'I am Gondlir, Ancient Warlock of the Galotta Tower, Protector of the Mystical Realm and Keeper of the Arcane Arts'


Gondlir is an ancient sorcerer from the Mystical Realm, he has lived in the Tower of Galotta for over a thousand years.

He is one of the participants of the fifth edition of Everybody Want to Rule the World.


Gondlir looks like a young man in his thirties, with brown eyes and hair and a goatee.

He wears a light leather armor, a hood and a cape.


He has a calm attitude, with a great interest in knowledge and tends to face situations unknown to him as a researcher.

Sometimes he also has an altruistic and honorable soul.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: True Neutral,Sometimes Neutral Good

Name: Gondlir

Origin: Mystical Realm

Gender: Male

Age: Over a thousand years

Classification: Human,Ancient Sorcerer

Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Unknown

Birthplace: Mystical Realm

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Likes: Magic,Knowledge,Rachel

Dislikes: Demons,Chaos

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hobbies: none


Martial Status: Currently in a relationship with Rachel

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Guardian of the Mystical Realm

Previous Affiliation: none


Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B | High 8-C, Higher with Power Surge | 8-A, Higher with Power Surge and Shinsoo Manipulation | 7-C, Higher with Power Surge, Shinsoo Manipulation, Overlock, Ardent Plea and Crusade

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Gondlir has a night vision and can see in complete absence of light), Magic, Reality Warping (All magic brings changes in reality according to the caster's whim), Dimensional Storage, Non-Physical Interaction, Forcefield Creation, Shapeshifting, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Power Nullification (Has a chance to negate magical effects upon making contact with him), Darkness Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Healing, Soul Manipulation, Intangibility, Invisibility, Flight, Teleportation and Paralysis Inducement, Resistance to Magic, Mind Manipulation and Reality Warping. | All previous powers to a greater extent plus Matter Manipulation (Ebonyflesh as well as similar spells in Alteration capable of manipulating matters like turning your flesh as literal metal or stone), Telekinesis, Transmutation,Underwater Breathing, Extrasensory Perception, Status Effect Inducement (Can Stun opponents Via Pyromania), Aura (Via Molten Shield), Damage Reflection (Via Molten Shield), Summoning, Curse Manipulation, Magic Absorption, Power Nullification, Statistics Amplification,Resistance Negation (Gondlir can passively ignore magic resistances), Resistance to Power Mimicry | All previous powers to a greater extent plus Immortality (Type 1,3 and 7), Regeneration (Low-High), Accelerated Development (Passive; He get stronger as he age), Shinsoo Manipulation , Statistics Reduction (Can negate his opponents's statistics amplification), Transformation (Can transform itself by using several times the power of the Red Thryssa, increasing its physical statistics and shinsoo techniques), Heat Manipulation (Can produce heat within his body), Blood Manipulation, Power Absorption (Can drain the power of immortals through his teeth and right hand),Air Manipulation (Can remove the shinsoo from an area to suffocate his opponents), Portal Creation, Animal Manipulation (Spiders), Self Time Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Creation, Martial Arts, Clairvoyance, Empathic Manipulation, Resistance to Ice Manipulation (His blood is boiling hot), Clairvoyance, Precognition, Sensing, Extrasensory Perception, Soul Manipulation, Power Nullification, Possession, Statistics Reduction, Fire Manipulation, Absorption,Madness Manipulation(Type 2),Fear Manipulation,Energy Manipulation/, Heat Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Law Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation/Pocket Reality Manipulation, BFR, Electricity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Power Absorption, Sealing, Paralysis Inducement and Molecular Immobilization. | All previous powers to a greater extent plus Time Manipulation, Time Stop, Durability Negation and Resistance Negation (Mass Divine Blast bypasses barriers and is not subject to magical or elemental resistances), Dimensional Travel (Can planeswalk to other planes/universes within the MTG multiverse), Summoning, Empowerment, Statistics Amplification, Invulnerability, Healing, Blessed, Regeneration Negation, Invulnerability Negation, Resurrection, Holy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Soul Manipulation,Size Manipulation, Precognition (Via Gods Willing), Reactive Power Level (Via Ardent Plea), Life-Force Absorption, can become Non-Corporeal as a disembodied soul, Necromancy,Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7), BFR (Can banish individuals to the Darkness Realm), Darkness Manipulation, Possession, Fusionism, Body Control with the DoomBlade,some degree of Spatial Manipulation (Can bring a portion of the Plane of Darkness onto the living world), possibly Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4.), Resistance to Death Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement (Immune to inflicted immobility), Size Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Regeneration Negation, Memory Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Transmutation , Petrification, Fate Manipulation and Casuality Manipulation

Attack Potency: Wall Level (He can vaporize fully grown men with destruction spells) | Large Building Level (The spell Fire Storm is capable of destroying entire armies,he is comparable to others summoned like Magnus Jee-Mori,Power Surge increases the power of his spells) | Multy-City Block Level,higher with Power Surge and Shinsoo Manipulation. (Comparable to Tset, which has cut a large portion of sea water) | Town Level, Higher with Power Surge, Shinsoo Manipulation, Overlock, Ardent Plea and Crusade

Speed: Subsonic combat and reaction speed, Superhuman travel speed | Subsonic travel speed and Supersonic combat and reaction speed,Higher with Boundless Storm | Supersonic travel speed and Hypersonic+ combat and reaction speed,Higher with Boundless Storm and Shinsoo Manipulation | Supersonic+ travel speed and Massively Hypersonic combat and reaction speed, Higher with Boundless Storm, Shinsoo Manipulation and Chronosphere

Lifting Strength: Class 5 | Class 25 | Class K,Higher with Shinsoo Manipulation | Class M,Higher with Shinsoo Manipulation, Ardent Plea and Crusade

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Large Building Class, Higher with Power Surge and Shinsoo Manipulation | Multy-City Block Class | Town Level, Higher with Power Surge,Shinsoo Manipulation,Overlock, Ardent Plea and Crusade

Durability: Wall Level, Higher with his wards | Large Building Level, Higher with his wards,Ebony Flesh,Bound Aegis and Boundless Storm | Multy-City Block Level,Higher with his wards,Ebony Flesh,Bound Aegis and Boundless Storm | Town Level, Higher with his wards,Ebony Flesh,Bound Aegis, Boundless Storm, Crusade and Ardent Plea

Stamina: High, he can take part in battles for extended periods of time | High. | Extremely high (He can fight for 1 month)

Range: Over a dozen meters with most spells and ranged attacks | Same as before | Over a dozen meters with most spells and ranged attacks,thousands of Kilometers with Shinsoo attacks,planetary with teleportation | Same as before, planetary with the Plane of Darkness

Standard Equipment: Magical Equipment,several of his scrolls, a bow and arrows, likely a number of soul gems | Bookmark, Ring of Winter, Bow, Instrument | Blade of Meanwhile, Godsend, Necrotic Sword of Doom, Cursed DoomKnight Armor

Intelligence: Gifted, maintains significant knowledge of the arcane arts,being able to achieve the use of magic on any level requires a massive amount of studying, especially in regards to creating scrolls. | Genius, he has the intelligence of a master mage | Genius.

Weaknesses: His scrolls damage the user if deployed | None notable | His summons are weak to fire | None notable


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

First Powerset:

Destruction Spells:The School of Destruction involves the harnessing the energies of fire, frost and shock:

Flames: A beginner level destruction spell, generates a stream of flames from the hands of the mage .

Frostbite: A beginner level destruction spell, generates a stream of ice from the hands of the mage with a range of 36 feet.

Sparks: A beginner level destruction spell, generates a stream of lightning from the hands of the mage with a range of 41 feet.

Fire Bolt: An apprentice-level destruction spell, generates a fire bullet with a range of 469 feet.

Ice Spike: An apprentice-level destruction spell,generates an ice stalactite with a range of 469 feet.

Lightning Bolt: An apprentice-level destruction spell, generates lightning with a range of 141 feet.

Restoration Spells: The School of Restoration involves control over life forces:

Heal Others: An adept-level restoration spell, heals the target's wounds.

Grand Healing: An expert level restoration spell, heals the wounds of the mage and all those around him.

Steadfast Ward: An apprentice-level restoration spell, generates a barrier that protects the mage from spells and increases the strength of his armor.

Turn Undead: An adept-level restoration spell, generates an arc of light that makes the undead flee.

Alteration Spells: The School of Alteration involves the manipulation of the physical world and its natural properties:

Mage Light: An apprentice-level alteration spell generates a globe of light that illuminates in the dark.

Paralyze: An expert-level alteration spell, generates a green energy projectile that paralyzes the target for a short period of time.

Conjuration Spells:The School of Conjuration governs raising the dead or summoning creations from Oblivion:

Soul Trap: An apprentice-level conjuration spell, traps the soul of the target after its death in a soul gem.

Other Spells:

Cone of Cold: A 60-foot cone of cold air erupts from the hands of the mage,a creature killed by this spell becomes a frozen statue.

Darkness: Magical darkness spreads from a point of the mage choose within range to fill a 15-foot radius Sphere for the Duration. The darkness spreads around corners. A creature with Darkvision can't see through this darkness, and nonmagical light can't illuminate it.

Invisibility: A creature that the mage touch becomes Invisible until the spell ends. Anything the target is wearing or carrying is Invisible as long as it is on the target's person. The spell ends for a target that attacks or casts a spell.

Sleep: This spell sends creatures into a magical slumber in a range of 20 foot.

Gaseous Form: This spell transform a willing creature that the mage touch, along with everything it's wearing and carrying, into a misty cloud for a variable period of time . The spell ends if the creature die. An incorporeal creature isn't affected.

While in this form, the target's only method of Movement is a flying speed of 10 feet. The target can enter and occupy the space of another creature. The target has Resistance to nonmagical damage. The target can pass through small holes, narrow openings, and even mere cracks, though it treats liquids as though they were solid surfaces. The target can't fall and remains hovering in the air even when Stunnedor otherwise Incapacitated.

While in the form of a misty cloud, the target can't talk or manipulate Objects, and any Objects it was carrying or holding can't be dropped, used, or otherwise interacted with. The target can't Attack or cast Spells.

Charm Person: This charm makes a humanoid creature regard the mage as its trusted friend and ally (treat the target’s attitude as friendly).The spell does not enable the mage to control the charmed person as if it were an automaton, but it perceives the words and actions of the mage in the most favorable way.

Teleport: Gondlir can use this spell to teleport himself and up to 4,600 pounds with him over vast distances.

Second Powerset:

Alteration Spells: The School of Alteration involves the manipulation of the physical world and its natural properties:

Ebony Flesh: An expert-level alteration spell, causes the mage skin to become as resistant as ebony.

Telekinesis: An adept level alteration spell, allows the mage to lift objects and people.

Waterbreathing: An adept level alteration spell, allows the mage to breathe underwater.

Transmutation: An adept level alteration spell, allows the mage to transmute the iron into silver and silver into gold.

Detect Life: an adept level alteration spell, allows the mage to detect nearby living things.

Detect Undead:An expert-level alteration spell,allows the mage to detect nearby undeads.

Mass Paralysis: A master level alteration spell, allows the mage to paralyze all nearby enemies.

Destruction Spells:The School of Destruction involves the harnessing the energies of fire, frost and shock:

Fireball: An adept level destruction spell that creates a fireball with area effect and a range of 469 feet.

Fire Storm: A master level destruction that creates a rain of fireball.

Ice Storm: An adept level destruction spell that fires a slow-moving area-effect projectil

Chain Lightning: An adept level destruction spell that fires a lightning that hits enemies close to each other.

Sorcerer Class: Sorcerers can use conjuration and destruction spells to hurl lightning bolts and create shock fields, wield dark magic to snare and stun, and summon Daedric combat followers from Oblivion to assist them:

  • Daedric Summoning: Spells focused on summoning and conjuration magic.
    • Summon Storm Atronach:Summons a storm atronach to attack their enemies and generating an electric explosion at the point where it was summoned.
    • Summon Unstable Familiar:Commands the powers of Oblivion to send a Daedric Familiar to fight at their side.
    • Daedric Curse: Curses an enemy with a destructive rune and also hitting enemies near the target.
    • Summon Winged Twilight: Calls on Azura to send a winged twilight to fight at their side.
    • Conjured Ward: Conjured globes of Daedric energy for protection.
    • Bound Aegis: Protects themselves with the power of Oblivion, conjuring a suit of Daedric mail around them,increasing Physical and Spell Resistances.
  • Dark Magic: Spells focused on stunning and defensive magic.
    • Absorption Field: Creates a globe of magic suppression, instantly removing the effect of all enemy magic and enemies within the globe are stunned,mages are unable to use spells and the caster and his allies are healed.
    • Crystal Blast: Conjures dark crystals to bombard and stunning the target,hitting also nearby enemies.
    • Encase: Calls Daedric shards from the earth to immobilie enemies.
    • Rune Prison: Imprisons an enemy in a constricting sphere of dark magic.
    • Dark Exchange: Bargains with darkness,consuming a part of stamina to restore health and magicka,.
    • Daedric Tomb: Surprises their foes by placing 3 volatine Daedric mines around them.
  • Storm Calling: Spells focused on shock magic.
    • Power Overload: Charges the mage fists with the power of the storm.
    • Mages' Fury: Calls down lightning to strike an enemy.
    • Boundless Storm: Manifests the mage as pure lightning,zapping nearby enemies with electricity and increasing Speed,Physical and Spell Resistances.
    • Lightning Flood: Creates a nexus of storm energy at their target.
    • Power Surge: Invokes Meridia's name to increase the strength of the mage weapons and spells.
    • Ball of Lightning:Transform yourself into pure energy and flash forward, stunning enemies near origin location and absorbs any spell projectiles directed at you.

Other Spells:

Pyromania: Gondlir gains a stack of Pyromania when he casts a spell, up to a maximum of 4. At 4 stacks, he gains Pyromania. When Gondlir succeeds in his next damaging ability, she consumes all Pyromania stacks and stuns enemies hit.

  • Disintegrate: Gondlir hurls a fireball at the target enemy, dealing magic damage.
  • Incinerate: Gondlir scorches all enemies in a cone in front of his with fire, dealing magic damage.
  • Molten Shield: Gondlir wraps himself and Fire Bear in a fiery aura, reducing damage taken. Enemies who deal basic attack damage on Gondlir or Fire Bear during this time are dealt magic damage.
  • Summon: Fire Bear: Gondlir summons a Fire Bear to the target location in a burst of flame, dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies.
    • Bears' Flame: Fire Bear is surrounded by a flaming aura which deals magic damage every second to nearby enemies.
    • Out of Combat: While out of combat for at least 5 seconds, Fire Bear gains movement speed when moving toward Gondlir and regenerates his health every second.
    • Enrage: Fire Bear enrages on summon, when Pyromania stuns an enemy, or when Gondlir dies. During this time, Fire Bear becomes ghosted and gains bonus attack speed and bonus movement speed, the latter of which decays over the duration.
    • Gondlir's Death: If Gondlir dies while Fire Bear is active, he instantly heals himself for half missing health and targets his killer. If they are too far away from him, he targets the nearest lowest-health enemy instead.
Third Powerset:

Bookmark:This dagger belongs to Gondlir. While he drawn the dagger,can use the following properties:

  • Cause a blue gem set into the dagger's pommel to shed bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet, or make the gem go dark.
  • Turn the dagger into a compass that, while resting on your palm, points north.
  • Cast Dimension Door:A teleportation spell.
  • Cast Compulsion:A mind control spell that works only on spiders.

Ring of Winter:A golden featureless band that it's constantly covered in a layer of frost that never melted. Itis extremely cold to the touch and could numb the hand of its wearer.The ring made it impossible for the wearer to be detected through divination magic, rendered its wearer immune to cold, and halted aging entirely.The ring was capable of quickly and permanently lowering the temperature of a 120-ft (36.6 m) radius sphere to a minimum of −30 °F (−34 °C), and could do this multiple times until the wearer decided to end the effect. It could create inanimate objects and animated creatures made of ice. It was also capable of casting the ice variant of spells like:

  • Bigby'Hand:This spell create a Large hand of shimmering, translucent force in an unoccupied space that the mage can see within range. The hand lasts for the spell’s duration, and it moves at mage's command, mimicking the movements of his own hand.
  • Flesh to Ice:Variant of the Flesh to Stone spell, turn the target into ice.
  • Ice Storm:The spell caused large hailstones to pound down over an area, dealing both impact and cold damage to creatures in their path. The storm also slowed their movement and made it harder to hear.
  • Otiluke's freezing sphere:An evocation spell that inflict cold injuries and froze water.
  • Sleet Storm: A conjuration spell that created a storm of sleet to rain down on foes, making it harder for them to see and move.
  • Spike Growth:A transmutation or alteration/enchantment spell that cause the vegetation in an area of ground to become needle sharp without changing its appearance.
  • Ice Wall:An evocation spell that create a thick, opaque, sheet or dome of ice.

Others Spells:Gondlir knows the spells up to the eighth level, except polymorph.

Fourth Powerset:

Chronomancer Class:This class allows the use of time manipulation spells.

  • Blade of Meanwhile:Guaranteed Crit

Effect: 3 hits with 100% chance to crit, for a total of 400% damage.

  • Continuum Slash:Attack becomes more powerful with time ...

Effect: Hits the enemy twice for ((Max Enemy HP - Current Enemy HP) / 2) damage on each hit.

  • Overclock:Attack and +40% Damage for 5 turns

Effect: Increases your boost by 40% for 5 turns, then attacks. (This attack counts as turn 1)

  • Rewind 20% Heal.

Effect: Recovers 20% of your maximum HP.

  • Tempus Storm:Lowers enemy damage by 35%!

Effect: Deals 110% damage and inflicts Tempus Storm reducing opponents damage by 35% for 5 turns.

  • Time Span:Hits all foes!

Effect: Hits all enemies in battle for 130% damage.

  • Record:Three Strike Attack, 150% Damage

Effect: Hits the opponent 3 times, for a total of 150% damage

  • Chrono Orb:Distorts target's reality!

Effect: Deal 110% damage and inflicts Blind, -50 to hit for 4 turns

  • Time Bombs:40% DOT for 5 turns!

Effect: Deals 120% damage and inflicts Time Bomb, a Metal DoT effect that deals 40% damage every turn for 4 turns.

  • Chronolock:3 Turn Stun!

Effect: 1 hit of 120% damage, 3 turn stun if it connects.

  • Chronosphere::+140 Defenses

Effect: Deals 100% damage and increases Dodge, Parry, and Block defenses by 140 points for 2 turns.

  • Mana Steal:Restores 5% Mana

Effect: Recovers 5% of your maximum mana and deals 4 hits of 17% damage to your opponent's HP

  • Fast Forward:Let's Speed Cooldowns Up!

Effect: Resets all cooldown timers.

  • Blink:Don't Blink, Don't even Blink!

Effect: Deals 4 hits of 50% damage and skips your opponents turn.

Doomknight Class:This class allows the use of spells of darkness and life force absorption.

  • Void Barrier:Heal and reflect damage!

Effect: Reduces damage taken by 50% and reflects 40% of all damage taken back at the target for 5 turns.

  • Weakening Blow:Weaken your foe to limit damage!

Effect: One hit of 80% damage, and reduces the target's Boost by 50% for 5 turns.

  • Malefic Binding:Bind your foe's senses

Effect: Two hits of 45% damage for 90% total damage, and reduces one target's Bonus by 55 for 5 turns. If enemy is affected by Corruption, it has a 40% chance to stun each turn for 5 turns.

  • Lingering Doom:Inflicts Evil DoT!

Effect: 5 hits of 24% damage for 120% total damage Inflicts a 45% damage of a scaled normal hit, Evil, DoT effect for 4 turns. If the target is suffering from Corruption, it will inflict a 90% damage of a scaled normal hit, Evil, DoT effect for 2 turns.

  • Doom Spikes:Multi Strike Stun!

Effect: One hit of 100% damage and attempts to stun all foes for 3 turns.

  • Life Carve:Damage your foe to heal yourself!

Effect: One hit of 100% damage. Heals you for 15% of your total health. If the target is affected by Corruption, it will heal you for 30% of your total health.

  • Shape Darkness:Strike to your foe's weakness

Effect: Two hits of 50% damage for 100% total damage. If the target is affected by Corruption, it will deal 140% damage instead. Weakness seeks. You will deal Curse damage if the target has no weaknesses.

  • Dark Favor:Gain power, but death calls in 3 turns...

Effect: Increases damage by 70%, removes cooldowns on all skills excluding this and Dark Ritual / Inner Darkness, but gives you 3 turns to live.

  • Corruption:Corrupt your foe!

Effect: 3 hits of ~43.33% damage for 130% total damage, with an effect as listed below.

If enemy is an Undead: Removes all resistance to Darkness and then adds -100. Lasts till end of battle.

If enemy is Reptilian or Dragon: -150 M/P/M and -25 Boost for 5 turns.

If enemy is a Human, Moglin, Elf, Dwarf, Goblinkind, Giantkind, or Gnome: -50 to your equipped weapon element for 5 turns.

If enemy is Elemental, Fairy, Infernal, Ateala, or Celestial: -200 B/P/D and -30 BtH for 5 turns.

If enemy is Beast, Avian, Bug, Plant, or Fungus: Boost Nerf over Time. Starts at -50 and will decrease every turn by -10 for 5 turns. (-50 -> -40 -> -30 -> -20 -> -10 -> expires).

If enemy is Clockwork, Golem, or Food: WDPT, Curse element, DoT effect for 5 turns.

Anything else: -30 BtH and -30 to your equipped weapon element for 5 turns.

  • Drain Will:Drain your foe's Immobility!

Effect: Two hits of 55% damage for 110% total damage. Removes up to 50 Immobility from your target and grants you the amount removed for 3 turns, or up to 100 if your target is affected by Corruption.

  • Drain Essence:Increase your healing and limit foe's!

Effect: One hit of 85% damage, -25 Health to you and +35 Health to target for 6 turns.

  • Blood Rite:Massive attack at the cost of some HP

Effect: One hit of 100% damage with 100% chance to Crit. Each use of Blood Rite costs 7% of your total HP.

  • Necrotic Strike:Destroy your foe's Mana!

Effect: Deals one hit of 60% scaled damage to one target's HP and one hit of the following based on the target's current MP to MP.

Enemy Mana > 10000 - 500% scaled damage

Enemy Mana > 6000 - 300% scaled damage

Enemy Mana > 3000 - 250% scaled damage

Enemy Mana > 2000 - 200% scaled damage

Enemy Mana > 1500 - 160% scaled damage

Enemy Mana > 1000 - 130% scaled damage

Enemy Mana > 500 - 100% scaled damage

Anything lower than 500 Mana - 60% scaled damage

  • Dark Ritual:Increase foe's damage, unlock Inner Darkness!

Effect: On each use of Dark Ritual - Increases the damage your target does by 150% for 2 turns and unlocks Inner Darkness.

- Does not carry over between battles anymore, must use it every battle you want to use Inner Darkness on.

  • Inner Darkness:Unleash the Darkness inside you!

Effect: 5 hits of 100% damage for 500% total damage. This skill will switch back to Dark Ritual after using it.

Other Spells:

Mass Divine Blast: Gondlir can create a divine ray capable of bypassing elemental, magical resistances and any type of barrier. The area can be a cone, burst, spread, or cylinder. A cone can be up to 100 feet long per rank. A burst or spread can have a radius of up to 50 feet per rank. A cylinder can have a radius of up to 50 feet per rank and a height of up to 10 feet per rank.

Ardent Plea: An Enchantment centered in white and blue mana. The user calls upon the blessings of the Gods, becoming Exalted, increasing their power should they be fighting alone.

Clarion Ultimatum: A Sorcery centered in green, white, and blue mana and a Spell commonly used by Elspeth. The user summons duplicates of up to five ally creatures.

Commune with the Gods: A Sorcery centered in green mana. The user calls upon the Gods for guidance, allowing them to briefly glimpse into the future to determine their next actions.

Crusade: An Enchantment centered in white mana. The user grants all creatures centered in white mana increased power.

Gods Willing: An Instant Spell centered in white mana. The user channels the power of the Gods to grant a target creature total invulnerability to a mana type of the user's choice, as well as using the power of the Gods to Scry the immediate future.

Reprisal: An Instant Spell centered in white mana. The user blasts a target creature with a gout of holy fire, destroying them and preventing them from regenerating.

Soul Parry: An Instant Spell centered in white mana. The user nullifies the damage one or two creatures would do for one attack.

Vanquish the Foul: A Sorcery centered in white mana. The user channels the power of the swordspear Godsend to destroy a target creature, as well as Scry the immediate future.

Human Soldier: A creature centered in white mana. Classified as a Human Soldier, this creature, though lacking in supernatural abilities, is able to be summoned en masse by Gondlir.

Sunlit Hoplite: A creature centered in white mana and a creature commonly summoned by Elspeth. Classified as a Human Soldier, this creature gains increased power when fighting alongside Gondlir.

Celestial Archon: An Enchantment Archon centered in white mana, this creature is capable of flight and can bestow itself upon an ally as an aura, granting them enhanced speed, power, durability, and flight.

Key:First Powerset | Second Powerset | Third Powerset | Fourth Powerset



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