Fear Manipulation, otherwise known as Fear Inducement is the ability in which to inflict a level of "fear" on the target. Depending on the severity of the fear, the user can use this to manipulate the target, incapacitate them or simply drive them insane.

Possible Uses

Fear Manipulation can inflict Fear on the target, which can incapacitate them by making them to scared to fight back, or eve force them to see their greatest fears "come to life" in an illusion. Additionally, the ability can also be used to manipulate targets, by manipulating their perception, making them see their allies as monsters. Moreover, the ability can also be used to force a target to cause great harm to themselves, by making them to scared to live, or even scarring them to death.


  • Fear Inducement. The most simple form of Fear Manipulation. This is simply the ability to make the target feel frightened in some form or another. The severity of this can range from frightening them to causing them to deathly insanity.
  • Nightmare Manipulation. An application of Dream Manipulation, Nightmare Manipulation is the ability to inflict nightmares on enemies, even being able to manipulate them to make it tailored made for the target.
  • Hallucination Causation. An application of Perception Manipulation, Hallucination Causation is the ability to force those to witness hallucinations, which has its own set of possible applications. The key difference between this and Illusion Manipulation is that illusions can be seen by many, while hallucinations can only be seen by a single individual.


Depending on the user and medium, Fear Manipulation can occasionally be depicted as a power which can be overcome with bravery, willpower and courage.


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