The First Responders are the team of superhumans founded by Willpower for the purpose of defeating threats to the entire Superior Multiverse. The team is made up of the primary protagonists of the different alternate universes in the Superior Verse. By sheer coincidence, most of the members are extremely brutal (Jason Vorhees and Darth Vader are literally both on this team). While the team does have several incredibly powerful beings (Tomata, Darth Vader, Willpower) their powers are limited outside of their own universes (The Force is very weak outside of the Galaxy Far Far away, as is Ki outside of the Dragon Ball universe. Willpower is limited because outside of his own universe (2212709099) whenever he uses his powers beyond a certain level, one or more of his personalities die, bringing him that much closer to the emergence of the evil personality that will certainly wreak havok amongst the multiverse.)


Jason Vorhees (Represents the Slasherworld) 8-B+

Spider Man (Represents the mainstream Superior Universe) 8-A, as he hasn't got Bodie with him

Kayne (Represents the Godlands) 7-C+

James Ryan (Represents the Unnatrual Universe) 8-A+

Darth Vader (Represents Superior Star Wars) 7-C with weakened Force

Toothless (And Hiccup) (Represent the Superor Dragons Universe) 7-C

Tomata (Represents Dragon Ball X) 7-B with weakened Ki

Willpower (Leader, represents 2212709099) 7-B+

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