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Verse created by VelvetAngelzz. Got inspiration from SMITE, the game that features all of the gods from other religions fighting, supernatural the tv show, and high school dxd the anime. I try to combine elements i loved from them and adding my own interesting touches.

Note: Some retcons have been happening, so if you see profiles that are contradictory or not accurate to other lore and feats that is why. Gradually changing them all to fix match the retcons. All of these profiles will be way better with time.

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God Genesis in the main storyline takes place in a multiverse created by "God", also known as Yahweh. She is one of the many primordial entities. The main focus of the story is about God's enchantment. when she created a multiverse, she placed an enchantment on it. This enchantment makes it impossible for any outside forces to get in it, and prevents anyone from leaving it. It also prevents any large scale alteration, or destruction to it as long as Lakia is alive. Mainly due to God being a manifestation of the all powerful Chaos. it's a safe prison. She is not the creator of other gods, her only creation being humans and angels.

Somewhere down the line, she decides to split herself in half. This fact was oblivious to most of the angels and gods, not knowing she was actually at her most vulnerable state. Her other half is known as Aria. God disguised herself as a human named Lakia, in order to get in contact with her other half. God made sure that if something ever happened to her life, the enchantment would be linked to Aria instead. Her true goal, was for her other half to grow into her own powerful God, and then have her join up with her again, to become even stronger than her peak. With the horseman roaming, more gods being born, and Lucifer creating her demonic legion, she felt a little of her position as the supreme being of the multiverse was being threatened. However when the time came, she was unable to force her other half to join up with her again.

It's an all out conflict between various mythologies. The truth is, this is what she intended from the start. After she saw other primordials like Outsiders, and Xalia, she knew that new existences would also come into being. The Outsiders are beings that judge multiverses on their scales of good and evil ratio. God placed the enchantment over the multiverse and planted the seeds that would lead to Chaos. These new gods have been trapped the moment they came into being. Lakia is actually a manifestation of the Evil Chaos. The infinite dark force that is greater than everything, and Aria being a manifestation of Alice. A powerful beyond dimensional being equal to Chaos. Alice and Chaos are rivals. Even indirectly in the way of Aria and Lakia, they manage to find their way to fight each other.

"Don't you guys understand? We were born into an Antlion pit. The more we fight, the deeper and faster we fall into it's clutches. Fighting with each other is exactly what this Antlion wants. We are gradually falling without even noticing we are moving in the first place. By the time you realize, you are already dead. I'm sorry to say this... y'all may be Gods, but to her, y'all are ants. Why not kill the beast at the center? A Hands off Policy? Seriously?"


Complex Multiverses

The Exile Realm

The Exile realm exists above reality and completely dwarfs multiversal plates infinitely. It's on the same level as the judge courts.

Judge Courts

The Judges each have their own courts that exists a layer above reality.

Multiversal plate

Multiversal plates are areas with a cluster amount of multiverses.


Multiverses contain an infinite amount of possibilities and universes within them.


Within multiverses are universes. There are an infinite amount of universes within these multiverses. Universes can contain their own separate space-time.

Power of the verse

Most of the verse is around multiversal+. This applies to anything with a divinity level. These beings can easily lay waste to complex multiverses that can contain an infinite amount of universes and possibilies within them. Speed wise, the verse is around Massively FTL+. Being able to reach the ends of a multiverse or universe quickly.

Above them are the true primordials who are transcendent to the concept of dimensions entirely. While the big three true Primordials such as Chaos, Alice, and Void, are completely transcendent to other primordials.

At the top, exist the Authors. Extremely powerful godly beings that exist in the author domain listed as "unreachable". They have the ability do anything no matter how impossible or illogical. They independent to any type of hierarchy in actuality.

Verse Special Powers

Divinity Energy

Angel Magic




True Primordials



Dragon Gods









Supporters and Opponents


Lekmos (I myself always been fan about stories where is multible gods and mythologies are together with their own stories alongside bigger picture. I look forward see whole thing as it is finished)
CrimsonSOng (I like it when mythologies go to war with each other. We can finally see which god will come out on top.)





Ouroboros takes place within Azura's multiverse. Mainly the universe sealed away by the gods known as The Dragon Realm. Out of boredom of being locked in their own universe unable to devour other continuities, the dragon gods created their own version of humans. However they were made slightly different. As they are also part dragon and have been given one special unique ability known as Scales.

In the world of Ouroboros, the humans are motivated to unlock the secret of the dragon gods. The Dragon God of Knowledge, visited each of dreams of every single person. Telling them all they could become full dragons if they unlock the secret. However only one is capable of becoming a full dragon. Many have no idea what this means in the slightest, as such many people are at constant conflict with each other as only one person is destined to win. The Secret is unleashing the infinite dimensional energy within all beings in Ignia's creation. Giving one access to godlike capabilites which go completely beyond scales.



Refers to the scales of a dragon. Each person is given one scale, making them dragon human hybrid. Scales give each person extremely powerful abilities. Most theorize the secret of the dragon gods has something to do with gaining more than one scale.

Dragon Gods

Refers to the extremely powerful dragons with the power to rival gods. They are worshiped in Ouroboros despite the fact they devour other universes.

Power of the Verse

Most of the feats of the verse will be around mountain to island level and speed ranges around massively hypersonic+


Jizou Academy

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The Supreme Goddess, Yumelia, mother of creation, wanted to create an interesting world this time around. Every human born of a certain hair color, represents a certain element. Those with red hair represent fire, those with blonde hair represent light or lightning, those with black hair represent darkness, those with blue hair represent water, those with white, gray or silver hair represent wind, and those with brown or green hair represent earth.

Each human is born with life cards. Life cards are special abilities these humans can utilize that are embedded into their being. The maximum capacity of life cards a human can have is 20, and they can only use life cards of their represented element. Life cards can be extracted from the body, and traded among other mages. With the words "I extract", the individual can expell their cards from within their own being. Life cards have ranks, however one's own individual Mana can make life cards more potent. A Grandmaster could make a basic low level card as powerful as a Novice's high level life card.

The world is plagued by powerful elemental beasts created from Titans. Titans are the most powerful creatures in the world, and in most cases a Grandmaster cannot beat one alone, unless there was elemental advantage. Titans are to only be taken on by High level Grandmasters or Mage Gods. The Gods of the world, were always there. but the supreme mother told them to not intervene as she told them mortals will defeat the Titans. Most of them doubted it as Supreme Goddess has been wrong about things, but it's mainly due to the limitation she gave them. Upon the Titans actually being defeated, the gods revealed themselves, and would become the antagonists of the world. They were allowd to do whatever they want as Yumelia lost a gamble with Loki. However that was all planned by her anyway.

There exists tons of criminal organizations within this verse. This is mainly due to the fact that Yumelia created a way for other mages to extract Life Cards from other beings. The command is "Extract." However, this only works if one has been defeated to the point of running out of mana. As such it is always important to keep one's mana in check. Some steal and sell life cards to make a fortune. Some simply don't care for these cards and are willing to sell their own Life cards. Life cards cost an extreme amount of money.


Life Cards

Life cards are special spells on cards every person is born with. There is one for Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness, and Earth. These can be extracted from yourself as well as others. The commands for extraction on yourself is "I Extract". using it on another is "Extract". There can only be 20 life cards within a single individuals. And you can only get the element based on your hair color. These can be sold for fortune.

Magic power/Mana

Refers to your inner magical energy. Magic power can be measured and felt. The higher the mana you have, the more powerful your spells are.


Individual who use life cards. Those who have them but don't fight or practice are not considered one.


These are mages of among the highest skill and power within the entire world. Sometimes they are referred to as Gods, due to being able to fight with elemental Titans. Grandmasters have mana so high, a tier 1 spell can be used to counter a novice using a tier 5 spell. Grandmasters are highly respected.


Mages on a level that almost rival a grandmaster. Referred to as "Elite Mages" or simply "Elites". Elites are to be highly respected as well.


Mages with decently high magic power. Only mages of this level should even consider fighting an elemental beast. Even if is not of Titan level.


Mages with low magic power and knowledge in magic. They should not take on elemental beasts.


Mages of the lowest level. Their magic power is extremely low.


Ancient and powerful elemental creatures. There are 4 of each element. They create the common pests the world refers to as Elemental beasts. They are extremely powerful. As it can take 2-3 grandmasters to defeat a single titan. However in case of match up, only 1 or 2 can be enough. However the most powerful Grandmasters can solo these Titans. It can take 3-6 Elites to take on a Titan.


Leviathan is the most famous family in the entire world. The family is a dynasty, and has been for 200 years. The current head, Reinhard is one of the richest men in history. This is due to it's shady dealings with crime lords, and his job of selling and distributing magic crystals. This family is respected due to it's influence and the fact that several grandmasters are from this family.


Eutopia is a magic academy. They teach others how to use Life Cards, teach them about elemental match ups, history, magic crystals, mana, Titans, and Elemental beasts. It is a highly respected and known school. However this organization has shady dealings. They work to overcome the limits given to them by the supreme goddess. They managed to capture one of the legendary titans. They found ways to use more than one source of magic due to the absurd experiments they have attempted. They have also created artificial elemental beasts.

Magic crystals

An energy source found in caves and underground. Magic crystals can be used to recover one's mana, as well as heal others. Extremely valuable.

Elemental beasts

Powerful creatures created by ancient titans. These creatures are an extreme threat towards civilizations. As such, mages actively have to hunt these beasts down.

Power of the verse

Life cards is a decently powerful verse. Novice and apprentice mages are around building level. With weaker elemental beasts being on this tier as well. Adepts are around city level as well as more powerful elemental beasts. Elites and Grandmasters are small country to large country level. Titans are large country level. Yumelia the supreme goddess of the universe is multiversal.

Speed wise, the verse ranges from Massively hypersonic to sub relativistic.


Top Strongest Grandmasters



Fire Grandmasters

Water Grandmasters

Wind Grandmasters

Light Grandmasters

Earth Grandmasters

Lightning Grandmasters

Darkness Grandmasters

Eutopia Members

Fire Titans

Water Titans

Lightning Titans

Earth Titans

Supporters and Opponents






All Dark Evil is a verse based around Horror. Taking the theories of countless scary stories mythical and real put together. The story starts off in New York city where strange murders have started to surface. The Main Character, Rosa and her friends develop a team dedicated to hunting down strange creatures in order to save the world. This team is called Vixens.



Refers to the team of the protagonists that illegally hunt down monsters. They learn about creatures through hacking through government online files. The Vixens consists of a group of 3 females, all around similar ages.

Jade Eye

Jade Eye is the government's personal monster hunting squad. They are the ones encountering monsters, stalking them, writing reports, and hunting them down. The Vixens sometimes have encounters with them helping them on difficult missions. In the future they work alongside each other.


Refers to any supernatural creature. Regardless if it has been known to take the lives of others or not. These are hunted down by both the government, and the Vixens, in rare cases, some are allowed to live.

Monster Report

Monster Report is a detailed analysis of almost every known supernatural creature. It is written by members belonging to Jade Eye, who the Vixens gain access too illegally, through hacking. Monster report has information about death toll, monster weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes the Vixens make their own whenever they encounter something not seen on monster report, which helps Jade Eye in the future.

Power of the Verse

The verse averages around wall to small building level when it the Vixens as well as monsters. Speed wise the verse is around subsonic up to hypersonic. As far as hax goes, the verse has mind manipulation, reality warping, time manipulation, spatial manipulation, and among many other things. Some creatures require only being killed 1 or 2 ways making them hard to defeat.


Volume 1

  • 1. And So It Begins
  • 2. The Woman In The Mirror
  • 3. The Thing About Hope
  • 4. Despair
  • 5. The Beast
  • 6. I Heard It Too
  • 7. Sorry, Wrong Number
  • 8. Pure Evil
  • 9. There's Something Wicked Going On
  • 10. Vixens
  • 11. Caught
  • 12. There's Something Wrong With Your Shadow
  • 13. Lilith

Volume 2

  • 1. Vixens Never Die
  • 2. Ripped Apart
  • 3. Celebration
  • 4. Two Heads
  • 5. My School Teachers Are Cannibals
  • 6. Alice
  • 7. Stone
  • 8. That's Not Your Mom
  • 9. Imprisoned
  • 10. Death
  • 11. Don't Be Careful What You Wish For, But Who You Ask To Grant Them
  • 12. Pieces
  • 13. A Familiar Face


The Vixens