To protect everyone and their peace with this sword.. Yeah.. That's it!
~ Elesis

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Nonsense, you're a wise man and I believe your outlook on swordsmanship and the world itself can help you guide others. Trust me on that.


Elesis is a major character of the Elsword franchise and the main protagonist of the Grand Chase franchise. (Granted she takes more from Elsword) She is a major character of the DCTT series.

Elesis is a captain of the Red Knights and the older sister of Elsword. She met Roy when she was unconscious leading to Roy saving her when she was attacked while she was out cold. This very meeting between the two would soon ignite a relationship for the yokai and human, granted the start of the relationship was quite shaky itself.

During the Ganondorf arc she was kidnapped alongside other females (Akame, Rose, Lyn, Mercy, and a few others) leading Roy and the others to save them. Once they were saved that was when Elesis and Roy became a lot closer than before birthing their first kiss. Going forward Elesis would play a major role fighting alongside the group from the Orochi arc and now.

Currently, she lives a peaceful life with Roy Yoshida and their newborn son Axel.




Alignment: Lawful Good

Name: Elesis Sieghart (Elesis Yoshida once married)


Gender: Female 

Age: 16 (BoS) | 18 (Orochi Arc) | 19 (Post-Timeskip) | 21 (Currently)

Classification: Human, Captain of the Red Knights

Date of Birth: August 21st

  • Zodiac/Horoscope: Leo

Birthplace: Elrios

Weight: ???

Height: 5'4 (BoS) | 5'5" (Orochi Arc) | 5'6 (Currently)

Likes: Meat, Training, Hot Baths, Intense Battles

Dislikes: Easy Battles, Dresses, Ghosts

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Red

Hobbies: Sword training

Values: Roy (Her husband), Axel (Her son), Elsword (Younger brother), and her friends

Martial Status: About to be married

Status: Alive

Combat Statistics

Tier: 4-B | Possibly 2-A

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Magic, Summoning, Status Effect Inducement, Statistics Amplification, Master Swordswoman

Attack PotencySolar System Level (Fought alongside the DCTT Gang and spars with Roy regularly) | Possibly Multiverse Level+ (Fought in the war during when Lion, Aki, Roy, and EP fought against Lavos, killed the Lavos Spawns)

SpeedMFTL+ (Able to keep track of Roy and Aragi's movements)

DurabilitySolar System Level | Possibly Multiverse Level+ (Comparable to Akame, Rose, and Nana)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking StrengthSolar System Class | Possibly Multiverse Level+

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Extended Melee Range, Higher with projectile attacks

Standard Equipment: Claymore

Intelligence: Elesis is a genius in combat even before the time-skip, and she is able to match her husband Roy Yoshida in terms of swordplay. She also has a fair amount of experience with dealing several types of opponents due to traveling with Roy and the others.

Weaknesses: Hot-Headed, otherwise none notable

Key: Orochi Arc | Lavos Arc-Current






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