I. Am. The. Bane. Of. Your. Existence.
~ 723
~ Jennifer Clark


Entity-723, Christened/Nicked as “Steel-Jaw”. Is a Secondary Antagonist in the Facility POV & Minor Antagonist in the Central POV of SuperNatural. 723 is a Biomechanical Reptile-esque Creature hellbent on attempting to wipe Human-life off the face of the Earth.


Entity-723 is, as in the Summary, exceedingly hostile typically unhesitatingly engaging any entity in it’s wake, more in particular human or Humanoid Life. Entity-723 desires to be the fall of mankind, Similar to the RingLeader, 723 attempts everything to commit mass extinction, Though often leading to failure and only a number of deaths. Entity-723 is typically mute and can only Grunt, Scream, or Produce Noises, 723 is Intelligent capable of communication however 723 relies on sound producing Devices such as; Radios, Speakers, Phones, Etc... to create a sentence.


Entity-723 is a Large Biomechanical Reptile, Vaguely appearing to be a Crocodile or Alligator. It has an Exoskeleton & Inner-skeleton primarily made of an incredibly Durable, it has several areas of its body that has its exterior skin primarily made of metal including Its Head and Jaws. 723’s upper and lower jaws with 2 rows of metallic & Boney teeth each; the first row of teeth have straight but serrated pointed teeth while the second have slightly larger teeth that are bent towards its mouth. has a Second Row of Teeth, similar to a mosasaurus, that can Move to tear flesh once a victim is in its jaws, it’s clear it’s jaws are to tear organisms in its clutches into a scattered Pile. It has 2 Long Thin-Diameter Canisters on its back on each side. 723 has no Digestive organs rather a Furnace of sorts Located in an area where it’s stomach should be, which allows it to Breathe a Medium-ranged Inferno. The only physical organ it has is a Heart that insects pumps an Blue unknown fluid that acts as its blood, the fluid appears to be Highly-conductive and capable of Electrical-power. 723 is extremely Difficult to Destroy, A Classified number of termination attempts have been made all tried to result in it’s Destruction to no avail. permission by the Directors and Overseers on it’s termination have been unrestricted.

Documented Stats

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Name: Entity-723, Invulnerable Reptile, Steel-Jaw

Age: Unknown

Gender: N/A

Classification: Witold-Class Entity, Biomechanical Reptile

Containment Rate Witold

Disruption Rate

Length: 20 feet (6 meters)

Weight: 3400 Kg (3.4 Metric Tons)

Themes: Escape The Maze (Chase/Combat)

Status: Active

Combat Stats

Tier: 9-A physically | 8-C Abilities

Powers & Abilities:

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Large Size (Type 0)
  • Fire Manipulation (It has a furnace-like object inside of its body, which allows it to Shoot Medium-ranged Fire.)
  • Radiation Manipulation (The Fire it breathes is also accompanied by 40% of Radiation)
  • Attack Reflection (Primarily on low/Medium-caliber bullets)
  • Extrasensory Perception
    • Enhanced Sight (Can see any entity through a wall or solid object, this ability has 360 Range)
    • Life Detection (Detected one researcher that was “Pretending to be dead” face on the floor)
  • Metal Manipulation (It can create a new metal platings on its body to re-cover its exposed spots, via Nearby metal, or Metalloids, from all directions and from a distance of 700-800 meters)
    • Absorption (Absorbs Metal for new platings, and can absorb Electricity or Radiation as Prolonged Energy)
  • Regeneration (Rapid-Regeneration, If it’s Exposed Natural skin areas managed to be mortally Wounded it can regenerate it in a matter of time)
  • Immortality (Types 1, 2)
  • Berserk Mode (Depending on the Level of disturbance on it caused, it can go into a Rage)
  • Electricity Manipulation (It’s physical Appearance, during Rage, can cause electrical devices & Appliances, within a Diameter of 100 Meters, To Go haywire)
  • Adaptation (Is Amphibious, capable of fast swimming in underwater environments.)
  • Enhanced Senses
    • Night-Vision
    • Infrared-Vision
  • Resistance to Fire, Electricity, Mind & Soul Manipulation

Attack Potency: Small Building Level Physically (It can physically destroy A House, Destroyed an M1 abrams Tank) | Building Level (Via Offensive Abilities)

Speed: Superhuman Travel Speed (Can reach speeds of 26 mph), Superhuman Swimming Speed (Can reach speeds of around 30 knots (34 mph)) Peak Human Reaction & Attack Speed, Subsonic Combat Speed

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (lifted and Threw a Mercedes-Benz GLE With it’s Jaws (weighing 4696 lb (2130.07 Kg), Pushed a BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle) with relative Ease (Weighing 24493 kg (27 tons))

Striking Strength: Small Building Class Physically | Building Class

Durability: Small Building Level (Unprotected) | City Block Level+ (Protected, Unscathed after being in the Direct-Centre of an Anti-tank landmine, Survived Row after row of Assaults by Entity-1174.)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Extended Melee Range (Physically), Several Meters, potentially Tens Of Meters via Radio-Thermal Breath

Intelligence: Gifted

Standard Equipment: Its Jaws, Otherwise None Notable

Weakness: Highly-Concentrated Acid (While not capable of killing it, Sulfuric Acid in High-Concentration, can deplete it’s Metallic Exoskeleton leaving it vulnerable), A few noted Entities & Anomalies managed to render 723 temporarily Docile.

Notable Attacks & Techniques:

  • Radio-Thermal Breath - Utilizing both Fire & Radiation Manipulation, 723 can breathe out a both Intensely Hot & Radioactive Inferno from its jaws, utilizing its Canisters & Enid-Furnace. The Breath is capable of Cremating Bone, and Melting Metal, and Converting sand into Glass.)
  • Rage - Essentially Berserk Mode, typically occurring over heavy damage or Half-depletion of Energy)
    • Sphere Of Depletion - During Rage, anything electricity-Utilizing Objects or vehicles within a 100 meter diameter of 723, will go haywire and potentially disable.)


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  • Entity-723 was Inspired by SCP-682, particularly in its behavioural Motives, Physical Attributes, and Seemingly-Indestructibility.
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