Kobal was a European Changeling with psionic powers born over 35,000 years ago. He was born to a tribe of hunter gatherers. He was thirteen when his powers first started appearing. Fearing that he was some sort of demonic supernatural being, his tribe attempted to kick him out by force, which caused him to accidentally kill them all. Dispirited and alone he traveled across Eurasia for thousands of years. Slowly, he honed his powers more and more until he was by far the strongest Changeling at the time. He lived in the shadows for many more years as civilization began developing. However he grew tired of living weak and powerlessly. He confronted the kings of the world and forced them to give him some power secretly. He would then use this newfound power to change the world. This amount of power continues into the modern day. His first appearance is when the President informs him about the danger of The Irradiated Man [Louis M. Williams] From then on he becomes Louis’s biggest enemy. Both of them were dead set on bringing each other down although Louis didn’t know truly what he was dealing with. Louis eventually detected his power and was nearly able to expose him to the entire world. However, he turned the tables on Louis and caused him to lose control of his powers, forcing him to go on the run. Due to being tracked down by Louis’s remaining team, a battle occurred. Unfortunately for the both of them, there was no clear winner of their conflict. While Louis was able to win, his life was irreparably damaged and had to flee the Earth with his alien allies. Kobal appeared to seemingly be gone, at least for the time being.

Personality and Appearance

Kobal is a man that tries his hardest to always be calm and collected constantly. He has a sort of not too well hidden arrogance that oozes whenever he talks to someone. He treats himself like he is royalty and expects others to treat him like that as well. While he is an extremely arrogant person, he rarely underestimates his opponents and prefers not to toy with them. He has a deep hatred of those who try to take his power away from him, stemming from his time of being without power. His most secret fear is loneliness. He surrounds himself with sycophantic people who are desperate to gain his favor, which he quite enjoys. In addition he does have a hidden sadistic side of his personality reserved for his worst enemies.

Even before his powers activated he was a quick bloomer. At the age of fifteen he was six feet tall and still growing. He takes very good care of himself and is an extremely muscular man. His original hair color was a fiery crimson red. His first eye color was just like his hair, red. But, now he can change his body however he wants. He wears a lot of extremely old fashioned clothing, often from ancient eras. The era that he chooses clothing varies based upon his whims. Eventually his true form has become a being of multiple wavelengths of psionic energy. He is only vaguely humanoid, and can turn into some truly monstrous forms. He can even warp his hosts into horrific shapes.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: ???

Birthplace: An unknown dark cave in Europe

Weight: 185 lbs

Height: 6'5

Likes: His fellow Changelings, Fish, Steak [Extremely Rare], Barely Cooked Food, Ancient Music, Historical Trivia

Dislikes/Fears: Losing his power, losing battles, His own Weaknesses

Eye Color: Varies (Anywhere from pure white to red.)

Hair Color: Varies (Can range from red to dark brown in human forms.)

Hobbies: Chess, Fishing, Hunting, Collecting ancient artifacts

Values: Personal Strength, Control, Domination


Marital Status: Divorced/Widowed (Has had over several hundred wives in the past, who he has both outlived and divorced.)

Status: Unknown (What happened to him after being taken by Baron Samedi is not known at this point.)

Affiliation: Himself and his allies

Previous Affiliation: His European Tribe


Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 6-B, likely much higher | 4-B

Name: Kobal, King of Kings, Etheric, “God”


Gender: Male

Age: 35000 (Was an ancient caveman many tens of thousands of years ago.)

Classification: Half Human/Half Neanderthal Changeling

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Shapeshifting, Duplication Telepathy, Mind Manipulation, Possession, Pain Manipulation (He is able psychically inflict an immense amount pain on his targets.), Flight, Weapon Mastery, Martial Arts, Fire Manipulation (Can form a type of blue psychic flame, far more powerful than most regular types.), Soul Manipulation (Can tear out and destroy souls with ease. Once he has a soul, he can absorb it and choose whether to break it down for more power.) Danmaku (He is able to create omnidirectional energy at his opponents.), Sleep Manipulation (Can put people to sleep with a single thought.), Explosion Manipulation (Can create explosions with a glance.), Void Manipulation (Can use void energies to remove anything he wants from existence.), Absorption (Can instantly the psychic energies from entire populations of beings reducing to either vegetables or corpses.), Statistics Amplification (With telekinetic amplifications), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, 3. As a psionic thought wave he only needs energy to survive), Illusion Manipulation (He creates complex illusions as easy as breathing air comes to most life forms.), Regeneration (Low-Godly. Can pull himself back together from brutal injuries like having his bones and all of his organs destroyed psionically. Fixed the nerves in his neck after it was snapped and popped it back into place. Brought back his body after it was disintegrated.), Power Absorption (Drained the abilities of a room full of Changelings with ease.) Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 6), Transmutation (Via Reality reshuffling.), Spatial Manipulation (Made a distance that couldn’t be traveled due to constantly expanding spatially.), Time Manipulation (Is able to mess around with time.), Reality Warping (He was able to manipulate the fabric of reality to create a massive city on the moon, altering its shape and form.), Light Manipulation (Can send beams of light at his foes.), Darkness Manipulation, Teleportation, Astral Projection

Radiation Manipulation (While on an alien planet he took the full brunt of all of The Irradiated Man's radiation.), Absorption, Heat Manipulation/Fire Manipulation (Survived nuclear flames hotter than stars. Can swim in lava even his hosts.), Gravity Manipulation (Is unharmed by the extremely intense gravitational forces generated by The Irradiated Man.), Memory Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Quantum. The Irradiated Man struggled to manipulate his particles), Biological Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation (Is not fooled by mind based illusions in the slightest.), Telekinesis (Enemy psychics cannot move him against his will.), Power Absorption (A nearly equal psychic could not steal his power.), Psychic Energy (Easily devours psychic energy almost like it was candy.), Power Nullification (Turning off his power entirely is nigh impossible.), Telepathy, Mind Manipulation, Possession, Soul Manipulation (A demon could not yank out his soul.), Sleep Manipulation (Can resist being put to sleep due to his lack of any need for sleep.), Void Manipulation, Transmutation (The Irradiated Man attempted to turn him into a dog and failed.), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation (Is able to move around in stopped time.), Reality Warping (Couldn’t be warped by an enemy psychic.)

Attack Potency: At least Small Country level, likely much higher (Fought against The Irradiated Man, and was able to inflict near fatal damage against him. In fact he gave him his most brutal beating of his entire lifetime. Casually made the entire planet quake and tremble before his might. Was able to condense a mountain range into a small sphere and moved it at very high speeds.) | Solar System level (Was dead even with The Irradiated Man who can create interstellar phenomena. Was overwhelming Charlie in their fight.)

Speed: Speed of Light (Is casually able to deflect and catch massive lightning bolts with little difficulty. Dodged hits from a powerful speedster. Can move and fight at lightspeed, keeping up with The Irradiated Man.) | Massively FTL+ (Can travel across the universe very quickly and did so in his final battle.)

Lifting Strength: Class P (Lifted a big chunk of a broken statue and tossed it aside with ease. Easily lifted, moved, and tossed meteors, asteroids plus smaller planetoids at The Irradiated Man. Raised his island sized city fortress physically with only one hand. He could do this with no difficulty. Pushed a small moon around at lightspeed.) | Unknown (Far stronger than ever before.)

Striking Strength: At least Small Country Class, likely much higher (Knocked The Irradiated Man into space with a single strike. In addition while fighting in space, he was easily able to make him bleed.) | Solar System Class

Durability: At least Small Country level, likely much higher (Laughed off many attacks from The Irradiated Man, at least until the combined psychic power of the entire solar system was used against him.) | Solar System level (Is still able to withstand the attacks of The Irradiated Man, although they still do draw blood.)

Stamina: Limitless (Could theoretically fight for all eternity if he wanted. Does not tire, age or even need to breathe.)

Range: Planetary mostly, Universal with certain abilities | Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Genius (Was able to invent ways to capture and harness demonic power. When creating his moon estate, he assembled technology far beyond the Earth’s. Is a master manipulator of his fellow humans even without using his abilities.)

Weaknesses: Powerful enough psychic attacks can dissipate his form and scatter him. This is until he is able to build up enough energy to reconstitute his form.

Key: Normally | Amped by the Psychic Energy of A Thousand Worlds


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