Candice Wilmer (Heroes) uses her illusion mastery to mimic shapeshifting.


The users of this ability are capable of creating, shaping and manipulating illusions, causing others to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.

It is to be noted that the illusionary powers will not necessarily be focused only on the senses, and more advanced users will often approach Mind Manipulation as they show to be able to use illusions over one's morale, sense of left and right, create illusory emotions or illude what makes one feel a certain feeling (the perception of "scary", thus allowing to manipulate fear), may be able to manipulate memories or even erase or distort one's identity of self, etc.

May be limited to starting out from "triggers" such as looking into the illusionist's eyes or whatever activates the illusionist wants to manipulate, and such "triggers" can be evaded by not receiving them or by not noticing them, among other often psychological or mystical mechanisms. Due to the way triggers may not be considered to "infect" a target but rather be "accepted" by them, immunity to illusions may be impossible without some form of Power Nullification.


There are three types to this power.

  • Type 1: This type of Illusion is basically the basic version. The users are capable of manipulating illusion in a way that a person’s sight, hearing and sense of smell can be altered and manipulated. However others with higher levels of power may be capable of negating this ability, other people who are capable of manipulating illusions may be capable of breaking out of the illusion, etc. They might also be breakable by virtually anyone under the appropriate circumstances, such as anyone who figures out it is an illusion, or anyone who does something to "take back control of their senses", either mentally or by snapping their fingers/blinking their eyes forcefully.
  • Type 2: This type of Illusion allows users to be capable of creating illusions that are so realistic to the point where all the senses of the target are confused, making it is virtually impossible to break free unless the users set them free. They are capable of creating Illusions of a large scale and manipulating a multitude of people simultaneously. May illude aspects of the mind other than the senses.
  • Type 3: The third type of illusion manipulation is the most powerful and absolute version of it. It is basically a combination of reality warping and the second type of illusion manipulation. The users of this ability can put almost anyone in their illusion and making the illusion reality itself and vice-versa with a casual thought. As such if a person died in an illusion the user of this type of illusion manipulation put them in then they can actually be dead.


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