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"Don't call me a brat!! I'm more than millenniums old!! Of course, my actual age in this body is 25 years old but my experience is still extensive... But if you're going to keep laughing at me I'll gladly turn you into nothing more than house dust."
~ Gold speaking to several beings underestimating the reincarnee.
Willow, our bond is clear but I want to know that you at least acknowledge and accept the large difference between us. You might be the one telling me what to do with our contract but in the end, I am superior and technically I am the master. So tell me to do something I dislike and I would immediately refuse. You understand? Now as a sign of obedience pat my head.
~ Gold commanding Willow Schnee
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"Do not call me a child once more. Otherwise, you will end up like that doll there. Or like the many filthy pests I chose to dispose out of my own free will. You have no right to stand with us after all."
~ Gold speaking to Yang regarding being called a child
"A prodigy of the death and dark arts. A gigantic unkillable water monster that's hard to hit. A creature that can split endlessly and hit harder and faster. All are Overlord Class levels.... So you're all fodder huh?"
~ Gold facing against the remnants of the Monster Association.
"You mongrels and apes are ridiculous. I was planning to sleep this off and wait for Jacques to give me a recharge. But I have to use my own energy to help you? Tsk... You all owe me... Sweets would do but I suppose any sort of contribution from anyone would help."
~ Gold showing the true yet imperfect form
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"Repeatedly I told you to respect me. Repeatedly I told you I don't need your help. Repeatedly I told you to get away from me with your filthy hands and soul. But you never listen do you? After this you go this far to interrupt my attempt to discipline someone. To intrude on someone else's business. In that case, I'm simply going to discipline you by my own hands."
~ Speaking to Yang after another one of her interruptions
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This person was classified to be one of the strongest if not the strongest SS-Class Hero not just in vale but the entirety of Asia. Possessing a plethora of abilities and weaponry, this person is befitting of their arrogance with how powerful they are. They are the secret weapon of Jacques Schnee being more powerful than him and a good portion of the Heroes Association. Being an SS-class rank in terms of combat capability while not truly a true hero, Goldilocks has become an unofficial heroine who can do anything she wants, and she knows it. Though she might be a pain to deal with and handle, she can be quite the loyal weapon if the time calls for it.

Appearance and Personality

As a child, she's quite bratty and annoying. Not only is Gold willing to pick fights with others but she holds great arrogance and pride in her current state. Bossing around servants and often being greedy and gluttonous, stealing snacks from others claiming it's their sacrifice for her. One popular treat she seems to adore is donuts. Childish in personality and easily swayed by sweets and games. It's a showcase of how imperfect the mental transition of the former legend too. But under that bratty mind is a perceptive and ruthless genius. After all, this is still partly the real legend with just a few imperfections in their mind.

No matter what Gold despises filthy things. Acts of injustice or not taking care of monsters fast enough are two great vile deeds in her opinion. Anyone who does those should be reconsidered as a hero. Dragging down others down with her would be another aspect that she disliked, wanting for everyone to be strong and that weaklings should stay weaklings and not affect anyone else more.

Despite her always smiling style, she is not friendly. In fact, she tends to mock most even in a first meeting. Do not be fooled by any sort of smile she has. It's a thinly veiled hateful look. It's definitely not an expression she makes when she wants free materials regardless of when she's a kid or not. Fear that smile.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Name: Goldilocks, Gilgamesh (True name), Gold, Kid (Yang)

Origin: Golden Dragon Fist

Gender: Female, Formerly Male

Age: ???

Classification: Spirit

Date of Birth:

  • Zodiac/Horoscope:


Weight: Light as a Child | Heavy as a full form for four reasons

Height: Small | Tall

Likes: Respect, Candy, Popularity, Sweets, Her treasures, Games, Donuts

Dislikes: Weaklings, Monsters, Ugly Sights

Eye Color: Brown Red, becomes really red in combat

Hair Color: Blonde

Hobbies: Treasure keeping, Gaming


Martial Status: Single

Status: Alive

Affiliation: Heroes Association and Schnee Association

Previous Affiliation:


Combat Statistics

Tier: Low 7-B to 7-A, Low 6-C to High 6-C with higher level abilities | At least 6-A to High 6-A, Low 5-C with higher end abilities | |

Powers and Abilities:

  • First Key
  • Second Key
    • All previous abilities but enhanced, Limited Precognition (Guided in battle on what's the best course of action. Not absolute nor shows her the future but more like a feeling), Power Nullification (Can use a sword called Shutdown Sword that negates all abilities in the area of where it's planted), Regeneration (High-Mid) Resistance to Fire, Ice, and Poisonous attacks (No-selled all of Ultra's attacks), Resistance to Telekinesis and Air Manipulation (Ignored Ultra's telekinetic hold and attempt to choke her), Resistance to Spatial Manipulation and BFR (Ignored a teleporter's attempt to move her) Resistance to Death Manipulation (Ignored Ultra's Death invocation), Resistance to Power Nullification (Could resist her Shutdown Sword's effects. Also resisted a power nullification from Ultra that negated said sword's effects)
  • Third Key
  • Fourth Key

Attack Potency: Small City level to Mountain level (Casually takes out various types of Demon Classes monsters despite her low aura amount with little effort), Small Island to Large Island with higher scale attacks (Able to take out a high-level Dragon Class this way. Managed to send the Cleansers' ship's attacks back to them and breach their forcefield with her own attacks. Their level of power is enough to wipe off the entirety of A-City, which is a large metropolis) | At least Continent level to Multi-Continent level (Was easily taking out Master Glacier, a high-level Overlord Class who created an Ice Age in Russia's areas. Superior to Overlord Class monsters like Ultra Emo Overlord, Aqueous Solution, and Demigod Oni. Claimed that she could take out the thing that Yang fought back in A-City during the invasion of Cleansers), Moon level with higher end abilities (Dropped one of the moons onto Z-City. With her own power pulverized it too) ||

Speed: High Hypersonic+ (Casually caught numerous energy blasts from the spaceship of the Cleansers), likely much higher (Ignored ∫©ƒ†˙˙∂∂˙® and didn't think of him as a threat) | At least Subrelativistic (Reacted at the last moment against lasers, to showcase her superiority. Kept track of her multiplying amount of Overlord Class enemies despite their high speed and abilities to move around. Superior to Master Glacier) ||

Lifting Strength: |||

Striking Strength:|||

Durability: Small City level to Mountain level (Casually ignores Demon-Class monster attacks with just her minor defenses), Small Island to Large Island with higher scale defenses | At least Continent level to Multi-Continent level, Moon level with higher end abilities ||



Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Actually surprisingly perceptive and observant. Can quickly think up of countermeasures to abilities. It's a similar analogy to a Mathematician figuring out an answer to a question that could take hours to solve casually.

Weaknesses: Can be quite childish and bratty. If not respected can be quite annoying to deal with both for others and for herself. She's notably lacking in aura reserves and thus conserves as much as she can due to her low recovery unless she's with a Schnee. | ||


Notable Attacks/Techniques:




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