and analyzed into a data collection that can be reproduced at any given time.

Avarice King Mammon: An ultimate skill which specialises in depriving. It can be used to steal opponents' souls, life, energy, abilities and even their minds by re-writing the information in their soul.

Information King-Akashic Records: This ability makes Irre able to use every ability in that was used in the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken series.

Prideful Lord Lucider: Gii's ultimate skill which allows for the complete replication of abilities that he sees even once.

Purity King Metatron: Leon's Ultimate Skill. The apex of light class abilities, an ability considered to be a bane to being of magic origin. The skill also specializes in purifying demons. It can generate a ray of light that's comparable if not superior to Disintegration.

Lustful King Asmodeus: Ruminas' Ultimate Skill which governs over life and death, with it she can revive the dead, and apply instant death on her opponents. Also allows her to sense vitality and life energy. Can also increase others regenerative capabilities so even a fatal injury will heal in an instant.

Tyrannous Lord Susanoo: Shion's ultimate skill which is the evolved version of Shion's Unique Skill Cook, which evolved from having the ability to bring a desired result of the user into complete manipulation over the law of causality. It is an ability which purposefully causes a result that is intended.

Abyss God Nodens: An Ultimate Skill obtained by evolving Ultimate Skill Prideful Lord Lucifer. It includes Gaia’s All Creation Embodiment skill which lets Irre produce anything from its thoughts.

Wrathful King Satan: An ability which converts the user's wrath into magic power. So as long as the user is enraged, they will not run out of magic power. Without this ability her energy is only 10% of that of a True Dragon, but with this ability she can surpass True Dragons and she will continue to grow in power.


Other Abilities:

  • Soul Corridor: An ability which allows Irre's memories to transcend time and space, and its memories are accumulated within its main body, as such as long as the main body exists, it cannot die.
  • Reactive Evolution Irre evolves every passing moment becoming stronger to the point that it completely outclasses those who were major threats to it before. In addition, it can also create new skills from information and skills that it has already gathered via its Analysis Expert & Food Chain skills, thus making it able to deal with any situation it finds itself in.
  • Time Warp: The ability to transcend time and space to reach the location it desires.
  • Space-Time Manipulation: Irre became a God that rules over time and space.
  • Imaginary Blow: An ability which kills its opponents ignoring any kind of attribute and defense.
  • Primitive Magic: Primitive magic is magic positioned at a level above the magic used by demons. It is the source of all magic. It can do various things such as: stop time, manipulate space, minds and negate other abilities. Primitive Magic is a magic that reflects the user’s will, just by wishing it, it produces the phenomenon the user wants, this characteristic is what makes it the Ultimate Magic.
    • Power of Words: Primitive Magic used to affect the soul, with enormous effects that can ignore defense barriers. It can even affect those who have an ultimate skill, which ordinarily makes them unaffected by lower abilities which includes soul manipulation.

Chrono Saltation: An ultimate super-dimensional magic that caused the target to jump to a space-time where time had ended. This ability takes its targets to the end of space-time, along with any of their clones wherever they exist in space-time.

  • Fallen Hypno: Dino's ability which is a strong hypnosis induction. Resisting it with willpower is useless. For those who need rest, they would fall into an eternal sleep. It is the strongest of Dino’s abilities that exerts a wide-range effect.
  • Fallen Catastrophe: A hypnotic ability which causes everyone who fails to resist it to die. Dino can also use it to hypnotize his opponents into doing what he wants. The ability doesn't use sound as a medium, and barriers can’t be defended against it. It’s an ability which exerts absolute control over people with emotion and intelligence.
  • Fallen Strike: The strongest secret technique of the illusion sword that Dino had created. The ability releases a wave that stimulates negative feelings and with just a graze from Dino's sword can rob the target of its will to live. The negative wave is released in all directions, so even if someone succeeds in evading Dino's strike, they will still be bathed in the wave.
  • Fallen Thanatos: An ability which causes the death of its targets, even if his opponent is using a virtual body, it’s an inescapable technique that will affect not only their virtual body but also their main body even if it is in a distant place.
  • Magic Nullify: An ability which automatically neutralizes all magic attacks, including abilities like death manipulation and existence erasure. All of Shion's abilities proved ineffective against Dagruel.
  • Earth Quake: An ability which causes the ground to quake with tremors that makes standing up nigh impossible, and at the same time, twists atmosphere and causes lightning strikes. It ignores defenses and erases its targets from existence.
  • Quaser Quake: An ability which creates a super dimensional vibration with Dagruel as its epicenter. Dagruel converts his own body into a pseudo-black hole, which absorbs and destroys all matter. Anything caught in his attack won't just be disintegrated, they will be swallowed into the black hole and disappear.

Space-Time Continuous Strike: Velgrynd's ability that she gains after her Ultimate Skill got upgraded into Flame God Cthugha. It is capable of exceeding time and space to strike the opponent, even ignoring things like Veldora Tempest Parallel Existence and Multiple Existence.

The Goal of All Life is Death: Once activated, this skill delays any of the caster's instant death type spells for what seems like 12 seconds from their perspective but allows them to ignore any types of resistance - even immunities or immortality. It is not possible to resist this spell, with the only counter being that one must use either an item or skill that would cause them to be revived before the 12 seconds pass.

The Queen's Glass Game: Perpetual Engine - Maiden Empire: The Anti-World Noble Phantasm used by Irre. When used, it allows Irre to wind the battle back to the beginning, meaning that the battle will continue indefinitely unless Irre is defeated during the time between its uses.

Nursery Rhyme: A Story For Somebody's Sake: An Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm that allows Irre to shape her desires into reality through a Reality Marble. The known abilities are listed below:

  • Jabberwocky: Irre is able to recreate the eponymous monster of legend from Lewis Carroll's The Jabberwocky. No matter how much damage the Jabberwocky takes, it will be restored for as long as Irre has magical energy, ignoring anti-regenerative curses like the one bestowed upon Gae Bolg and even a decapitated head with no issue. In addition, it can further raise its power through the use of a self-buff skill called Alice Eater.
  • Nameless Forest: A seemingly endless forest and plain set against a blue sky with a garden in the center, in which a table covered in food and tea and is modeled after the Mad Hatter's tea party. Within this Reality Marble, all except for Irre and its allies will have their ego's chipped away, gradually making them forget their name, who and what they are, and why they are there before finally forgetting their entire existence and fading away. It's impossible to simply recall information from one's memory in this Reality Marble, being compared to slipping against smooth stone. The only way to break the spell is to be prepared for it in advance, writing one's name down and reading it aloud is enough to break it but it will not work should they say a wrong name and thus will end up susceptible to this Reality Marble's effect.
  • Trump Soldiers: An ability of Irre where it can create the spear-wielding card shaped soldiers from Alice in Wonderland. Irre can bring an army of up to forty of them to fight in its place or alongside it and while their fighting power is low, they are almost invincible for as long as Irre has magical energy to provide for them to heal and restore their injuries from.
  • Territory Creation: A Caster Class Skill that denotes one's ability to modify their surroundings into one advantageous to them. Due to possessing a Reality Marble, Nameless Forest, Caster's effective rank in this skill is A.
  • Meanwhile...: A skill that likely functions as the form of either minor or pseudo plot manipulation that allows Irre to transport itself and others to The Reverse Side of the World.
  • White Queen's Enigma: A magical enchantment that allows Irre to chip away at its foe's magical resistance with its physical blows, leaving them more vulnerable to its other attacks.
  • Blade Barrage: Irre jumps into the air and unleashes a barrage of explosive knives filled with Solar Light.
  • Golden Gun: Irre infuses its weapon with its Solar Light, firing shots that are capable of instantly one shotting other Guardians by vaporizing them away. Irre is regarded as the single strongest user of this skill, with its Golden Gun being able to blow away the darkest shadows.

Key: First Power Set | Second Power Set | Third Power Set | Fourth Power Set

Note: Irre has all the abilities, skill and experience of Icarax, Sakaguchi Hinata, Benimaru, Escanor, Touch me, Reinhard van Astrea, Rimuru Tempest, Ainz Oal Gown, Caster (Fate/Extra), Shin Malphur, Teridax and The Great Beings

Irre's fourth key has too many abilities to be listed and as such information on certain abilities can only be found on VS Battles Wiki.

When making a match involving Irre preferably note which Irre the fight starts with.


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Venus (This Broken Little World) Venus' Profile (First Power Set Irre was used and Venus couldn't use his Second Activation. Speed was Equalized)

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