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Exonus Everian is the Male Protagonist of Existence Key. He is, perhaps, the most important player of them all.

Backstory (WIP)

Visions of Power / Pre - Existence

Long before he was even born, the formless essence that would become Exonus Everian had drifted through a realm known as the Eons’ Rift. He would often have dreams of omnipotent eldritch gods being slain by an unknown force -- a group of powerful beings that wielded glowing keys in the shape of infinity. In these dreams, he was among those beings -- leading them onwards to glory. In a way, he always was; even without existence or nonexistence, Exonus was an utterly transcendent constant. When the time came for him to be, his realm -- his plane of primality -- was seemingly forgotten. 

Early Life

Born to Voltis and Raiva Everian in their home -- a small, quiet house just outside of the sprawling Ion City-State -- Exonus was their second child. Due to an early showing as an infant, Voltis sacrificed half of his speedborn abilities to seal his son’s unfathomable power. From that moment onward, as he grew up, Exonus would constantly be monitored by either his father or mother in the case that he broke through his limiter. Despite the grave concerns of his parents, he was able to maintain perfect composure and even attend lessons at the New Everian Temple, although many of Exonus’ classmates and teachers grew weary due to his performance being seen as “too perfect” or ‘impossible for a child to achieve”. When he reached his final years of basic schooling, Exonus became head of the Ion Noble Guard -- a group of youth soldiers who acted as role models and protectors of the city-state; he was trained in combat by both of his parents, his elder brother, Aydan, and his aunt, Rina.  

Meeting his first love in the form of Lita Hiza -- a fellow youth soldier -- he became somewhat obstinate and flirtatious; they later broke up due to a mutual understanding that it wouldn’t work out, but still remained close friends regardless. By the time he turned twelve standard cycles of age, Exonus Everian had become almost fully independent. Against his parents’ wishes, Exonus later became heavily involved in Azuran’s political dealings -- which often involved contact with other worlds. Moving into a militarized castle at the heart of Ion, Exonus’ family prepared to live a war-centered lifestyle once again; Voltis was very disappointed in his son’s decision and went for a walk that ended up becoming a long journey.  

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Exonus was thrust into the middle of his first serious conflict; he had decided once again to involve himself in Azuranian politics, which ended up getting him into trouble with an ancient mercenary coalition that had orchestrated the Ravan Conflict many years prior. As always, he was quick to prove himself — enough to make the mercenaries not only respect, but actually fear him; they were very quick to back off after Exonus managed to accidentally kill their Pinnacle Liege. 

Having never killed an opponent before, Exonus was utterly devastated by his actions; he made a promise to himself never to mortally injure another being again so long as it was possible. His father arrived to finish the fight, telling Exonus: “There was no other option; war involves killing, so never start what you refuse to finish.” He watched his father swiftly and mercilessly dispatch the remaining mercenaries before finally coming to terms with what he had meant; in spite of this, Exonus still held strong to his vow for years to come --until finally the time would come to take life again.

First Arc


Several relative years had passed since Exonus defeated Azuran's sprawling mercenary coalition, and in the final throes of puberty his abilities had increased to the point where he succeeded both of his parents in terms of power. The dominant role model in his self-development had shifted from that of his mother to his father; this meant that he'd completed his basic lessons on morality and respect for others, and moved on to the lessons that came with becoming a man: chivalry, independence, and emotional control. With the first lesson in particular, he was very slow to accept how, in his father's mind, the weak "needed to be treated with extra care," when in his own opinion they were just as capable as the strong at succeeding in life --but his father persisted in teaching him this lesson, stating that "it maintains the balance between peoples and promotes overall equality."

It was during this stage of his youth that Exonus would meet some of the most pivotal figures in his life, including his adoptive "brother," Kaiber Iterrus, and his long-lost great aunt, Jade --who would later become his new mentor.

Things took a swift and jarring turn when the Everian Nobility’s longtime allies, the Iterrus family, committed treason in an attempt to spread their ideal of a society controlled by hybrid beings. The mastermind behind this treachery, then-Patriarch Venriln Iterrus, had begun work on creating what he referred to as the “Ultimate Meta-Being,” by fusing the genetic energies of multiple Azuranian lifeforms. Exonus was one of the first people to discover this, and he, along with his father, took it upon themselves to shut the operation down.

Unfortunately, whilst discovering the truth behind Venriln’s schemes, Exonus was captured by his bodyguards —some of whom were former mercenaries, still bitter over their leader’s death at his hands. When they brought him before Venriln, Exonus was all too happy to show them a portion of his power; intrigued by the boy’s courage, he had him transported to a gladiatorial pit beneath the facility, where he and his warriors observed Exonus near-effortlessly defeat a massive and ancient azuranian monitor, which the patriarch had been keeping as a war-beast.

Exonus, seeing how much they'd been appreciating his heroism, began to further impress Venriln by performing complex tasks under immense pressure and completing intricate obstacle courses through feeling alone; by the time his father had broken through the facility's defenses in order to retrieve him, Exonus was already surpassing their wildest expectations.

Personal Statistics

NAME: Exonus Everian

GENDER: Male | Genderless as a singular deity

AGE: 12 (BoS) | 14 (Mid Era) | 16 (Current)

HEIGHT: 7'0"

WEIGHT: Variable

ORIGIN: Existence Key

SPECIES: Cobaltion God Avatar

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good

PERSONALITY: Exonus is energetic, good-natured, rebellious, and has a prominent, albeit sometimes vulgar sense of humor. He is extremely creative, and often utilizes imaginative tactics, techniques and strategies that most others would have trouble comprehending.

APPEARANCE: His appearance is similar to that of a human, with the only differences being his hair color (midnight blue), iris color (red), and his skin (pale white). He is young, has shaggy, medium-length hair, and has defined muscles and bone structure. During combat, Exonus wears a black and blue trench coat, which covers a fitted body armor (IT GLOWS!). He also wears metal combat boots and spiked fingerless gloves. While "Off Duty" Exonus wears either a hoodie or leather jacket, skinny jeans or cargo pants, and EXHILARATE brand skate sneakers.

Aliases: The Fastest Being, Velocitus, The Transcendent, Root of Existence, Cell of Infinithil, The Origin Fragment, The Dreamer

LIKES: Exploration and Adventure, Discovering new things, Nature, Technology, Using his powers and abilities for any given purpose, Combat, Sparring with his family and friends, Being creative and using his imagination to solve problems.

DISLIKES: Egomaniacs, Socially toxic settings, Anyone who threatens his loved ones and/or goals, Monotony.

Detailed Appearance


Detailed Personality


Simple is the farthest term from Exonus' personality that one can get; he is ever-changing in attitude, but never-changing in outlook. As far as basics go, he is a spastic and universally energetic individual with an ever-shifting imagination; throughout his travels, he acts as a vessel of expression, hope, and creativity to both himself and those around him. Exonus Everian's family always knew that he had a certain cosmic importance, but little did they know that he is the genesis of an entity beyond all comprehension that was born into a new realm -- all in order to begin the process of complete transcendence.

Exonus is ridiculously brave, especially given the forces that he's constantly up against; this confidence in his abilities has given him an edge that cannot be overstated --because the more powerful he feels, the more powerful he is.

As a young child and into his pre-teens (his early schooling years), Exonus was very impulsive, somewhat-obnoxious, highly insistent, and incredibly sensitive to provocation. Despite his brash, and often overstimulating nature, he was usually very quiet unless talking with a friend and/or doing something that he enjoyed. Whenever the other children played and worked together in large gatherings, Exonus could be found alone or with a small group of friends at a time --using his powers to build amazing things on a small scale --he made action figures that moved around and interacted with one another, buildings with working mechanisms, and vehicles that could drive and fly like the real thing; as he grew older, so too did his creations grow larger --much larger. Both Physically and Mentally, Exonus was always pushing his limits --even when compared to other nobles his age; he focused long and hard on mastering Azuran's primal energies, dedicating himself to learning new powers from as many sources of information as he could find --whether the education came in the form of peers, tutors, books, ancient texts, or even media outlets-- he would seek out, practice, and master them all with a level of fascination and enthusiasm that impressed nearly everyone he met.

Exonus became far more extroverted upon graduating --which was when he joined the Ion Noble Guard.

Throughout his childhood, Exonus' peers believed him to be a young idol of sorts, and obsessed over him due to the massive influence his parents had over Azuranian society; he was appreciative of the attention which came with this, yet at the same time he believed in his own individuality, and worked hard to separate his image from that of his mother and father.

Combat Statistics



ABILITIES: Incredible Speed and Strength, Dimensionless Existence (Type 3), Immortality, Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant, True Flight, Skilled with Weapons (Especially Blades), Complete control over Plasmic Energy and Electricity, Total Mastery of Azuranian Energy, Viritian Magik, and various other unique powers, Extrasensory Perception, Can Create Weapons, Multiple Forms of increasing power, Extreme Regenerative Abilities, Does not need to breath, Light Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Umbrakinesis, Order Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Probability Manipulation, Power Absorption, Power Bestowal, Power Mimicry, and Power Nullification, Pressure Exertion (Opponents around Exonus feel tremendous pressure while in battle with him), Black Hole Manipulation (Exonus is capable of creating and manipulating vortexes of various sizes speeds and strengths), Complete Manipulation of Concepts and Elements, Eye Beams, Immunity against any diseases and corruption, Can Summon Plasma Wraiths and Wisps, Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Telepathy, Durability Negation, Intangibility, Extreme Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Either does not notice or does not seem to feel physical pain, Time Manipulation, Matter and Anti Matter Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Hyper Awareness, Precognition, Extreme Hax Resistance, Illusion Creation and Manipulation, Dream Creation and Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Creation and Destruction on a Hyper-Conceptual level, Biological Manipulation, Bone Manipulation, Matter Conversion, Has Extreme Resistance, and possibly outright immunity to all of the above abilities due to having subconsciously manifested all of Existence itself.


SPEED: Immeasurable | at least Immeasurable (Much higher than before) | Irrelevant (Surpasses Dimensionality and everything restricted by it) | Irrelevant | Irrelevant | Omnipresent | Omnipresent




INTELLIGENCE: Supergenius as Exonus Everian | likely Omniscient as a dreaming deity

Weaknesses: Exonus has a huge ego. He often holds back in fights.

Note: I'm watering this version of Exonus down to fit the FC/OC tiering system.



Shock Burst: Exonus unleashes a volley of energy pulses.

Sustained Shock: Exonus puts the brunt of his power into a concentrated beam, which covers a wide area.

Lightning Fists: Exonus punches in rapid succession, with energy effects.

Raw Plasma: A massive blast of energy is shot at Exonus' opponents, incinerates more often than not. This was the signature move of his father, Voltis.

Absolute Judgement: Exonus empowers himself with existential energies and attacks with force that can tear apart an opponent's very being with every blow struck. This ability is more of a boost than a single attack. Once an attack has been initiated, the opponent will essentially be rendered helpless against it; very few, if any beings have survived Absolute Judgement.

Solidarity Denial: The very idea that an opponent can successfully fight against Exonus is removed from the cosmic equation.

Pressure Focus: Exonus exerts massive amounts of pressure, shaking everything around him and causing severe pain and blunt trauma to his opponents.

Infuris: Exonus pinpoints an enemy's insides with his energy powers, destroying them from the inside out.

Ultimate Pressure Zone: Exonus' enemies are given an extra helping of his Pressure Focus technique, this version is much more potent. It causes pain beyond comprehension, even if the opponent or opponents cannot feel pain, that is negated with this attack. Opponents are often crushed into dust.

Volteiga Blast: A much stronger version of his Raw Plasma attack that can cover an endlessly infinite distance; it covers such a boundless range that dodging the attack becomes trivial and surviving and/or enduring it becomes the priority. Very few beings underneath the transcendent level can continue to exist after being hit with this attack.

Orvion: A projection of Exonus' subliminal imagination that encompasses everything around him and/or his opponents when utilized. It is a separate realm of existence in which the primary setting is an endless, invincible floating city that continuously builds itself as one travels; although he can choose to do anything with it, Exonus uses the city to attack and trap opponents. The farther someone or something travels and the harder they try to fight, no matter how fast or with how much fortitude, the city will create itself even faster to catch and defeat them. Exonus will occasionally use Orvion to troll his friends and acquaintances during sparring matches. Initially, Orvion was not under Exonus' control, but possessed a will of its' own.

NOTE: For more information on Azuranian Energy, which is far different from normal energy, see Azuran's verse page.

NOTE #2: All of Exonus' abilities target opponents on an at least conceptual level, meaning that if his enemies are hit by an attack, it will fracture or destroy all, or at least part of their very existence itself on every level.

Common Loadout


Reiga and Reikana: Exonus' trusty blades of choice. Made from multiple unique materials, these were forged during his first year of schooling at the New Everian Academy.

Ion (Formerly): The Voltanium Greatblade wielded by Exonus' family line for countless generations. He rarely used it and views it as more of a novelty weapon; because of this, it was given to his younger sister, Lyara, instead.

Fulkaris Staff: A staff made of condensed omni-energy. Even if it somehow breaks (It has before against several powerful enemies), Exonus can recreate it immediately, making it even stronger than before.

Exo-Spear: The Exo-Spear is the equivalent of Exonus' goals and desires manifested into a dimensionless weapon; it draws from the primordial forces of all existence to aid him in combat.

Powerage: A Greatblade crafted by Exonus himself to be superior to Ion. It is similar in size but has a slightly jagged blade with four upturned prongs on either side.

Key of Existence: TBA


The Everian Clan -- Family

Voltis Everian -- Father

Raiva Everian -- Mother

Aydan Everian -- Elder Brother

Lyara Everian -- Younger Sister

Rina Everian -- Aunt

Fero Everian -- Uncle

Aethera Everian -- Cousin

Braede Everian -- Great Uncle

Jade Everian -- Great Aunt


Exonus' Arrival: TBA

Exonus Character Theme: TBA

Exonus Battle Theme (Casual): TBA

Exonus Battle Theme (Normal): TBA

Exonus Battle Theme (Serious): TBA

Alternate Theme #1: TBA

Alternate Theme #2: TBA

Keys and Victories


Keys: True Existence | First Arc | TBA | TBA | TBA | TBA | TBA (They're going to be plotted out by story arc.)