Invulnerability is the ability to be able to be immune to harm to an extent outside of the realm of conventional durability. Invulnerable characters can completely avoid taking damage at all from certain attacks, making them much more difficult to harm and defeat. Frequently this invulnerability comes with a set of conditions for use or weaknesses that can be exploited; no character can be be considered completely invulnerable.

Many works of fiction consider extremely durable characters invulnerable, but this ability is only to be added onto a page if it is made clear that it is more than simply high durability and is not contradicted. In addition, the nature and specifics of the character's invulnerability must be mentioned to provide context and avoid the No Limits Fallacy.

It should also be noted that invulnerability will not defend a character against someone who is infinitely stronger than them, as is the case with dimensional tier jumps.


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