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The Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball is a method of fusion.


A character's ability to fuse anything together to create a new form. The user can fuse together objects, powers, emotions, concepts, living beings, etc., turning them into single unit.

Also Called

  • DNA Fusion (Biological)
  • Fusion Forms
  • Fusion Inducement
  • Omnifusion
  • Polymerization
  • Power Fusion (Powers)
  • Spiritual Merging (Spiritual)
  • Superior Splicing


  • Fusing together Magic and Chemistry Manipulation, two distinct powers, to form Alchemy.
  • Fusing a television and a cellphone to create a holocron.
  • Fusing animals, people, creatures, etc. to create Chimerism, Hybrids, etc.
  • Fusing Powers and Enhanced Combat to create Combat Merging.
  • Fusing various matter to create Matter Melding
  • Fusing powers to create Power Mixture.


  • Conjoined Physiology
  • Digital Fusion
  • Soul Merging
  • Weapon Combination


  • Amalgamation
  • Fission Entity Physiology
  • Fission Inducement
    • Fused Existence
  • Hybrid Physiology
  • Union Attack


  • Not all fusions will lead to good results.
  • Fusing emotions might prove unstable or temporary.
  • Users of Immutability cannot be affected.
  • May cause Divided Mind if the separate minds don't merge.