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Do you like battles? What about battles with your original or fan characters? Or even perhaps just developing and building them up? Well this Wiki is for you!

Characters of FC/OC Battles

Check out the many characters made by the community of FC/OC battles!

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Check the many weapons here in FC/OC Battles.

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Powers and Abilities

Check the many powers the wikia has to offer for it's characters to use.

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Rules and Regulations

General Community Rules

  • Refrain from harassing or trolling other users. Don't spam either.
    • Leave other communities and users outside of our community out of this, too. Harassment of other people will not be tolerated, and if you end up harassing a member of the community offsite, you're likely to get yourself banned.
    • No derogatory comments of any form - racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and etcetera will not be tolerated here, nor by Fandom staff.
    • Accounts with inappropriate usernames are likely to be indefinitely banned.
  • Do not use sockpuppets. Sockpuppets will immediately be banned upon identification, and if used to circumvent a block, the original account's block will be extended.
    • On a somewhat related note, do not impersonate anyone else, such as other members of the wiki. Don't share accounts with anyone either.
  • Do not share inappropriate materials. This wiki is meant to be for all-ages, and though mature topics can be broached in profiles and stories, there's a limit to what we'll allow there.
    • If you do feel as if your story does so, mark it with this template.
    • This goes for general behavior in the community - let's keep sexual materials and behavior out of it.
  • Do not promote any illegal activity. Portraying it in your works is not promoting it, this means outside of fiction.
    • Notably, Fandom does not tolerate the use of links to unofficial manga or anime hosting websites.
  • When you do violate these rules, you are likely to get an official staff warning - do not just ignore these. You'll only get so many before you get yourself blocked.
Page Rules
  • Vandalism and disruptive editing of any sort is absolutely unacceptable.
    • No plagiarism either.
  • Make sure all profiles you make abide by proper formatting and grammar, only deviating from such in a purposefully stylish way rather than blatantly incorrect formatting, such as bolding the wrong things or failing to properly break up your paragraphs and page statistics.
  • Try to stick to source mode editing rather than the visual editor. Doing so makes things easier for other users and prevents the distortion of your page. You can change this in your preferences.
  • Preferably avoid adding redundant categories or ones that require extremely subjective interpretation. It is usually better to stick to the already available options.
  • Don't replace images you didn't upload for your own use, as they are likely to be used elsewhere.
    • Unused images are likely to get deleted, though.
  • Don't use photographs of real people, particularly children, on your pages.
  • When uploading an image that you do not own, such as a piece of art you found online, whether it be fanart or original materials, be sure to properly attribute it when you do so. You can do this on the upload form for the page, following the format of this example.
    • If you can't find the source, try reverse searching the image on google or saucenao.
    • Also, if an artist asks for their art to be taken down, that will be done without question or complaint. Feel free to ask for such.
  • Joke profiles do not belong here, but on our sister wiki, the Joke Battles Wiki. What exactly entails a joke profile is debatable, and the minute specifics will ultimately be left up to staff. With this said, try not to make pages for completely parodic, comedic works or YouTube personalities.
    • Similarly, composite pages also do not belong here, even if they have been disbarred from both VS Battles and Joke Battles Wiki.
  • The FC/OC VS Battles Wiki is a community primarily centered around individual projects, so it goes without saying that you should not edit another user's original content without their permission. Minor edits, such as typo or formatting corrections, are acceptable, but changes to anything significant are not.
    • There is an exception to this, however, and that is in the realm of fanfiction not made by the page's creator. Anyone can edit these pages, so long as their edits are within reason. Revisions for these pages should be handled through community discussions and proper revision threads, however.
    • Properly credit the creators of these fanworks on the verse page, however. If the creator of these derivative works asks for them to be taken off the wiki, they will be taken off the wiki, and will not be reposted.
  • If a fanwork consistently demonstrates and maintains a different level of power from the original work, it should be judged and tiered based on its own feats, not on scaling to canon, even if the original is stronger. If the fanwork is meant to fit within the official timeline, failing to duplicate feats of the same level is fine, but actively contradicting the canon power level is not. As a general rule, fanfiction should not be automatically scaled to canon without an argument in its favor.
    • Naturally, this applies doubly to alternate universe and crossover fanfics, which can easily and often inherently contradict not just the statistics but also powers of the original canon materials.
  • Fanfiction versions of characters that are just 'x character except stronger' are generally not allowed. A fanfic variant of a character should be distinctly different in either backstory, personality, or abilities to be acceptable.
  • A page should include close to all the information needed on their abilities and powerscaling; while the details and specifics can be left to other pages, such as informative blog posts, you shouldn't completely refrain from explaining powers.
    • Something that's especially important is proper explanations of statistics and powerscaling. Don't leave out this information, and refrain from using simply "via powerscaling" as a justification for a character's statistics or powers.
  • Tier 0, 1, or 2 profiles and characters of similar, godly strength should have proper, established, and unique stories making them such. If evidence is found of an individual constantly adjusting their pages with presumed intent to increase power and win Versus Matches, the page will be deleted and the individual will be given a warning.
    • All previous rules apply doubly to pages of these high tiers. They should be properly formatted and explained, and should be bigger than just a couple thousand bytes. There's no limit to how many pages of these tiers you can have, but if you just churn out low-quality pages of these tiers you may net yourself a ban from said tiers - or an actual, full-length block.
    • If you do make a Tier 0 or 1 page, run it through the Tier 1 review thread. It may be deleted otherwise.
    • As of right now, the vast majority of Tier 0 and Tier 1 pages are banned and will be deleted without discussion until further notice. This includes pages that attempt to dodge this deletion by changing or removing statistics.
  • Extremely explicit profiles and creations that cannot be debated without heavily addressing lewd and sexual content are not permitted, and characters with high amounts of sex-based content should have such information kept brief and off the page where possible.
  • While posting pages that remain a work in progress is completely acceptable, character pages should not be missing vital information, such as statistics, unless this is for stylistic purposes. If you can't post a complete page right off the bat, try using a sandbox instead.
  • Breaking these rules will result in a warning to the rulebreaker, and if a warning to a page creator is ignored, their page may be deleted. They may even get banned if they continue to ignore warnings and break rules. If both a page and its owner have been inactive for over six months, the page will be deleted.
Discussion Rules
  • As we share our forums with VS Battles Wiki, all of their Discussion Rules should be followed, though not all of them are relevant to FC/OC specifically. Those that are will be respected.
  • You can only create one active match with your own characters at a time; any further matches must be created by an outside party, or you must close your other thread to make another.
  • You must use content and knowledge of your character and stories that can either be certified and fact checked by other people, or has been written down in an accessible place for others to fact check.
    • Word of god has more leeway here than it would on VSB, but it can only go so far, and should not be abused.
  • Respectfully ask an individual before making a match with their character, and notify them when made. If a profile has an inactive creator, unless the profile is incredibly detailed as it is and can be debated regardless, it is recommended that you do not use them in a match.
  • If you suspect someone is making up new information or buffing their character for winning a match, direct your complaints and evidence to a staff member rather than attacking the person directly.

Partner Wikis

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Important Pages

Here are some of the important pages which we recommend you to look at before getting started:

Help Section

  1. For general discussions, you can visit this forum board.
  2. For versus match-ups of various sorts, you can visit this forum board. Also, please read the rules here when making matches.
  3. If you have any questions regarding anything, you can visit here.
  4. If you need a place to simply hang out with your wiki friends, just visit this forum board, or you could ask Promestein or another staff member for an invitation to our Discord server.
  5. Wanna improve the wikia, then just go here.
  6. Have any news or announcements, go here.
  7. If your need of help from staff then you can look through here and contact them and they'll try to help in any way possible. Be polite when doing so and please be patient should they not be able to respond right away.


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