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My world is essentially identical to this one. It's earth as you might understand it. No magic, no gods... and the only monsters are humans. That's why I exist... why the others like me exist. My purpose from the moment I was born has been to end the life of whoever I am ordered to kill. You could call me an Assassin, or a living weapon, I suppose.
~ Ichika, to Jen

Ichika Second Key.jpg
You saw the state of this country. The combined efforts of Valev, Dante... And to be honest, Jen and myself have ruined it. These people aren't safe, especially not with people like us, entities with power rivalling nuclear warheads, running around. They need something to protect them. That [The Hanging Gardens] will protect them. That's all there is to it.
~ Ichika, to Ilia and Nathan

Ichika 3rd Key.jpg
Vayla called you an arbiter. I think 'Tyrant' is a better term. You put down dissenters, let innocents die, and still persist in the belief that you're the man most qualified to run the planet. So I'm going to give you one chance. Valevtopia will end today, one way or another. Will it be by your own free will... or will I have to kill you?
~ Ichika, to Valev

Ichika 4.jpg
We'll see what you think when I drive my blade through your skull. This time I'll make sure the blow is a killing one.
~ Ichika, to Dante

Ichika Set 5.png
No. This story isn't over until you die, Nil!
~ Ichika, to Nil

Ichika Final Set 2.jpg
I have a few errands to take care of, of course, like finding wherever Valev went. but after that... I guess I might go back to school. Live a normal life, even if i have these powers.
~ Ichika, to the other Summoned

Ichika Armored.jpg
I would ask that you participate in a test of mine. I am going to grant all of you a fraction of my power, and then place you in an alternate earth to do as you please. From there, I will simply observe your behavior. If I deem you worthy, That power will permanently become yours, and you may do with it as you wish from there. If, of course, you don't want to do this, I'll allow you to return to your respective worlds.
~ Ichika, to the summoned of Everybody Wants to Die 2


Ichika Yuuki is a character in the VSBW RP, Everybody Wants to Die. She is a girl who was adopted as an infant by a league of assassins along with many other children and trained from the beginning of her life to be a ruthless, emotionless killer. The moment she was deemed suitable for killing, she was given a name, ID, and a new life to live as a cover while carrying out whatever orders she was given without thought or question.

Ichika was the third participant to be summoned by Nil, and ironically ended up aiding in his demise. She would later go on to create a spiritual successor to his experiment in the form of Everybody Wants to Die 2.


Ichika initially feels very little emotion, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to carry out her orders. She has little reaction to outside stimuli; However, there are some exceptions to this. Ichika is intensely loyal to her clients so long as they honor the terms of the initial contract, and will make sure to hide their clients' involvement in the case through any means necessary. This was something that was further elaborated on when, faced with freedom from the league's constant watchful eye, she quickly pledged her loyalty to Jen. It's also hinted that she does truly trust the Wyvern, as she immediately revealed her possession of Nil's gems to her upon finding them.

It should be noted that Ichika is exceptionally skilled at faking emotions and feelings. To her school "friends" and those who aren't involved in her missions, she comes across as a shy and quiet, but ultimately kind girl, who has a somewhat clingy streak (The type to hide behind someone or grab onto their arm as she walked with them). While these emotions are a simple facade to hide her true nature, there are some instances where her true nature shines through. Despite her skittish persona, she has very little reaction to scenes that would shock or traumatize normal people her age. She showed very little surprise at being summoned by Nil, or even to things such as Jen's appearance and the Suicide King's explosion.

Her relationship with Jen caused her to begin feeling true Empathy for the first time in her life, leading to her becoming kinder and starting to truly take on elements of her Facade. Upon Jen's disappearance, Ichika finally understood emotions due to her overwhelming grief. Though she's become kinder and has begun to form true relationships with the other summoned, it is hinted that she's suffering from serious depression due to the loss of her friend, once again losing her purpose in life, and the fact that she's running on borrowed time due to the gradual corrpution of her Soul Gem.

It was not until her third powerset that she finally gained resolve of her own. Jen's return, Vayla's appearance, and a large existential crisis all hit her at once, resulting in a massive personality shift. With her Soul Gem revitalized and her faith in Jen ultimately shattered by Vayla's speech on self-determination, Ichika had finally decided on her enemy: Control. Ichika now operates under the belief that control is the enemy of life, and must be destroyed in order to eliminate mass suffering. She has also since shown instances of true sorrow when it comes to killing other summoned, as shown when she promised to resurrect Oliver as soon as she was able to.

From her fourth powerset onward, Ichika has become an undeniably good person, and upon gaining Nil's Retcon, has been traveling the multiverse, ridding it of tyrants.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral | Chaotic Good | Neutral Good | Lawful Good

Name: Ichika Yuuki

Origin: Everybody Wants to Die (VSRPverse)

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 198 Lbs (Cyborg bodies be heavy, yo) | 198 Lbs | 133 Lbs | 143 Lbs | 143 Lbs, 396.5 Lbs with Susanoo Unit

Classification: Assassin, Student, Summoned, Cyborg | Same as before, in addition to being a Magical Girl | Same as before, Hollow, Demon, Heroic Spirit | Same as before, Devil | Same as before, Keyblade Master, Sankishin, God of Destruction, Law, and Order


Combat Statistics

Tier: High 8-C, Higher with Frantic Mode | 7-B, Higher with Ripper and Frantic Mode, 7-B with the Hanging Gardens | High 6-C, Low 6-B with Ams, 6-B with Resureccion, Higher in Segunda Etapa | 6-B, Higher with Resurreccion and Amps, 6-B in Segunda Etapa | 6-BHigh 6-B with Resureccion, likely 6-A with Segunda Etapa | High 6-A | 3-A, 2-A with Weaponry, Low 1-C with Hax | Low 2-C, 2-A to Low 1-C with God Powers, 1-A with Retcon | Low 1-C

Powers and Abilities:

All the powers of Kalluto Zoldyck and Yumi (Senran Kagura), as well as Motoko Kusanagi (SAC)'s Cyborg Body: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Cyborgization (Full), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 6. Can endure wounds that would otherwise be lethal, and can upload her consciousness into another body), Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Acrobatics, Vehicular Mastery, Stealth Mastery (An extremely skilled assassin who possesses all of these skills. A master of firearms, various martial tools, and bladed fans), Genius Intelligence, Afterimage Creation (Can use the Rhythm Echo to create afterimages), Invisibility (Via Thermo-Optic Camouflage. Can also hide her presence using Zetsu), Hacking (An expert hacker who can infiltrate any system, as well as inflict a variety of issues on mechanical beings), Self-Destruction (Has explosives stored away in her body), Nen Manipulation (Ichika is a Manipulator-Type Nen user), Paper Manipulation (Uses her nen to manipulate paper which she can hear through and manipulate into weapons), Summoning of Spiders, Ice Manipulation (Capable of manipulating ice, snow, and the cold), Extrasensory Perception, Illusion Creation, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create a Shinobi Barrier, a pocket reality made to protect civilians from collateral damage inflicted during fights), Statistics Amplification (Can use Frantic Mode to increase her power and speed at the cost of defense, or Shinobi Mode, to generally increase her battle stats), Transformation (Can transform into Ice Queen Mode, gaining Weapon Creation and Resistance to Status Effect Inducement). When uploaded to the net, gains Information Manipulation, Possession of Robotic Bodies, Self-Sustenance (Type 3), and Technology Manipulation. Resistance to Hacking (Has a barrier within her body that prevents cybernetic warfare) and Pain Manipulation (Doesn't feel pain)

Same as before, plus all the powers of Kyoko Sakura and Raiden (Metal Gear), as well as Assassin of Red (Semiramis)'s Noble Phantasms: Self-Sustenance (Type-3, No longer needs to recharge or rest) Immortality (Type 7, her true self within her Soul Gem is controlling a Shell), Magic, Healing (Can heal her body's wounds, up to at least Mid regeneration, through magic. Can also heal herself through Repair Nanopaste), Telekinesis, true Telepathy (Can communicate telepathically without the need of uploading herself), Weapon Creation (Can create chain spears out of magic), Enhanced Extrasensory Perception (Capable of detecting magic across dimensions), Portal Creation (Can create portals to enter witch barriers), Duplication (Can create at least 14 duplicates of herself), Regeneration Negation (Mid, with her Scorpion Spear technique), Homing Attack, Instinctive Reaction with Impulse Spear, Status Effect Inducement (Paralysis and Burns), Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction (Of Strength and Defense. Can increase her speed drastically with Blade Mode, as well as her Strength and Speed with Ripper Mode), Rage Power (With Ripper Mode), Empathic Manipulation, Light Manipulation (With Stun Grenades), Fire Manipulation (With Grenades and Magic), Sleep Manipulation (With Tranquilizer Gas and Darts), Smoke Manipulation (With Smoke Grenades), Durability Negation via Vibration Manipulation and Quantum Manipulation (High-Frequency weapons can disrupt atoms by creating quantum decoherences at the plank scale, shrinking their electron clouds), Electricity Manipulation (Can summon and fire lightning bolts, and imbue her weapons and fists with electricity), Absorption (Can absorb the electrolytes of other cyborgs to replenish her energy), Electromagnetism Manipulation (With Electromagnetic Grenades), Information Analysis, Reactive Power Level (Within the span of a few minutes, can grow strong enough to defeat someone who no-sold her attacks just moments before), Flight, Danmaku and Energy Projection with the Hanging Gardens (It is a massive flying fortress that increases her magic rank to EX and can fire massive storms of projectiles). As a Witch, gains Weather Manipulation, Mind Manipulation via Witch's Kiss, Enhanced Pocket Reality Manipulation, Teleportation, Illusion Creation, Absorption of Life, Invisibility, Curse Manipulation, and Summoning of Familiars. Resistance to Disease Manipulation, Heat Manipulation (Capable of withstanding the plasma created by metal gears), Poison Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Possesses magical resistance to this; in addition, her cybernetic body grants further resistance by preventing her body from being affected, even if she DOES feel emotions like fear), Magic, Absorption (Resistant to the magic absorption of witches), Status Effect Inducement, Power Nullification, and Mind Manipulation (Unaffected by a Witches' kiss). Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Her soul is safely stored within her barrier, and not on her body)

Same as before, plus all the powers of Ulquiorra Cifer and Rider of Black (Astolfo), as well as the Rinnegan: Servant Physiology, Soul Manipulation (Can extract and consume souls), Enhanced Senses (Can see and feel invisible objects and spirits, as well as detect spiritual power), Flight (Can "Walk" on spiritual particles, as well as truly fly within Resureccion), Energy Projection (Can fire Cero, and create lances of energy), limited Spatial Manipulation (Gran Rey Cero is described as "Bending Space"), Dimensional Travel (Can travel to Hueco Mundo and Soul Society with Descorrer), Non-Physical Interaction (Capable of attacking souls directly), true Possession (Can possess people as a Servant), Sound Manipulation (Can create a destructive Soundwave with La Black Luna), Power Nullification (Casseur de Logistille is capable of "Breaking" any magic that isn't EX-Ranked or a Reality Marble), Can force beings to "Fall" with the Trap of Argalia, Animal Manipulation (Riding allows her to ride any beast, from modern vehicles to phantasmal species), Intangibility (Can phase into the reverse side of the world to avoid attacks by using her Hippogriff), Breaking the Fourth Wall (Possesses Astolfo's Fourth Wall Awareness), Elemental Manipulation (Of the Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Electricity variants with the Rinnegan), Summoning of the other Paths of Pain, the King of Hell, and her various Animal Path summons, Body Control (Can turn her body into technological weapons, as well as grow extra arms and faces), Gravity Manipulation (The Deva Path can manipulate gravitational forces), Absorption (Can directly drain all types of energy from her environment and opponent with the Preta Path), Mind Reading with the Human Path, Necromancy (Can animate bodies to serve as the Six Paths of Pain, who possess all of the abilities that they had in life), Resistance to Extrasensory Perception (Using Sonido, she can bypass ESP), BFR (Possesses the luck necessary to avoid the Gate of Skye), Acid Manipulation (Servants can move freely in streets filled with gaseous sulfuric acid in London), Biological Manipulation (Servants can resist Tiamat's Sea of Life to an extent. All those who enter her Sea of Life are subject to a geas on the cellular level that makes them her minions and enemies of humanity), Life ManipulationDeath Manipulation (Servants aren't alive and aren't considered lifeforms, and because they're just ether in the form of past individuals and not true life, they can survive Surtr's Noble Phantasm, Loptr Laegjarn, which has a "preferential right" against all life, instantly killing whatever it hits, even Gods from the Age of Gods. Furthermore, they can see Osakabehime normally, who induces instant death with her presence), TransmutationData Manipulation (Servants can stay in digitized areas in SE.RA.PH longer than humans, whereas if a person stays long enough they are turned into data), AuraExplosion Manipulation (Servants are capable of living in Age of Gods, when the mana's properties are different, making normal humans explode instantly), Fear Manipulation (Can fight against the Heroic Spirit Swordmasters with no trouble, despite their fear aura), Magic (Servants are naturally resistant to Magecraft), Sense ManipulationPerception ManipulationMemory ManipulationMadness Manipulation (Type 2) and Illusion Creation (Servants would have been unaffected by the Bounded Field inside Salem if not for it's divine power. The Bounded Field weakens and messes with the senses, awareness and memories of anyone inside and drives them insane, causing auditory and visual hallucinations)

Same as before, plus Immortality (Type 3), Chi ManipulationBiological ManipulationDeath Manipulation (Can inflict death by pressing a person's pressure points), Memory Manipulation (Some Hokuto Shinken techniques allow the user to change or erase the memories of victims), Enhanced Sleep Manipulation (Can put people to sleep with by pressing their pressure points), Enhanced Duplication (Can create several dozen Ki clones), Precognition (Receives visions of other fighters attacks, warning her of what will happen. Can read the aura of others to predict their movements), Darkness Manipulation (Can generate and manipulate solid darkness from her body to form various constructs), Regeneration (Mid), Hellfire Manipulation (Purgatory fire nullifies up to Mid-High regeneration), Enhanced Information Analysis and Hacking (Using J.A.R.V.I.S., can analyze an opponent's fighting style to come up with counters)

Same as Before, plus all the powers of Fierna and Vandalieu, as well as Sosuke Aizen's Hogyoku: Abstract Existence (Type 1; Purely abstract in her physiology, being an outsider), Immortality (Types 4 and 8. Avatars possess Type 9), Regeneration (High, Low-Godly for Avatars. Can also regenerate damage to her soul to an extent) and Negation of it (Mid-Godly), Resurrection of others, Law Manipulation (Has become the embodiment of Law and Order, contributing to the balance of Law and Chaos that makes up reality), Corruption (Type 3), Morality Manipulation, Social Influencing (Can sway people to her side with her words. Convinced various other PCs to found Deus Mortem alongside her), BFR (Upon killing someone, she transforms their soul into a devil and sends them to hell), Text Manipulation (Can imprint corrupted souls with her name), Pain Manipulation (Capable of torturing and flaying souls), Disease Manipulation (If someone devours her flesh, they become lethally ill. Can create deadly pathogens and bio-weapons on her own), Poison Manipulation (Can create and develop extremely potent poisons), Preparation (Devised a plan to increase her power to the point where she could kill Dante. Would have been able to kill Valev with ease, given preparation. As a devil, she can set traps to ensure victory in any situation. Duplicated the Hogyoku to give to her allies.), Acausality (Types 1 and 4. As a deity, she is comparable to beings who are the reason that causality even proceeds in the first place), Reality Warping, Avatar Creation, passive Probability Manipulation (The actions of deity-class beings can increase their chances to do various things passively- they will always move first, always deal maximum damage, always hit their target, etc), Holy Manipulation, Petrification, Space-Time Manipulation (Can control the space and time on her plane), Fear Manipulation (Inflicts moderate fear with her presence. Possesses a fear aura that can cause foes to panic and flee), Holy Manipulation, Vastly increased Fire Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Summoning, Invisibility, Mind Manipulation, Teleportation, Explosion Manipulation, Magic Nullification, and Weapon Creation, Age Manipulation (Can reverse her own age and rapidly age others), Death Manipulation (A master of Death-Attribute magic), Blood Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Power Bestowal, and Dream Manipulation. Extreme Resistance to Fire Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, Magic, and Reality Warping, and Resistance to Curse Manipulation, Fatigue, Asphyxiation, Hunger, Possession (Souls that try to possess her will be absorbed), and Law Manipulation (Death-Attribute won't leave her body even in a world without magic)

Same as before, plus one of the Chaos Emeralds, Koyomi Araragi's Vampirism, Nianzol Weizol's Schrift and Quincy Powers, Iron Man (Marvel Comics)'s Armor, Madara Uchiha's Mangekyou Sharingan, and Kurama: Absorption of blood, Body Puppetry (Can control herself and others through Ransotengai), Attack Reflection and Spatial Manipulation (The Wind redirects attacks that Ichika is aware of, ranging from melee to projectile abilities), enhanced Space-Time Manipulation (Via the Chaos Emerald, which can be used for Energy Absorption, BFR, Healing, and Dimensional Travel), Enhanced Illusion Creation, Perception Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, and Fear Manipulation through Genjutsu, Intangibility via Kamui, Summoning (Can summon both Susanoo and Kurama, which have Large Size Types 2 and 3), Power Mimicry (Can copy fighting styles and elemental techniques), Subjective Reality (Izanagi allows the user to avoid a fatal injury or death, at the permanent cost of a Sharingan), Resistance to Death Manipulation (Vampires can recover from Kokorowatari's induced death through sheer regeneration)

Same as Before, plus The abilities of Xehanort and Yuuki Terumi, as well as Gilgamesh (Fate Series)' Noble Phantasms and Skills and Ren Fuji's Holy Relic: Nonexistent Physiology (Type 1), possibly Acausality (Types 2 and 3, alternate versions of herself are aware of other timelines), Regeneration (High-Godly, can regenerate from being erased across time), Time Manipulation (Capable of manipulating time in various ways, including reversal, stoppage, travel, acceleration, and deceleration. Her Briah increases this to vastly higher levels, and the Susanoo Unit can outright cut down time), Pseudo-Black Hole Manipulation, enhanced Death Manipulation with Doom, Immersion (Can send people into video games), Vastly enhanced Sleep Manipulation (Can put somebody into such a deep sleep that it destroys their powers), Reality Warping (Split the Toy Story worlds into two copies), Summoning (Can summon vast amounts of heartless and nobodies, as well as Kingdom Hearts), All the powers of the Keyblade with No Name and the X-Blade, enhanced Information Analysis (Can view a foe's health via Scan), Size Manipulation (Can miniaturize enemies with Mini), Status Effect Inducement (Can inflict Blind, Paralysis, Confusion, and Sleep), Instinctive Reaction (Can automatically block, counter attacks, and deflect magic), Sound Manipulation (Via Rhythm Mixer), Purification (Can remove status effects from herself), Vastly enhanced Light Manipulation (Controls the source of all light. Can steal light from others), Enhanced Portal Creation, Creation, Empathic Manipulation, Absorption (Absorbed Hihiirokane. Can absorb people to gain their powers), Darkness Manipulation, Duplication, Reality Warping, and Spatial Manipulation, Fate Manipulation (Can take control of the world's fate), Law Manipulation (Kingdom Hearts created the worlds which run on different sets of rules and laws. Briahs allow Ichika to implement new laws into reality), Invulnerability (Exists outside of Logic, rendering her immune to conventional weaponry), Phenomena Intervention (Can cause Phenomena Interventions), Perception Manipulation (Passively alters the perception of foes with her presence), Vastly enhanced Power Nullification (Can nullify the Azure Grimoire), Mathematics Manipulation (Created a phantom virus with countless unsolvable equations), Soul Manipulation, Healing and Regeneration Negation (Up to High-Godly; Nox Nyctores can scar the soul and prevent regeneration on a level that even phenomena intervention can't help with), Enhanced Death Manipulation (Absorbed Hihiirokane), Enhanced Forcefield Creation, Sealing (Can create and seal people within infinite corridors), Reactive Evolution, Resistance Negation (Can generate counters to abilities just by seeing them), Enhanced Memory Manipulation (Can eat memories), Precognition and Cosmic Awareness (Can analyze infinite timelines to find the one possible point she needs), Vastly enhanced Hacking (Can hack into even Takamagahara), BFR (Can drag people into the boundary with Ouroboros), enhanced Poison Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, and Statistics Reduction (Has an aura of Seithr which has these abilities), Void Manipulation, Danmaku (Can fire down storms of weapons with the Gates of Babylon), Clairvoyance (Sha Naqba Imuru lets her passively view every timeline), possesses the prototype forms of every Noble Phantasm and all other things created by human hands and can fire them from portals, Supernatural Luck in collecting and maintaining wealth, Enhanced Social Influencing with Charisma, Conceptual Manipulation (Possesses various conceptual armaments within her arsenal), Subjective Reality (Can negate all attacks with Ten Crowns EX), Immortality Negation (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10). Upon reaching Aziluth, gains Immortality (Type 10), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Causality Manipulation, Vastly enhanced Time Stop (Capable of even stopping time in the Throne, which lacks any concept of time), Acausality (Type 5), Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2), Large Size (Type 11), Non-CorporealCosmic AwarenessPower Nullification, can completely negate change with the Time Armor, Nigh-Omniscience, Nigh-Omnipresence (Full Omnipresence in her own territory), Summoning (Can Summon the Physical Manifestation of her Law). Resistance to Curse Manipulation, Death Manipulation (Can resist the effects of Doom), Poison Manipulation (Via Poison Block), Elemental Manipulation (Including Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Wind), Existence Erasure (Can tank hits from Heartless which can do this. Unaffected by the Boundary), Cosmic Radiation, Absorption, Sleep Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Power Nullification (Unaffected by the effects of Kushinada's Lynchpin), Statistics Reduction (Keyblade armor can protect the user from darkness), Darkness Manipulation, Corruption, Madness Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation (Can resist all aspects of Darkness), Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation (Can break out of time stop. Stated to transcend time and space), Law Manipulation (Unaffected by the laws of the world), Precognition (Can fight her perfect clone), Empathic Manipulation, Transmutation (Unaffected by the Embryo's effect of turning everything into Seithr), Phenomena Intervention, Biological Manipulation, Life Manipulation (Unaffected by Seithr), Mind Manipulation (Can resist the effects of the Boundary), Sense Manipulation (Resistant to the effects of Ars Magus), Body Puppetry (Can't be controlled by his Nox Nyctores), Chaos Manipulation, Psychometry (Can't be detected by the eyes of the ten sages), Absolute Zero (Unaffected by the strikes of Yukianesa), Healing and Regeneration Negation, Deconstruction, Absorption (Can fight the Black Beast), Sealing (By using Self-Observation), Physics Manipulation (Can tank strikes that break physics), Corrosion Inducement (Unaffected by the effects of the Cauldron), Explosion Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation (Can tank hits from Bolverk)

Same as before, but incalculably enhanced. Gains Outerversal Subjective Reality, Causality Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Creation, and Reality Warping with Retcon (Gains the same powers as the others. Wiped all memory of the Organization from her world). Potentially far more, as she's been hunting down and absorbing the powers of tyrants all across the multiverse. Should have the powers of Sailor Galaxia, Frieza, and Valev.

Attack Potency: Large Building Level (Comparable to fellow ice user Ryona. Helped defeat the Madness), Higher with Frantic Mode (Though she drops in defense, she vastly increases in attack) | City Level+ (She sliced off Satan's limbs with her spears. Borrows power from Kyoko Sakura), Higher in Frantic and Ripper Mode, City Level+ with and within the Hanging Gardens (It is a colossal magical weapon that could be considered a threat to all of the other summoned) | Large Island LevelSmall Country Level with Amps, Country Level with Resurreccion, Country Level+ with Segunda Etapa | Country Level (Received power from Ilia, who had the power of the Demon King, and had her body upgraded with nanites from Jen. Killed Oliver Anderson), Country Level+ with Segunda Etapa | Country Level+, Large Country Level with Resureccion, likely Continent Level with Segunda Etapa | Multi-Continent Level+ (Borrows Fleet Mac's God Ki, placing her as powerful as she can get under Nil's restrictions) | Universe Level (As strong as Xehanort), Multiverse+ Level with Weaponry (Possesses Ea), Low Complex Multiverse Level with Hax (Capable of utilizing abilities such as the Susanoo Unit 's Time Killer) | Universe+ Level (Shouldn't be too far below Nil, as she possesses his power. States that she has killed Sailor Galaxia and Frieza Frieza), Ranges from Multiverse+ Level to Low Complex Multiverse Level with Hax, Outerverse Level with Retcon (Equal in potency to Puncher McFucker) | Low Complex Multiverse Level (Exists in a higher dimension than the Die 2 Universe), at least Outerverse Level with Retcon (Should be comparable to Nil, who gave the cast the power to traverse the VSRP Multiverse)

Speed: Supersonic (Comparable to Yumi, who she has power from), Higher with Transformations | High Hypersonic+ (Mach 99, Equalized to this along with the other summoned), Massively Hypersonic with Blade Mode | Sub-Relativistic (Equalized to this along with the other summoned), Higher with her Hippogriff | Sub-Relativistic (Should be as fast as before), Sub-Relativistic+ with her Hippogriff (Reached the moon in under 15 seconds) | Relativistic+ (Equalized to this along with the other summoned), FTL with certain amplifications | Relativistic+ (Equalized to this along with the other summoned), FTL with certain amplifications | Massively FTL+ (Crossed 200 Centillion Universes, each thousands of times larger than our own, in 1 billionth of a second) | Immeasurable (Transcends time and space) | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Peak Human | Class KClass T | Class T | Class P | Class P | Infinite | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Large Building Class | City Level+, Higher in Frantic and Ripper Mode, City Level+ Inside the Hanging Gardens (It massively ranks up her power) | Large Island Class, Small Country Class with Amps, Country Class in Resurreccion, Country Class+ in Segunda Etapa | Country Class, Higher with Amplifications, Country Class+ with Segunda Etapa | Country Class+, Large Country Class with Resureccion, likely Continent Class with Segunda Etapa | Multi-Continent Class+ | Universal | Universal+ | Low Complex Multiversal

Durability: Large Building Level (Comparable to her own strength), Lower in Frantic Mode (Frantic Mode lowers her own Durability) | City Level+, City Level in Frantic Mode, City Level+ within the Hanging Gardens | Large Island Level (Comparable to Ulquiorra), Small Country Level with Amps, Country Level with Resureccion, Country Level+ with Segunda Etapa and against Magic | Country Level, Higher with Amplifications, Forcefields, and Segunda Etapa, Far Higher against magic | Country Level, Large Country Level with Resureccion, Continent Level with Segunda Etapa | Multi-Continent Level+ | Universe Level | Universe Level+ | Low Complex Multiverse Level

Stamina: Limitless Due to her cybernetic body

Range: Standard Melee Range normally. Several dozens of meters with her Ice and Air attacks. Hundreds of Meters with Surveillance Spiders | Same as Before. Ranges from Tens of Meters to A Kilometer with magic. Kilometers with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Interdimensional with Witch powers and Extrasensory Perception | Same as Before | Same as Before | Same as Before, Multiversal with Abyss | Same as Before | Multiversal+ | Multiversal+, Low Complex Multiversal with Hax, Outerversal with Retcon | Low Complex Multiversal, At least Outerversal with Retcon

Standard Equipment: Various Ninja Tools, including her Bladed Fans | Same as before, plus multiple High-Frequency weapons, Summoned Weapons of magic, Her Soul Gem, The Hanging Gardens with prep | Same as before, plus Murcielago, La Black Luna, Hippogriff, Casseur de Logistille, Longsword, Trap of Argalia, Nanomachines | Same as before | Same as before, plus Ring of Protection, Bracers of Armor, Cloak of Resistance, Various magical protections and potions, Eisen (a Skogsrå that evolved from an Immortal Ent), Kühl (A blood slime), Multiple Gehenna Bees (a species of giant bees), Pete (a Great Black Lightning Centipede), several elemental ghosts, multiple Blood Potions, Orichalcum projectiles, Silver projectiles, Iron projectiles, A staff made from the body of the evil god Gyubarzo that helps Ichika control her mana and use it more efficiently | Same as Before | Same as Before, plus a Keyblade, The X-Blade, Kingdom Hearts, Bolverk, Butterfly Knives, Ouroboros, the Susanoo Unit, Countless Noble Phantasms with the Gates of Babylon, Margueritte Bois De Justice

  • Optional Equipment: None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | A Chaos Emerald, A Suit of Iron Man Armor | Same as before | Same as before
  • Can Summon: Her White Spiders | Same as before, plus Familiars | Same as before, plus various Animal Path Kaiju, Hippogriff, The Hanging Gardens, and the Six Paths of Pain | Same as before | Same as before, plus several types of devils | Same as before | Same as before

Intelligence: Gifted, possibly Genius. Ichika's intellect and potential have both been noted by multiple individuals to be extraordinary, and she has learned advanced killing and assassination techniques in an abnormally short timespan. Outside of assassination, she is an honor student with straight As and is knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics, including Sociology, Psychology, and Biology. In a fight, she can form accurate simulations of a potential battle using her given knowledge on the foe, to the point where it borders on Precognition, and she can devise detailed strategies in a matter of moments using the environment to her advantage. | Same as before | Same as Before | Same as Before | Extraordinary Genius. Vastly superior to the likes of the Elder Brain | Extraordinary Genius. Understood how to create the Hogyoku and reverse-engineered it, duplicating it to grant it to the rest of her allies | Supergenius. Smarter than a nigh-omniscient supercomputer | Nigh-Omniscient | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: Zetsu involves keeping one's aura exclusively in the body, it makes a Nen user more vulnerable to physical and Nen attacks, because one doesn't have any aura on the outside of one's body to protect oneself | Same as before. If her Soul Gem is destroyed, she dies | Same as before. Suffers from depression | Same as before. Vulnerable to Holy Weapons, which can weaken her over time | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable


  • Founded Tenacia alongside Jen
  • Aided in the defeat of 💣♋♎■♏⬧⬧
  • Has been to fricking Mars
  • Helped defeat Satan (Albeit she wasn't exactly needed)
  • Killed Oliver Anderson
  • Stalemated Fleet Mac while holding Back
  • Helped take down Gigantorgue
  • Despite her initial expectations, was able to Stalemate Valev and force him to retreat
  • Killed Jen and devoured her soul, and later revived her
  • Founded Deus Mortem alongside Puncher, Fleet, Ilia, Dragon Girl, Jen, and Nathan
  • Helped take down the Skeleton Army
  • Created Jormungandr with Nathan
  • Ultimately aided in the defeat of Nil
  • Became the Goddess of Law, Lust, and Destruction

Key: First Powerset | Second Powerset | Third Powerset | Post-Timeskip | Fourth Powerset | Head of Deus Mortem | Goddess of Law | Die 2

Notable Attacks and Techniques

Nen: The ability to utilize the life energy within one's body, sometimes known as Aura. A person capable of utilising Nen is colloquially referred to as a "Nen User" (nōryokusha, "ability person"), while those who cannot go by the name of "non-users", (ippanjin, "ordinary person"). Ichika, in particular, is a Manipulator. Manipulation is the ability to exert control over living and non-living things, including other Nen constructs. Manipulators in combat are dangerous because it is commonly believed that, once they fulfill their conditions, the battle would be over due to their ability to control their surroundings with ease. Ichika uses this ability to manipulate paper.

  • Surveillance Paper Dolls: By attaching a piece of confetti to a person's body and creating a paper doll of that person, Ichika can hear anything being said within the vicinity of that person, thus allowing her to gain valuable info without being detected.
  • Dance of the Serpent's Bite (蛇咬の舞 Meandering Dance): The technique is initiated when Ichika lifts her hand and drops a certain amount of paper confetti or snowflakes. By subsequently waving her fan through the air with elegant movements, she can raise them and throw them at her opponent from multiple angles. If one sticks into his or her body, she can move her fan again to gather the remaining confetti and hurl them at the opponent again, amassing them in the shape of a swirling stream reminiscent of a serpent. Snaking through the air, the stream pierces into the body part where the confetti had previously stuck. If there are more than one, Ichika can then gather the confetti again to repeat the attack.
  • Shiroyuki: Literally meaning White Snow. Ichika can create and control ice through an ability completely separate from her Nen, and though it had no name originally, she dubbed it "White Snow" to distinguish it from her normal abilities. However, she can use Nen to increase the potency of these ice attacks, and can create snowflakes to use much like she does her paper.
  • Shinobi Transformation: A physical technique that uses the Atrribute of Yang, in where the fundamental essence of the shinobi is used as a battle tool by releasing the body's internal spiritual energy in all six chakras simultaneously.
  • Frantic Mode: A technique that uses the Attribute of Yin, performed by stripping off one's clothing, resulting in a considerable enhancement in speed and attack power by absorbing blood spilled within the shinobi barrier. However, it is a double-edged sword, as it also incurs a significant penalty to defense.
  • Ice Queen Mode: Ichika is surrounded in an icy vortex which damages any enemies nearby. When the vortex dissipates Ichika is revealed yet again with light blue hair, red eyes, and a sword made of ice in her hand to replace her fans. With a temporarily altered move-set, Ichika can temporarily dash around the field at great speeds, freezing those who her sword slashes come into contact with. Her breach art in this state also freezes her enemies.
  • Cyborg Body: Ichika's body is entirely mechanical, granting her multiple abilities beyond that which a normal human being would be capable of. She possesses thermo-optic camouflage, ways to hack machinery and defend against it, and explosives within her body that allow her to self-destruct.
  • Rhythm Echo (肢曲しきょく, Shikyoku): An assassination art, the Rhythm Echo is a motion that creates an afterimage of the body through a varying cadence of steps. There is a total absence of noise during the movement and multiple phantoms.

Soul Gem: Ichika's soul exists within a Soul Gem, which acts as the source of all of her magical abilities. So long as the gem isn't damaged, Ichika can restore her body with an endless supply of healing.

  • Connect: A Puella Magi's ability to bestow other magical girls abilities in the midst of combat. Ichika can use this to increase the power and defense of her allies.
  • Rosso Fantasma: A technique where she creates illusions of herself to distract her enemies. The illusions can also hurt her enemies.
  • Scorpion Spear / Kugatachi: A last-resort technique, an attack in the shape of a scorpion tail that ignites her spear, which can kill her, but doesn't necessarily have to. It also has the ability to negate Regeneration (Up to Mid).
  • Impulse Spear: A spear summoned directly from her soul gem without the need of even transforming. As the name suggests, it is is summoned by the user's impulse.
  • Blade Mode: Ichika can enter a "Blade Mode," drastically increasing her reactions and combat speed to the point that her surrounding time seems to slow down, allowing her to make extremely high speed and precision slashes before her opponent can respond.

    Quick Draw: A Japanese sword art that emphasizes on quickly drawing the sword from the sheath, by applying the principle of a katana being drawn from its scabbard moves with much higher speed and power than regular motions. Counterattack is the primary purpose of this method; nonetheless, Quick Draw may be used aggressively to wage a preemptive attack against unsuspecting or less-mobile opponents.

    Zandatsu: A unique technique used by Ichika to extract fuel cell electrolytes from enemy cyborgs and unmanned weapons. By targeting their weak points in Blade Mode, Ichika is able to grab their power cores and recharge her fuel cells and health instantly.

    Ripper Mode: A more where Ichika turns her pain receptors on, allowing her to experience pain. Normally, it would send her into a berserk state, as well as vastly increase her strength and speed, but her own resistances allow her to perform this without the berserk mode.

    Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Aerial Garden of Vanity: An EX-Rank Noble Phantasm that takes several days to complete. It is a massive flying fortress that can send down hundreds of magical attacks as well as a colossal beam, and is considered an anti-world Noble Phantasm. Ichika's magic grows to EX-Rank while within this fortress.

    La Black Luna: Magic Flute That Calls Panic: A great hunting horn that was given to Astolfo by the witch Logistilla. When not being actively used, it is kept at a small size and hung on Ichika's hip, but when Ichika activates it, it grows to its full size and encircles her body. With its activation, it emits an extremely loud magical sound similar to the roar of a dragon, the cry of a giant bird, and the neighing of a divine horse, slamming into any enemies nearby as an explosive wave of sound. Those who are killed by the attack will be instantly reduced to dust, which is quickly blown away by the explosion of force. While it can instantly destroy large amounts of weaker enemies, its destructive power is not that great when used against Servants. However, its true power is in blowing out the hearing of opponents. While most Servants would only be slightly disadvantaged by the loss of their hearing, if it used at the opportune moment, it can turn a battle around.

    • Casseur de Logistille: Destruction Declaration: A thick leather book given to Astolfo by the witch Logistilla, containing records on methods to break essentially any magecraft. It thus grants Ichika the passive ability to negate magecraft of even A-rank from the Age of Gods, and amplifying his lacking Magic Resistance of D to A, and effectively making him immune to modern magi. With the release of its True Name, Ichika gains the ability to break all magecraft close to High-Thaumaturgy, with the exception of Reality Marbles.
    • Trap of Argalia: Down with a Touch!: A shining golden lance that originally belonged to the knight Argalia, but was "borrowed" by Astolfo. Argalia used it in tournaments to unseat every knight he touched with its golden tip, including Astolfo, but left it behind after being defeated by a knight who refused to surrender. Astolfo noticed that he dropped it, and casually, silently "borrowed" it for his own use. It lacks much killing ability on its own, but its own unique powers are quite useful. When it strikes a Servant, it cuts the supply of magical energy to the affected part, and it always strikes the "legs" of their spiritual body, thus returning everything below their knee into spirit form and causing them to collapse. However, it can be quickly recovered from, especially if one uses a Luck check.
    • Hippogriff: Otherworldly Phantom Horse: Astolfo's favored mount, which he secured from the evil magus Atlante. While he has ridden on many mounts, such as his horse, Rabicano, and even a Griffin, his Hippogriff is the most famous. In Orlando Furioso, he even flew to the Moon with his Hippogriff to save Roland. On top of being quite fast, its charge has the power of an A-rank attack, but its true application is in the nature of its impossible existence. By exploiting this, it can phase between reality and the Reverse Side of the World, allowing Astolfo to disappear from sight and phase through attacks. However, the cost of this is extremely high, and Ichika can thus only use it in short bursts. In addition, as a Servant's Noble Phantasm, the Hippogriff cannot truly reach the Reverse Side of the World.
    • Cero: A powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy fired in a laser like fashion that only Hollows, Arrancars, and Visoreds can use. The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength, spiritual power, and sometimes skill of the user.
      • Gran Rey Cero: A much more powerful Cero only accessible to the Espada. By mixing their blood with a Cero, the Espada can discharge a blast that can distort space and is powerful enough to destroy Las Noches.
      • Cero Oscuras: A powerful Cero that can only be used by the Espada in their Resurrección. This Cero is powerful enough to destroy Las Noches as well.

    Bala: An Arrancar ability similar to Cero, except it's weaker and 20 times faster.

    • Descorrer: A technique used by Arrancar to travel between Hueco Mundo and other worlds, creating a spiritual pathway called a Garganta with a gesture, walking through this portal to arrive at their destination in an instant. Ulquiorra can use multiple Garganta as screens to show other locations.
    • Hierro: A defensive technique used by Arrancar that toughens their skin by reinforcing it with condensed Reiryoku, allowing an Arrancar to confront an armed Shinigami with their bare hands. All Arrancar use this ability in some form to gain their supernatural toughness, but even an exceptionally powerful Hierro can be bypassed by focusing one's Reiryoku to a finer, sharper point.
    • High-Speed Regeneration: An ability possessed by most Hollows, which allows them to rapidly recover from wounds. Abandoned by most Hollow and Arrancar in favor of more power, Ulquiorra has retained his regenerative ability, which is enough to quickly heal lost limbs and his lost eyes, but it cannot regenerate his brain and other internal organs.
    • Pesquisa: A perception technique used by Arrancar, which sends out a pulse that detects nearby sources of Reiatsu and gauging their power. Ulquiorra is particularly skilled in the use of this technique, allowing him to instantly determine how powerful an opponent is with a single glance and comprehend the flow of their energy.
    • Solita Vista: Ichika can replay events she has seen for others by removing and crushing her eye, which turns to dust and flows around those he wishes to share the vision with, relaying her sight and feelings.
    • Sonído: A technique used by Arrancar that allows for high-speed movement, effectively analogous to the Shunpo used by Shinigami, and used in bursts to traverse distances quickly and fight at these high speeds.
    • Resurrección: The Arrancar equivalent of a Shikai/Bankai, this form allows an Arrancar to unleash their true power as a Hollow.
    • Murciélago: Ichika's Resurrección. It's release command is Enclose, and, when released, Ichika grows a pair of large bat wings and her Hollow mask grows into a helmet with two horns. Ichika can use these wings for flight, and her physicals are greatly enhanced as well as her abilities.
      • Luz de la Luna: Ichika can manifest javelins from her own energy, using them either as incredibly powerful projectiles or as a melee weapon in close quarters combat.
      • Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Uniquely among all the Espada, Ichika has reached a second released state, which renders her even more powerful than before, shedding her robe to reveal her slender, pale torso while her arms and legs are covered in thick, black fur. She grows a long, whip-like tail, and her mask disappears, leaving her with a pair of large, bat-like ears. Ichika has vowed to save this ability for Valev.
        • Lanza del Relámpago: In her second released state, Ichika can create an even more powerful javelins from her own energy, using it as both a projectile and melee weapon. When thrown, it causes an immense explosion capable of dwarfing Las Noches, and she can throw her javelins in quick succession, though she lacks accuracy and has difficulty controlling their trajectories.
        • Latigo: Ulquiorra can use her incredibly long tail as a whip, and can lift, throw, and strangle her opponents with it.
    • Rinnegan (Saṃsāra Eye): Said to be the most powerful of the Three Great Dōjutsu, the Rinnegan is admired as being able to bring forth all ninjutsu. The holder of these eyes can completely master all five fundamental nature transformations that form the basis of ninjutsu. It also allows the user to use all of the six paths techniques, as well as the seventh path - that is "beyond life and death." Using the Six Paths of Pain technique, Ichika can imbue six bodies with the Rinnegan.
      • Tendō (Deva Path): This path grants the user the ability to manipulate gravity to repel or attract objects, using their body as a center point. These techniques cannot be used in quick succession, however, and require a recharge time equal to the power of the previous attack.
      • Chikushōdō (Animal Path): This path gives the Rinnegan user the ability to gather various gigantic immortal creatures into battle. This summoning technique doesn't require the blood of the caster. Each of Pain's summoned creatures has the Rinnegan as well, granting them a shared vision.
      • Ningendō (Human Path): Grants a Rinnegan user the ability to read the mind of a target by placing their hand on the target's head. As a result of this ability, the target's soul is ripped from their body, killing them.
      • Gakidō (Preta Path): This path grants the Rinnegan user the ability to absorb chakra. This power can suck the chakra out of ninjutsu, thus rendering such forms of offense futile.
      • Shuradō (Asura Path): The abilities of this path give the user robotic and cyborg-like qualities. Described as a summoned mechanical body, these augmentations allow Asura Path and Ichika to make use of various advanced weaponry. The machine-like attributes granted by this path allows the user to further transform their body, such as growing additional limbs.
      • Jigokudō (Naraka Path): A path in which its powers allow the user to call forth the King of Hell. The entity known as the King of Hell takes the shape of a large head surrounded by dark flames, and also sports the Rinnegan, giving it shared vision among the rest of Pain's bodies and summons.
      • Gedō (Outer Path): The seventh path, an ability granted to a wielder of the Rinnegan, allows the user to control the flow of life and death. The user can also perform the Mazō no Kusari (Demonic Statue Chain) technique, which manifests extraordinary chains made out of chakra that is powerful enough to bind several tailed beasts. The most exceptional ability of this path is the Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Saṃsāra of Heavenly Life Technique), which can resurrect the dead.
    • Amenotejikara: A ninjutsu using the Rinnegan received from the Sage of Six Paths. With in a certain range, the jutsu user can switch herself with the location of a target object in an instant. If the user switches himself with other objects in close-range combat, the user can evade enemy attacks in an instant, and can also attack by switching herself with a kunai or other weapon. Ichika later developed this technique even further, allowing her to travel between dimensions, and even transport others to said dimensions.
    • Conceptual Punching (Third Powerset): Exactly what it sounds like. In Nil's infinite wisdom, he granted everybody the ability to punch Type-1 Concepts. Together, Valev, Dante, and Fleet Mac beat the concept of Immortality to death within the universe they were currently in, and Valev was able to punch Gravity in order to fly.

    Demon: Ichika is the highest level of demon and can access her demonic biology and powers to give herself a boost in physical ability and various other advantages. At night, her magic power increases.

    Power of Darkness: As part of her demon biology, the Demon King can generate solid darkness from her body which she can manipulate and shape as well as project outward from herself. she can use this black matter for a variety of offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes.

    Soul Extraction and Absorption: Demons can extract souls and absorb them to restore their magic power as well as gain the knowledge of their victim. Both lesser demons and high-level demons have been shown extracting many souls at once from a distance, although some seem to prefer using touch to extract souls. When a soul is eaten it is completely destroyed, removing the victim from the cycle of reincarnation.

    Hellblaze: Ichika can generate the black purgatory fire of the Demon Clan, capable of nullifying the regeneration of immortals like Ban. Hellblaze can be coated on her body or weapon to enhance her strikes. Purgatory fire cannot be put out normally, and was able to burn down the Fairy King's Forest despite the Forest being immune to natural fire.

    Miracle Wind: Ichika's magic ability which was awakened within her by her demon blood. This power gives its user the ability to control wind through a mere flick of her hand. They can blow physical objects or people away, and even manipulate the shape of wind itself.

    No-Attribute Magic: This is magic cast using Mana that hasn’t been influenced by any attribute and doesn’t exist in Origin. Because it uses Mana that hasn’t been influenced by any attribute, anyone can use it no matter what attribute he or she has an affinity for.

    • Telekinesis: A spell that moves an object with Mana. It is similar to psychokinesis. Anything from a pebble to a boulder can be moved as long as it is a physical object. As long as the caster has enough Mana, he can freely control the distance and speed of the movement.
    • Flight: An application of Telekinesis. As Telekinesis is used to lift up and move the caster’s own body, it is a fundamentally dangerous spell. Failing to control it properly would result in the caster killing himself. If the caster loses concentration, it is common that he crashes head-first into the ground.
    • Appraisal: A spell that acts as a sort of internal encyclopedia. It cannot tell the user new information about an object; rather, it stores information that they already know, allowing them to recall and view it at any time.
    • Mana Bullet: An offensive spell that compresses no-attribute Mana into a sphere and fires it. But because its firing distance is short and its projectile speed is slow, it is almost never used in real battles. It is only used as a last resort in cases where the enemy has a high resistance for the caster’s speciality attribute.
    • Physical Ability Enhancement: A spell that enhances the caster’s physical ability. It is mainly used for muscular power, but it is remarkably less effective than enchantment spells with an attribute.
    • Healing Power Enhancement: A spell that enhances the caster’s own healing power with Mana. However, it is less efficient than spells with an attribute that has the same effect, so this spell normally does little more than provide temporary treatment. When combined with aspects of her other abilities, however, it can act as a proper healing spell.
    • Hollow Cannon: Ichika compresses gigantic amounts of attributeless mana into her fingertip and then unleashes it in the form of a beam. The recoil is so great that her hand is destroyed as a result. Aside from being an extremely powerful attack capable of shaking the entire Trial of Zakart (a over 100 floor dungeon within a pocket dimension, with floors containing things like mountain ranges) it is also able to erase illusions hit with it. The spell is so powerful it is able to punch holes into space itself. Ichika can fire the beam over extended amounts of time, but it will inflict more and more damage to her as time passes.


    • Cooking: A skill that represents the user skill in cooking and aids with it. Vandalieu has recreated many dishes on his own. He is skilled enough to be able to work in a first-rate restaurant and is able to tell apart meats by from their external appearance and the blood vessels that are left.
    • Alchemy: The skill at allows the user to create magic items. Vandalieu can use gold to create life gold that grants exp when eaten and can be used to replace missing body parts of undead. He can use silver to create soul silver that can grant a soul to items. Furthermore he can create items that increase fertility of the wearer and ensure the health of the child. He can also otherwise create items with his death attribute spells saved in them, making them publicly available.
    • Soul Destruction Fighting Technique: Ichika's evolved form of Unarmed Fighting Technique. The technique materializes Ichika's soul allowing her to fight even when disembodied.
    • Greater Multi-Cast: A skill which enables the user to cast multiple spells at the same time. Ichika can this way cast 6 or more spells per head.
    • Long-distance Control: A skill that allows the user to continue to manipulate parts of the body that are separated from the main body, such as severed limbs.
    • Surgery: A skill that represents ones skill in surgery and assists with it.
    • Parallel Thought Processing: A skill that allows different matters to be thought about simultaneously. It has the same effect as if growing an additional brain. At level 1 she could have 3-4 thought processes at once and currently has it at level 10.
    • Coordination: When owners of this skill cooperate, their efficiency and effectiveness is greater. When building something, they make fewer mistakes and their pace of work is faster, and in battle, their offensive and defensive abilities are increased.
    • Super High-speed Thought Processing: A skill that enables the user to process his thought at a high speed, increasing his reaction time and ability to do detailed actions in a short time.
    • Commanding: A skill that increases the user's ability to command others, increasing the coordination in group conflicts in which the user commands his side.
    • Thread-reeling: An ability which allows the user to manipulate thread like objects. Ichika can create sticky threads from her tongue and claws or use her hair in order to use this skill. Its main use is in binding the enemy, but with enough force threads can also be used to cut through things.
    • God Devourer: Evolved form of God Slayer. The exact effects are unclear, but it is speculated that the skill increases damage against gods.
    • Grotesque Mind: A skill evolved from the Mental Corruption skill. A skill that represents having a different mental structure from normal people. Spells, special abilities and drugs that affect the mind are completely ineffective against those who possess this skill, increasing the mental resistance the Mental Corruption skill gives. Even basic things like fear aura will not take effect due to the special mental structure.
    • Labyrinth Construction: Allows the user to create dungeons, separate spaces from the normal world. Ichika can analyze a dungeon's structure by stepping foot into it, as well as alter the structure of any cleared dungeon floor. She can also create new ones, but cannot freely change their structure.
    • Soul Devour: An evolved form of the skill Soul Break. This skill makes Ichika able to break the souls of others. The souls take the form of a small marble inside living beings bodies and with a clean hit against them, with the hitting body part being turned into Spirit Form, the soul can be broken.

    Demon King Fragments: Pieces of the Demon King that can be equipped or fused onto her body at will. This includes blood, carapaces, horns, teeth, suction cups, and far more, each with their own unique abilities. 

    Dead Spirit Magic: Magic in which Vandalieu supplies mana to a spirit in order to make it change form or use magic of its element. It is through this magic that Vandalieu can manipulate elements, despite being only able to use death magic. He permanently has a lightning spirit, fire spirit and water spirit around enabling him to use attacks of these elements.

    • Dark Thunderbolt Spear: A spell which transforms a thunder spirit into a black spear of lightning.
    • Crimson Ice Execution Circle: A spell that transforms a water spirit into a round blade of ice.
    • Great Bone Flame Jailing Destruction Bullet: A spell which transforms a fire ghost into a fiery skull large enough to tear a large ship to pieces with its teeth.
    • Evil Radiance: A spell used with light-attribute ghosts, which creates light.
    • Evil Light Enchantment: A spell in which light-attribute ghosts enchant objects with their magic, granting them powerful light.
    • Black Lightning: A spell in which a thunderbolt ghost releases long-range lightning. The spell is so cheap that Vandalieu can use it nearly without limit.

    Death Magic: A secret type of magic usable only by Ichika herself. As one might expect, Death Magic allows her to perform complex necromancy and other death-related abilities. However, despite what the name may suggest, she cannot instantly kill people.

    • Danger Sense: Death: A spell that allows detection of danger for the caster and those near the caster. This spell not only detects malice, ill will and killing intent towards the caster, it also detects direct danger, such as poison in the caster’s cup or bombs planted near the caster.
    • Death Inducement: Ichika possesses various spells that work on smaller beings such as insects and bacteria, allowing her to instantly kill them. However, it does not kill these beings if they're inside other living creatures.
    • Spirit Manipulation: Ichika is capable of creating and manipulating spirits. She can place these into bodies and skeletons to turn them into undead monsters, which automatically obey her thanks to her death-attribute charm. She can also create golems by placing them into inanimate objects, including liquids and even the ground itself.
    • Bloodshed Enhancement: An enhancement spell that can be cast on weapons and bodies, increasing attack power against living things.
    • Demon Fire: A light-blue flame that, rather than emit heat, absorbs it, creating a cold feeling. It can be used to refrigerate and freeze objects.
    • Energy Absorption: An enchantment spell that absorbs attack power external to the enchanted object. Kinetic, heat, electrical, Mana – it absorbs any kind of energy. Because of this, it enhances defense against both physical and magical attacks. 
    • Disinfect, Detoxification: Spells that neutralizes the toxicity of a substance. These spells differ from an antidote because it targets the poison itself, allowing it to neutralize the poison before it enters the body of a living creature. 
    • Deodorization: A spell that neutralizes odors within a target area of effect. It can neutralize any odor no matter how unpleasant it is, but any new odors released in the target area after the spell is cast can be smelled as normal. 
    • Magic Absorption Barrier: A spell that creates a black, fog-like barrier that absorbs Mana. When someone else is surrounded by this barrier, they can not release Mana outside their bodies becoming unable to use magic, while the caster can still use magic on them. Also, if the caster surrounds his own body with this barrier, it renders magical attacks completely ineffective
    • Impact-Negating Barrier: A spell that creates a barrier that absorbs every kind of energy, including kinetic energy, other than Mana. This spell is cast with the caster at its center; none other than the caster can move inside it freely.
    • Death Bullet/Cannon: Ichika fires black shots of magic that steal the vitality from her targets. The Death Bullet only steals vitality, but the cannon's beam can also destroy objects.
    • Spirit Form Transformation: Allows Ichika to turn her flesh into spirit form, allowing her to freely change her shape and phase through objects. This can be used for fusionism, surgery, and even duplication.
    • Various other spells: Other applications of Death Magic include causing decomposition and fermentation, preventing and resetting aging, preserving and restoring freshness, cause withering by evaporating vapor inside a target's body, creation of incredibly deadly diseases and poisons, heal corpses, commune with the dead, turn the user's blood into carnivorous microbes, erase the presence of herself and others, and far more.

    Dark Dream Demon Creation Path Enticement: Fusion of Dark Path Enticement, Dream Path Enticement and Demon Path Enticement, which in turn is an evolution of the Death-Attribute Charm. A skill that captivates those who already walk the dark, dream or demon path and those who have set foot upon it. A skill that beckons those who walk the path of righteousness to the dark-demon path. It is, so to speak, a devilish skill, and those charmed by it indulge themselves in the skill’s possessor as if they have fallen into addiction, becoming obedient to him and eager to serve. Once under its effects, it is difficult to resist. In simple terms the beings affected by this are all beings affiliated with death, including spirits, undead, suicidal people and cemetery bees (due to the cemetery in their names) and to a lesser extent Ghouls and Vampires, because they have undead ancestors; and additionally all beings that are on a path besides the path righteousness (not necessarily the path of evil, living together with undead is for example sufficient). After this skill fused with the Creation Path Enticement it also came to effect anything created by Ichika.

    Magical Skills: Ichika has an absolutely immense pool of mana, can cast magic without an incantation, and is naturally resistant to magic. She also recovers mana at a much faster rate than others.

    Strengthen Subordinates: Ichika's subordinates are greatly increased in power.

    Vitality: In Lambda there is a Vitality stat, that makes the way damage is done to living beings different than from the laws of nature on Earth. If an attack is used against a living being the damage is calculated based on the attacks strength and the durability of the part that was attacked (and other factors like resistances, weaknesses etc.). That damage is then deducted from the Vitality of the target and the size of the wound is determined by how much the Vitality went down relative to the total Vitality of the target. This has various consequences. For one, if an attack reflects the damage of an attack back on the user than the result is not necessarily a wound of the same size. A 500 Vitality wound could be a scratch for one being and a lethal wound if inflicted on a being with less Vitality. It is also harder to assassinate people in Lambda due to this since, no matter where you stab someone, the defense can not be less than 0, meaning the amount of Vitality that can be reduced by a weaker attacker is limited. It was even suggested that an attack that ignores durability on Earth or in Origin, would possibly not do so in Lambda.

    Thinking with the Soul: Ichika thinks with her soul instead of her mind, making Mindhax essentially useless on her.

    Plane Manipulation: Ichika is capable of turning a universe into her plane of existence, something which she has done to her Barrier. WIthin this plane, she can control the entire space-time and layout of the area, and can bring aspects of it into other universes in order to manipulate. For Ichika, this includes the fires of Phlegethos, hellfire that negates regeneration and immortality thanks to her divine physiology.

    Magic: Various spells that Ichika has prepared on any given day. These include a mixture of passive effects and active spells.

    • Dispel Magic: A spell that negates magical effects on objects, environments, and people. It can get rid of positive, neutral, and negative effects alike.
    • Fire Manipulation: Ichika can control the fires of Phlegethos, shaping them into blades, forming protective walls of fire, a shield of flame that damages enemies who attack her, or simply shooting off explosive fireballs.
    • Greater Teleport: Allows the user to teleport without a limit on range.
    • Mind Manipulation: Through Suggestion, Ichika can convince an opponent to listen to her words and understand them, to an extent. Through Dominate Person, she can completely control somebody's mind and bend them to her will.
    • Meteor Swarm: It's what it sounds like.
    • Fear Aura: Ichika is capable of passively inflicting fear around her via a powerful aura, causing people to panic from her sheer presence. Thanks to control over her nen, however, she is capable of suppressing this around others.
    • Summon Baatezu: Three times a day, Ichika is capable of summoning various devils to her side, including a Barbazu and five Hamatulas.

    The Wind: W - The Wind is Ichika's Schrift and is most easily explained as being able to physically bend away the space of any attack she perceives to be as coming from an opponent. This means that it is impossible to assault her directly, even with sneak attacks.

    Hirenkyaku: Essentially the Quincy version of the Shinigami Shunpo and Arrancar Sonido. The Quincy creates platforms of Reishi under their feet to swiftly move around the battlefield.

    Blut: An advanced Quincy technique which grants one inhuman defensive and offensive capabilities, however it can't boost both offensive and defensive simultaneously.

    • Blut Vene: The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user a boost in defense by strengthening their skin in a similar fashion to an Arrancar's Hierro. Additionally, Blut Vene can be used to stop blood loss due to injury.
    • Blut Arterie: The offensive form of Blut which grants the user inhuman attack power. This technique is the only thing capable of ensuring a Quincy's attacks can significantly damage a Bankai-wielding Shinigami.

    Sklaveri: Vollständig's basic Reishi Absorption ability pushed to the absolute limit. This allows the user to absorb the Reishi that composes spiritual and living beings, an absolute subordination of Reishi. Destroying the Stern Ritter's Halo is the only way to stop it.

    Ransōtengai: An advanced Quincy technique created for injured/old Quincy in order to control their limbs with strings of Reishi like a puppet. Broken bones and severed tendons mean nothing to this as the strings will control the limbs until the body/limb is entirely destroyed.

    Shadow: A teleportation ability used by members of the Wandenreich, this technique can be used by manifesting the user's shadows in front of them, creating a portal that acts as a gate between the Schatten Bereich and other dimensions. The size of these portals can be extended to allow many others to pass through.

    Kurama: The Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox of the nine tailed beasts. Regarded as a dangerous monster and a living calamity by the people of the Land of Fire. Kurama was eventually captured and sealed in numerous vessels, among them Naruto Uzumaki, to weaponize its power as a tool of war against the other shinobi nations. Kurama ultimately fell into Fleet's care, whom then entrusted it to Ichika. Ichika is capable of accessing Kyubi Chakra Mode, which shrouds her in an energy aura and vastly enhanced her physical capabilities.

    • Chakra Arms: Ichika uses the raw chakra of Kurama to form arms, which she can freely manipulate to attack her foes. Ichika can create several arms at once, and they can also serve other purposes such as grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies from great distances.
    • Tailed Beast Bomb: The signature attack of the Tailed Beasts, Kurama mixes appropriate proportions of positive black chakra and negative white chakra to form a ball of energy that he can fire at his target, obliterating large swathes of land in an instant on impact. Alternatively, Kurama can swallow it to compress its energy into a beam that could only be stopped by another being as powerful as a Tailed Beast like the Eight-Tails.
      • Continuous Tailed Beast Bombs: Kurama fires several uncompressed Tailed Beast Balls in rapid succession to quickly decimate an area.
    • Tailed Beast Shockwave: Kurama uses his massive chakra reserves to empower his roars and movements, dispersing oncoming attacks as powerful as Naruto's Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan and sending other Tailed Beasts flying backward.
    • Negative Emotions Sensing: Kurama can sense negative emotions such as hatred and killing intent of any individual around it.
    • Sage Technique: Kurama can draw the energy of nature around him, blending it with his and Ichika's chakra.

    Chaos Control: Thanks to possessing a Chaos Emerald, Ichika is capable of manipulating the fabric of time and space, as well as chaos energy, to give herself an incredibly wide variety of attacks.

    • Chaos Spear: Ichika channels raw chaos energy as a form of electricity into a spear-shaped energy construct and then fires it as an energy bolt. Its power-level can be adjusted, making it weak enough to just stun a target or powerful enough to inflict injuries. It also functions as an Armor Piercing attack which can ignore the target's durability.
    • Chaos Burst: Ichika spins around and uses Chaos Control to hide away in an area of distorted space, disappearing from sight. When emerging from the distorted space, she briefly creates a small white and purple bubble around herself that damages any opponents that makes contact with it.
    • Chaos Magic: Ichika snaps her fingers, creating an area of distorted space in front of her in the form of a violet, purple and white spatial rift that knocks the opponents into the air.
    • Roaming Chaos: Ichika creates an orb of distorted space in the shape of a purple and white orb, before throwing the orb away in a horizontal swing. The orb of distorted space will then float in midair and try to get back to Ichika until either an opponent makes contact with it, which will knock the opponent into midair, or Ichika performs Roaming Chaos again, thus neutralizing the first orb.
    • Shadow Heal: Ichika stands firmly in one spot and closes her eyes, invoking Chaos Control and using its to power to heal any physical damage she may have received.
    • Shadow Guard: Shadow crosses both her arms to brace from oncoming attacks while using Chaos Control to power the guard, creating a spherical barrier.
    • Chaos Attack: Ichika levitates in front of the enemy, performing a barrage of chaos energy-enhanced punches and kicks. Ichika can use her weaponry to further enhance this.
    • Chaos Rift: Ichika channels her aura into her hands and forms a rift in time and space, which takes the shape of an orb almost twice the size of herself and is colored black and purple with small white stars inside. Once formed, Ichika flings the rift at her target in an attempt to banish the opponent to outside time and space.

    Phenomenon Intervention: Is an ability that is called "The Power of the God". It can change its target's state from "exist" to "not exist" and vice versa. If it cannot be determined if the target actually "exists" or not, it is almost impossible to perform a Phenomenon Intervention. Since a sudden disappearance of the target would shock those surrounding it, their memories are altered. Phenomenon Intervention also allows the user to erase one reality and overwrite it with another (a different world that is a result of an existing possibility). In other words, it imposes a result of a certain phenomenon from a parallel world into the current world. It changes a possibility into reality.

    Force Eater: With her attacks, Ichika is capable of absorbing energy from the opponent, typically in the form of snake-like constructs. This vastly increases her own stores and her heat gauge, allowing her to perform more costly techniques in rapid succession.

    Nightmare Reaper: Ichika's overdrive mode. In this state, the power of her Force Eater is vastly enhanced, allowing her to actually lower the opponent's heat gauge and prevent them from utilizing super moves.

    Time Killer: Ichika focuses her energy, then delivers a single blow: should it land, all of the time that the victim possesses, has possessed, or ever will possess, in this timeline and in all others, is immediately destroyed, effectively deleting a being from reality entirely.

    Gate of Babylon: The King's Treasure: Ichika's grand treasury. It is a storehouse that contains the countless treasures of the world, and by using Key of the King's Law, Bab-ilu, she can open an invisible door to its contents to summon them whenever she pleases. It contains the prototypes of all Noble Phantasms, which are fired from her vault as projectiles, though she can also gather them directly into her hand for when she wants to fight up close. Due to the sheer number of Noble Phantasms she possesses, one can't try and take them head-on as they possess various unknown abilities to properly counter virtually any Servant recorded in the Throne of Heroes. The rate and power of the Noble Phantasms he releases depend on the situation she is in, as well as how Ichika will use them and who she is facing against.

    Margueritte Bois de Justice: Ichika's Holy Relic, that manifests as a black and red scythe-like extension from his right arm. The Relic carries a unique ability: Replicating Marie's curse, Ichika can negate immortality and regeneration by cutting at her target's neck (even if the target in question can survive decapitation), beheading them in the process if it successfully makes contact. However, the curse will not take effect on any other part of the body than the neck and Ichika will just deal with the usual physical and spiritual damage effect like all other Relic users in the series.

    • Eine Faust Overture: When it activates, Ichika is capable of accelerating time for herself in order to amplify her speed in each passing second, being capable of achieving feats with this such as exchanging 50 blows in under one-hundredth of a microsecond and accelerating herself fast enough to where lightning appeared frozen.
    • Eine Faust Scherzo: Further increases her speed, and allows her to kill the living dead.
    • Eine Faust Finale: Not only does Ichika increase her speed in this form, she also passively slows down her surroundings, allowing her to grow vastly faster in comparison. She is also transformed into a monstrous being with scythes protruding from her back like wings.
    Res Novae - Also Sprach Zarathustra: The manifestation of Ren Fuji’s Law, his desire being “I want to enjoy this moment forever”. After activation, time, in all levels of existence, is completely frozen, even in areas where time in all its forms does not exist (such as the Throne). This puts a complete stop to everything in existence, whether it is a simple action, manipulation of reality, or so on. No one dies and nothing is lost, but no new life is created as the Law prevents any changes that occur in existence. This passive ability also appears through an extension known as “Time Armor”, where Ichika is also capable of completely negating change (making all damage done to her effectively null unless the opponent's power is equal to or outright exceeds hers). 

    Retcon: The power Ichika gained from Nil after his defeat, it allows for the rewrite of events. Although weaker than Nil's, it still allows her to freely manipulate reality as she wishes.


    • Ichika despises being treated like a child by the other summoned due to her being the youngest of the group.
      • This is a problem, as she tends to get treated like a child a lot.
    • Ichika is NOT a simp, RHYTM.


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