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Frostbite is an OC created by GoldenRabbit15


Frostbite was a peaceful creature, keeping to himself, and he always wanted others to be passive and to be happy, he made ice art, helped those in need, and just loved to be around when people needed him. Though, as the years went, and it came to present day, he still kept his normal mood, but when he was found by military, he was attacked, and as he figured out after 10 years of running, that they wouldn't quit until he was captured, he had to do the one thing he never did before, fight back. He used his powers to destroy their tanks, planes and eliminate all threats to him. And to this day, he has always figure out the best way to stop violence is to use violence.


Frostbite takes the appearance of a large werewolf, but unlike normal werewolves in fiction, he is entirely made of ice, insides are ice, teeth are ice, anything he has on him is ice. He has hollow eyes, but is able to smell and hear others, making it as if he is actually able to see. He can change how he appears however he wants, turning his body into a tank, changing his size and overall can make himself look however he wishes, but normally is in his werewolf form.


Frostbite was around since the ice age, and he was always wanting to be left alone, so he kept to himself, making ice art, using his ice powers to keep himself entertained, anything he could do to keep himself busy. He will retaliate when attacked, and the longer he fights, the angrier he becomes.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Neutral

Name: Frostbite

Origin: Scratch

Gender: Male

Age: Around since the ice age

Classification: Ice Werewolf

Weight: 0.85 Tons

Height: Varies, normally 8ft tall

Likes: Solitude and Cold

Dislikes: People and Heat

Eye Color: None

Body Colour: Blue

Hobbies: Making ice sculptures and doing other ice based activities

Values: Creatures around him

Status: Alive

Themes: N/A

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B Normally, Up to High 7-C when fully powered up with ice

Powers and Abilities: Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Immortality (Type 1, 2 and 3), Regeneration (Low-High: Can be melted to a puddle and still reform), Ice Manipulation (Can manipulate ice around him to weapons such as ice balls, icicles, ice beams, etc), Shapeshifting (Can change body however he wants, such, as gauntlets, armour, spikes, etc.), Weapon Creation (Able to make ice and snow turn into weapons made of ice, such as ice mini-guns, ice swords, ice maces, ice rocket launchers, and any weapon he has seen used before), Natural Weaponry (Claws and Fangs), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Danmaku (Can make lots of ice projectiles at once), Weather Manipulation (Can make snow storms when enough ice/snow has been absorbed into his body), Temperature Manipulation (Can make the area around him become cold in seconds), Large Size (Depends on how much ice has been absorbed, but with low ice, Type 0, with lots of ice absorbed, Type 1), Limited Power Mimicry (Can copy certain attacks he has seen, but they are done in ice form), Immune to Ice Manipulation (His own body cannot be affected by others who can manipulate ice).

Attack Potency: Small Building Level normally, Possibly Low Small City Level with ice attacks (Depending on what he makes, he can cause massive damage to strong structures and even slightly fragment a mountain)

Speed: Superhuman with Normal Human Reaction Speed normally (Average speed of an arctic wolf), Higher when absorbing lots of ice (Gets faster the more he absorbs)

Lifting Strength: Class 1 Normally (Able to carry ice blocks around without strain), Up to Class 50 when he absorbs enough ice (Can lift boulders and toss them with ease)

Striking Strength: Wall Class Normally, Up to Building Class when absorbing enough ice

Durability: Varies depending on how much ice he has absorbed, Street Level normally, can be increased up to Large Building Level when absorbing enough ice

Stamina: Infinite, Doesn't need rest

Range: Varies, Extended Melee Range normally, Tens of meters with Ice Powers

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Average (Can created any weapon he knows of/has seen before)

Weaknesses: His body can be almost entirely stopped from reforming when using anti-freeze, ice attacks require him to use the ice in his body, reducing his size and the power of the attacks as he uses them (Though, he can reabsorb the ice he has used so long as it is within range of him)

Feats: Survived millions of years on his own, fended off military who have tried to capture him, been crushed in caves and came back within seconds


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