What I wish for is to protect everyone and everything, so that the people can live in peace. So that everyone can be happy, I'll become the Ruling God and use my power to create peace in the world!
~ Hannah before becoming the Ruling God


Hannah is the First Goddess and Princess of Bordia, she is also known as the Goddess of Space in the Ancient Council. Hannah was The First God's sister and lived with him under the First Tree, before having a child with him and later dying.

She was later reincarnated as the daughter of The King of Bordia, who is the descendant of The Goddess of Time. She spent most of her childhood with Nox as her guardian, who helped her train in using her powers and also in other things.

She would later become the Ruling God after regaining the memories of the time she lived under the First Tree.


Hannah is described as a beautiful young woman with long pink hair and blue eyes. She usually wears light colored clothes.

Combat Statistics

Tier: At least High 6-A | 1-A | High 1-A | High 1-A, likely 0

Name: Hannah Holloxone, formerly Hannah von Supersonik

Origin: Evanescent

Gender: Female

Age: Older than existence

Classification: Princess of Bordia, Goddess of Space, Ruling God, First Goddess (formerly)

Powers and Abilities: Empathic Manipulation (Able to manipulate emotions of other people such as making them happier or sadder), Spatial Manipulation (Many of her attacks manipulate space to hit their targets. She can manipulate space in various ways to either attack or defend herself), Time Manipulation (She can manipulate time in various ways such as stopping it or accelerating it, she can even merge multiple different points in time together which will cause objects and things to appear from different times), Space-Time Manipulation (Able to manipulate the space-time of all the worlds), Life and Death Manipulation (She can freely manipulate life and death, where she can revive and heal creatures and even induce death on a conceptual level on others), Creation (Can create objects out of thin air), Holy Manipulation (As a holy being, she can do lots of things such as use holy weaponry and abilities as well as induce miracles with ease), Durability Negation (Many of her attacks negate durability), Void Manipulation (She can directly manipulate the void), Causality Manipulation (Able to influence cause and effect as well as reverse actions), Fate Manipulation (She can decide the fate of others), Existence Erasure (She can erase existences on a conceptual level), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Able to manipulate higher dimensions freely as much as she wants) | All prior abilities boosted to an unfathomably higher degree | All prior abilities boosted to an unfathomably higher degree, Powers of a Higher Avatar | All prior abilities boosted to an unfathomably higher degree, Omniscience

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Continent level+ (Comparable to Nox), some attacks ignore durability | Outerverse level+ (Ancient Gods exists on the seventh and final sky, transcending all the other skies and nine worlds, above even the Divine Gods that exists in the sixth sky who could directly manipulate all existence and draw power directly from the Tree of Life. The seventh sky encompasses everything, but at the same time it is outside of it and external to all, transcendent to all the perfect concepts which served as the fundamental base of existence and shaped reality, and changing any of those concepts will completely change reality in its entirety. The Ancient Gods are also above the infinitely layered hierarchy of the other skies and the divine stairs, and are considered to be above the divine layer as existences closest to that of Avatars, though they are still bound by the infinite Tree of Life. The seventh sky also served as a "blank color" that covered all existence for the Ancient Gods to color existence with their own) | High Outerverse level (As an Avatar, Hannah exists in the world of Avatars, which transcends the metaphorical "box" that represents a complex structure which contains all possibilities and impossibilities. Outside the infinite box is another larger infinite box, and it goes on endlessly, ad infinitum. Avatars view the box as a mere drop of water in an endless ocean—as an infinitesimal dot on an endless canvas, as their world completely transcends all sizes and complexity as well as all the extensions of infinity, painting over the infinite canvas with their desires. The world of Avatars also keep rising infinitely without end, and nothing could ever reach them no matter how hard they tried, as they would still be trapped by an even more larger and complex structure, even transcending infinity would still be nothing compared to the world of Avatars) | High Outerverse level (As a Ruling God, Hannah is superior to the other Avatars and has complete control over the First Tree as well as the world of Avatars, being able to paint over other Avatar's desires with her own on the infinite canvas and being able to change the entire cosmology with a thought), likely Boundless (Due to how they work, the Main Ruling Gods completely transcend the world of Avatars and even other lesser Ruling Gods. They are completely external to the Avatars which already transcended infinity and are able to reach even the lower levels of Nox's Unknowable Realm. They are even stated to be somewhat comparable to the residents of the Unknowable Realm who are completely above the infinitely rising Avatars and of the few people that were stated to be notable by Nox's True Form)

Speed: Massively FTL+, likely Infinite (Comparable to Nox) | Irrelevant | Irrelevant, Omnipresent in her own reality | Irrelevant, Omnipresent in her own reality

Lifting Strength: At least Class T (Comparable to Nox) | Irrelevant | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Continent Class+ | Outerversal | High Outerversal | High Outerversal, likely Boundless

Durability: At least Multi-Continent level+ (Comparable to Nox), her regeneration and immortality makes her hard to kill | Outerversal+ (Is considered one of the most powerful Ancient Gods, being able to defend from attacks by other Ancient Gods with ease) | High Outerversal (Took hits from Equise. All Avatars are able to survive the destruction of the entire cosmology without a single scratch, as stated they would just laugh it off and create a new one as if nothing even happened) | High Outerversal (Could no sell Equise's strongest attacks. Was unaffected by attacks from The Foreigner), likely Boundless (The Main Ruling Gods are completely impervious to the attacks of other Avatars as they are able to access the lower levels of the Unknowable Realm, transcending even the world of Avatars that is above all extensions of infinity and the infinite canvas formed by endless complex structures)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Standard Melee Range, At least Thousands of kilometers with her powers, Unknown possibly High Outerversal with Friedensstifterin | Outerversal | High Outerversal | High Outerversal, likely Boundless

Standard Equipment: Friedensstifterin

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient | Same as before | Same as before | Omniscient

Weaknesses: None notable | None notable | Standard weaknesses of a Higher Avatar | None


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Switch: Hannah is able to "switch places" with anyone as she wishes, even those who are above her. She can also lower and raise other people's position in the hierarchy. She was able to switch places with Shirome and transcend her (Though she was unable to beat her due to Absolute Rejection which ignored hierarchy and standing). Due to this ability, she was considered as the third most powerful being in the entire verse by Nox, only being beaten by him and Shirome.


  • Segen der Ewigkeit: (Self Identity - Blessings of Eternity) Hannah's Selbstidentität, an always active ability that passively generates an infinite amount of invisible near-impenetratable barriers around herself. These barriers completely nullify any type of attack and are almost impossible to break or penetrate, they also interfere with the reality around them to always protect her. In extreme conditions, the barriers can even interfere with the fundamental parts of reality and the dimensionality of existence, allowing her to transcend her opponents while lowering them, making them unable to even touch her.


  • Friedensstifterin: (First Weapon - Peacemaker) A rapier-like weapon that bypasses all known laws and concepts and pierces all. This weapon causes range to be irrelevant as it bypasses all concepts including distance. If someone is struck with it, they will be unable to use any powers or abilities for a certain amount of time, they will also be extremely vulnerable to any type of attack they are hit with next.
    • Aufrufen - Alles durchstechen: (Invocation - Pierce Everything) Hannah's Invocation where her Friedensstifterin will begin to emit an intense energy as well as light. In this state, her attacks will completely destroy everything she hits in all aspects, this includes erasing them from every point in space-time and existence, as well as conceptual erasure and erasing even the entire foundation of the opponent's being.


  • Göttlicher Waffenstillstand: (Command - Divine Truce) Anyone that is hit with this ability will not be able to use their powers or harm Hannah, as she will be completely invulnerable to their attacks. The only way to counter this ability is to use another ability or weapon with the same level or higher as this one.
  • Raum verzerren: (Command - Distorting Space) Hannah can distort the space of an area, using this ability she can also interfere with the space-time of a universe. She can even interfere with the entire dimensional structure of the three realms casually using this ability.


  • Der unendliche Kosmos: (Authority - The Infinite Cosmos) Hannah's Authority that is to be an endless cosmos to protect her family and people. This ability allows her to be eternal and unkillable, as she will regenerate from every attack and even resist the highest level of regeneration negation. Furthermore, this ability lets her temporarily regain her powers as the First Goddess for the duration it is active, granting her power that is equal—if not stronger—than a Ruling God.


  • Amor Omnibus IdemLove Is the Same for All - Dona Nobis PacemGive Us Peace: Hannah's Miracle, the ability to bring peace and love to the entirety of existence. Once active, all evil intent will be cleansed, causing evil-based abilities to also be erased. All attacks and powers used by her opponents will also be nullified instantly. On top of that, her opponents will be constantly drained every second until they lose every single bit of their power while she becomes stronger with each passing second.
    • Parva Sub IngentiThe Small Under the Huge: Hannah protects all her allies and increases their strength temporarily, she also temporarily obtains their abilities in exchange while boosting all the abilities she has.
    • Dum Vita Est, Spes EstWhile There Is Life, There Is Hope: Hannah creates an invisible protective barrier around her and her allies that protect them from any harm, these barriers are infinitely stronger than her regular ones and still retain their functionality while making it much stronger, making them impossible to penetrate and break. The barrier also empowers her and her allies infinitely as long as life exists in the world.
    • Lucida SideraThe Shining Stars: Hannah creates a large source of infinite light that burns all her opponents. The light is strong enough to burn even Higher Avatars and erase them, it's also extremely hard to dodge.
    • Natura Non ContristaturNature Is Not Saddened: Hannah gathers power from all life in existence and even dead creatures then projects it as a beam that will completely destroy any opponent. This ability is strong enough to destroy The Foreigner's infinite barriers and completely obliterate multiple Avatars.

Key: Restricted Physical Form | Ancient God | Avatar | First Goddess/Ruling God


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