Freak is Charles Hersonton, a middle aged man with a bald head and incredibly gray skin. He is rather unremarkable, aside from that. However, when he becomes sad, things change pretty quick. It is impossible to discribe the transformation, as evidently, human brains are unable to comprehend it. All that is evident is that it has differnt tentacles, as well as a gaping mouth. It's size seems to shift freely from as small as a very small house to the size of several city blocks. In this form, it is fixated on destruction. Inanimate objects, people, small animals, kaiju, spacecraft, anything it can get near, it will try to destroy and devour.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A

Name: Charles Hersonton

Gender: Male

Age: In his late 40s to mid 50s.

Origin: Superior

Classification: Super powered human, eldritch freak.

Attack Potency: Large City Level +

Speed: About 50 MPH max. Usually much slower.

Lifting Strength: Millions of tons max. Usually lower.

Striking Strength: City Level

Durability: Mountain Level (Higher, considering it's difficulty to hit with anything other than energy or magic, and it's ability to heal from any part of it's body bigger than about 5 inches around)

Stamina: Unknown. Perhaps unlimited.

Range: Line of sight.

Standard Equipment: None

Inteligence: None. It simply attacks. It bites, it smashes, that is it. It does nothing else whatsoever. Even if it is in peices and barely alive, it will keep trying to crawl twoard the closest object to destroy it.

Weaknesses: It is completely mindless. Turns back into Charles Hersonton after one 24 hour period. If it dies, his curse is cured, he revives, and the Freak truly is gone.

Powers and Abilities: Super stamina, strength, healing, speed, durability, and eldritch phisiology.

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

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