The one who decides the fate of all, even gods themselves, is I, the harbinger of judgement.
~ Exermis (Male) to Silvia Bortre


Formally the youngest sibling of the demon king and high commander of the demon army. Exermis conquered and destroyed many worlds until they saw no need for such things, but in response, their brother banished them to another realm.

After banishment, Exermis saw that all worlds are like stories, like a book waiting to be written and told, and so, they began creating an infinite number of these "stories" in their plane, some that even contradict the laws of physics and nature entirely, and others that span indefinitely to no end.

Eventually, they found a breach in the plane they were banished to and entered it, soon finding themselves in a "futuristic" world full of lights, and in that world, they met "The Author". "If you want to create your own world, then why not take over?", they said as they pointed to a desk with a stack of empty sheets of paper, and so they did...but they wonder, is the world they went to truly real, or another "story"?

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Formally Chaotic Neutral | Chaotic Good

Origin: Reality Library

Gender: True gender is unknown. Can change between male and female at will.

Age: Unknown (Technically over 1.2 trillion years old but looks 17, though they are far beyond the concept of time)

Classification: The Holy Demon, God(dess) of Punishment, The One Between Reality and Fiction

Birthday: Unknown, but stated to be in July.

Personality: Varies depending on gender. It should be noted that upon changing, they are aware of what has happened in the latter's form.

  • Male: At first he seems to be quite reserved, but he's rather kind, but punishing if you get on his bad side. He usually doesn't involve himself in the affairs of others unless it's a serious matter. He shows almost no interest in romantic or sexual relationships.
  • Female: A lot less reserved than her counterpart, being a more social and a bit of a otaku, watching anime, reading manga, playing games, and the occasional eroge. She sometimes playfully teases and flirts with other girls for her amusement, and can be a troll at times.

Height: Male: 6'2" (187.96cm) | Female: 5'6" (167.64cm)

Weight: Male: 180lbs (81.647kg) | Female: 140lbs (63.503kg)

Status: Alive

Affiliations: The Judgement Circle

Previous Affiliations: Demon King's Army

Combat Statistics

Tier: High 1-A | High 1-A | 0 after taking over as author

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acausality (Type 5), Avatar Creation (They are able to create lower manifestations), Fire Manipulation (All demons are capable of manipulating the flames of Purgatory), Aura (Via Aura of Bad LuckBeyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3; All demons exist in the realm of Purgatory, which is one of the two realms which surround the Temple of the Supreme), Higher-Dimensional ManipulationImmortality (Type 1 & 10), Instinctive Reaction, Large Size (Type 11), MagicNon-Physical InteractionSelf-Sustenance (All Types), Soul Manipulation (Able to rip out the souls of beings), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4; Death Curse destroys a target's concept of 'living'), Curse Manipulation (Native demons can plant different types of curses on a target), Death Manipulation (Via Death Curse), Genius Intelligence (Native demons are able to have vastly superior intellect than humans), BFR, Black Hole Creation, Counterspelling (Can reflect any magic back at the caster and disable magical barriers), Kinetic Energy Manipulation (Nullifies the kinetic energy of physical attacks), Damage Transferal (The attacker suffers the damage dealt, even if they didn't deal any damage), Dimensional Storage, Durability Negation with several abilities, Duplication (They are able to make physical clones of themselves), Energy Manipulation (Can convert energy into physical matter and vice versa), Existence Erasure, True Flight, Gender Transformation (Able to switch between male and female forms at will), Healing, Holy Manipulation, Portal Creation, Power Bestowal (Can lend some power to increase the capabilities of others), Regeneration (Mid-Godly), Regeneration/Immortality Negation (Low-Godly; Negated the regenerative properties and resurrection of gods by ripping out their soul), Spatial Manipulation (Able to crush dimensions into lower dimensional space), Soul Manipulation (Removed the soul of a god to stop their revival cycle), Telepathy, Void Manipulation (Can convert matter into energy and vice versa), Immunity to Curse Manipulation (Demons cannot be cursed, even by higher beings due to their fundamental nature), Fire Manipulation (Demons are fully immune to all forms of fire, even the hellish flames in Purgatory), Gravity Manipulation (Gravity has no influence on demons whatsoever), Soul Manipulation (Demons don't have a soul), Fate Manipulation (By transcending causality, demons no longer have a fate or destiny and are therefore unbound by it), Corruption (All demons exist as an embodiment of corruption, thus are unaffected by any form of corruption)

All previous powers plus Breaking the Fourth Wall (Became self-aware that they are a work of fiction), Law Manipulation (Able to physically interact with Libra, who is an embodiment of the Law of Balance), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1) and Regeneration Negation with Mortem Rationis (Mid-Godly; Their conceptual sword completely erases the character concept of a character, which will completely wipe them from the plot entirely)

All previous powers plus Regeneration (High-Godly), Regeneration Negation (High-Godly), Immersion (They are able to travel inside stories they have created and manipulate it as if they were a part of it), Immortality (Type 9; Their true self lies beyond their verse entirely), Plot Manipulation (Rewrote the entire story when they took over as author), Subjective Reality, Transduality (Type 4), Resistance to Plot Manipulation (They are the author of their verse)

Attack Potency: High Outerverse level (One of the strongest demons in Purgatory, holding their their own against several of the gods in that exist in Heaven) | High Outerverse level (Escaped the realm they were banished to, escaping to the Temple of the Supreme and eventually became the most powerful member of the Judgement Circle and soon earned the title "God(dess) of Punishment") | Boundless level (As they reached the world of The Author and took over, they became comparable to them. Exermis became capable of deleting all of their Grand Designs they have written in an instant, although the true Author exists in a realm that is even higher than what was originally believed)

Speed: Irrelevant (Easily one of the fastest demons, being able to blitz most of the gods in Heaven), Massively FTL+ for their 3-dimensional manifestations (Exceedingly superior than most of the other demon manifestations, it is stated for them to perform the same speed feat, the time interval would be somewhat compared to a googolplex of millennia to a single unit of Planck time, which would be equal to about 4.489 x 1010170c) | Irrelevant (Far faster than before and is even faster than Libra), at least Massively FTL+ for their 3-dimensional manifestations (Their 3-dimensional manifestations are even faster than before) | Omnipresent as the author (Encompasses all the stories they have written)

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant (Far superior than most of the other demons in Purgatory, whom of which even the weakest among them are able to effortlessly lift the entire Afterlife in the palm of their hand due to existing in a much higher realm than the Afterlife) | Irrelevant (Even stronger than before, being comparable to others in the Temple of the Supreme) | Irrelevant (Lifted several of their books that contains the endless number of worlds they have created)

Striking Strength: High Outerversal (Was able to completely obliterate billions of galaxies with a single punch on the scale of Heaven and Purgatory, although they are very likely comparable to the gods in Heaven) | High Outerversal (Far stronger than previously, and became one of the hardest hitters among the Judgement Circle) | Boundless

Durability: High Outerverse level (One of the most durable demons in Purgatory, being able to easily tank blows from several of the gods in Heaven who are capable of destroying multiple multiverses at the scale of Heaven and Purgatory in a flash) | High Outerverse level (By far one of the most durable members in the Judgement Circle) | Boundless level (Completely transcends the Temple of the Supreme as the author)

Stamina: Infinite (As a demon, they have no need to eat, sleep, or even breathe) | Infinite | Irrelevant

Range: High Outerversal | High Outerversal | Boundless

Intelligence: Supergenius | Nigh-Omniscient (Memorized every action, every thought, every emotion of all creatures and the entire life of every individual in the past in their infinite span of multiverses) | Omniscient (Knows everything that has happen and will happen as they are the author)

Standard Equipment:

  • Angel's Blood: A coat that is lined with the divine blood of an angel. Extremely durable and it is able to repair itself from damage. It also makes the one who wears it highly resistant to holy magic.
  • Longsword
  • Handgun (5.7x28mm rounds)

  • Mortem Rationis: A conceptual weapon which now sees Exermis as its master upon entering the Judgement Circle. This weapon takes the form of a pitch black longsword which will completely erase the conceptual nature of those who it touches, which will remove them from the story entirely. Once a character is erased with this weapon, they are no longer return back as their very character concept no longer exists within the story. Simply trying to even regenerate from a single strike from this weapon will require an absurdly high degree of High-Godly regeneration.

  • Several sheets of paper
  • Writing utensils


  • They cannot stand the cold at all, although this is because of their heritage. Although they have no need for rest, they can still get mentally exhausted through boredom.
  • They only have their authority inside of the stories they have written, thus if they go into another story other than their own, they will be downgraded back to their previous Key as they wouldn't have their authority in that world.

Notable Techniques/Attacks:

  • Purgatory Flames: Black flames that cause excruciating pain to the target and completely nullifies regeneration (Up to Low-High). However, these flames do not burn the target and can only be put out via anti-magic.
  • Manifest: Demons are capable of manifesting into lower-dimensional worlds. However, their physiology is still equal to their true self, so a manifestation is just as durable and powerful as their actual nature, but their movement has to abide by the space of that world, so a 3D manifestation will have 3D movement.
  • Aura of Bad Luck: The aura of any type of demon can passively curse a target in their vicinity to have terrible luck for all eternity. This curse will also spread rapidly from target to target like an out-of-control infection.
  • Death Curse: Native demons can plant a deadly curse which instantly kills a target within a minute. This death actually destroys the target's concept of 'living' rather than a conventional death. The death that is caused by this curse cannot be reversed either, even by resurrection, reincarnation, or time reversal.
  • Dimensional Crush: Able to crush spatial dimensions into lower dimensions.
  • Quantum Collapse: By converting matter into energy, they can cause a chain reaction that converts all matter and structures in a world into energy faster than the speed of light.
  • Vengeance: (Passive) Any one that attacks will also take the damage that is caused.
  • Author's Authority: They have absolute power over their stories; will be infinitely superior to all who enter, as they'd be nothing but mere fiction to them.


  • Their personality changes depending on which gender they are currently.


  • Merged another fictional world into theirs.
  • Split multiple timelines in half, and altered the history of them.
  • Took over as the author of the verse, although they were a fictional character.
  • Created multiple stories, all of which contain an infinite hierarchy inside them.


  • Exermis (Female) accidentally published a yuri novel online, only for it to get an novel award in 2089.
  • Exermis shares 2.61% of their DNA with succubi.
  • Although they're a demon, their abilities are more akin to an angel's than to a demon's, having mostly holy magic and being highly resistant to it, thus giving them the title "The Holy Demon".

Key: Demon Army | Judgement Circle | Author


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