Invisible Woman is a master of this ability.


Invisibility is the power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye.

Users may become invisible. Some may do so by means of Elemental Manipulation, others due to ghost mimicry still yet others due to sense manipulation, or illusion creation. This seemingly simple power can aid in many situations and often drives users to becoming recluses and undergo insanity. Some users may or may not be able to disengage this power, being invisible until death or perhaps even beyond. Some users may be able to turn other things invisible, depending on the manner in which they become invisible it may or may not require a touch.


  • May or may not be able to make clothes disappear.
  • May or may not be able to revert back to a visible state.
  • Some may be limited on how long they can remain invisible.
  • Some may require great concentration to stay invisible.
  • Users still put off heat, rarely deterring users of enhanced vision.
  • Users may not remain invisible while attacking or doing other excessive actions.


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