The Truly Unaware God
If there was any other way to keep him (Franklin) Unaware... We would've tried it. He's just far too powerful for any other Method... Unsurpassable... Even by we who each rival the True God of the Minus Mythos...

Unlimited Gifts
Even now the young boy is tapping into the Unlimited Reserves of power he has at his fingertips... Nothing is impossible... Everything is a possibility... I'm unsure if the world is even prepared for such powers to be at work.
Omni-Power... That child wields Omni-Power... What ? No version of anything within the Illusion of Reality ... or even Minus Mythos' has such gifts... No matter how powerful. I need to make sure the child is blissfully unaware of the fat he has access to such powers.

His pretend family is the only thing we have keeping him within that Illusion. If we don't keep this up, he will eventually realize and dissipate the illusion, revealing the harshest truth of all... If that happens... Nothing can save us

If only the child knew just how much of this heartfelt moment isn't even real... I woder what would really happen. WOudl this Illusion shatter like glass or continue to perspire ?

FR Cute
Children tend to be reclusie too... Sometimes just as much, if not more so, than adults because they are scared of how the world truly works...

RCO001 1469439639
Actual Power comes from believing in what you actually are... And being willing to move forward regardless...Not in the Illusion and continue to deny the part of you that knows the truth

Subconscious Frankie
Heroes Reborn contains the composite of all things within the Omni-All... Including the Minus Mythos and even us. There is no limit in sight... The abundance of Omni-Power, in this one ball, which is barely scratching the surface of his Unlimited Strength.... is truly Unlimited....

Franklin Richards (Daydreamers)
The Dark Avatar knew... He knew quite well that something was off... Something wasn't right. He tried to warn Franklin... But that only sent him even further into the illusion.

Avatar Franklin
Now... This is interesting. His Omni-Power reerves left unchecked erupted from his being with his mortal desires. How interesting... For such an illusion to draw out so much power... It's unfathomable

Franklin Richards (Earth-6311) 002
This illusion is more intriguing.... .

Avatar Franklin
The Child is unleashing levels of Omni-Power we could only hypothetically state... Now it's an reality


Ths Illusion is evolving at a far greater pace than I could've ever comprehended...

Adult Franklin (Hickman's Run)
WHAT ?! How... That isn't his True Self... But his True Self manifesting through the Illusion. That is Impossible... But yet there it is. I... Is it really possible ?

Detailed Explanation of the "Illusions" and the "Other Inconsistencies"

While this detailed explanaionv is an Massive WIP: Let me explain a bit before we get into the actual profile. Everything from this point on is actually an elaborate Illusion... Except explicitly the True Self ... Including supposedly Tier 0's being afraid or seeing him as a "threat"... While they are inferior to it obviously... They aren't "afraid" of Franklin so much as putting up the Illusion of being Afraid or seeing him as a Threat. Almost everything contradictory in the profile mentioned below can literally be explained as "It's just an Illusion"... As my running them for my previous Tier 0 is... Since that's quite literally what it is. It's all one ridiculous web of Illusion.

The Lords of Omni-All actually aren't different people... Unlike how they "appear to be" ... They are quite actually the same person. Think of it like the Living Tribunal... In the sense it's merely just different voices appearing to be different but all one entity... Another elaborate Illusion. So essentially, it's the Lords of Omni-All, Franklin, and this Crossover's version of The Crying Child... A total of 3 Tier 0's. They created different worlds but appear different throughout all of them despite being Omnipresent throughout them all. It's one of the major elaborate Illusions that make the verse not seem like they are legitimate Tier 0's ... But it is in-fact such.

The version of The Crying Child is just as strong as the original and... But it was retconned as the Avatar of the Lords of Omni-All. So there isn't much contradicting it here.

"Being a Child" again is a Illusion... Same with having "Weaknesses" It isn't a child with a childish personality... It's literally an conceptual idea given physical manifestation.


Franklin is a immensely powerful character hailing from the Omni-Marvel Universe , that is the "son" of Reed and Susan Richards [which was provent o be an illusion / lie later on]. He's a vastly powerful reality warper, who currently just so happens to have a rather grand role in the act of the Marvel Mythos and other Mythos hidden underneath the lore ... and the Omni-Marvel Universe is interwoven with it all. Both verses of Minus Mythos & Omni-Marvel were revealed by Seed to have similar origins, and the multiple references to Franklin throughout Minus Mythos was in-fact not unintentional whatsoever. The two are borderline comparable in every sense, including power.

History Summary

Everything in the Omni-Marvel verse was dictated by the Lords of Omni-All via influencing his unaware mind with multiple illusions of "having a family" , "going on adventures" , and things of that nature... He never had any of these. He just believed he did, and it was part of an elaborate illusion to keep him contained because they knew he would wake up to his true purpose... to envelop them all and become one with everything, even their Verses, as the legends foretold.

The reason why the Minus Mythos and Omni-Marvel Universe was kept separate is because the Minus Mythos would allow him to become aware of his True Self and accelerate the process... So finding out where the "Unaware God" is... They managed to keep him in the dark with illusions (compare in contrast with the way Azathoth is kept asleep).

Basically... Think of him as this weird combination of Kami Tenchi , Azathoth , and Featherine.


While this aspect of Franklin does change indisputably depending on where in the timeline you place him, he still has the same overall soft facial features. He is a little boy consistently, about the size of bordering four feet (compare him to Krillin in size). He has blonde hair and light blue eyes, along with an caucasian complexion. Sometimes he either wears the Fantastic Four shirt, his long pink sweater, or his Tattletale outfit.

When in Avatar , Enraged, or Psi-Lord State... He completely changes, manifesting his full powers. Usually he has the same facial appearance, except for the simple fact he can always be portrayed as foreboding and extremely physically fit, easily becoming a six pack once accessing his adult mode.

All of this isn't his true self. His true self, if anything, appears far more abstract in nature in comparison and even "Genderless".His eyes are blank and without emotion, with a similar appearance to if Eternity had long black hair.


(None of the below is real... Only an Illusion)

Franklin is described as a exaggeratedly shrinking violent esque entity , yet having gentle , fragile, and sweet soul . Even Mephisto called his heart completely pure much to his chagrin.  It is rare for him to even get a chance to be this way to people, as interaction wasn't his strong suit and has isolation from others (as he is locked into the Baxter Building due to overprotection and a attempt to keep his powers in-check). He is described as a gullible but yet somewhat hesitant to accept anything from someone he doesn't know , usually to the chagrin of those protecting her. His emotional stability and sensitivity made him an easy target for Onslaught.

He wants to help others in anyway she can. He did this once to a lonely man he met in the streets despite the danger of it maybe being a trap. He can be a bit timid about a lot of things , as he doesn’t have much experience with other people period due to the overprotective nature of his father. He does have quite inferiority complex, despite the awesome powers at his disposal. Doesn’t like racial segregation whatsoever. This is due to him being a mutant, and is the most sensitive about this subject because he feels he is nothing more than a nuisance for most who meet him. .

Due to this, he is more likely to hide the fact he is a mutant than reveal it to the world to mock her at what he cannot help being . Is pretty much a geek on pretty much everything and anything all thing considered. This is due to his father’s upbringing, as well as binging a lot of shows [education and non-educational] .

Franklin has been shown to be quite fearful, and unfortunately this has caused him to unleash his powers without his prior consent. 


Frankie as Psi-Lord is a lot more confident in his own capabilities . This is because this iteration of him , like the other majority of his split personalities, is completely aware of what their full abilities can be utilized for . This was shown at several moments in this alternate universe , including when he felt that he could defeat several enemies that his family couldn’t even on their best day , however left specifically for tactical reasons . He is not anywhere near as evil as she presents herself to be. He is a bonafide hero, albeit at times acts more like an anti-hero than anything else. He can be quite sadistic, punishing those severely even though he  knows very well she can oneshot him.


Ego Spawn is the doubts and insecurities of Franklin personified. It is more likely to appear than the others, and has access to the child's full powers... However it exists as an different entity, almost like a stand. While active, Franklin is unconscious. While it can use the same hax as Franklin has, it usually amps it's physicals to the same level as his hax immediately and starts pummeling whatever just so happens to be in Franklin's way. It isn't evil and doesn't fight back unless promptly provoked.


Avatar is essentially a transformation that has constantly appeared throughout the series.This unlocks his fullest potential When he awakens, he wants to know 'who he is' , and has unsatiable questions with a unsatiable quest for knowledge and the unknown in general. This is the part of him that is the closest to his father. If he doesn't get a answer, the results can be rather explosive, such as destruction of a few cities or even of far greater scale. It usually occurs when he desires to be older, which normally ever happened as a toddler and pre-teen. Sometimes it happened when he was an teen, albeit that is rare to say the least.

Enraged/Hulking Franklin

When he is in his Enraged/Hulking Franklin mode, his rage has peaked and his limiters have been removed completely. He now blindly is bloodlusted, attacking everything with his full power. Usually it takes something from his past to calm him down. Is triggered by drastic results.

True Self

The true self of Franklin was defined as something without any concept of emotions. All it does in the end is envelop all creation across all verses of Seeds, letting them becoming one with him instead of being individuality... Since the beginning time.

Cosmology Explanation of Omni-Marvel and World's Beyond

The Lords of Omni-All were revealed to be supposedly Secondary Tier 0's [Like there is someone above them but they are Tier 0 themselves] of other verses created by Seed, countless and supposedly each with a similar Cosmology to the Minus Mythos in design yet rival "TCC" in power distinctly by WoG. They were all "afraid" of what Child Franklin was capable of once unhinged by humanity and fully accepting his awesome powers. Due to this, they personally restricted access to his world directly... This restriction was obviously broken.

It was also revealed that while there are obvoiusly obscenely broken characters in the verse of Omni-Marvel... Only Child Franklin in Omni-Marvel is actually Tier 0.... No one else is.

Powers and Stats:

Frank's True Self
All worlds will end... Come back to me as when they have already done so many other times throughout Creation's History. All you did was delay the process...

Unlimited Gifts


Enraged Franklin


Franklin Richards (PISSED)

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Franklin & Onslaught


Franklin Richards (PISSED2)

Franklin's Pressure

Child Franklin -Transparent-

Chilld Franklin -Transparent 2-

Proxy.php 1080×550

Tier: 10-C with Unawareness . 0 via Powers l 0

Name: Franklin Richards l Referred to as "Omni-Creator"... but has as many names/aliases as there are entities in World's Beyond... Treated as Myth then Reality)

Origin: Omni-Marvel Universe

Gender: Male

Age:  Likely 5-9 l Impossible to Define (Older than the very Conceptualizations) 

Classification: "Mutant" , "Human" ,"Savior [Lords of Omni-All Biggest Threat, The Unaware God] l Omni-Creator

Powers and Abilities: Astral Projection , Reality Warping, "Nigh-Omnipotence"[Depending on view], Absolute Authority (over All-Verses of Seed's once he becomes the Omni-Creator) , Enhanced Senses , Time Travel , Precognition , Rage Power , Forcefield Creation , Plot Manipulation , Genius Intelligence , Matter Manipulation , Higher-Dimensional Manipulation , Power Nullification , Conceptual Manipulation ,Non-Physical Interaction Mathematics Manipulation , Existence Erasure , Empathic Manipulation , Probability Manipulation , Non-Physical Interaction, Law Manipulation , Power Nullification , Quantum Manipulation , Telepathy , Order Manipulation , Perception Manipulation , Void Manipulation , Existence Erasure ,Pocket Reality Manipulation , Life Manipulation , Death Manipulation Time Manipulation , Fear Manipulation l Immortality (Type 10) , Regeneration (True Godly) , Nigh-Omnipotence, Absolute Authority (over All-Verses of Seed's) , and likely Far More to an Unknown Extent

Attack Potency: Below Average Human Level. High Outerverse Level via Powers (Dreamed Worlds that supposedly surpass the fullest extent of the "Illusion of Reality" and those who surpass it conceptually and Realities that rival even the totality of the "Minus Mythos",and even able to conjure worlds similar in structure to the cosmology of World's Beyond that it's equivalent of the Section of Transcendence, one of them are capable of accomplishing "any fictional feat performed in a singular work of fiction" by Word of God , without his awareness and not even an numerical/negative/any hypothetical lowball of power utilized in such power uses [to the extent no concepts/comprehensions can apply to how far below this is his true power], and supposedly could create worlds "limitlessly greater than the previous" in comparison with said levels of power, and worlds that surpassed the collective power of the Lords of Omni-All to an extent it surpasses all concepts of truth values and comprehension, and even he surpasses all said worlds in a similar manner Consistently viewed as an beyond the concept of God-Tier Level Entity , even when those who are ranked "God-Tier" is those comparative in power to God herself, and had crossovers with both verses involved , so thusly even at it's lowest shouldn't be ranked any weaker than the God-Tier of the Verse parallel to it's own , as the Verse was considered the Parallel to the Minus Mythos and Franklin the parallel to Minus Mythos' God . Is a threat to the Lords of Omni-All, a group of High Outerverse Beings, each coming from separate verse as many as the entities within World's Beyond Cosmology itself and appeared in the canonical crossover [each verse's "High Outerversal" comparable to even God herself], compared their collective power to Franklin's power as an unaware God as comparison themselves if they became part of an cosmology similar in design to World's Beyond Cosmology as it's equivalent to the Sections of Transcendence of the Ectoplasmic Scale of One and they were able to transcend to the Child (World's Within) , and the cycle would continue, each moment with the highest of the previous cycle resetting to the next version of Sections of Transcendence and transcending towards the next version of Child's Within (World's Within) , and then continues for as many times as there are entities in World's Beyond cosmology every moment, but no matter how strong they would get is still unfathomably below the concept of "Utter Null" fraction of his abilities [They cannot be put at a cosmology due to their Tier... But it's an visual description of the sheer difference between them]. Even by those of Omniscient Knowledge in the verse consistently regard those such as the The Depression Force with it's mere Illusion Aspects as possessing "Omni-Power": Something when even those on the hypothetically nigh-end maximum levels of High Outerverse Level and those capable of affecting the realms of impossibility beyond High Outerverse Level's conceptualizations cannot possibly comprehend. Similar to The Crying Child herself , the only thing that outright doesn't make him outright a "capital-G God" is Unawareness and still having just enough of his humanity left to resist the temptation of "total transcendence" of all possible restrictions. If he does gain awareness, he becomes his True Self and envelops all creation into his being, becoming one like before existence started. ) l High Outerverse Level (Uninhibited by the concept of "weakness" as his Child Self was. His True Self, when accessing his full powers, is the Omni-Creator of the Verses of Seed , with everything becoming one with him once again. )

Speed: Unknown. Irrelevant via Powers l Irrevelant.

Lifting Strength : Irrelevant via Powers. I Irrevelant

Striking Strength: High Outerverse Level via Powers I High Outerverse Level

Durability: High Outerverse Level via Powers l High Outerverse Level

Stamina: Limitless via Powers l Limitless

Range: . Likely High Outerverse Level via Powers (Even one of the Lord of Omni-All can affect the Minus Mythos to unfathomable levels and even shape it , and has comparable control to even TCC ) l Likely High Outerverse Level (All things conceptualized by "Seed" became one with him.. As alll things should be)

Intelligence: Omniscient via Powers l Omniscient

Weaknesses: None Notable (via being an Illusion of it's True Capabilities and Nature) l None Notable  

Key: Child Form / Unaware "God" l Adult / True Self

Notable Attacks and Techniques ==


Herald of FR

Insanity of a God

Because of the Impossibility of "High Outerverse Level" entities having these... It's very likely he has at least at bare minimum every power/technique seen throughout the totality of World's Beyond, Minus Mythos, and Beyond. Due to this... It cannot be determined with mere words how many he has in his arsenal

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