Gijutsu Sosa

Gijutsu Sosa is an athletic freerunner, able to escape humans so quickly. He is a skilled and experienced assassin, he killed a lot of assassin that is more skilled and experienced than him, he is capable of enduring a lot of painful attacks, even though he can regenerate at a fast rate, his body can still feel pain, sometimes its so painful, that he even teared up of how painful it is. He has a mask that is what he called "Enhancer", it enhances his stats, it makes him invulnerable for enemies in 3 days. He is a very respectful, kind, caring friend. 

Power and Stats

Tier : 9-B physically, 8-B if he use half of his physical power, 7-C full potential, 7-A with mask 

Name: Gijutsu Sosa, also known as SYN, sometimes VioLenc3 (Violence)

Origin: Crusades of the Gods

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Classification: Average Height, Korean-looking entity

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration (High-Mid), Telekinesis (he can telekinetically only carry 51.84 tons), Ice Manipulation, Intuitive Replication (by touching, when he copy the power, he can learn it Intuitively by observing the original user, and when he copy it, he can have a much more control of that power), Martial Art expert, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Extreme Endurability(can survives 35 stabbings in his chest, can run even though he has a broken leg, can swing an axe even though his arms are broken), Mercury Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Electromagnetism Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation (able to crystallize darkness, he is stronger in the night time able to control all darkness in the surroundings), Sound Manipulation (can use low frequency sounds to create a shockwaves to deflect all physical attacks, but not energy or plasma based attacks)

Attack Potency: Wall level (physically), Building level (if he use half of his power) Small Town level (full potential), Mountain level (with mask)

Speed: Subsonic (physically), Transonic (if he use half of his powers), Supersonic (full potential), Supersonic+ (with Mask)

Lifting Strength: Wall (physically), Class 5 (if he use half of his power) Class 10 (full potential, can carries and swings the beast on the enemies), Class 25 (with mask, carries a boulder and throws it to the enemies)

Durability: Multi-City block level

Stamina: Sosa can fight for over 1 day and 12 hours without tiring

Range: Hundreds of Meters/Kilometers

Standard Equipment: Samurai Sword

Intelligence: Genius, Detectivity, Mathematician, Scientist, Making Strategy, and Planning()

Weaknesses: Being Disintegrated, or possibly, Incinerate

Key: Normal| Half Power| Full Power

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