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About the Verse

End Of Saga Yggdrasil is a verse created by YungManzi. It focuses on the story of the great Yggdrasil. Everything which has ever existed and will ever exist originated from two gods. The gods themselves go by many names, however, the most common name of the gods is The One and Thee Alternate One.

The verse features both OC and FC characters from many different works of fiction.

Verse Terminology



The Megaverse is the complete and total reality of everything created by The One and Thee Alternate One.

Superverse=High 1-B

A Superverse is a complex structure of reality which features an infinite amount of higher dimensions. There are currently 6 superverses.

Multiverse=High 2-A

A Multiverse is an infinite number of universes.


A Universe is an amalgamation of an infinite amount of timelines.

Timeline=Low 2-C

A timeline is an area where 3 dimensional space and time are fused together to create a single 4th dimensional structure.


There are 6 superverses contained within the greater megaverse. There were formerly nine superverses, but a great catastrophe struct three of them. The ones left are labeled by letters which represent the gods which watch over them.

Supporters/ Neutral/ Opponents






Shio Namikaze

Naruto Namikaze

Tsunayoshi Sawada

Yusuke Urameshi

Arya Stark (Yggdrasil)

DIO's US Army-

Diego "DIO" Brando (Yggdrasil)

Fire Lord Azula

Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

Daemon Spade

Lord Frieza

King Meruem


Sasuke Uchiha


Alternate Vegeta

Weiss Schnee

Shouto Todoroki

The Chosen Kings-

Izuku Midoriya

Alternate Jotaro Kujo

High Gods-

Ice Goddess Merin

This is a work in progress.