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Brimstone and flame, corpses and cadavers, each planted within a crimson garden of blades and blood under a maroon moon. Enter the domain and enter the material malice of man and sin.


Hell/Yetzer Hara (יֵצֶר הַרַע‎)/ Sitra Achra (סטרא אחרא) is the astral manifestation of negativity and violence. The totality of the reality is parallel in span and scale to the multiverse it reflects but lacks the spatial and temporal barriers that separate their connection. Collectively conjoining all of Hell's existence into a singular universe-esque realm that expands without pause or proper progression of time.

The plane predates the presence of time and was born from the balefulness of angels with their complacency within the heavenly realm of the Empyrean; Preferring to exile their emotion into the void to not be taken by their own mental folly. Only for their hatred to give itself flesh and form in the nothingness of reality, and graft its own conceptual home to house Heaven's fleeting feelings. Soon becoming a malefic, contorted, mirror of the angels psychological panic.

With the emergence of mortal life, their fear and fright soon became fuel to Hell's flames. Molding its own mass to reflect the mortality of man, Hell became a beastly base of damned souls and specters that all would go to if even they held the notion of its name within their brain. Growing a population full of those that lacked a God to silence the fires of its underworld(s) in their previous lives.

Hell lacks a cohesive governmental body or recognizable lead in its society, with the entirety of its population functioning and thriving on an anarchic environment. One void of established order or law, where crime is blank of a meaning or consequence.

Cults, Cliques, and Culture

Ein-Hod, The God Machine

In place of governmental guidance, Yetzer Hara is kept and claimed by the palms of the ardently fanatic and zealous. Every aspect of Hellish society is domineered in some capacity by the idolization of fabricated forces and 'Gods', drawing those wanting of faith with the allure of piety to exert their rage under the guise of righteous wrath.

Despite the exotic breeds of deities and demons to worship, cults within the corrupt crypts are fundamentally dissimilar in the drive to exploit and exhaust feeling and thought; A tactic utilized by self-spit 'prophets' and 'popes' of these faiths to sway and stir violence to their own ends.

Of the cults, three have reached audience and occupancy within the minds of infinite billions. Notably those of Ein-Hod's Eternal Epiphany, The Beast's Black Faith, and Mutar Avon - Each taking permanence in the brimstone bowels of Hell as pillars of its purgatorial ecosystem. With the three fold scale of their presence within Yetzer Hara, the faiths have simultaneously been marked with the moniker of the Trinius Diabolus. A term is unanimously utilized to remark or regard any act of their monolithic might.

Of the trio of religions, Mutar Avon has come more common of a selected belief, with 1/3 of Hell's denizens adhering in some measure to its teachings or lifestyle. With another one-third representative of those under the Black Faith and Eternal Epiphany, and the last one-third in referring to those void of a belief, or preferring to hold high their own lesser ones.

Ein-Hod's Eternal Epiphany

The `Touch of God` Sigil

Rejoice, for in our God, there will be pain and no wounds.

The Cult of Ein-Hod places focus within the might of what remains of the defied carcass of a creature that had been colored the name, Ein-Hod - or the Eternal Glory - by the malefic minds of its followers. The then cold cadaver unknowingly converted into the patron saint of the cults degenerate desire.

Though to the knowledge of none, a hidden hunger was unveiled from its state of decay, the battered beast's body begun to feed from the plate of prayers that its faithful gave. And with its tenure as the Cult's God it spawned new life in its cranial cage of a head. Continually unassuming of its new found feast of praise from its followers as their deity.

The Cult holds no stay in the annals of history, actively casting the illusion of its indefiniteness in the underworld's landscape. Mystifying all with the allure of its allegedly primordial presence. A facade kept consistent by the conniving clutches of the cult's inner circle to prolong its perceived power as a perpetual entity; Their plans and procedures continually undisturbed across what the mortal mind can perceive to be eon - With none right of wit or mind withholding even the thought of defacing the faith's legitimacy in any capacity.

The Eternal Epiphany is dominated by doctrines, heavy, in the utilization of pain to induce pleasure within oneself. Leading to a spur of sadomasochism among the population in a quest to be blessed with the promise of the ecstasy that awaits them - No matter the measures this pain must be done by.

Established and well known practices involve: The emotional and physical exploitation of others within the Cult alongside those deemed heretical in Ein-Hod's sight; Excessive flagellation and self mutilation; And suicide with those drawn to death's delusion. Each viewed as a method of gaining access to the rumored realm of 'Cythera'. A spectral plane that's the supposed palace of Ein-Hod; A garden ripe with fruit that is the pleasure the starved cult yearns to consume in its divine delicacy.

The Beast's Black Faith

Black blood within our blackened bodies.

Planted from the seed of defection within the Eternal Epiphany's womb, the bastard spawn known as The Beast's Black Faith was birthed. Acting as denomination and alternative to the wider world of Ein-Hod's beliefs, they were bisected from the body of the main faith with disgruntlement over the sanctity of Satanic Scripture and the rightful methods to become closer to their god.

Ein-Hod, in the Black Faith's canon, is gazed as being of messianic might in contrast to the deified decadence the Epiphany says the Eternal Glory to be.

Leading the leash of the rabid cult is a figure under the weight of the name, Father Abir. An enigma made flesh within the Black Faith, he guides the cult in mass and prayer to pry open and prey upon the fear filled fields of their minds. A pious predator playing priest, he attempts to stoke the sin of the Black Faith's followers to battle those he condemns to be a detriment to his discrete domination of Hell.

The Beast's Black Faith reject the entirety of the Eternal Epiphany's traditions, preferring to hold true to the divergence from its roots in opportunities to cultivate their own legacy from the fruits of their violence. With its faithful seeking to impose their infinite ire upon others in contrast to what they deem to be the Epiphany's pointless pursuit of pleasure.

The Black Faith proceed with the pagan practices of ritualistic magic to raise their spirits high and create ill concoctions known to shift and shape the consciousness of their consumers to see what they hate most. Further dedications of their faith to Ein-Hod yield the use of sacrifice and murder to gain favor from their religion's zealous fervor. With rumor that the more intense these displays of brutality are, the greater are the graces are given to them by their mute god.

To distinguish themselves from their predecessor, many etch the symbol of a stylized wheel, dubbed The Crimson Cycle, upon their body; A physical representation of a perpetual cycle of violence. The sigil is also esoterically remarked as The Black Sun with the belief of the Faith's encompassing darkness.

Mutar Avon

The Alchemic Symbol of Sulfur

Do as thou wish and want, but never wane.
~ The Words That Laid Basis to Mutar Avon

A cult distinct from the prior duo, Mutar Avon is liberated of the chains of formal faith. The cult lacks the existence of scripture or a firm foundation for its beliefs that the belated and lost of Hell seek sanctuary in. The totality of its teachings center on the indulgence of the self, compared to the push to appease a higher power. Mutar Avon, preferring to prod the primal lust within an individual to propose freely from their minds, expressing them without the 'triviality' of guilt or remorse.

Mutar Avon lacks the legacy of a founder to forge their new lessons from, the cult constructed the entirety of its form and fashion off a single statement spit by a demon that now ceases to exist in both brain and body; Preventing any chance to expand upon its present philosophy. Its practitioners have been prone to rephrase its mantra to suit situations beyond the bounds the phrase found itself met for. Shifting the sentence's original context to excuse the degenerate cause continued by Mutar Avon.

The cult lacks coherent or rigid practices and fundamentally deems actions drawn from personal anguish and selfish want as methods of maximizing its teachings. Many of the emotions expressed from its follower's minds degrade into desires of sexual and physical gratification, with purpose differing little in its hedonism.

The alchemic symbol of sulfur is utilized as the cult's banner to represent the conceptual foulness of its followers and existence. An idea that even spawns a sinister stench from Mutar Avon's followers dependent on how loyal they are to the cult.

Lashon Hara

Lashon Hara (לשון הרע‎), or evil tongue, is the mutually recognized language among its denizens. With Hell being a beastly brew of raw emotion and conceptual hatred the whole of its malefic mass is molded by the palms of its infinite impish artisans within its satanic kiln; Its existence actively caressed and contorted to suit the wants of those that inhabit it and indirectly made Lashon Hara from the commotion drawn of the realm's chaos.

Within Lashon Hara, any action is capable of being perceived as an offense or threat of violence with sufficient anger directed into the act itself. Through this contempt, regardless of the tongue spoken prior, Yetzer Hara's people are capable relaying intent and thought through the wrath resting within their fists and fingers.

Individuals apt at the usage of Lashon Hara are remarked as Baalei Lashon Hara, or Masters of Evil Tongue; Each capable of utilizing noises or the act of breathing to exude the vocal might of a shout. Guiding and commanding oceans of creatures by grunts and snarls. And even find fiendish use as an exotic weapon that can pervade conventional guard as one's violence can manifest from their vocals alone; Ravaging and rendering select victims from the outside within by sound alone.

Locations and Landmarks


The Broken Bodies of Billions Forming the Foundation of Gehenna

Within these fiendish fields, man slumbers in sanity and gives wake to the wicked within.

Gehenna (Γέεννα), among Hell's population, is held high as one of the most vile locales within its fiery dwelling. A dread drenched domain, wet with the blood and bone of conflicts that are waged in seconds only to wane in centuries. Those fond of the fury jump into its furnace to perpetually burn with the passion of battle and brawl. Its belligerents ceasing to remove themselves from the sadistic scene of continuous violence once they have stepped within the gore of its grounds, becoming more and more compelled to participate in its brutality.

Those who fall ill to their battered bodies and bruises find themselves physically and spectrally fused to the earth below. Their mind and mass melting to the massacre they made, transforming into additions of Gehenna's infernal infrastructure. All feeling remains with the fallen, their flesh writhing and wriggling in response to the sensation every sword, boot, and body sinking deep into their now formless, malignant, mesh; Becoming perpetual spectators to the strife that takes place upon them.

The area is said to encompass a range equal to multiple galaxies in distance, though is ultimately bred from rumor compared to anything of legitimacy. Those have attempted to grasp the scale of its size have inevitably fell victims to the violence of the domain or its denizens.

The Black Barricade

The Black Barricade.jpg
None know what crafted the horrific shadow of the 'Black Barricade', or who else resides within. All that should be understood of its presence is to run from the second its doors split itself wide, and welcomes its visitors to become its next owners.

Bisecting earth and entry, The Black Barricade stands its ground as a grand rift from the Citadel of Sorrow and the crass clutches of wider Hell. A fortress rumored to be brim of riches yet has been bloated of the bodies that seek to claim them. Steadily fermenting into a gruesome grove of bone and blood, growing bountiful with the failure of the foolhardy that dared enter.

With passing days the corpses within continue to fester the decrepit domains of the Barricade, cloaking its entrance in a lethal layer of stench. With the very smell of the bodies alone capable slaying the souls who so much as whiff its waste.

Those that fled and hold the curse of the experience spit of the Black Barricade's geometric impossibility. A realm of alien architecture, antithetical even to the exotic ecosystem of Yetzer Hara. Its rooms are said to be a clash of cubes and cadavers adhering to the abhorrence of an invisible malice that manipulates the Barricades body; Creating its own crude perception of what it deems 'Order'.

The Citadel of Sorrow

Citadel of Sorrow-Ow.jpg
A domain drained of Hell's infinite violence. A dimension made, beauty, from what made its origins, disgusting. Hatred and serenity made perfect.

Beyond the bestial breach of the Black Barricade lays the lost legacy of Yezter Hara's denizens that is the Citadel of Sorrow (מצודת הצער). A realm sporadically spawned from the sadness of those stuck within Hell's abyssal biome, the woeful of the realm collectively turned their tears into the foundation of an idealized heaven.

The construction of this haven had morphed into myth with the spread of its name across Yezter Hara. Enticing the imagination of those seeking the solace of the Citadel in the hopes of fleeing from the hell of their minds and environment. Though those that journeyed to settle in the city were only to be greeted with the sorrow that birthed it - Being incapable of surmounting the mountains of might that stopped their pilgrimage to even know of which direction the Citadel lays in, leaving their want for hope to wane with the wind.

The details that paint the Citadel's canvas are variable of content and reliant of the story spun, though notably include descriptions of: Rivers rife with boundless blood to bathe in, to the Citadel's denizens being draped in gold encrusted robes upon entrance; Though persistent among the tales told is the mention of a crimson moon hanging low to the earth and a behemoth of buildings in silent slumber. But to what accuracy this holds to the actual Citadel remains in wait.

Sects of the Eternal Epiphany remark the Citadel of Sorrow as being the plane of Cythera that Ein-Hod dwells within, but is ardently debated depending on the interpretation of their god's teachings.


The Bloated Bellies of Billions Marching Onward To Gha'agsheblah Upon The Promise of Food.

Feast upon what you spew. Spew upon what you feast."

Crafted from a cosmic corpse, a duo of demons known as 'The Aphex' shaped the cadaver's bones into a mesh of abstract thought and simile to the make the glutinous grounds of Gha'agsheblah (ג'הגשבלה). A formerly grandiose and grotesque banquet hall, its form is imposed in isolation from the totality of Yetzer Hara's design. Having alleged to have housed the tenants of fanatical foods capable of making a mind melt with so little as a lick of their garnished grace.

It's existence, alone, rapidly tantalized the tainted tongues of Hell's most hungry; With all those that ear of its exotic entrees having become enthralled by the delectable desire of a place that housed meals that could sate their unsteady stomachs. An appetite that fueled the fervent fire of Gha'agsheblah's colonization by impish immigrants in the infinites. Their find and stay of the banquet transforming the chiseled chitin of its tables and then cleansed kitchens, into a bestial buffet of degenerate diners that saw each other as their morsels.

Prior to its occupation, rumored among Gha'agsheblah's desired delicacies were, knishes composed of mortal flesh, with the very idea of man's folly as its filling; Sausages, salted with feces and the viscera of fellow feasters on the banquet; Meat dolls lathered with the spectral substance of souls, with layers of gelatinized bone housed in its fleshy interior; To pretzel-esque cuisine kneaded from intestinal linings, soaked in the bitter juices of a rotting eye.


Demon Battle.png

Those that trial and travel far into Yetzer Hara will inevitably have their eyes greeted with the weary welcome of Thagirion (ת'אגיריון)'s pallid plains. A field fostering a host of creatures of gargantuan spectacle and scale, all in the area forever in a battle to expose the faults of each with every finger and femur torn from another foe's mutilated body to elevate their own sense supple superiority.

Across its horrid history the terrain has been bathed in a gruesome paisley pattern of its brawlers blood. Ultimately morphing into permanent fixture of its inhabitants violence, that grows more crimson in its color with every beaten body dropping to Thagirion's earth.

The field harbors the potency to press into the metaphysical mass of an individual's mind and blow the emotional bile within to a burst. Mal-morphing the forms of those stepping within its bounds into bestial bodies representative of their psychological state. Even the slightest steps upon its grounds can change the able and sane into aberrations of ones own mental misery - Bringing a person's most disgusted traits to surface for all to see and sneer to no end.

Rumor rummages among Hell's natives that the mightiest of its denizens have drawn their might with forages into Thagirion's fields. Though a lack of validity makes the notion a difficulty to confirm, ultimately swaying to the sentiment that it's an attempt to rationalize the already present power of Yetzer Hara's strongest; However, with every match met by the infernal intruder, Janus the Bloody, the suspicion and likelihood lurks that he is among those tainted by Thagirion's touch.


Pandemonium Test.png
A brain breeds the ill seed of weakness with every notion spewed from its mental womb. The flesh fights, free, without the hindrance of thought.

Located within Yetzar Hara's supposed center lay the satanic Savannah of, Pandeomnium (ףאנדעמוניום). A domain, deaf, to the audible reach of reason as its inhabitants solely use instinct to function and fight as a lifestyle. A behavior cultivated from the belief that the price of thinking itself is too costly to outlast the viciousness of every other entity in the environment; As the seconds of formulating intent in ones mind are equivalent to hours of possible exploitation to be eviscerated by the region's prowling predators.

A perspective the whole of Pandemonium's population undertook, as anxious superstition superseded their need for sanity to maximize personal survival. An idea that even seeped into the soils of the savannah, with its vegetation transforming equally volatile and vicious to partake in the violence; An adaption in the Pandemonium's exotic ecosystem that yielded this flora to flock amongst the most apt aggressors and predators of their habitat due to an intrinsic inability to think.

The territory is colored of transforming shades and hues of monochrome color schemes, with fauna to foliage fleshing themselves in bright blacks, yellow, or reds to connotate caution. A chromatic camouflage even copied by Pandemonium's arid atmosphere - As a gaze into the domain presents a caustic collage of blinding, putrid, pinks and purples flashing about the horizon to express its own brand of lethality.

With ones extended tenure in the Pandemic prairie, organisms can often attain the sovereignty to crown themselves as dangerous creatures by exertion of their raw wrath and will over those presiding in their vicinity. The phenomena was showcased at Pandemonium's inception by The Aphex's foray into the field; The demonic duo entering and exiting the realm, unscathed, with every creature becoming too avoidant to interact with them - Having exuded the material malignancy of their aura to give the sensation that they were ripe to rip existence apart with any manner of movement that entered their eyes.


The greatest of cancers in a domain of disease.

In the realm's womb brewed, Magog (מגוג), in a symbolic stew of abstract abhorrence and hatred. Its essence stirred by the condensed and contradictory mentality of Yetzer Hara, the plane is a bestial breeding pen of enigmatic entities prone to revolt against the design of its environment. Each, with agendas antithetical to Hell's populous. Each, with wrathful wishes ranging from the supreme subjugation of Hell in its totality, to the grand genocide of its culture and creatures; Down to the attempted elimination of its existence in stripping away its ability to siphon thought from material existence.

Magog's malignancy made manifest reveals itself in the form of clouds that compose and encompass the entirety of the region in its vaporous grip. Its pervasive haze casting spells capable of enchanting eyes with illusory imagery of cadavers and creatures from a depthless millions of human and alien species.


Dead Fields Cut.jpg
Fickle rest for the infinite ire to come.

A realm in respite from wrath and rage, Līmen (אנשים) bears the burden of being the epicenter of the souls to would soon seep into brimstone breach of Hell. The plane is composed of a bestial bed of cadavers piled into rows spanning a distance greater than any eye could encompass with a mere gaze. Each corpse crudely caressed beside each, bear a reminiscence to every entity present in the material multiverse; All of them in a perpetual pause, waiting for the slain spirits of the living they reflect to awake in the rancid, festering, flesh of their new bodies found in Līmen's hidden plane.

Once the fallen have found themselves fit in the rot that rides their decrepit bodies - in what is perceivable as seconds, memories morphed into memoirs of their lives will proceed to flood back into their minds. Acting as a method of final, bitter, recollection and reconciliation with themselves before breaking into Hell's boundless bedlam. With the revelation of their demise demonstrated, they will be suddenly stripped from Līmen and sporadically spawned into a location in Yetzer Hara without mind or memory of the moments prior - Beginning, fresh, their never-ending spectral suffering in the metaphysical bowels of existence.

Though what entity, or collective, constructed the realm have laid enigmatic since Hell's inception. With none knowing or willfully acknowledging its purpose or place in Hell's composition beyond acting as a brief, seldom, oasis for the deceased and damned.

Civilization Statistics

Name: Numerous Dependent of The Reality; Officially Known As Sitra Achra or Yetzer Hara by Angels and Cosmic Entities.

Classification: Astral Plane, Spectral Prison

Capital: None

Age: Predates The Conception of Time

Population: Infinite and Indefinitely Expanding in Number

Notable Individuals

Combat Statistics

Apostle Praise Test.png

Tier: Variable | Unknown

Civilization Type: Transcendent Civilization. Totality of Hell is under demonic domination, the realm encompassing a size comparable to the physical multiverse it reflects. Traditional conventions of physics cease to apply to its world, ultimately proving too fickle to persist in its environment. Denizens retroactively manipulate Hell's reality down its fundamental concepts and laws.

Kardashev Level: Type VII. Superseded the need of material energy in any capacity or measure. Thrive off the metaphysical thought of the realties interconnected to Hell; Each idea utilized capable of generating unquantifiable bursts of energy that shame any recorded instance of power in material existence.

Technology and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Ranges from Plane level to Varying Levels of Multiverse (Denizens vary in their power and are too radical in number to properly average a consistent rating in their strength. Meekest and weakest of Hell have been showcased to have no presence in the 3-D realm; The mightiest of Yetzer Hara have power rumored to be second to Archangels in their potency. With wars that wail across the entirety of a facet of its reality; Rupturing entire swathes of shifting space, with all life and matter ceasing to remain in the vicinity)

Unknown (Superior to the infinitely repeating complexity of its internal workings, with its entire existence surpassing anything theoretically capable or conceivable by thought. Viewing the 'bubble' of Hell from an outside perspective causes mortal minds to melt at sight and seizure at attempted explanation of its components. The material multiverse of SIEGE lacks any bearing upon Hell's function; With Yetzer Hara being superior on an axiomatic scale to physical existence's nature and workings to the point of being incomparable in scope to Hell's full scale. Taxiarch gains headaches with sufficient exposure to Hell despite its physiological impossibility. Lacks a conscience to exert the full extent of its hypothetical might and is left to the will of its inhabitants to express an infinitesimal portion of its power)

Power Source: Fueled by the concepts and thoughts drawn from other universes. Denizens contribute by making their own ideas and concepts of mortal and alien origin or contextualization, creating a perpetual feedback loop of usable 'energy'. Even if deprived of external thought to harvest.

Industrial Capacity: Irrelevant, void of the necessity of manual labor to supply or stabilize its production of constructions. Capable of fabricating their infrastructure and weaponry in perceivable seconds with their imagination and emotions.

Military Prowess: Gehenna as a whole holds an alleged decillions in combatants with the potency to pulverize planets with minor hassle or halt. Virtually all of its inhabitants are fully combat capable and drawn to conflict with a tendency to function off instinct and reaction while fighting. The most masterful of Hell's combatants are remarked geniuses in the fields of psychological and physical warfare, winning battles with exotic wit and brutality native of their worlds.

Weaknesses: Magog will create demons that purposefully go against Hell itself and its demons. Entirety of Yetzer Hara is discordant in activities and goals making cohesive strategy outside of an impossibility without the forceful subdual of its population. Self-destructive in nature and unwilling to cooperate for extended periods of time. Entities of a greater hierarchy prove capable of dealing final deaths to Hell's denizens outside of its confinements; Applicable to weapons originating from similar sources. | Mindless in form. Incapable of using its power in a presentable capacity beyond the mimicking of thought. Self-repressing and limiting for the sake of 'a story greater than it's own'.

Key: Hell's Forces | Hell Itself

Note: Notable phenomena and landscapes shift in their properties and geography, or are wholly nonexistent, depending on an individual's perspective and perception in Hell. Ein-Hod, Lucifuge, Janus, Infans Noster, and the Blood Bound Basilica prove exceptions, as they can effectively visualize and interact with the totality of their environment; Regardless of the visual or existential barriers imposed by their physiology and Hell itself.


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