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Entity-2013, Christened as “The Swarm” is a Synthetic Entity, ironically Created by the S.C.A. 2013 was created to be operated as a WMD (Weapon Of Mass Destruction), Capable Of efficiently killing Entities who are almost impossible to be killed by conventional means during Terminations, in particular, Entity-723. 2013 unfortunately went haywire and murdered all Entities and almost all Personnel in Site-██, it Escaped out of Range Before possessing Liam Matthews around 80 miles away from the Site, and stayed. 2013 serves as a Temporary Antagonist in the Central POV.


Initially 2013 is was Aggressive since the Control-malfunction, and showed no hesitance or remorse whilst it murdered the entire staff assigned to it’s Site. At the time it seemed rather Below-Average in Intelligence, Often following an aim of “Kill, Survive, and Protect The Host”.

Currently, 2013 has entered a Rather neutral State, ever since the Electromagnetic field & Electrical discharge in Site-██, reasons on why this occurred is open for debate, but all is noted that 2013 seems to lack the levels of Aggression it had before. It retains some attributes such as the incapability of speech, Etc... and has ditched its previous goals. However there is one goal that 2013 retained, “Protect The Host” (Though by this time this gaol has stretched further to “Immortalize the Host” as in prevent its host from dying by Physical causes and Disease.)


Entity-2013’s Height varies depending on its host, and as prior to the Broadcaster, Stands at a height of 5’8. 2013 is completely comprised of Nanorobotic Chips or “Nanites”, a Robot smaller than a Microorganism, The Number Of nanites composing the Entity is unknown, however it is often estimated to be around Billions, and potentially Trillions. The Colour Of it’s entirety is a Blackish-Grey, with Bright White Eyes. 2013’s Appearance changes on the host it is currently in possession of. The entity is capable of being rendered Partially Invisible/Transparent, Shapeshifting, and Flight.

  • Initial - Initially 2013 has a Masculine form with no specific appearance to a person.
  • Matthews - Under Possession Of Liam Matthews, 2013 takes the Observingly-Identical Appearance Of Liam, apart from the Composition. Initially while Liam is under his possession he took complete control of his Form into another massacre, however the aggression seemingly ceased or more likely reduced after a Direct Strike Of Lightning to the Head, allowing Liam to regain control of himself, and gaining control of the Entity’s Abilities.

Documented Stats

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Initially), Between Chaotic Good and Lawful Neutral.

Name:Entity-2013, 2013 or 13 (By Liam), The Swarm

Age: N/A

Gender: N/A, Masculine Attributes

Classification: Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Entity

Themes: [

Status: Active

Combat Stats

Tier: 9-A (Initially) | At-least High 8-C (Matthews)

Powers & Abilities:

  • All Abilities Prior, Excluding Madness Manipulation, Invisibility, and Possession (For Possession, 2013 still resides in Liam’s body but lost the capability to control him freely)
  • Weapon Creation (Can create a multitude of weapons whether it’d be Melee or ranged by manipulating its nanites)
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Regeneration (Low to High-Low, and Mid to Low-high, For It’s Host) (Mid-high, Itself, requires Metal or metalloids (Even in a liquid state), return to a form in Identical physique it previously had)
  • Metal Manipulation (Can Absorb Metal (Whether it be solid, liquid, or metalloid) to create more and more autonomous nanites to its form if half its total gets destroyed)

  • Attack Potency: Small Building Level (Collapsed the entire base of a Watch-tower with ease) | Large Building Level (Currently)

    Speed: Subsonic (Massacred an entire Site within a matter of minutes, Killed off a Group Of ROF Personnel in seconds, Kept up with a Ford Ranger) (Initially) | Subsonic Travel & Reaction Speed, Peak Human Attack Speed (Currently)

    Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Lifted and dropped a Ford Ranger potentially destroying its suspensionj

    Striking Strength: Small Building Class (Initially) | Large Building Class (Currently)

    Durability: Unknown (Initially) | Large Building Level to Town Level (Liam’s possession. Was heavily damaged just by getting hit with a Tomahawk Missile, if it weren’t for its Regeneration and Metal manipulation it would’ve been destroyed.)

    Stamina: Limitless

    Range: Extended Melee Range (Initially) | Varies (Currently) (Limited from between extended Melee range to Tens Of Meters

    Intelligence: Above Average (It has the sentience and Intelligence Parallel to that of a Human Being with excelled strategy)

    Standard Equipment: capable of Creating a multitude of weapons from its own Nanites

    Weakness: Unknown

    Key: Initially | Currently


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    • Entity-2013 was based on “The Walrider” from Outlast.