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Ilia is one of the beings summoned by Nil in the VSRP Everybody Wants to Die, a spinoff of Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Ilia appeared later than the others, finding herself alone within a crater. She spoke with and got to know many of the other summoned, before eventually traveling across worlds with Valev and facing alternate versions of themselves in a bid to find a way to defeat Nil. Eventually, she and the others faced off against Nil, and with the aid of Coolguy McChad (EWTRTW), were victorious. She then acted to distribute Nil's godly power among the summoned, become a Goddess herself. Ilia was uniquely attuned to calamity, despite her generally acting kind to those around her, as her abilities tended to be extremely destructive in contrast to her nature.

Later on, Ichika Yuuki would hold a similar contest to the previous one, which Ilia briefly managed for her through her own power. She sent a pseudo-independent avatar by the name of Iyl to observe it.

Ultimately, that avatar gained an existence of their own at the end, becoming a fully fledged god to stand alongside his mother.


Generally calm and friendly towards all the others that were summoned, Ilia was quickly willing to take up arms and fight against Nil to eventually free everyone from his influence. Willing to kill on rather short notice and a rather brutal fighter with powers that greatly tended towards destruction, she was still cooperative with the endeavors of most, showing little interest in the conquests and wars ongoing for rulership of the Earth, remaining satisfied just to be by herself.

After the summoned united against Nil, she fought alongside them without hesitation to expunge the world of his threat, wishing to create her own, peaceful world once all was over.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral Good

Name: Ilia Aeterna

Origin: Everyone Wants to Die

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Endbringer, Daemon, Parahuman (Thinker), Therion, Lord of Calamity, Oni, Queen of the Demon Clan, Assassin-class Servant, Quincy, Queen of Light and Heir of Lucis, Hadou God, Fourth Heaven, Goddess of Eternal Recurrence, Self-Observing Weapon, Ultimate Skill User, Goddess of Calamity

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Likes: Freedom, her allies, life

Dislikes: Nil (Initially), those that cause needless harm

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

Tier: 7-B, higher with Consuming Claw | 6-B, higher with Consuming Claw | High 6-A, higher with Consuming Claw and Armiger | Low 2-C, higher with Skills, 1-A with Energy Manipulation and in her True Form | Low 1-C, possibly far higher, 1-A with Retcon, Energy Manipulation and in her True Form | Low 1-C, possibly far higher, 1-A with Retcon, Energy Manipulation and in her True Form

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation (Capable of manipulating all kinds of energy at will, can redirect and absorb energy), Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can access a pocket reality at will, manifesting it as she pleases, only she can enter this reality and she can interact with the normal world from it, while those in the normal world cannot interact with her), Water Manipulation (Can manipulate water on a massive scale, causing tsunamis and rainstorms with her arrival), Afterimage Creation (Her every movement is followed by her "echo", water that fills the space she leaves in her wake), Nanotechnology (Possesses nanothorns on her arms and sword, which can sever molecular bonds), Limited Spatial Manipulation (An Endbringer's core negates powers that come into contact with it by warping space), Genius Intelligence, Expert Martial Artist and Marksman, Enhanced Senses, Information Analysis She sees the numbers behind everything, allowing her to see the trajectories and velocities of everything around her, track the exact locations of opponents and the precise duration of each movement, and so on; thanks to this, she can fight even when blinded by bugs, detect invisible beings, and accurately target stress points to debilitate or kill stronger opponents), Precognition (Her ability allows her to accurately predict the actions of others based on their movements and the math behind them;s he effectively sees the possible consequences of attacks), limited Biological Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement (Through precision strikes, she could have a body produce its own poisons, impede its own functions, and induce a variety of ailments such as vomiting, internal bleeding, brain damage, heart arrhythmia, heart failure, CO2 embolisms, strokes, and paralysis.), Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Lightning, Darkness), Energy Manipulation (Can fire balls of energy from her Consuming Claw), Life Manipulation (Can absorb the life of enemies with her Claw), limited Power Nullification (Can dispel magical barriers and transformations), Soul Manipulation (Can rip out and eat her opponents' souls by using her Claw), Regeneration (Mid), Immortality (Type 1, Daemons do not age), Heat Manipulation (Scale Crusher creates orbs of pure heat and cold, Cerberus Wave creates heat waves), Statistics Amplification (The power of her Claw grows the more damage she sustains, can increase her power with various artes), Statistics Reduction (Can weaken enemies with various artes), Gravity Manipulation (Shadow Flow binds enemies with a gravity orb), Adaptation (Her Claw adapts its abilities based on the enemy she is fighting), Non-Physical Interaction (Can see and interact with Malakhim, which are invisible and untouchable to those with low Resonance), Telepathy, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Martial Arts, Blessed, Unholy Manipulation (Monsters are made of magic energy, which can be purified or warded off by holy energy), Radiation Manipulation and Creation (Monsters of significant aura can create an aura akin to radiation, that is extremely toxic to organic life and can induce death in high concentration. It will cause monsters to be born due to the high concentration of magic energy), Teleportation, Spatial Manipulation (Can cut through space), Perception Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Attack Reflection, Forcefield Creation

Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Paralysis, Poisons, Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement, Electricity Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Law Manipulation (As a powerful A rank Disaster monster, she should be able to resist the effect of Holy Barrier which affects the laws of the world), Memory Manipulation (Individuals surpassing A rank have high resistances, and their memories are protected by their soul), Magic (Has an innate resistance to magic), Radiation Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Information Manipulation (Magic Perception overloads the brain with so much information it would have killed a normal human, but she is capable of using it), and Data Manipulation (The information from Magic Perception is turned into data, which overloads the human brain, but she is capable of using it), Mind Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (An Endbringer's non-standard biology cannot be affected through normal biological manipulation), Matter Manipulation (Ilia's inner body "bends the rules of how molecules and atoms should work" and cannot be cut by molecular severing weapons), Precognition, Unconventional Resistance to Power Nullification, Power Modification, Power Absorption and Power Mimicry (Skills are inscribed into the soul which resists any outside interference unless the interference is stronger than the soul's defenses, furthermore Unique Skills and above require a strong soul to possess them)

All previous abilities, Poison Manipulation (Her entire body and every part of her is a lethal poison that bypasses resistance, additionally, she can create death inducing mists), Invisibility and Stealth Mastery with Presence Concealment (Presence Concealment users with B-rank or higher are capable of rendering themselves invisible by erasing their presence, making themselves difficult to detect against Magi and even Servants unless they attack), Transformation (Can change the appearance of her face), Supernatural Luck, Minor Fate Manipulation (Servants with B-rank Luck or higher can change their own fates to evade inevitable outcomes such as having their hearts destroyed by Gáe Bolg), Expert Dagger Thrower and Servant Physiology, Aura, Darkness Manipulation (Can generate and manipulate solid darkness from her body to form various constructs), Weapon Creation (Can create weapons out of solid darkness), Flight, Immortality (Type 1, 3, and limited 6) (Taking in all Ten Commandments is equivalent to taking her consciousness in), Self-Sustenance (Type 2), Soul Manipulation (Demons remove and eat souls, destroying them completely), Statistics Amplification (Her magical power increases at night), Summoning, Telekinesis, Curse Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation (Purgatory fire nullifies up to Mid-High regeneration), Electricity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Power Bestowal (Can grant abilities and knowledge to others), Power Nullification (Can seal the magic of others. Can nullify the power and physical strength of anyone who has hatred in their heart), Mind Manipulation (Can remove emotions and absorb them to gain power. Anyone who turns their back to her will become her servant. She can remove the memories, emotions, and sense of self of anyone with selfish desires in her presence), Durability Negation via Petrification (Anyone who knowingly speaks a lie in front of her turns to stone), Life Manipulation and Age Manipulation (Anyone who kills another living thing in front of her has their remaining lifetime stolen from them), Limited Air Manipulation (Can send air slashes with her sword), Creation and manipulation of an unknown substance called Dark Matter that can twist the laws of physics, Explosion Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, can turn harmless parts of nature such as regular sunlight into an attack, can create gusts of wind with her wings, Flight, Matter Manipulation, Transmutation, Fire Creation, Ice Creation, Limited Mind Manipulation, is able to use some kind of invisible force, Attacks can phrase through objects, Information Analysis, Subjective Reality, Quantum Manipulation, Limited Probability Manipulation and Limited Law Manipulation via Esper Power

All previous resistances, Resistant to the following: Mind Manipulation (Unaffected by the Goddess Clan's mind control abilities), as well as Biological Manipulation (Purgatory transforms both physical and spiritual aspects of beings), Perception Manipulation, Poison, Acid, Heat, and Cold (Lives in Purgatory without being affected by its extreme environment)

All previous abilities, Spatial Manipulation, BFR, Size Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Awareness (Can see invisible spirits and objects), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings with Reiatsu), Longevity, Can take her reiryoku and exert it as reiatsu, Reishi Manipulation (Can forcibly manipulate the particles that make up spiritual beings and objects such as those in Soul Society), Limited Blood Manipulation (Using Blut, Ilia can flood her blood vessels with energy to reinforce them and can consume living beings to fuel Blut Vene Anhaben), Statistics Amplification (Can enhance her speed with Hirenkyaku and increase her defensive or offensive with Blut), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 and 2), Portal Creation, Dimensional Travel (With Shadow), Forcefield Creation, Weapon Creation, Light Manipulation, Fire Manipulation (She has Yamamoto's Bankai, which can burn at extremely high temperatures, raise those he's killed from the dead, and wipe opponents from existence), Life Manipulation (Of Quincies - can redistribute the life force of Quincies to other Quincies), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Corrosion Inducement, Power Absorption (With Medallion and Sankt Altar), Resurrection (Can resurrect Quincies by redistributing power to them with Auswählen), Probability Manipulation and Durability Negation with The Balance, Soul Manipulation (All Quincies can destroy souls, and Ilia can split her own soul between others to heal all their wounds and grant them powers), Reactive Power Level (By sharing portions of her soul to others on contact or when they make contact with Quincy, Ilia can gain their strength by absorbing their souls when they die on the battlefield), Limited Matter Manipulation (Using Sklaverei, Ilia can tear apart spiritual objects and beings by drawing upon their Reishi, absorbing beings destroyed in this way), Invisibility, Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm and interact with intangible spirits and objects), Overwhelming Aura (Spiritual pressure can passively induce ailments ranging from paralysis to disintegration), Magic, Power Bestowal (Can grant others the ability to summon and wield any of the weapons in her arsenal), Flight, Intangibility, Duplication, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Healing, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Statistics Amplification (All of his weapons boost at least one of her parameters, like her resistance towards elemental magic), Statistics Reduction (Some of her weapons reduce the target's strength, durability, etc.), Sound Manipulation (Can emit powerful sound waves with the Noiseblaster), Gravity Manipulation (Able to create a gravitational sphere that pulls enemies in), Precognition (Able to see the deaths of others), Holy Manipulation, Energy Blasts, Poison Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Time Stop (Can imbue her weapons with the Stop spell), Spatial Manipulation and BFR (Can rip a hole in the universe and banish enemies to the void with Alterna), Summoning (Can summon various weapons in battle, as well as the Astrals to aid her in combat), Absorption (Can absorb elemental energies and the life force of her enemies), Death Manipulation, Barrier Creation (Should be capable of erecting "The Wall" like all Kings of Lucis. Can create spherical barriers around herself)

Durability Negation, Biological Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Absorption, Information Analysis, Reactive Evolution and Power Mimicry with The Compulsory (Her nerves can invade the bodies of others to control their movements and forcibly compressing their bodies into compact balls or badly warp their bodies, if her nerves manages to completely invade his opponent's body, Ilia can near instantly tear them to ribbons. Ilia can also control inorganic objects such as the ground or buildings and evolve by absorbing information through his nerves and mimicking his target powers and abilities), Regeneration (Mid-Low), Healing, Poison Manipulation, Death Manipulation and Reactive Evolution with The Deathdealing (Ilia can control over any and all 'Lethal Doses' within her range. She alters the dosage of any substance she ingests or tanks, manipulating the 'poison' and either granting herself complete immunity within a single minute or lowering an opponent's resistance to kill or incapacitate them. Furthermore with Askin's Vollständig, Hasshein. Ilia will automatically adapt to changes in "poison"; as long as the base of the poison remains the same, any surface layer changes will cause Ilia's immunity to adjust in turn, rendering the poison ineffective), Explosion Creation, Durability Negation and Transmutation with The Explode (Her reishi turns whatever it comes in contact with into a bomb), Fear Manipulation with The Fear (Ilia can instill fear in others through his Heilig Pfeil. Furthermore with Äs's Vollständig, Tatarforas. She only needs eye contact for his ability to work and he can create a dome with multiple eyes all around for a higher chance of success. In addition, one glance is enough to cause fear, closing one's eyes afterwards is no use, because fear has embedded within one's mind), Fire Manipulation and Heat Manipulation with The Heat, Can greatly increases her durability with The Iron, Can fire off Reishi constructs to forcibly close gateways between dimensions and form Reishi cages to entrap his opponents with The Jail, Empathic Manipulation with The Love (Ilia can launch a heart-shaped projectile and anyone hit by this heart will fall in love with her and they will obey every command she gives them), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Immortality (Type 3 and 8), Reactive Power Level and Limited Reality Warping with The Miracle (Iliacan manifest the fears of the masses like fear of not being able to destroy his body into reality. Her power works by turning any and all damage, lethal included, into size and power), Reactive Power Level with The Overkill (Ilia can gain might by killing someone, be it enemy, ally, or even beast), Can force her opponents to question everything about themselves and their abilities with The Question, Sound Manipulation with The Roar, Air Generation, Statistics Amplification, Regeneration (Mid-High) and Immortality (Type 3 and 8) with The Superstar (Ilia can gain might from the cheers of a crowd), Reality Warping, Elemental Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Stealth Mastery, Duplication, Transmutation, Creation, Power Bestowal, BFR, Portal Creation and Information Analysis with The Visionary (Ilia can turn his fantasy into reality), Spatial Manipulation with The Wind (Ilia can physically bend away the space to avoid attacks from her opponents), Durability Negation and Intangibility with The X-Axis (Ilia can uniformly penetrate anything between her weapon and her target, ignoring obstacles and durability. Furthermore with The X-Axis True Power active, Ilia is constantly in a state of intangibility, rendering her virtually untouchable even by Shinigami, who can interact with spirits and intangible objects), Power Mimicry and Shapeshifting with The Yourself (Ilia can mimic not just the appearance of others but also their memories, knowledge, powers, and equipment)

After analyzing it in detail, Ilia gained greater mastery over Dark Matter, Inorganic Physiology (Type 2; Her body is now just walking dark matter with her personality coded into it), Duplication, Regeneration (High, easily reshapes her body from a liquified state, is capable of existing as long as Dark Matter, which are elementary particles, exist), Immortality (Types 1, 3 & 8), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3), Psychometry, Can break down targets on a macro quantum level and absorb them, Shapeshifting, Limited Size Manipulation, Analytical Prediction

All previous resistances, Resistance to Power Nullification, Soul Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement (Ransotengai allows Quincy to freely manipulate their bodies using spirit energy if their bodies would be inflicted with great physical harm or paralysis), Absolute Zero via Blut Vene, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Petrification, Transmutation, Electricity Manipulation, and Darkness Manipulation

All previous abilities, Reality Warping, Non-Existent Physiology (Sensories bodies are made of "complete nothingness", making most if not all conventional attacks just pass through her), Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Soul Manipulation and Immunity to it (Ilia's sensories lack souls), Immortality (Types 1, 5 and 9), Telepathy, Mind Manipulation (Able to instill anxiety with her mere presence and bloodcurdling rage with her words, can also emit an immense pressure that is "heavy enough to stick and burden the very soul" and causes those around her to forget how to breathe and think when she reveals her "true self"]), Dimensional BFR, Can travel to other dimensions (Including areas which exist outside of even the Throne itself), Can make attacks "vanish" from existence, Transmutation , Possesses incredible willpower, Durability Negation, Soul Manipulation (Can damage the soul, damages the souls of those in its presence), Mind Manipulation (Can damage the mind and can make beings have trouble remaining conscious just by being in its presence), Conceptual Manipulation (The Longinuslanze deals conceptual damage and can bypass the concept of distance), Homing Attack (Due to its property of "never missing", it will chase its targets), Existence Erasure (Longinuslanze is capable of erasing the law of Hadou Gods), Curse Manipulation and Resurrection (Ilia can use Longinus to instantly curse a target with a Stigma at any time, making them a part of her Legion the moment they die), Durability Negation, Immortality Negation (All Types), Regeneration Negation (High-Godly), Non-Physical Interaction (Can hit Abstract beings), Self-Sustenance (type 1, 2 and 3; lacks the need to for sustenance due to being a creature made of seithr), Acausality (Type 1; Is unaffected by the effects from a Phenomena Intervention, which can reset an entire timeline), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8; is able to Observe herself, which allows herself to regenerate and resurrect from fatal attacks, is also reliant on its heart to be intact for it to stay alive), Regeneration (Mid-High; likely High; Can regenerate as long as seithr exists. High-Godly with Resurrection), Non-Physical Interaction (the Azure, a part of her, can hit Izanami), Resurrection (Via Self-observation), Invulnerability (Is a being that exists outside of Logic; the fundamental rules of the world; meaning any abilities/weapons/and powers that are restrained by Logic cannot harm her), Duplication, Weather Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, and Air Manipulation (Is capable of messing with the seasons to the point that some seasons can last much longer than normal, mess with the air current and weaken the soil via Seithr as stated in Phase Shift), Heat Manipulation (Can emit extreme heat with her presence), Energy Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Teleportation (Can teleport through anywhere that has seithr), Life Manipulation (Is Seithr itself, which can give a seed life and sentience), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Creation and Sealing (Her psyche is a pocket dimension and she is capable of trapping people there), Soul Manipulation, and Healing Negation (Azure Grimoire, a part of herself, can damage the soul, negating any form of recovery, even when the reality is warped by a multiversal entity), Fate Manipulation (She can consume Fate itself), Technology Manipulation (Seithr itself is capable of messing with the technology), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings with seithr), Size Manipulation (Can grow in size), Empathic Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement (She can paralyze anyone within its vicinity), Poison Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Biological Manipulation and Statistics Reduction (Is made of Seithr, which is poisonous, can induce addiction and deteriorate bodies, as well as reducing the power of others), Absorption (Capable of absorbing bodies and souls), Intangibility (Can turn into mist), Disease Manipulation (Her mere existence can cause viruses), Power Absorption (Can absorb others' powers with her presence), Time Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement, Transmutation, Existence Erasure/Void Manipulation and Corruption (Type 3) (Is a cauldron gone haywire, and Cauldrons are capable of these abilities), Immortality Negation (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), and Regeneration Negation (Up to High-Godly), BFR, and Deconstruction (Can turn beings into dust with her presence)

Some of the previous abilities in addition to Immortality (Type 3), Law Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Causality Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Nonexistence Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Godly; can regenerate from conceptual destruction), Acausality (Type 5), Information Manipulation, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Gravity Manipulation, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Non-Corporeal, Cosmic Awareness, Nigh-Omniscience, Nigh-Omnipresence (Full Omnipresence in her own territory), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2), Large Size (Type 11), Summoning (Can summon the Physical Manifestation of her Law), and able to manifest avatars in order to interact outside the Throne.

Accelerated Development (Training, Intelligence, Physical Stats, Abilities), Statistics Amplification, Information Analysis, Duplication with Wisdom King Raphael, Absorption, Power Absorption, Sealing, Power Mimicry and Power Bestowal with Gluttonous King Beelzebub, Summoning (Of Veldora) with Storm King Veldora, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, Forcefield Creation, Sealing, Power Nullification and Physics Manipulation with Covenant King Uriel, Power Modification, Cosmic Awareness and Fusionism with Manas: Ciel (Wisdom God's Core), Space-Time Manipulation, Void Manipulation and Summoning with Void God Azathoth, Power Modification, Duplication, Power Mimicry and Power Bestowal with Harvest Lord Shub-Niggurath, Matter Manipulation, Body Control and Absorption with Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka

All previous resistances, Resistance to Magic, Mental, Spatial, Temporal and Conceptual attacks, Immunity to natural poisons and diseases, Poison Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Biological Manipulation and Statistics Reduction (Can resist the effects of Seithr, which is poisonous, can induce addiction and deteriorate bodies, as well as reducing the power of others), Memory Manipulation (Can resist the effects of Cauldron and/or Boundary, which erases memories), Chaos Manipulation (Resists the Boundary, which turns everything into a spiraling chaos), Transmutation, Void Manipulation/Existence Erasure and Corruption (Type 3) (Can resist the effects of the boundary, which can erase those that enter it, and corrupt them and transmutate them beyond recovery), Technology Manipulation (Is unaffected by the effects of Seithr, which can mess with technology), Corrosion Inducement (Resists getting corroded by the Cauldron), Time Manipulation (Can resist the effects of Cauldron and/or Boundary, which stops time by existing), Mind Manipulation and Information Manipulation (Able to resist the boundary/cauldron, which when entered or gotten close to, will result in taking infinite information and memories, dating across beginning of time and all possibilities), Heat Manipulation (Is unfazed by the intense heat from a cauldron), Phenomena Intervention (Due to being outside of Logic, she is resistant to phenomena intervention), Law Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation and Light Manipulation (Exists outside of Logic, the fundamental rules of the world, which includes the 4 elements and two great origins), Soul Manipulation, Healing and Regeneration Negation (High-Godly), Paralysis Inducement, Radiation Manipulation (Can cancel out radioactive materials with seithr, making it ineffective against the toxic substance), Life Manipulation and Absolute Zero, Death Manipulation, Power Nullification, Explosion Manipulation and Spatial Manipulation, Power Modification, Sealing, She gains resistance to abilities that she has analyzed, from her Reactive Evolution), Time Stop, Matter Manipulation, Telepathy, Water Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Perception Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Physics Manipulation, Absorption, Power Absorption, Power Mimicry, Information Analysis, Status Effect Inducement, Precognition, Plasma Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Immunity to Mind Manipulation (Ilia's memories are stored in her astral body, and as long as she retains her conscious soul and memory. In other words, she can think with her soul and is thus immune to mind control effects)

All previous at a far greater level, Corruption, Reality Warping, Power Nullification and Power Modification (Her existence was vast enough to encroach upon Ichika's world and overwrite it, causing a wave of reality altering corruption to spread throughout it until she chose to stop this), Power Bestowal (Can grant powers the same way as Nil and Ichika could), Avatar Creation and all of Iyl's abilities minus some Immortalities

All previous at a far greater level

Attack Potency: City level (Her attack potency is equal to Hakurou), higher with Consuming Claw (Utilizing the Claw causes its strength to rise constantly) | Country level (Her attack potency is equal to Demon King, higher with Consuming Claw | Multi-Continent level (Her attack potency is equal to Noctis, higher with Consuming Claw and Armiger | Universe level+ (Comparable to the other PCs), higher with Skills, Outerverse level with Energy Manipulation and in her True Form (Was capable of absorbing and seizing control of Nil's energy, with Nil's Retcon being stated to be at this level in the God Realm) | Low Complex Multiverse level (Exists in the God Realm, along with the others, with the God Realm being above the multiverse and viewing universes as fiction), possibly far higher (Nil was capable of increasing his power with Retcon), Outerverse level with Retcon, Energy Manipulation and in her True Form | Low Complex Multiverse level (Should be superior to before due to possessing greater mastery of her powers), possibly far higher, Outerverse level with Retcon, Energy Manipulation and in her True Form

Speed: High-Hypersonic | Sub-Relativistic | FTL | At least Massively FTL+, likely Irrelevant in True Form | Immeasurable normally, likely Irrelevant in True Form | Immeasurable normally, likely Irrelevant in True Form

Lifting Strength: Class K | Class T | Class P | Infinite, likely Irrelevant in True Form | Immeasurable, likely Irrelevant in True Form

Striking Strength: City Class, higher with Consuming Claw | Country Class, higher with Consuming Claw | Multi-Continent Class, higher with Consuming Claw and Armiger | Universal+, Outerversal in True Form | Low Complex Multiversal, possibly far higher, Outerversal in True Form | Low Complex Multiversal, possibly far higher, Outerversal in True Form

Durability: City level | Country level | Multi-Continent level | Universe level+, higher with Skills, Outerverse level with Energy Manipulation and in her True Form | Low Complex Multiverse level, possibly far higher, Outerverse level with Energy Manipulation and in her True Form | Low Complex Multiverse level, possibly far higher, Outerverse level with Energy Manipulation and in her True Form

Stamina: Very High | Same as before | Same as before | Infinite | Same as before | Same as before

Range: Hundreds of kilometers to Planetary, Interdimensional from Pocket Dimension | Same as before | Planetary, Interdimensional with Auswhalen and from Pocket Dimension, Multiversal+ with Spatial Manipulation and Clairvoyance | Outerversal | Outerversal | Outerversal

Standard Equipment: Various weapons | Same as before | All previous, as well as a Quincy Cross, Quincy Medallion, Zanka no Tachi, Engine Blade, Ring of the Lucii, Royal Arms | All previous, as well as the Longinuslanze Testament | All previous | All previous

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius | Slightly higher than before | Slightly higher than before | Nigh-Omniscient | Same as before | Same as before

Weaknesses: None notable | Somewhat vulnerable to Holy Magic, although she does not take considerable damage from it | Using the Ring of the Lucii takes a toll on her, Still Silver formed within the hearts of Auswahlen victims can briefly remove some of her power | None notable | None notable | None notable

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Dynakinesis: Ilia is capable of creating, manipulating, absorbing, dispersing and otherwise affecting all sorts of energy. With this ability, she could project various types of energy attacks, and created a massive crater upon her initial arrival into the world. As Ilia grew stronger, so too did this ability grow, by the very end it reached such a level that she could use it to interfere with Nil's Godly Energy, being capable of absorbing and distributing it among the others that were summoned.
  • Pocket Reality: Ilia has access to a personal pocket reality which she can use for various purposes. Most notably, she can interact with regular beings from this dimension, while they cannot interact with her.
  • Hydrokinesis: Ilia can manipulate water on a massive scale, destroying buildings and crushing any that get hit by her waves as long as her concentration isn't interrupted.
  • Echo: Ilia is followed by an "echo" of water that appears whenever she moves. Whether the movement is involuntary or not, water will appear to fill the space where Ilia used to be, whipping forward at the same speed and with the same force.
  • Endbringer Physiology: Endbringers have highly irregular biology, made up of layers; 200 in the main body and 33 in the limbs, each around twice as durable as the last. The only part of Ilia's body that is vital is the core; she lacks standard organs, weak points, and any traditional center of operations for any bodily systems, such as a heart or brain. She has nonstandard cardiac and nervous systems. The only way to kill Ilia is to destroy her core, which warps space to repel attacks and negate powers, and is the most durable part of her body.
  • Consuming Claw: Ilia possesses a red daemonic claw that she can manifest in place of her left arm, this claw can absorb beings whole and consume souls if contact with it is maintained.
  • Numerical Precision: Ilia's ability makes "good with numbers", a ridiculously versatile and useful ability far more powerful than such a description implies. She perceives the world in meticulous mathematical detail, with elaborate mathematical notation floating in the air. She could use this ability to manipulate the world economy, predict the outcomes of various events, and analyze and design buildings. It provides more immediate benefits as well, as her advanced perception means that she can detect invisible beings and small animals, see and act even when blinded by bugs, and view the precise locations, trajectories, and velocities of any movements and opponents, using this to see through and dodge attacks. It's more effective at a range, when it gives her more time to analyze her opponent's movements.
  • Magic Perception: The ability to perceive the surrounding magical energy.
    • In addition, the user is able to observe how waves disturb the nearby magical energy, then use that information to calculate the visual, auditory and other wave-based information of the surroundings. Magic Perception also grants the ability to understand and express the intent of spoken words even if the language of the conversation partner is unknown.
    • Magic Perception enables users to be aware of their environment in battle even if blind or death and prevent a surprise attack.
  • Telepathy: The ability to communicate with others telepathically.
  • Thought Transmission: An improved version of Telepathy which allows for a network where many people can communicate telepathically, has a range of about a kilometer.
  • Multiple Barriers: An ability which surrounds the user with multiple barriers. Defensive barriers prevent the entry of magic power. Except for overwhelming the barrier with magical power, it is nearly impossible to break a barrier. Even the most basic barrier has more than two layers.
  • Blink Step: An ability which allows Ilia to move 5 meters in any direction in an instant.
  • Dimensional Decapitation: An ability which can cut through space.
  • Dim Stream Slash: A sword skill which when used, makes Ilia's figure become indistinct, thin like air, even against those with equal perception speed to his, their perception is obstructed for a moment and before they realize it, Ilia appears before their eyes like an optical illusion.

  • Demon: Ilia is the Demon Queen, the highest level of demon and can access her demonic biology and powers to give herself a boost in physical ability and various other advantages. She always has her Demon Mark activated.. At night, her magic power increases.
  • Power of Darkness: As part of her demon biology, Ilia can generate solid darkness from his body which she can manipulate and shape as well as project outward from herself. She can use this black matter for a variety of offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes.
  • Enhanced Durability: Demons can use their black matter as a thin but powerful layer of armor to enhance their defensive capability.
  • Flight: When the substance covers her body she can use it to manifest wings and fly.
  • Self Healing: Demons can use the dark substance to pull their bodies back together, mend burn injuries, etc. However, they cannot regenerate destroyed hearts, and damage stays with the demon despite the wound being healed. This has been shown to mean that powerful enough attacks cannot be regenerated by a weaker demon, and they will eventually run out of enough energy and not be able to continue regenerating.
  • Weapon Creation: The black matter can be used to form various offensive constructs such as large claws or weapons. These constructs enhance melee attacks a considerable amount.
  • Sensing: High-level demons can sense magic energy from considerable distances away, hundreds of miles.
  • Soul Extraction and Absorption: Demons can extract souls and absorb them to restore their magic power as well as gain the knowledge of their victim. Both lesser demons and high-level demons have been shown extracting many souls at once from a distance, although some seem to prefer using touch to extract souls. When a soul is eaten it is completely destroyed, removing the victim from the cycle of reincarnation.
  • Telekinesis: Can forcefully pull things throughout the air.
  • Telepathy: Can project her thoughts through dimensions to contact people.
  • Commandments
  • She can create and utilize the following Commandments, as well as being immune to their effects and able to grant such immunity.

      • Faith: Anyone who shows faithlessness before her has their eyes set ablaze. The "faith" concept applies to anything the victim once had faith in, such as love or family.
      • Love: Anyone who has hatred in their heart in her presence will be unable to inflict damage to others. They will not even be able to summon the strength to raise their weapons or activate their powers.
      • Pacifism: Anyone who kills in her presence will have their remaining lifetime stolen from them, aging rapidly to death.
      • Patience: The full effects of Patience are currently unknown.
      • Piety: Anyone who flees from her is forced into mindless obedience to her. She can undo the effects of the commandment at will.
      • Purity: The full effects of Purity are currently unknown.
      • Repose: The full effects of Repose are currently unknown.
      • Reticence: The full effects of Reticence are currently unknown, but it is known that it imposes a penalty on the victim for speaking their true feelings buried in their heart.
      • Selflessness: Anyone with feelings of greed, desire, or selfishness in her presence loses their memories, emotions, and sense of self.
      • Truth: Anyone who knowingly tells a lie in her presence is turned to stone.
    • Bestowal: Ilia can transfer and grant abilities to others.
    • Curse Infliction: Ilia has great skill with the creation and manipulation of curses, a category her commandments fall under. Her curses are unbreakable by anyone who doesn't have the same level of power as her.
    • Immortality Curse: Ilia can curse others with a type of immortality. The victim doesn't age physically, and every time they die their soul enters Purgatory. After a period of time their soul returns to their body and they revive.
    • Eye of Truth: Ilia can link her vision with another's, allowing her to keep constant watch over her chosen targets.
    • Hellblaze: Ilia can generate the black purgatory fire of the Demon Clan, capable of nullifying the regeneration of immortals/ Hellblaze can be coated on her body or weapon to enhance her strikes. Purgatory fire cannot be put out normally and ignores resistance to flames.
    • Nature Manipulation: She can summon lightning bolts from the sky, create "mists of death" over an entire city, as well as create large tornados.

    Dark Matter: Ilia's esper ability which allows her to create and control an unknown type of matter/elementary particles. The material she creates can twist the laws of physics as Ilia desires.

    • Explosion Creation: Ilia is capable of creating explosions around her at will.
    • Defensive Measures. Ilia is capable of using Dark Matter to protect herself from danger, as she's not bothered by her own explosions.
    • Dark Matter Wings: Ilia can create six white wings made out of Dark Matter that allow her to fly. These wings can be several tens of meters long, and can be used as blunt, stabbing or slicing weapons that can casually slice a building in half vertically.
      • Light Diffraction: By diffracting sunlight through the countless unseen gaps of her Dark Matter wings, Ilia can change light's nature to one that doesn't follow the laws of physics, instead using its own set of laws. This light can be used to burn opponents.
      • Wind: Using his wings Ilia can create a powerful gale wind strong enough to send a person flying.
    • Energy Manipulation: Ilia can infuse her Dark Matter and the attacks launched by it (such as the diffracted light or wind caused by her wings) with 25,000 different types of energy.
    • Invisible Pressure: Ilia can create pressure through an invisible force that is strong enough to crush a human.
    • Intangible Matter: Ilia can create a type of dark matter that only interacts with people, phasing straight through any other kind of matter.
    • Anti-Brainwashing: The brain's electrical signals can be influenced by light and sound. Ilia is able to use that fact, to produce light and sound that can undo brainwashing.
    • Transmutation: Ilia's Dark Matter interacts with other matter in highly unusual ways, modifying the normal matter according to laws other than the laws of physics. One notable application of this is that she can create a type of Dark Matter that upon contact with a human turns the humans entire body into sand.
    • Dark Matter Analysis: Ilia can calculate and predict all effects her Dark Matter has on her surroundings.

    Noble Phantasm

    • Zabaniya: Delusional Poison Body: Ilia's Noble Phantasm, a special technique created to replicate the Indian myth of the "Poison Girl". Every part of her body and all of her body fluids have become drenched in deadly poison, allowing her to kill living beings and corrode weapons below the rank of Noble Phantasms with a touch, instantly paralyze her foes with droplets of sweat, and fry their brains with a kiss She could even spread this poison on the wind, allowing her to wipe out entire armies when they breathe in her poisons. Even spiritual bodies like Servants are not wholly immune to his ability, but she cannot "kill them with a touch" the way she can with the living, as it will only cause them pain and weaken their movements. She instead must touch them "three times" with her mucous membrane, which can be delivered quickly with a passionate kiss. Touching her mucous membrane once will inflict damage and bad status effects, but three consecutive instances will quickly prove fatal. As a last resort, she can tear apart her own body to engulf her foes in massive quantities of her poisonous blood in a final attempt to kill them.

    Class Skills

    • Independent Action: is the ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from the Master. At the higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is possible to take action even without a Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms of great magical energy consumption, backup from the Master is necessary. Ilia is in possession of this ability at A rank, however as she is not a true Servant, it means little to her.
    • Presence Concealment: The signature Class Skill of the Assassin class. With her A+ rank in this skill, Ilia can disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected even with the superhuman sense of Servants. She could even walk in a crowd in broad daylight while holding a corpse and remain completely undetected. However, the effectiveness of this skill sharply drops once she prepares to attack.

    Personal Skills

    • Projectile (Daggers): A skill representing one's expertise in using throwing weapons. Ilia is an expert at utilizing these throwing knives. Additionally, the blades are also coated in her poison, increasing their lethality.
    • Shapeshift (Infiltration Specialization): Ilia is able to modify her appearance to hide her identity and draw her targets close to her.
    • Silent Dance: Ilia is skilled in a special dance that spreads her poison into the air, killing living things that breathe it in instantly and paralyzing spiritual beings like Servants should they be exposed to it for too long and rendering them more vulnerable to the instant-death effects of her Noble Phantasm. The dance can also inflict a fascination effect on her foes, leaving them entranced by her movements until it is too late.

  • Soul Distribution: Ilia possesses the special ability to distribute portions of her soul to others on contact. She cultivates her already great power by bestowing these bits of her soul to others, allowing them to refine it, and then taking it back. Each piece of her soul that Ilia regains will make her stronger, and she can deliberately absorb these pieces of soul to maintain her strength.
  • Those who have gifted a portion of Ilia's soul have their lifespans greatly reduced, but all their ailments, whether physical, spiritual, or mental, are healed and all their knowledge and skills are engraved onto their share of her soul. Once their lowered lifespans run out, the piece of Ilia's soul returns to her possession.

    Ilia has the power to bestow upon others great powers through a Schrift, engraving a letter corresponding to a certain one of her powers into their soul and then having them drink her blood.

    • Auswählen: The extension of Ilia's abilities to distribute portions of her soul. After selecting whichever Quincies she deems appropriate for absorption, Ilia can absorb their power and retake her soul, killing her victims in the process. This power can thus be redistributed to whichever Quincies Ilia deems more useful, reviving those that have died.

    Auswählen takes the form of a beam of light that consumes its targets. Even those that dodge the light lose their powers, including the ability to use Vollständig. Reishi barriers cannot stop Auswählen at all, as the power it transfers is raw energy. The Quincies who are affected by the Auswählen have a clot of "Still Silver" formed in their heart that will briefly strip away some of Ilia's powers if it comes into contact with her.

    • Absorption: Ilia can consume other beings on contact, gaining their powers and abilities and drawing their own existence into her body to subjugate them. She can near instantly absorb those weaker than her, but those that are stronger take longer and longer amounts of time.
    • Sankt Altar: Ilia summons five orbs of Reishi, which she transports to around her opponent, at which point they all fire a beam of energy at their target, forming the shape of a Quincy Zeichen. Those who are caught in the blast have all their power stripped away by Ilia.
    • Self-Power Restoration: Even if Ilia's physical or spiritual capabilities are hampered or somehow negated by his opponent, she can restore them.
    • The Balance: Should Ilia fall asleep, she will acquire a different Schrift that allows her to manipulate the fortune and misfortune that occurs within her sphere of influence, all good fortune experienced by the opponent in causing injury to her will be directed back to them as misfortune of the same magnitude.

    Reishi Manipulation: As a Quincy, Ilia can manipulate and shape Reishi by absorbing it from the atmosphere and combining it with her own stock of spiritual energy. It is easier to collect this energy in locations with higher concentrations of Reishi, such as the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. Ilia's control over Reishi is exceptional, allowing her to easily shape and solidify it as she pleases.

    • Blut: An advanced Quincy technique that works by pumping Reishi into the user's blood vessels, reinforcing either their strength or durability to exceptional levels. There exists a defensive and offensive form of Blut, but only one can be used at a time.
      • Blut Arterie: Blut's offensive form, the technique that allows Quincies to physically match and injure Bankai users.
      • Blut Vene: Blut's defensive form, which makes its use clear in the form of a glowing trail that traces the user's blood vessels, which appears only when the enhanced area is struck. When consciously maintained at full power, Blut Vene can even negate the attacks of a Bankai user. It can also be used to stop the user's blood flow in the event that they are badly injured, preventing them from bleeding out.
        • Blut Vene Anhaben: Ilia extends his Blut Vene out from her body to create a powerful forcefield that consumes those around it, breaking down living beings, to fuel and maintain itself.
    • Hirenkyaku: A high-speed Quincy movement technique that functions by riding on a flow of Reishi underneath their feet. A master of the technique, Ilia is capable of using it to its full extent.
    • Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger: An incredibly powerful Quincy spell, the greatest in both offensive and defensive power. After generating several constructs inscribed with Roman numerals, Ilia can manifest several columns of Reishi shaped like the Quincy Cross around her, which burst from the ground, tearing apart any caught in the "light of God".
    • Ransōtengai: A highly advanced Quincy technique that lets the user control their own body with strings of Reiryoku connected to their brain. Thanks to this ability, even if the user is paralyzed or so badly injured that they cannot move normally, they can force their body to move by controlling it as if it were a marionette.
    • Sankt Bogen: Ilia's Spirit Weapon, an immense bow that she can manifest in her hands or somewhere in her surroundings, using it to fire at her opponents with similarly large arrows.
      • Heilig Pfeil: The primary form of attack for Quincies, spiritual energy manifested as arrows and fired from the Sankt Bogen, or in Ilia's case, even just from her fingertips. She can fire them as a rapid-fire barrage capable of completely obliterating a foe in short order.
      • Reishi Broadsword: Ilia can fire an immense arrow around his own height from the Sankt Bogen to the ground at her feet, an arrow that will transform into a large, extremely powerful broadsword once she grabs it.
    • Sklaverei: A Quincy technique that allows the user to control Reishi in the most absolute of ways, enslaving it outright. This powerful ability allows them to completely tear apart and dissolve spiritual objects and beings, drawing upon this and even absorbing this Reishi to temporarily gain the abilities of beings destroyed in this way.

    Shadow: A teleportation ability used by members of the Wandenreich, this technique can be used by manifesting the user's shadows in front of them, creating a portal that acts as a gate between the Schatten Bereich and other dimensions. The size of these portals can be extended to allow many others to pass through.

    Medallion A device possessed by select members of the Wandenreich military, including all Sternritter which allows one to steal a Shinigami's Bankai or any power that is fundamentally similar to a Shinigami's Bankai.

    • Fire/Fira/Firaga: Ilia generates fire energy in her hand, before unleashing the magical energy and causing a small explosion at a location of her choosing, burning both the enemy and the surrounding area.
    • Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga: Ilia causes the surrounding area to become blanketed in frost and ice, freezing enemies in the vicinity and the landscape.
    • Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga: Ilia summons a bolt of lightning to strike his enemy from above.
    • Death: Channeling the power of the Ring of the Lucii, Ilia begins draining her enemy of their life force, regaining her vitality and eventually killing the foe.
    • Holy: Whenever she phases through an attack, Ilia leaves behind an explosion of divine energy that burns enemies to ashes with white fire. If Ilia manages to blink through an attack at the last possible second, she will generate an even more powerful burst of Holy that quickly heals her wounds and restores her magical energy.
    • Alterna: By concentrating her magical energy, Ilia shatters the fabric of the universe and sucks in all nearby enemies into the void.

    Post-Mastery Dark Matter: Ilia utilized her many analysis abilities and knowledge to greatly improve her use of Dark Matter, bringing it to its full potential, allowing her new abilities through it. She now no longer no longer distinguishes between her actual body and the parts fabricated from her power. All Dark Matter is now part of the existence known as Ilia.

    • Regeneration: Ilia can easily rebuild her Dark Matter body, as she requires no organs to survive. Even if completely destroyed, she can recreate it from another Dark Matter pile/puddle. The same applies to her creations. Ilia now lives through her own ability, and is able to regenerate as long as there's Dark Matter left in the world.
    • Dark Matter Network: All Dark Matter created by Ilia is connected to her will. This allows her to perceive the world and act from any of her Dark Matter. Destroying individual pieces of Dark Matter is useless. Trying to damage the whole by interacting with an individual block is also ineffective, as there's no direct connection between Dark Matter blocks (it freely communicates and transmits signals between each "block" without any "wires") so an attack cannot reach the rest without being cut off.
    • Postcognition: Ilia is able to cover an area in Dark Matter to read the information on the surface as if it were a record or a CD. She can see the events that occurred there, up to a few months back into the past. Ilia can get enough information about these past events to even recreate the humans present for them, including their thoughts.
    • Wallcrawling: Ilia can now stand and walk on walls.
    • Spears: Ilia can release a storm of countless white Dark Matter spears from a Dark Matter puddle.
    • Shapeshifting: Since their body is made of the Dark Matter that they hold control of, Ilia can easily change her shape. She can melt into a giant puddle of Dark Matter and recreate herself in another point of the puddle.
    • Absorption: The Dark Matter permeates the object as if it were flowing through it. The object gets disintegrated and is absorbed into the dark matter.

    Dark Matter Beings: Ilia is capable of creating an army of hundreds of Dark Matter beings, which are all connected to her Dark Matter Network. Ilia does this by splitting her own personality into independent minds that can join back together into a single consciousness when she joins back together. They all follow the wishes of the existence known as Ilia, even though there's no actual large consciousness controlling them, because they are all the individual known as Ilia. Because of this, even if the Dark Matter Network is jammed, the individual pieces can act on their own and will follow the will of the original. She can also use this to create clones of herself.

    Aspect Powers: Through these abilities, Ilia is capable of manipulating space to a great degree, twisting, distorting, repairing and more, as well as sending others far away, she is also capable of observing parts of universes on a Multiversal scale.

    • Longinuslanze Testament: (Covenant - The Holy Spear of Destiny) Ilia's Holy Relic, also named and known as the Spear of Destiny, a weapon only she herself can wield due to being the most charismatic being in the world, representing the form of her Valhalla. The weapon is described as being “Fast like Albedo, never missing like Rubedo, and all-killing like Nigredo”, meaning that the spear is always faster than its target, never misses, and kills whatever it hits on a physical, mental, spiritual and conceptual level before dragging their soul to Valhalla to become part of Ilia's legion whenever she throws the spear at her foe. Ilia can also instantly curse the target with a Stigma with the Longinus should she choose to at anytime, making them a part of her Legion the moment they die. Additionally, the spear can also ignore the concept of distance, this aspect allows her to have the spear fired at her enemies in an instant without having to cross any distance at all. Aside from Ilia herself, those who look upon the Lance itself will have their minds burned and their souls erased. Members of the Legion, beings who possess resistance to soul attacks and destruction find it troubling to maintain their consciousness when in its presence, and attempting to lay hands on it will also erode their existence the longer they hold onto it.
    • Vive Memor Mortis - Acta Est Fabula: (Live Mindful of Death - The Play is Over) The manifestation of Ilia's Law, “To live countless lives in countless worlds, to grant a peaceful outcome to all those who could not find one, no matter how many times it takes.”. When her Law is activated at the time of her death, Ilia will reset everything if it does not end how he wants it to end, even in realms where time is nonexistent such as the Throne. While everything is resetting, Ilia is able to change the next timeline in whatever way she likes and this power even allows her to bring back the Throne itself (a place where no form of time exists) after it is destroyed and those whose entire existences were wiped out completely with no chance of recovery, albeit the butterfly effect that her changes produce is out of her control. All abilities described below are mere side-effects of her Law.
      • Sequere Naturam: (You Are to Follow Nature) Ilia unleashes a Supernovae that consists of thousands upon thousands of stars condensed into a single blast that can atomize Gods from the inside. This is powerful enough to annihilate Hadou Gods in a single strike.
      • Dura Lex Sed Lex: (The Law is Harsh But It Is Law) Ilia creates a Great Attractor which draws everything towards it into a singularity.
      • Aurea Mediocritas: (The Golden Mean) Ilia aligns the stars into a Grand Cross, causing an astrological energy surge that can incinerate Atziluth Gods from inside-out.
      • Omnia Fert Aetas: (Time Robs Us of All) Ilia makes all of existence into an elementary particle and sends it into the past of the opponent, thus causing a paradox and erasing them from existence.
      • Disce Libens: (Learn Eagerly) Ilia condenses all the stars in the multiverse into a black hole that destroys everything. This causes everything in existence to be erased completely, including the Throne itself.
      • Law of Foreknowledge (Wave of Mercury/Mercurial Curse): Ilia's Law, the Law of Foreknowledge, has the added effect of "devouring the mind". And Ilia's Sensory, who embodies this law, is able to invoke anxiety upon all who laid eyes upon her, and through her speech is able to turn that anxiety into irritation, and that irritation into a mindless rage, while simultaneously making those around her feel like it "isn't right" to try and kill her. Ilias' can also incidentally "reveal her true self" and release a pressure that is "heavy enough to stick and burden the very soul".
    • Kamungara: The physical manifestation of a Hadou God's Law, existing as a universe within them. Ilia's takes the form of a massive Caduceus coiling around all of creation.

    Wisdom King Raphael: An evolution of the Great Sage Unique Skill. It confers the following abilities:

    • Thought Acceleration: Ilia can accelerate her thought processes by a million to ten million times, allowing her to react to attacks and formulate strategies far more quickly than she would be normally able to.

    Gluttonous King Beelzebub: The evolved version of Ilia's unique skills Gluttony and Predator, it confers the following sub-skills.

    • Stomach: The ability to store her absorbed targets in a warped space.
    • Soul Eater: The ability to completely consume souls and convert them into power.
    • Absorption: Ilia's absorption abilities are greater than before.
      • Can be activated from any part of Ilia’s body

    Storm King Veldora: An ultimate skill acquired by Ilia:

    • Storm Dragon Summon: The ability to summon Veldora Tempest in his dragon form.
    • Storm Dragon Release: The ability to have Veldora use a clone. Even in the case of death, memory recovery is possible.
    • Storm Dragon Magic Archive: The ability to use Veldora's abilities such as: Death Heralding Winds, Black Lightning, and Storm of Destruction.

    Covenant King Uriel: An ultimate skill Ilia acquired:

    • Spatial Domination: The ability to manipulate space to instantly transport herself and others to a set of coordinates she is familiar with.
    • Defense Barrier: The ability to create a multi-layered defense and distort space in order to create absolute defense.
    • Infinite Prison: The ability to seal targets for an eternity in an imaginary infinite space, the ability doesn't permit interference from the outside, and also doesn't weaken over time.
    • Secluded Space: The ability to control the heat by manipulating inertia, can also release and absorb heat at will.

    Manas: Ciel (Wisdom God's Core): The core of Wisdom Lord Raphael that gained individuality, personality, and will after being named by Ilia. Although not classified as an Ultimate Skill, she possesses improved abilities compared to her old self. Ciel's power revolves around in-depth analysis, learning, and problem-solving skill, and overall utility at using spells to its utmost efficiency. Her subskills are the following:

    • Analysis Expert: An ability that allows the user to analyze their surrounding down to the most minute details and thus allowing them to make a plan according to the results of their analysis.
    • Skill Synthesis: An ability that lets Ciel combine other skills to create a stronger skill as a result.
    • Skill Promotion: An ability that lets Ilia strengthen her comrades by evolving their skills to a higher level.

    Void God Azathoth: An Ultimate Skill that's created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. Although both Storm King Veldora and Scorch King Velgrynd used, only some certain skills are inherited. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around Time-Space manipulation, Consuming power, and magical energy source. Its sub-skills are the following:

    • Soul Consumption: An ability that allows Ilia to be able to consume virtually anything, even the souls of her targets. Ilia will also gain information about whatever she's consumed, such as the consumed materials' inherent properties and abilities. It's also possible to "store" the thing she eats in his "stomach" rather than outright consuming them completely.
    • Turn Null (Nothingness Collapse): By harnessing the power of a chaotic, nuclear dimension, Ilia can bypass the need for mana when using magic while also increasing the potency of her spells exponentially. This energy is, in fact, the primordial energy which was used to create the several parallel worlds that exist. Turn Null can create and destroy everything.
    • Imaginary Room: An ability that was made to confine and isolate the target within a separate dimension. This dimension is Ilia's "stomach” and is infinite in size.
    • Space-Time Control: An ability that lets Ilia manipulate space-time to a degree, allowing her to accomplish feats such as instantaneous teleportation and stopping time for roughly 30 minutes. This skill also makes Ilia be able to move within stopped time, rendering time stopping abilities useless against her.
    • Multi-Dimensional Barrier: Ilia constantly generates multi-layered barriers that make use of dimensional gaps to protect her from incoming harm.
    • True Dragon Release: The ability to materialize a clone of Veldora or Velgrynd. If either Veldora or Velgrynd die after being summoned, it os possible to revive them with this ability, ensuring Veldora's and Velgrynd's safety.
    • True Dragon Core Transformation: The ability to manifest the power of Veldora's or Velgrynd's core into a blade-like weapon with their consent, condensing the entirety of their spiritual power to launch a vectorized energy blast. It needs both Ilia's intention to attack and Veldora's/Velgrynd's consent to release its full power. It's also possible to instead create a Pseudo-Core which only has a five percent of the original's output.

    Harvest Lord Shub-Niggurath: Ilia's Ultimate Skill that's created as a result of synthesizing Wisdom Lord Raphael, Gluttony King Beelzebub, Storm King Veldora, and Scorch King Velgrynd. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around skills mimicry and skills creation. Its subskills are the following:

    • Skill Creation: An ability that enables Ilia to create new skills from information and skills that she has already gathered via her Analysis Expert & Food Chain skills.
    • Skill Duplication: The ability to duplicate any skills she's obtained and analyzed.
    • Skill Gifting: An ability that enables Ilia to grant her duplicated abilities to her subordinates. It's also possible to remove skills she has bestowed on his subordinates.
    • Skill Bank: An ability that enables Ilia to turn abilities that have been obtained and analyzed into a data collection that can be reproduced at any given time.

    Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka: An Ultimate Skill obtained by Ilia. This Ultimate Skill power revolves around manipulating organic matter and creating clones. Its sub-skills are the following:

    • Organic Matter Control: An ability to manipulate organic matter for various purposes. This power can be used to create a body to represent her from individual bacteria. Hiding her true body elsewhere, she can restore himself endlessly for as long as there is organic matter remaining.
    • Duplicate Mass Produce: An ability that allows Ilia to create clones that have all the skills her original body had. Thanks to her analytical capabilities, Ilia can have them follow a complex order and give them a limited amount of autonomy.
    • Ability Absorption: An ability that allows Ilia to absorb the abilities and properties of creatures she has absorbed, adding them to herself and improving their efficiency beyond that of their original owners.

  • Retcon: A power that Ilia gained upon Nil's defeat through distributing his energy among all of the summoned, including herself. This ability allows her to rewrite events and alter the story of reality. It is somewhat weaker than Nil's due to the spread of the power, however it still possesses phenomenal strength, being able to shape entire worlds and their events.

    • Improved Retcon: Upon growing in strength as a goddess, Ilia gained greater mastery of the power of Retcon. No longer limited in any way, she is able to use this ability to its full potential, rewriting existence, undoing events, altering the story and observing it, becoming transcendent to reality as a whole. At this level, her Retcon is powerful enough that she could act the same as Nil, operating Ichika's game and granting powers to those participating in it.
    • Reality Corruption: An odd power that Ilia demonstrated as the weight of her existence encroached upon Ichika's world, fundamentally altering it. This had several effects, sending a ripple of fundamental wrongness across all of existence. This corrupted the goblins within the world, changing their form and creating beings of corrupted nature, as well as altering the very nature of this world, until she decided to rescind her encroachment.

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