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Darel is a General at Area 51 who oversees the Giya Project, a project where they create super soldiers to use in an upcoming war America will cause so they can become the greatest nation in the world.


General Darel has white skin, brown hair with gray strands and a beard. He wears a green military uniform with brown boots. The Giakirā armor Mark I is a large silver armor that the user wears allowing them to fly and fight against super soldiers.


General Darel is very narcissistic, only caring about what he should do to strive America forward and the results of the Giya Project.

Tier: 10-A normally, 8-C to High 8-C with the Giakirā armor Mark I

Name: Darel

Origin: Giya

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, possibly late-40's

Height: 6'0

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Athlete Level on his own (Trained in the military), Building Level with Giakirā armor Mark I (Can hurt S-2 and A-4 who can destroy multiple tanks and F-15 eagles)

Speed: Peak Human on his own, possibly Superhuman with Supersonic flight speed and Supersonic+ attack speed with missiles with Giakirā armor Mark I (Can keep up with A-4 and S-2)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Athlete Class on his own, Building Class with Giakirā armor Mark I (Managed to hurt A-4 and S-2)

Durability: Athlete Level on his own, Building Level with Giakirā armor Mark I (withstood A-4's wind blast that reduced an F-15 Eagle to fragments)

Stamina: Peak Human on his own, possibly Superhuman with Giakirā armor Mark I

Range: Standard melee range | Hundreds of meters (With Energy Beams and Missiles)

Standard Equipment: Giakirā armor Mark I

Intelligence: Above Average (Is a military general at Area 51)

Weaknesses: A normal human without the Giakirā armor Mark I

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Iron Monger (MCU) Iron Monger's profile (Both were 8-C with speed equalized and General Darel was using the Giakirā armor Mark I)

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