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Louise: When plan will be ready, my master.

Inuresihi: Patience my servant, it will soon. I need you to go planet Terra to make more soldiers to my army.

Louise: Yes, my lord. (Curtsey and walk away)

Inuresihi: Soon my plan will be complete and i shall rule hell!

~ Louise asks Inuresihi`s plans


Character created by Lekmos.

Inuresihi is one of many demons gods, who had been allied with hell or been neutral. They howewer normally tried fight and conquer many galaxies as possible and that`s why they are against galactic guardians whose mission is protect their galaxies. Inuresihi has been working under Darkness commands to make demon population grow larger.

Inuresihi, leading his legions to battle field.

Inuresihi has been send his servants around galaxy to collect mortal by sacrifice gifts to his own army. His servants pretend that they are allies of planetary gods and are there help. They mostly wanted mortal sacrifices, that they could trap victims souls and then change them into demons to rise numbers in Inuresihi army. His most potent servant to do these missions was Louise.

Unfortune to Inuresihi was that one day when he was one of unknow planets doing his normal checking route, he comes across Lilith and Samael. Samael has just turned Lilith to powerfull demon and Samael has himself turned first fallen angel. Samael told Inuresihi that he should join his army to conquere multiverse as his servant. Inuresihi refused and boasted that, he will not follow heaven supreme commander orders. Samael stated to him, that he is not anymore ranks of heaven and told his offer again, but Inuresihi refused again. Samael then told that Lilith could test hers new powers to Inuresihi.

Inuresihi was beated to pulp and later locked in hell prison dungeos, for first example what will happen if you defy Samael`s reigh. He was there millions years, but someday he hearded blast sounds and was surpised when certain boy with black wings with white hair girl goes by his cell and blasted it door away to slow down Samael himself. Inuresihi noted that they didn`t give **** about him sohe escaped and begins his plan again.

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Appearance and Personality

In demon form Inuresihi appears about 5 meters tall horned demon, with demonic wings, dragon like legs and strong tail with spikes at end of tail.

Iniresihi is cunning and stragetist demon who fights only for he own good and is ready to use any method to achieve it. He is always boasting his own strength and don`t always know when back up and has been challenged beings out of league. But when he knows that his enemy is stronger than him, he becomes coward and hides even small hole to safe himself. This was then he firstly challenged Lilith (archdemon now) he boasted his power, but when Lilith begins get upper hand easily he cryed mercy.

Howewer Inuresihi is one of most feared and dangerous demons, who has been hell army and what universe had ever seen. You don`t wanna see this demon to come your planet for army harvest.

Personal Statictics

Alignment: Neutral evil

Date of Birth: Unknow, Universe 1 (aka alpha universe)

Birthplace: Unknow

Weight: unknow in demon form

Height: 5 m in demon form



Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Red

Hobbies: Collecting souls to his army



Martial Status: Single

Status: Alive, trapped in hell, but escaped during Marth and Lilim`s escape

Affiliation: Himself

Previous Affiliation: Hell


Inuresihi`s theme

When Inuresihi puts his plans to motion!

Inuresihi talking theme!

I finally have it!/Inuresihi theme with Gear!

Powers and abilities

Tier: 4-A | Low 2-C with Gear of Inuresihi

Name: Inuresihi

Origin: Tales of nephilim

Age: Million years old

Classification: Demon God, demon

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsTelekinesis (Type 1), Enhanced Physiology (Can survive at space and others hars enviroments), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Enhanced Senses, Demonic Force Manipulation, Astral Manipulation and Astral Projection, Matter Manipulation (Atomic level), Spatial Manipulation, Reality WarpingUnholy Manipulation and  Dark Magic (Healing,Resurrection and Soul Manipulation Inuresihi can manipulate souls many ways like resurrection, healing, removing and restoration, via dark magic or deals), Demon Manipulation (full control lower demons, mid level demons can break free), Non-Physical Interaction, Dimensional Travel (As high rank demon Inuresihi can teleport between universes in macrocosmos), Demonic Smite (Physical), Immortality (Type 1). Regeneration (Mid-High), Cosmic Awareness, Mind Manipulation (Inuresihi is well know mind player among demons rank), Shapeshifting (complete tranformation), Demon Creation (can create countless amount lower level demons), Corruption (Type 2, with darkness), Supernaturally Hard Skin (Higher demons like Inuresihi has too supernatural dense skin, which project him for harm), Demonization (Inuresihi can turn others to demons), Demon Summoning (Inuesihi can summon legions of demons by snapping his fingers), Wing manifestation and manipulation, Possession (Physical), Hell-Fire Manipulation (Demon like Inuresihi caliber can use hellish fire without magic), Explosion Manipulation (By All Out), Darkness Manipulation (Type 2, Inuresihi can freely manipulate darkness), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Type 1, Inuresihi could create own pocket reality if wanted to), BFR and Sealing (Inuresihi can send and seal his opponent to his own reality), Acausality (Type 1, Being higher demon, Inuresihi is immune what happens his past self)

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level, (Demon god`s like Inuresihi had power to eradicate many star system as they like. Their power is compared seraph level angels.) | Universe Level+, (After absorbing most of powers of Highfather Inuresihi`s power rises higher level than Asmodeus, latter howewer manages beat Inuresihi at end of day.)

Speed: Massively FTL+, (At least trillion times faster than ligth, manage to speedblitz Vepar) | Massively FTL+, (Fighted par with Asmodeus, who has almost same speed as Marth, meaning over septillion faster than ligth)

Lifting Strength: Stellar, (Demon gods are just as strong than seraph level angels) | Unknow

Striking Strength: Multi-Solar System Class, (Inuresihi has shared evenly figth with Azazel at the past) | Universal+, (With powers of Highfather, he could hurt Asmodeus and stated that he can finally beat Samael. His casual punches destroyed Highfathers realm.)

Durability: Multi-Solar System Level, (Inuresihi has survived Azrael attacks, even he got wounds and bringed him at his knees. As being higher demon he has twice strong defense as his current power level) | Universe Level+, (Could witstand punches and attacks from Asmodeus)

Range: Intersteallar to Low Multiversal, (With powers and teleporting) | Low Multiversal, (With powers and teleporting)

Stamina: Godlike, (Demon gods could destroy doezens galaxies without resting at one day) | Superhuman+, (Fougth evenly with Asmodeus, but gear begin consume his stamina quickly)

Standart equipment:

Intelligence: Genious, (Has been making many years plotting and working in Samael shadow`s to plot his own plan. Had been collecting information many years to complete his plans. Asmodeus mentioned one time that Inuresihi`s is almost cunning as he is.)


  • Some magic spells, espcesially angelic or divine can hurt him easily.
  • Coward, when situtation goes out of his hand.

Key: His base power level | After he absorbed powers of Galactic Highfather

Note: Stats ready, there may be changes in future....

Notable attacks/Techniques

  • Dark magic: With this Inuresihi can summon undead legions, cause destruction/spreading curses galaxy scale and control lower class demons.
  • Demonic energy: Inuresihi posses vastly amount demonic energy, whit this he can easily wipe out planets and even multible solar systems by waving his hand. Demonic energy is also harmfull to angels and nephilims. Inuresihi can example corrupt other beings with this, like planetary gods.
  • Darkness is my God: Inuresihi can freely manipulate darkness to form weapons to attack, shields to protect harm and even influence other mortals with darkness. One feat of Inuresihi was cover whole galaxy with his darkness to total despair.
  • Soul Steal: As Demon God Inuresihi can easily tear soul out from their victims even form multible persons at same time. They can then eat them for power or send them straigth to hell or turn them demons for his army.
  • My Paradise: Inuresihi has created own pocket reality which consist many star systems inside and could shape it freely. He can also send and seal his opponents to inside of it.
  • Demonic Smite: Inuresihi could roast his enemies by touching them at head.
  • All out: Inuresihi full power attack. He unleash massive energy from his rigth hand, which can destroy star systems. When he absorbed power`s of Galactic Highfather blast effect grows so strong, that he claimed destroy universe. Inureshi try this attack against Asmodeus, but latter canceled and survived attack with few wounds.


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