"I am Fēisǔn Lóngyǐn. Prepare yourself."


Fēisǔn Lóngyǐn (飞隼龙隐) is a character based off of the Assassin's Creed universe.


Following the death of his parents at a very young adult age, Longyin was framed with murder and was forced to leave his hometown. After falling off a cliff in his escape, he was rescued by a maiden living nearby the cliffs he landed on. This woman would soon become both his lover and master, which was viewed taboo at the time of the era, keeping their relationship secret.

Longyin and his lover, Diaoquan are the founders of Xiaolong Yin.


Longyin is a benevolent soul. Calm and collected, he usually takes both combat and formal meetings with correct manners, usually addressing others by their given name and titles when exchanging in conversation. Rarely is he enraged and usually, Longyin has everything planned out beforehand when first encountering an abnormal situation.

Power and Stats

Tier : 8-C | 9-A (With explosives.)

Name : Fēisǔn Lóngyǐn

Origin : Assassin's Creed

Gender : Male

Age : 27

Classification : Human Assassin, Member of the Xiǎolóng Yín Brotherhood of Assassins

Destructive Capacity : Building Level (Fought through an entire army of assassins single-handedly.) | Small Building Level+ (Firework Grenades can destroy houses.) |


Fēisǔn Lóngyǐn meditating before a battle.

Range : Melee range, farther with swords, several meters with Shangbiao, throwing knives and darts, several feet with spells.

Speed : Subsonic+ (Combat, reaction and movement speed.) | Hypersonic+ (Dodged rifles at point blank. Combat and reaction speed.)

Lifting Strength : Peak Human | Class 1+ (Fought Takanushi with a giant tree.) | Class 5 (Matches Takanushi.)

Striking Strength : Class KJ | Class MJ (Sent a wave of assassins back when he fought the army single-handedly with one powered strike of his palm.)


Fēisǔn Lóngyǐn's "Leap of Faith".

Stamina : Immensely superhuman

Durability : Peak Human Level | Wall/Tree Level via power scaling.

Standard Equipment : Twin Jian, Hidden Knives, Throwing Knives, Darts, Shangbiao, Grapple Hook, Explosives

Intelligence : Taught and studied under the arts of the assassin at a very young age. Leader of the Xiǎolóng Yín organization. Master at tactics, politics and has a very large understanding of human behavior. An adept strategist and tactician.

Power and Abilities :

Superhuman Strength, Speed, Endurance and Stamina.

Enhanced Senses.

Highly skilled hand to hand combat and swordsmanship.

Adept at assassinating.

Weapons expert.

Grand Vision allows him to see through walls and perceive information at greater levels.

Expert parkour.

Weaknesses : Human weaknesses.


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Notable Draws :

Key : Normal | With Equipment |