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The prologue arc introduces the main character of the story, Hana Amane. The story starts off with Hana attending a new school, filled with demigods, after her family moved to Tokyo. There she offends a demigod girl and gets nearly killed, but is luckily saved by a boy named Jack. Realizing how weak she truly is, Hana starts to train for four month. During this entire time she didn't meet Jack once. One day during training she notices a large pillar of light. Her being her reckless self, she ran straight towards it. What she found was Jack fighting a massive creature. When he noticed her, he made an offer of granting Hana power. When asked why, he only says he has his own, selfish motivations. Hana, not thinking much about it, simply agreed. When she next woke up her body had drastically changed. Her weight increased to over one ton and her blood had turned silver. Her overall speed and strength had also increased massively, to the point where time seemed frozen to her and a single punch could level an entire forest. It took her some time to get used to it. The next time she met Jack he offered to even teach her if she wants. Hana yet again agreed without thinking much about it. The first thing he did was drop her off at someone else's place and make them teach her, while he went to attend some business.

The first technique she learned was a skill called "Mirror World", which enabled her to create a space in which she could not only sense everything, but also affect anything. At first this space was no larger than a couple tens of meters in radius, but after a while she increased it to a point where she could span it across the entire universe. However, this put quite the stress on her mind and there was no way she could affect the entire area. She would simply fall unconscious before that would happen. When Jack picked her up again, they immediately continued with more training. This time he taught her personally. The thing he taught her was to "sense without senses” or to be more specific, a "sixth sense". Instead of actually gaining it she more or less cheated her way around it by using her silver, which has a mind of its own.

After this, Hana goes back to school, where she creates quite the trouble. Because of that she gets advised to get a badge, something that indicates one's strength. The test works by measuring one's soul, which supposedly directly correlates with one's strength. When she actually gets tested she breaks all records and gets put into her own category. This however made no sense, since there were still many people stronger than her. Since it was made public, people didn't really want to socialize with her anymore. Everyone was either scared, jealous; in disbelief that humans could be this strong or didn't even really know how to feel about it. Feeling all down Hana decided to skip school and instead visit a bar. Although the bartender originally didn't want to give her anything, she managed to intimidate him into doing so. Hana stayed there until early in the morning. When she wanted to leave without paying a man stopped her from doing so. Although Hana was interested in him, she lost track of the man when he left the bar.

She actually went back to school on a regular basis after that day until one day one of the creatures she saw Jack fight against, appeared in front of the school. Hana rushed out, trying to take it out, but miserably failed, since she neglected her training. In the end it was yet again up to Jack to finish it off. Seeing how little Hana has grown, Jack takes her with him through a portal. On the other side is the library of Alexandria, which records everything that occurs in the world tree. The first thing Hana did was look up spells like the portal that Jack uses, but realizes quickly that her mana isn't sufficient for most of them. Curious as she is, she quickly decided on finding out things about Jack, since he never gave much information about himself. However, in the places where there should have been recordings of him, she found "erased space". Not knowing what else to do, she just continued reading and increasing her mental strength until Jack came back to take her out again. While spreading her consciousness, she noticed that at the bottom of the library was a portal. She decided to take her chances and flee. When she reappeared back on earth she fell unconscious.

After she came back to her senses, she realized that she was tied down and taken hostage by a young girl named Adrestia and a man named Phobos. It turned out that they want to use her as bait to get Jack out of hiding. When Jack actually appeared, Phobos was the first to go and fight him, however, he got utterly defeated. Adrestia on the other hand put up a far better fight and actually almost defeated Jack, until he released his first seal. Just him doing so made space unstable and threatened to break apart the universe. Adrestia tried to pull even by releasing her own seal, but Jack stopped her from doing so. Before Jack could finish her off, Ares, who Hana first met at that bar, interrupted the two of them and stopped the fight. Hana and Jack went back to Hana's place after that. When they opened the door all of the walls were covered in blood and a little blond girl was sitting on the kitchen counter, using the heads of Hana's parents as ventriloquist puppets. This marks the end of the first arc.


Due to being the Protagonist of the story she quite literally starts as a "blank sheet of paper", with her personality forming from her surroundings. She does have innate knowledge about her world, but that is about it. This causes her personality to wildy change over the course of the story and even the arc, since she doesn't really have a personality to begin with and finding one in her rapidly changing world is hard.

Hana during the prologue arc is fairly hard to read. She seems like an overly emotional airhead, who desires nothing but strength, although that last part does change throughout the arc. She often acts recklessly making one surprised she even managed to survive this long. She has increadibly low self esteem and quickly makes her own conclusions about things, without trying to verifying them, scared of finding out that her fears are actually based in reality. Although she is very impulsive, she can also be very cool headed and make smart decisions. This however usually requires her to realize the seriousness of the situation.

Note: Both her summary and personality will be expended with the addition of later arcs.

Combat Statistics:

Tier: At least 7-B, possibly 7-A. Higher with Mirror World

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Broke various real life sport records.), Accelerated Development, Reactive Evolution and Adaptation (Can adjust and evolve according to almost every situation in a heartbeat.), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9 Her "being" is protected by one of the three supreme beings. If she dies she will be reincarnated as the new protagonist. She will however become a completely different person with a completely new life. She can be sliced to bits and simply reconnect.), Enhanced Senses, Martial Arts (Skilled at various martial arts.), Weapon Creation, Natural Weaponry and Blood Manipulation (Can create weapons from her "blood".), Regeneration (At least High-Mid, likely Low-High. For as long as her body pieces are close enough, she will always reconnect.), Camouflage, Stealth Mastery and Invisibility (Can cover her body in a coat of "blood", which refracts and bends light around her, as well as cool her body to the point where she can't be picked up by infrared.), Creation (Can create endless amounts of "blood".), limited Cosmic Awareness, Durability Negation, Subjective Reality and Telekinesis (Can spread her mind across the entirety of the Library of Alexandria, which is infinite in size and always expanding. She can "see" anything within it. She can create a small orb representing her consciousness and whatever she does to the orb happens to her surroundings. This doesn’t create any physical contact and can’t be physically blocked. The amount she can affect is not directly connected to the distance her mind can spread, sine affecting something has a far greater strain than simply spreading ones consciousness. Trying to affect too much could permanently damage her mind.), Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and Precognition (Even with all of her senses gone, she can still tell when attacks are incoming, stating that she "simply knows". She can instinctively see characteristics of any given object or person and even read minds to an extent.), Instinctive Reaction (Even without her doing, her "blood" will always move her out of harm’s way, unless she chooses otherwise), Magic and Portal Creation (Can create portals to different time-spaces via magic.), Duplication (Can create and indefinite amount of clones of herself.), (Can spread her mind across the entirety of the Library of Alexandria, which is infinite in size and always expanding.), Information Analysis (Still has some clones at the Library of Alexandria, who have access to all of its records.), Power Nullification (Against plot manipulation. If she notices that something is off, the plot reverts back to how it was.), limited Plot Manipulation (A Protagonist chooses their own story. If their wish was to fall in love, the setting would change into a love story and everyone would be head over heals for them. If they wanted to become stronger, the story would become an adventure story or a shounen. If they wanted to live in a fantasy world, they would get isekaied, etc. Too many different and contradictory wishes of what the protagonists life "should be like" will cause a skewed setting.), limited Acausality (Type 1, 2, 4 and 5 The Protagonist is an existance completely unbound by the story itself. This allows Hana to form her own story, without the influence of others. She has no fate or future within the story, since she creates it herself. Changes to her past don't affect her current self. What she does can't be predicted or foreseen. She acts within a River of Time completely unrelated to the story, similar to Aether and [ ].)

limited Resistance to Fear Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (Can resist looking into [] without going insane and was capable of handling Phobos’ presence.), Existence Erasure (Withstood a limited Saints Flame. Her existance is tied to the story.), Power Nullification (In case she gets power-nulled, Hana will disappear and only her true self, the protagonist remains.), Time Manipulation (Her past can't be rewritten. Changes to her past don't affect her current self. Her future doesn't exist yet.), Mind Manipulation (In case of her mind being compromised, her blood would take over.), Biological Manipulation (Her biology is vastly different from any other living being, to the point where it can't properly be analyzed. Her blood can't be altered.), Reality Warping, Transmutation and Matter Manipulation (Her blood can't be altered in composition.)

Resistance to Plot Manipulation (For as long as she notices the changes, she can break free from it. Her ability to notice can not be interfered with by using plot manipulation.), Law Manipulation (Was able to move through stopped time, imposed by a law, without even noticing until it was pointed out to her. Due to being the protagonist, laws that aren't inherent to the story can't be imposed on her.), Poison Manipulation (Her body immediately neutralized alcohol when drinking it.), Body Puppetry (Her blood already has full control over her boody, so it can't be influenced from a different source.), Fate Manipulation, Precognition and Clairvoyance (As the Protagonist, Hana is the only one that can chose the path she wants to go down. No one can predetermine that for her and anything can happen until it does, not allowing anyone to look into her future or predict what she is about to do.), Soul Manipulation (Her soul is shrouded within thick aura, which is oozing out from 『 』. This makes it nigh impossible to find her soul within her body. Trying to push trough said aura may result in erasure.)

Attack Potency: At least City level, possibly Mountain level (The force of a single punch leveled an entire forest all the way up to the horizon).Just her movements alone created a blazing inferno and massive amounts of destruction. She was traveling at relativistic+ speeds.), likely far higher. Higher with Mirror World (Can ignore conventional durability with Mirror World.)

Speed: At least Relativistic+ (Crossed 17000km in an instant.)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 25 physically, at least Class G via Mirror World

Striking Strength: At least City level, possibly Mountain level, likely far higher

Durability: At least City level, possibly Mountain level, likely far higher (Should scale to her own AP). High Outerverse level with solidifies blood, capable of withstanding a Dragon's attack.

Stamina: Physically her stamina has no limit. Very small amount of mana and will faint if overused.

Range: Extended Melee Range with “blood”, Universal+ with Mirror World and Kilometers with shock waves.

Standard Equipment: None. Creates her own weapons.

Intelligence: At least Extraordinary Genius, can potentially become Super Genius. One of the smartest humans alive. Capable of understanding and learning about anything incredibly fast. Manages to enter a Demi-Gods school based on nothing but her inteligence. Beat black belts after just a month of observing their training. Due to her evolution based ability she doesn’t actually have an intelligence ceiling and only needs to “think hard enough for long enough” to increase her intelligence dramatically. Read a great portion of the books within the Library of Alexandria and has gathered vast amounts of knowledge across many different fields of science and magic. Her mind is strong enough to observe a space greater than the universe. Omniscient within her Mirror World. She can see/feel/hear/etc. anything within it.

Weaknesses: Other than her being quick to act without thinking much and being generally emotionally unstable, none notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Silver: Her blood turned into a liquid silver kind of substance, which she can freely control. It allows her to create nearly anything she imagines. The silver can also act on it's own to protect Hana, if needed. When solidified it is tough enough to cut through a Dragon's scales, which are beings that can manifest within the first and second layer.
  • Mirror World: The ability to spread once consciousness within a certain range. Within this range the user can sense "anything" and lock onto a target. Attacking using this skill is non physical. It is a case of "anything that happens within the user's mind, happens in reality", similar to how something like voodoo works.
  • Sixth Sense: The ability to be unreliant on any senses and still "sense" everything. The usage varies from predicting incoming attacks over reading minds to figuring out someone’s weakness at a glance.
  • The Protagonist: Unbound by, yet within the story. The Protagonist simply exists. They come out of nowhere and change the plot in a way to seamlessly fit in. The Protagonist can choose whether they like a change within the story for as long as they notice it. In case they dislike it, they can choose to ignore it. Later within the story this goes so far that Hana can simply choose to ignore anything that "includes" her.

Keys: Prolouge Arc


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Additional/Optional Stats

Gauntlets and Mask

Mask and Gauntlets.png

The mask and gauntlets are some of Hana's most used items. The mask gives her additional vision. It can allow her to see at long distances, see in infrared, see through objects, etc. She either uses this mask for reconnaissance or to simply hide her face.

Hana feels most comfortable in close quarters and hand to hand combat. Her weapon of choice are thus her gauntlets, which come in different forms and sizes, like standart knuckles or claws. When fighting she tends to materialize these "out of nowhere", always in varying shapes and forms, to surprise her opponents and catch them off guard.

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