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Personal Statistics

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Name: Grigor the Second, Supreme Chancellor of Chelovestva 

Gender: Genderless, usually refeared as a Male

Classification: Advance Bio-Machine

Age: More than 500 years old

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: To be added

Personality: To be added

Likes: Chelovestva and its people

Dislikes: Traitors, unecessary killing without valid reason, incompetence

Weight: Hundreds of Tons

Height: 15 meters

Hobbies: Read novels, make public announcements, poetry, make prosper Chelovestva

Values: Strength, Ambition, Order, Stability, Prosperity

Status: Alive

Affiliation: NUMEN (initially enemy, then become an ally), The Lĕgĭo, Chelovestva (the supreme faction led by Grigor himself, originally from an alternative timeline, this new powerhourse had quickly become a prominent force to be reckoned, even by other Superpowers), several factions and few powerful entities in the Local Multiverse

Theme: Empire Earth - Main Theme

Quotes: To be added

Powers & Stats

Tier: High 4-C physically. 8-A to 7-B with light weaponry, 6-B to 6-A with heavy weaponry, High 4-C to 4-B with top weaponry

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Large Size (Type 1), Inorganic Physiology, Enhanced Senses (Can detect and see the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Had superhuman level senses. Possess both electroreception, echolocation, heat detection and magnetoreception), Genius Intelligence, Weapon Mastery, Regeneration (Low-High), Information Analysis, Photographic Memory, Preparation, Social Influencing (Master of psychological warfare), Invisibility, Flight and Spaceflight, Extrasensory Perception (Can detect ghosts and other supernatural entities), Immortality (Type 1, 2 and 8), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3), Technology ManipulationData Manipulation and Hacking (Can directly connect to computers and easily control, even to a world wide scale), Body Control (Capable to control and shape his own physical body at his wish), Energy Absorption and Statistics Amplification (Able to absorb various forms of energies for briefly increase his strength and speed), Forcefield Creation, Telekinesis, Weapon Creation (Can create various type of energy swords, axes, hammers, and spears), Energy-based and Ballistic Weaponry, Optic Blast, Danmaku, Portal Creation with the Dimensional Teleport, Spatial Manipulation and Attack Reflection with Warp Drive (Can warp space-time around him which allow him to travel across vast distances through subspace. He can also distort the space to reflect attacks), Black Hole Creation and Gravity Manipulation with d (Capable to generate and control gravitons, to generate powerful gravitational waves or even create small singularities), Matter Manipulation with the Nano Factory (Capable to alter matter of the surrounding at atomic level), Information Manipulation with the Archive, Precognition via Quantum Perception, Power Nullification with the Suppressor, Durability Negation via Bond-Dissociation Beam, Duplication, Existence Erasure and Invulnerability via Overcharge (Can temporary surround himself with destructive energy, which can physically destroy anything around Grigor), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with objects/characters who lack a physical body), Vibration Manipulation, Heat Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation with the Oscillator (Can vibrate the molecules in the air so violently to generate explosions and large shockwaves)

Resistance to Gravity Manipulation, Black Hole Creation and Spatial Manipulation (Capable to withstand his own singularities, can enter inside the event horizon of black holes without be tear a part), Mind Manipulation and Perception Manipulation (Possess powerful psychic shields with shield him from psychic attacks), Matter Manipulation and Transmutation (His body is uneffected by his own Nano Factory), Empathic Manipulation, Absolute Zero (His physical body can still operate even in absolute zero), Electromagnetic Pulse, Hacking, Energy Absorption, Illusion Creation, Radiation Manipulation (Can withstand level higlhy amount of radiations from neutron stars)

Attack Potency: Large Star level physically (Completely vaporized an Earth size planet with a single punch. Capable to destroy objects that are made by the alloy which made his body. Split in half a Earth's size planet with a double stomp). Multi-City Block level to City level with light weaponry (Even his lighter weapons can decimate multiple city blocks of a city. Was able to obliterate a large mountain with consecutive shots in a few minutes), Country level to Continent level with mid weaponry (His heavy weapons are capable to cause mass extinction events. Destroy a massive asteroid 10 kilometres in diameter before it could hit Earth. Capable to wipe out the entire surface of a world in a few minutes at most), Large Star level to Solar System level with heavy weaponry (His strongest weapons, which are capable to damage or completely destroy his physicaly body. Capable to destroy stars, cause supernovas, eliminate star systems or harm characters like Arkantos. His Gravity Blast at full strength can generate gravitational waves comparable to the ones generate by a collision between black holes); Can ignore conventional durability via Durability Negation

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Able to circumnavigate Earth in minutes. Capable to reach the Exosphere in less than a second) with Massively FTL+ Combat Speed and Reactions (Can react and dodge lasers and lightspeed attacks at point blank. Capable to easily tag small spaceships that are capable to travel across interplanetary and even interstellar distances. Capable to elaborate yottabytes of information in seconds), Massively FTL+ Travel Speed with Warp Drive (Can travel across universal distances in a few days); Reflexes are further complements via Precognition

Lifting Strength: Class E (Able to casually lift vast sections of cities with relative ease. Casually lifted the Great Pyramid of Giza with one hand. Stopped a large asteroid), Class Y with Telekinesis (Capable to move planets at high speed)

Striking Strength: Large Star Class

Durability: Large Star level physically (Stated to be able to withstand planet busting explosions. Survived a planetary collision between two gas giants. Can tank blows from characters that are as physically strong as him. Most of his body is made of of Nuclear Pasta, a type of neutron-degenerate matter that exist within neutron stars, making him extremely durable), Solar System level with Forcefield (His forcefields at full strength are more than capable to took attacks his strongest weapons. Capable to sustain attacks from Arkantos); Can nullify attacks via Power Nullification

Stamina: Virtually Inexhaustible (His Superradiance Battery allow him to be active indefinitely. Incapable to feel physical pain)

Range: Extended Melee physically, Tens of Meters to Planetary via his weaponry and equipment. Low Multiversal via Dimensional Teleport (the Teleport's range is vast enough to reach other universes and timelines)

Standard Equipment: Dimensional Teleport (This device allow Grigor to teleport to other universes/timelines in a moment, although the need first to set the coordinates before utilize, otherwise he risk to teleport to a place outside space and time), Warp Drive (The device permit to archive speeds faster than lightspeed by warping the space around the user (or by creating his own space-time), although due of the speed Grigor is always forced to set the coordinates before active the Warp Drive and even that he can only move in a straight line, he cannot change the direction when under warp speed), Suppressor (To be added), Nano Factory (A tiny factory with the specific task to generate superpowered nanites capable to alter/change the structure of any material to atomic level that they make contact other than control many other characteristics of the material. The only down side is that organic matter is too complex to be manipulated), Redirection (A decide capable to momentarily store the power of any attack for then be released the very next moment), Archive

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Extremely intelligent and cunning even for the standard, only trully below to cosmic or abstract begins. His processing speed can elaborate enormous amount of data, enough to create a human body, in a relative short period of time. Can match his most advanced supercomputers in term of processing power. Capable to outsmart NUMEN in numerous occassions. More than two hundreds of years of ruling the Chelovestva as Supreme Chancellor of the state. Turn Chelovestva from a small village in Belarus to the sole dominant force on planet Earth in 5-6 decades, for then later turn it into a formidable faction capable to be comparable with much older multi-dimensional empires in terms of military, industry, technology, resources and influence. Had directly fought in hundreds of battlefields and decimate entire armies by his own hand)

Weaknesses: Can be eccessively ruthless. Tend to be slightly overconfident when facing someone who he doesn't know, but he is not someone who tend to make the same mistake. His forcefields can only remain active for 30 seconds, after that it need to reloaded after other 30 seconds. His equipment can be destroyed during the fight. His top weaponry are directly fuel by his Superradiance Battery, if used too much during combat it can deplete NUMEN to the point of potentially shut down his body. his Quantum Perception is only limited to a certain range and it isn't always 100% accurate. Low hand-to-hand combat skills as he is more of a brawler, as he prefer use his long range weapons in combat. The Overcharge has a time limit and it need time to recharge

Standard Tactics: To be added

Singularity - To be added

Bond-Dissociation Beam - To be added

Quantum Perception - With the ability of see the quantum fluctuations in an area of 1 km around Grigor's himself, he is capable to perceive every single current quantum state that will happen around in that area, and by doing matematical calculations he is capable predict the most likely outcomes of an event or action of someone with extreme accuracy

Overcharge - To be added

Warp Drive - To be added

Note: This character is inspired by Grigor II from the Empire Earth series