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"I'm the maniac you should run from"

Insanity to Dust.


Insanity!Sans is an villainous alternate version of Sans made by Zeero Danteero, this is an AU where Sans is the titular main antagonist, in this AU Sans was been infected by one of his father's experiments, causing him to lose control over half of his mind and body, replacing skele-comedian with insane brutal killer. His infected mind chooses to kill everyone in the underground. He is so crazy, he kills his own brother, Papyrus.

He carries Papyrus' head impaled with a sharp bone as a trophy and reminder of Paps (and as an insane killer, you'd probably imagine a lot of insane killers hold their victim's head because they're INSANE). His speed, defense, strength, and HP increased. He has also lost his ability to control gravity, but sometimes he can do it. He will stand at the Judgement Hall which seemingly has turned red. 

Powers and Stats:

Disclaimer: I do not own the art nor the character, it belongs to it's rightful owner Zeero Danteero.

Tier: 9-A Physically | usually 8-C | Likely 7-C If he ever steps into phase 2

Name: Insanity Sans.

Original Creator: Zeero Danteero.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown (Likely older than his counterpart or probably the same)

Classification: Insanity Skeleton.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman-Physical Characteristic, Energy Projection, Resistance, Inorganic Physiology (Monsters are purely made out of magic), KARMA (Same as his canon counterpart), Bone Manipulation (More potent than his counterpart), Danmaku, Telekinesis, Berserk Mode, DETERMINATION, Gravity Manipulation, Genius Intelligence, Magic, Heat Manipulation (same as his counterpart), Intangible attacks, Glyph Creation, Information Analysis (Like his canon counterpart, Insanity can also see the human's stats HP, ATK and DF) .

Attack Potency: Building Level+, Large Building Level+ (Insanity has 2 phases, so whenever he reaches phase 2 of his form he'll become stronger than ever).

Speed: Supersonic attack speed (Able to consistently tag Chara/Frisk), at least Supersonic+ reaction speed (Capable of consistently dodging Chara/Frisk to such a degree that they could never land a hit on Sans, even if they reset and knew exactly what he would do and where he would be, even if he was asleep. Only hit after his opponent broke the rules of the game to do so. Should be one of, if not the, fastest non-god tier characters in the game).

Lifting Strength: Unknown.

Striking Strength: Large Building Class | City Class (If he goes into phase 2).

Durability: City Block Level (Insanity is durable than his counterpart version, he can take on multiple blows that caused out critical damaged, which he is more durable than Dust himself) | City Block Level+ (If he steps into phase 2).

Stamina: Very High (After becoming Insane, Insanity was been able to increase his stats onto a higher level which includes HP, ATK and DF also his mana).

Range: At least dozens of meters via bones and strings, significantly higher via Gasterblasters to an unknown extent (Comparable, if not higher than his canon counterpart).

Intelligence: Genius (Should be comparable to his canon counterpart, other than being nearly insane).

Standard Equipment: DT magic, sharp bones, Papyrus's head, gaster blasters.

Weaknesses: Insanity doesn't dodge like his counterpart unless if the enemy is too powerful for his durability and HP to withstand it.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Soul Manipulation: Blue Mode: Similar to his brother, Sans turns his opponent's soul blue, giving it "gravity" and allowing him to more easily hit his foes. However, Sans appears to have a far greater mastery of this ability than Papyrus, allowing him to effortlessly fling his foe around by manipulating their soul, or effectively 'changing gravity' and forcing them to move along the walls or ceiling.
  • Bone Attacks: Like his counterpart Insanity can use bone attacks however it is made out of DT magic,  Insanity will send a massive amount of bones at his opponent, forcing them to think on their feet to dodge all of them. He will mix up his style, forcing his foes to jump through small gaps between bones, over pits full of dozens of bones, or even to rush along the platforms so that they don't fall into a deadly trap composed of dozens upon dozens of bones. Insanity will often throw in sharp bones, which while they can be dodged easily. While these attacks hardly seem to so any damage initially, the damage quickly racks up from remaining in contact with them, allowing this relatively weak opponent a way of bypassing the defenses of superior foes.
  • KARMA: Whatever is struck by one of Sans' attacks will suffer from this condition, for a brief period. It essentially functions as poison damage for one's soul.
  • Gasterblasters: Strange devices in the shape of skulls which fire powerful lasers from their maws. Like Sans' bones, Gasterblasters will often be used in numbers and will deal KR damage, however Insanity holds a powerfuller version of his counterpart's gaster blaster.
  • Teleportation: While Sans is unable to reset the universe in the manner of someone such as Frisk or Flowey, he has shown to have a useful form of teleportation, allowing him to teleport not only himself but objects and other people, as well. During a battle, Sans will often teleport his opponent, himself, and his attacks, not only moving out of harm's way but moving his foe into the path of a new attack. He has also shown the ability to restrain an enemy by repeatedly warping them back to their initial position.
  • DT Magic: Thanks to having an accident in Gaster's lab, Sans gains DETERMINATION at the cost of losing away almost all of his sanity.


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