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Endo-Evil is a character from FredBear's Scratch Series, being sent to earth to destroy it.


Endo-Evil was a regular demon, who was sent to destroy humanity, but he was limited to what he could do, and had to be creative on how he took over, as he couldn't simply use demonic magic to eradicate buildings, so for a time, he took control of a bird, and search the world for anything he could use to help take over, but everything that was powerful, was guarded, and so Eviron was unable to get any of it. Eventually, he stumbled upon Endo.Org, a company that made robots, and Eviron thought that if he could make the robots do what he wants, and was able to make them more powerful, he could take the world by surprise. And so he entered various factories, until he found one suiting his needs, having good enough animatronics to corrupt.


Endo-Evil has a mix of light grey and regular grey for their body. Their arms are thin, with the right one sporting a broken shackle, while the left hand has a few cracks on it. The neck and ankles have more shackles on them, ankles having a chain connecting to each one, while the neck has two chains simply hanging down. Their hip, knees, claws and toes are all a more dark grey than the rest of the body. They lack a lower jaw, instead having a large row of sharp teeth. The left eye is black with a red square, while the right one is more full red. The right side of their head has cracks all around it. They also sport some horns on the side of their head.


Endo-Evil has no goals other than to kill. It is ruthless, deadly and careless.

Personal Statistics

Alignment: Evil

Name: Endo-Evil, Eviron (Demon name)

Origin: FredBear's Scratch Series

Gender: Unknown

Age: 1000+ Years

Classification: Robot (Possessed by a demon)

Weight: 0.65 Tons

Height: 2 Meters

Likes: Killing

Dislikes: All organic life

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: N/A

Hobbies: None

Values: Nothing

Status: Alive

Affiliation: None

Themes: N/A

Combat Statistics

Tier: 9-B | Unknown, Likely at least 9-C

Powers and Abilities: Immortality (Type 1, 2 and 4), Inorganic Physiology, Enhanced Senses (Has Night Vision), Body Control (Can change the length of his horns and claws), Natural Weaponry (Horns and claws), Natural Bloodlust (Becomes extremely aggressive towards humans), Immunity to Madness Manipulation (Type 1, 2 and 3, as his mind is entirely a mess and already mad), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Power Bestowal (Can enhance animatronics with extra powers, but is limited to how strong it is), Limited Possession (Can possess weak minded things, or things without a mind) | Same as before in addition to Flight (Has wings in his demon form) and Self-Sustenance (Doesn't need air, food, water or sleep) but removes Inorganic Physiology, Enhanced Senses and Body Control.

Attack Potency: Wall Level (Can tear a human apart) | Unknown, At least Street Level (Should be stronger than normal humans)

Speed: Unknown, Likely Athletic Human (Should be comparable to Endo-Unknown) | Unknown, At least Athletic Human

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown, Likely Street Class (Should be stronger than Scrappers, who can tear a vent cover off by force) | Unknown

Durability: Unknown, Likely Athlete Level (Thin body should make them slightly less durable than other endoskeletons) | Unknown

Stamina: Infinite, is a robot | Infinite, doesn't need rest

Range: Standard Melee Range (Arms are around 1 meter long, likely slightly shorter)

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: (Should be smarter than Endo-Twin Jaws)

Weaknesses: One of the more aggressive endoskeletons out of them all and has no combat experience

Feats: None

Key: Endo-Evil | Eviron


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