"Perhaps, it is all the same after all... I only become stronger as the days pass. Yet within, I feel at my weakest."
~ Elly reflecting on herself, as a child.

And that was why she had to keep moving. She could not stop. Until... Reaching what? Even this would likely end in the Oracle's words and the Minstrel's songs soon enough.

"Ah... Hah hah... I can almost see it. 'Under the Witch of Creation's fingernails of darkness, more innocent blood is shed, petals of lives scattered to the winds of Chaos'... "

More acknowledgement from the world meant nothing but more, and stronger enemies still.
And the more famous she became, the less satisfied people would be with 'just' ending her life.
One of these days, they would send someone... A group strong enough to capture her.

And then, what?

"Atonement, perhaps... For the crime of having sins I did not commit pushing me towards those I have to accept."

And then, in what limits there were to her small mind, she considered... Even if she met others, could she face them?
Could she just play pretend and forget what she was, what she had been?

"...", Indeed, she fell silent, as the words of her own title fell upon her. 'Witch (Chaos) of Creation'. A paradox. Everything about herself... She could either call it all the same or a paradoxical truth.

~ A fragment of Elly's 'childhood memories'.

You know how Freedom is one the most beautiful things about Chaos? It demands to be unbound. And humans desire that which they can't possess - that is to say, writing love letters to Chaos is all of Creation's Fate... No matter how many promises of Heaven are made."
~ Eleonore to Vlad, in one of their past meetings.

"Negative exists alongside the Positive of the present.
So that a greater good can come in the future, or greater evil.

But who was it that decided?
Who was it that made the limits?
Who was it that thought of boundaries...?
Who was it? What was it?


I've known that world, that word for so long.
Or was it all along?
All along, nothing.

Wrong. Right.

Together, they are as Good.
Or together, they are as Evil.
Together. To, gather.

Gather. Gather...
To, gather, Aether.
Aether is one.
One and the same.

Same. Name.
But was that name right?
Or was it wrong all the same?

...No. "Along".
Along is Time.

Don't look at Time.
There is no Time.


~ An excerpt of Elly's Poem - Later called "The Witch of Creation's Chaotic Creed".



A character made by FateAlbane. She is the main character in the Chaos Side of Guild Infinity.

She also plays a role near the end of phase 3 and during Phase 4 (the final one) of the Dominion Odyssey story.

Eleonore Esplenda is inspired by and shares a number of traits with her counterpart, but is ultimately her own character.

Her epithet is the Witch of Creation --- something considered by many a paradox, as it is the same as saying 'the Chaos of Creation' in this world.

She is the second strongest known witch of the present time, although even the powers she wields pale in comparison to those of Sephiria Lechaos. She is also a witch with much potential... Although her young age makes it so she has to learn how to better use and harness it with the passage of time. Nonetheless, she stands as one of the most powerful known characters in Guild Infinity.

She sees no issue in joining forces with the Isfetiamat or others who employ Chaos when their interests align, but it's not past her to also fight them head on when the contrary happens (such as the occasion where she fought against the Unit Leader of Emverfrost -- and ironically got his place in the organization for a time).

Eleonore has met Sephiria more than once --- although they don't seem to see eye to eye in a good number of things, there is a sense of mutual respect between one another.

She is one of the few witches who fought and survived long enough to receive an Imperial Permit from the Empire --- and thus avoid persecution in certain places under their sphere of influence, in exchange for her services at times.

On paper, this sounds like a good start, but in practice... It more means that she is called only for the missions considered borderline (or straight up) suicidal. The ones that no average adventurer desires to take, and no particularly strong one would without charging a huge price for their services.

It is a win-win situation for the Empire nonetheless, as whether the Witch fulfills her task or dies in the attempt, they are rid of something the world has no actual regard for - in that sense, they are more accepted as useful tools than people.

...While Eleonore is well aware of this fact, the silence this provides her after so many years without a moment's rest from perpetual bloodshed is still good enough of a reward for her to take the offer from time to time --- at least, presuming the missions offered are within the range of what she finds acceptable.


Should be the same as the drawings in this page.


Note: Some spoilers for Elly's character in Guild Infinity may follow.

Despite being a witch, Elly had the best of intentions towards the world and her own life in the past --- although this side to her isn't as seen in the main story, more appearing in flashbacks and her memories. At present, she holds no illusions of fighting for grand things such as the world on its own, focusing far more on what is important in her own life --- whether that is seen as selfish or not.

Though she did not quite follow what people expected of her always in the past, Elly still held a moral compass that led her to act in the ways she thought were right for the world, those around her and ultimately, herself.

Even with the many tragedies and enemies she confronted without ever seeming to find respite from the losses in life, she persisted from a young age far past what one could call a miracle.

...However, the enemies and everlasting bloodshed of the battlefields in the outside weren't the only threats to her.

Although she did develop a personality of her own, Elly's sense of individuality as a human was originally meant to be no more than a fabrication of Chaos itself.

The purpose of it was to stabilize and keep the vessel going while its power grew; that way she could mature as a witch without losing said vessel to the strain of Chaos. So that her real self could progressively take over more and more, until the vessel was ready.

"...Do I even need to answer that?"
Because to what I am, 'you' do no exist.
Everything that 'you' are amounts to nothing all the same.

You are a doll.
A fading echo of me, and a fabrication to exist only for as long as I needed to grow.
I'm not proud admitting to myself that "I" am but a placeholder to my true self.

But this is the truth.

You are unneeded, because you were never even meant to exist. A butterfly does not return to its chrysalis after it emerges and spreads its wings of Chaos.

Nothing you ever grasped was your own, and nothing you ever called yourself really was. A simple, fading Echo of Chaos is all you were meant to be.

There is no higher purpose to your form in time, and it should just... Disappear with it, as a good little doll.

I never intended to find myself this afflicted and buried behind the emotions I handcrafted, though I do find pleasure in seeing how much those around my vessel made it bloom in just the right ways for me to flourish. I never imagined something would actually take my hold away, but I suppose this development can also be interesting on its own right. Squirm as I may, as long as it's this side of me...

By my very nature, it's all for nothing --- or rather, all the same... Therefore,
For myself, in the end.

~ Thoughts from Elly's chaotic side, in regards to her personality.

While Elly herself is at least half aware of this fact, she refuses to see it in the same light... Even as her grasp invariably changes in the Chaotic direction overtime, from time to time a small part of her still attempts to make decisions as it would back then.

Though her 'human' side still exists somewhere within, her more Chaotic personality is the dominant one and it can be said that it's an odd form of mercy -- or even a whim -- from it that still allows this "unneeded" side of herself to exist.

This Chaotic side sounds as though it holds no true regards for that side of her existence and during the occasions where they argue, it tends to mostly aim to take control, mock her efforts (or just push it away further still) when it comes to making decisions.

In truth, it still sees it as a part of herself. Because they are meant to be the same existence, some traits of the more human Eleonore do persist on her Chaotic persona to this day (albeit most of them are motivated by entirely different reasons).

At this point, her Chaotic persona sees the traits it originally fabricated for its 'human life' as a lingering chrysalis. A chrysalis that it should not return to, and merely one she would allow to fade overtime --- having served its purpose and being generally seen as "unnecessary" when compared to her true self.

Much the same way a growing up adult leaves behind illusions and dreams of one's past, while keeping them in memory.

Thus, while from the outside it may seem as though Chaos is taking over, in fact this was how things were planned to be from the very beginning in its designs... With 'the original' Elly being but a 'shadow' or a 'temporary illusion' of herself that was never meant to be or have anything of her own --- a beautiful, yet fleeting "lie".

Not even the sense of self and future she holds on to were something she had the privilege of seeing as anything more than make-believe.

A small part of her holds on to the hope that she could fight back against this Fate. In her own ways -- even if it, too, turned out to be an illusion. On the other hand, most of herself has accepted this path for what really seems to be the only way.

To harness and transform the only path she has been given... For better or worse, is an answer that only the future holds.

  • May be expanded in the future.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A, possibly 5-C

Name: Eleonore Esplenda, Elly, The Witch of Creation


Age: Likely in her mid-twenties.

Gender: Female

Classification: Witch

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energeia grants her Energy Manipulation, Aether Manipulation (Energeia was stated to be an ethereal substance - and also what powers mortals, nature and every aspect of the world) and Reactive Evolution (Those who possess Energeia can grow acclimated to and develop resistance to adverse effects on their being). Mind Control and Soul Removal (witches can remove the souls from targets and destroy or otherwise open way to the Land of the Dead and banish them, Overwhelming Aura (While definitely not as strong as Sephiria, Elly's immense levels of Energeia and the Chaos of her presence cause Magical Jamming, which interferes with and weakens or nullifies the powers of those in her vicinity, if she is not self-suppressed), Extrasensory Perception (for Enhanced Sight, Life Detection and Power Reading), Thread Manipulation, Instinctive Reaction (Because Elly's entire life has been a constant battle for survival amidst bloodshed and battlefields, incoming threats can trigger a 'defense mechanism' on her that makes her body react and answer on its own based on its memories of past patterns and assaults that aimed to kill her.)

Immortality (Type 1 and 2, possibly 5. - Will live eternally unless killed. Being as one with Chaos, the body of a Witch can continue functioning almost like a machine, no matter how torn apart it is, as long as they are still alive.) Chaos Manipulation allows her to disrupt and negate or bypass resistances, Information Analysis (with Chaos Scan), Able to affect and disassemble targets in every aspect of their being, as far as known --- body, mind, soul, the ethereal pathways to their powers, the foundation of Energeia itself and up to the conceptual level. One's existence as a whole can be assimilated into the Abyss, reformed into another plane or otherwise erased, Dimensional Travel, Corruption (Can corrupt, fill or otherwise taint the Auraments, Lands and Sorcery Formulas with Chaos for enhanced effects or to function as one and the same with her being).

Magic (weaponized Magic is one of the applications of Energeia. Since Energeia is what makes Reality into Possibility, Magic is a form of shaping reality according to the user's will and whim - within the limits of their power and spells), Non-Physical Interaction (Sorcery can affect or damage otherwise intangible beings and substances), Barrier Creation and Sealing (Can cast Bane of the Ethereal Pathways or Calamity Call -- several other formulas of Sorcery can also seal targets), Elemental Manipulation (of the Light, Dark, Water, Ice, Fire, Magma, Earth, Sand, Wind, Lightning and Flora variations (can manipulate the entire "Auramental roulette" of GI), Fungus Manipulation, Can breach forcefields and dispel seals with her own formulas, Petrification, Regeneration (Mid-High), Paralysis Inducement, several manners of Absorption - both from the environment and enemies, Elemental Shapeshifting (of the Full Conversion type) and Intangibility, Invisibility, Corrosion Inducement (via Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust), Heat Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (On a quantum level - through both the normal and corrupted variants of Disassembling Sorcery, as well as other sorcery formulas. As a witch, can also do so through "Chaotic Coalescence of Creation", albeit to a lesser extent than Alhazred's UniquA), Weather Manipulation, Vector Sorcery, Information Manipulation, Transmutation Sorcery, Plasma Manipulation, Duplication (can also duplicate foes with Sorcery such as Envy Envoy), Summoning (With Living Sorcery. Can also turn Auramental forces and aspects of nature itself into living 'summons', with certain formulas), Healing (With the healing branches of Restorer's Sorcery), Mortifer Sorcery, Gravity Sorcery, Statistics Reduction and Status Effect Inducement (Via Suspend ~ Implosion Sorcery), Statistics Amplification (and several other abilities for Empowerment via Enhancing Sorcery), Time Sorcery, Time Stop (via Chrono Halter and several formulas of the Horae), Attack Reflection, Absolute Zero, Pocket Reality Manipulation (With Realm Creation Sorcery), Poison and Acid Manipulation, Teleportation, Holy Manipulation (some branches of Sorcery can have Divine Components added to their formulas).

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level, possibly Moon level (The second strongest known witch. If raw power alone is considered, should be able to hold her own against a supressed Sephiria, who can generate power of these magnitudes. Some statements put her on the same destructive level as a single Aurizen - Each Regent Spirit having their own corresponding moon maintained by their power. The Aurizen of Flames - Ignatius Isarefh - could efortlessly melt the planet's surface/crust, something that would recquire this much energy.)

Speed: At least Relativistic+ (Can fight the likes of Mildred. Should at least be comparable to DO characters' speeds). Speed of Light with Laseray Sorcery of Sirius.

Lifting Strength: Class Z (Scales to Sephiria's lifting of a Tectonic Plate.)

Striking Strength: Multi-Continent Class, possibly Moon Class

Durability: Multi-Continent level, possibly Moon level (Her levels of Energeia should scale to her defensive capacity, making her body as resistant to damage as the destruction her powers can bring.)

Range: Melee range physically, much higher with Sorcery (Even if the Earth Aurament alone is considered, she could go as far as manipulating the Tectonic Plates of Greifor. Some of her powers can travel across planes. Connection with Chaos gives access to the Abyss and Teleportation through the world or other realms.).

Stamina: Has a limitless supply of Chaotic power by virtue of functioning as one with Chaos itself. Can stay active with use of her other powers for weeks by virtue of how she grew up perpetually fending off pursuers, enduring torture when captured and Chaos forcing her body to continue moving until dead. Inexhaustible if there's sunlight, as Flora Aurament users restore their Energeia reserves with the sun rays during the day.

Intelligence: Despite her young age, Elly is quite the capable witch in her own right: Even if raw power alone is not considered, she is wise enough in how to make the most of it, most of the time. Elly saw more fighting at her early childhood than most adventurers would through their lifetime and that alongside with her existence as a witch contributed to her development of every single Aurament there is. Other than that, she is exceptionally adept at learning or developing sorceries of her own, going as far as figuring out how to use Restorer's Sorcery after having it used on her enough times... To prolong her suffering whilst captured by enemies. The witch is oftentimes good at spotting flaws in abilities and what are the best ways to counter them, often studying enemies and allies alike to make progress.


  • None notable.


  • Alptraum Aether-Rose - Elly's broom. It's unknown if it holds some kind of power aside from those that any witch's broom already has.
  • Witches using brooms to fly around (even if they can do so without it) isn't uncommon, but they can also be used like a staff to further channel their powers through...
  • ...or even wielded like some kind of spear by older witches when they want to do physical battle. Elly isn't proficient in such a style of fighting.
  • Usually an extension of the witch's very being given form, as long as the user is alive they can always reform to their perfect state.
  • Magic can also be used to shapeshift its form in combat while keeping the properties, but many witches who actually do use brooms tend to keep them under such a form as an "emblem" of sorts to their nature. You might say it's like their own way of giving a warning.
  • Alptraum means Nightmare.
  • Kouyou (紅葉) and Rakuyou (落葉) - Twin kodachis that Elly has recently started practicing how to wield. There is nothing that special to the blades on their own, but thanks to Energeia infusing they are as resilient and with witchcraft, slashes from the edge can carry as many properties to them as the witch's powers.
  • That said and while Elly has particularly sharp instinctive reactions and theory knowledge, she has no particularly notorious experience in physical fighting. Using her own powers the way she usually does is thus far more of a go-to method than this. And more effective at that.
  • She currently took the sword as something to study overtime, but she doesn't expect much of a result anytime soon.
  • Kouyou and Rakuyou are both terms related to Autumn and its fallen leaves. A notion of ephemeral things, in Elly's eyes. Kouyou is the japanese word for "leaves changing color", whilst Rakuyou means "fallen leaves".

Notable Techniques/Attacks

Lightning Aurament:

  • Elly's innate control is over the Aurament of Lightning. On a more essential level, this Aurament also derives force from the Wind one. The most basic applications allow the user to generate powerful electricity or discharge lightning bolts at will. It may also cause complete numbing/paralysis in someone.
  • Elly's domain is advanced enough that she can also manipulate the weather, call upon clouds, heavy storms and the likes of supercells if she so desires.
  • She may use electricity to pull herself, others or objects at will. She can become as one with lightning by transforming herself into an Auramental form or 'travel' through said discharges.
  • Elly can cast Body Puppetry sorcery (such as Marionette Bolt) as well. An effect achieved by combining her Aurament with sorcery and making it flow along the currents of One's Energeia itself, attempting a "multi-layered" form of control of the target that goes well beyond the physical level.
  • For further uses, see the (soon to be updated) "Ye Olde Sorcery Blog".

Wind Aurament:

  • Control over Air. One of the more versatile Auraments if one knows how to use it. It can grant the ability to generate razor sharp edges of wind, survive in a vacuum, fly freely through the skies, generate vibrations capable of "breaking the air" or even turn oneself invisible.
  • The most common of its applications is to amplify one's speed with it. The very atmosphere surrounding someone can be reinforced and used as a prison to halt their movements, to asphyxiate them and so on. Sound may also be nullified, be the sounds produced by her or others.

Earth Aurament:

  • Control over the Earth allows the user to petrify foes... Or in the much more advanced levels, generate devastating earthquakes, petrify things that transcend the physical plane of existence, going further into control of Gravity itself with some of its related sorceries and primordial property, and so forth.

Sand Aurament:

  • Control over the Sand Aurament allows one to change and reform their bodies like grains of sand. It is usually limited by their reserves of Energeia, which makes this a rather deadly Aurament when combined with Flora during the day as its referred to "as the user becoming an inexhaustible desert", given how the sand can reform their bodies and the sun can recharge them as many times as needed.
  • It can also allow someone to manipulate or generate whole dunes of dust, control dust that holds any similar elements in its composition and even asphyxiate someone by allowing them to breathe the dust in the air...
  • ...Or worse, making each grain grow reinforced within them, turning into deadly weapons that strike from the inside out.

Fire Aurament:

  • Control over the Aurament of Fire. It allows the user to manifest flames or make targets enter spontaneous combustion depending on their affinity to it. On higher levels, it allows one to control the very notions of heat and ever higher temperatures, in living beings or the ambient --- it can also help in generating conditions in nature for certain phenomena to manifest.
  • Other than that, the fire aurament can also allow its users some enhanced senses such as infrared/thermal vision.

Magma Aurament:

  • A combination of the Fire and Earth Auraments. It can allow one to either generate or control the magma running below the Earth. Advanced users can get empowered by the very geothermal energy or the flowing "lifeforce" as well as the core of a planet. They may also generate powerful volcanic eruptions if left unchecked.

Water Aurament:

  • Control over Water. Other than the standard water waves generation, it can allow for someone to manipulate the very water within organisms or the particles in the air, give it pressure and so on. It is a rather deadly Aurament by virtue of how it may also allow the manipulation of a victim's very blood or inner fluids with enough control.
  • It also makes Healing stronger and has a number of life generating sorcery added to it.

Ice Aurament:

  • Very similar to water in its basic applications, however it also covers flash-freezing objects or living beings and controlling the temperature to lower levels. One can also make things such as snow fall rather than rain and so on. The much bigger changes happen in the advanced users, where for example, the Stasis primordial property differs entirely from how Water's works.

Flora Aurament:

  • At the most basic, this Aurament grants its user the power to gain abilities of nature. Things such as sprouting trees, regrowing lost limbs and using sunlight as a source of energy, like any other plant does.
  • With enough of an inclination for it, this can create fungi as well. From a variety of poisonous to parasitic, sleep inducing or even monstrous plants, Elly can overwhelm enemies with roots and spores.
  • It would seem that this power also lets her control small animals, an ability that is otherwise only shown by Naomeen --- though the latter is much better at it than the Witch herself.

Light Aurament:

  • Control over the Light allows one to make use of it as a weapon, as well as channel the Laseray Sorcery of Sirius. Though its potency is weak for starters, it later can gain a variety of abilities. Some focus on sheer devastation, others in its blinding speed and others still into purification or empowerment with the Aurament itself.
  • It may also allow for Lightspeed Travel or even breaking such limits by channeling one's speed through the Ethereal Pathways of Light, at which point one can tap into speeds and notions of primordial light that are far superior to the one determined by Sirius at the dawn of the current world's Creation.

Darkness Aurament:

  • The darkness Aurament allows one to corrupt and infuse objects or living beings with its powers. It can generate tendrils of the dark to bind and carry something or even manipulate the shadows of beings to do one's bidding. It can also allow one to teleport through shadows --- the distance tends to vary from one's affinity or training with this skill.
  • It can allow one to damage the notions of shadows in higher levels to bypass the defenses, immortality and regeneration of the target and have them damaged in full as the shadow was -- until that is restored by some manner.
  • With higher ability and study, its through this Aurament that one can develop the ability to cast curses, assuming they don't have an initial inclination towards it.

Sorcery and Further Info on Auramental Related Abilities:


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Personal Info

Philosophy of Life: "Omnia praesumuntur legitime facta donec probetur in contrarium." (All things are presumed to be lawfully done, until it is shown - to be - in the reverse.)/ "Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt." (The Fates lead the willing... And drag the unwilling.)

Date of Birth: May 29

Horoscope/Zodiac: Gemini

Birthplace: Unknown.

Values: Elly herself doesn't know for sure.

Hobbies: Reading, playing the piano, cat's cradle.

Likes: Reading, spiders (only the kinds that stay in their own webs and don't walk around), the fantasy genre, rainy weather. Writing in her diary, studying sorcery. Has a taste for Lady Baltimore cake, lettuce salad, and fillet of flounder. Last but not least, likes coffee and maple syrup.

Dislikes: Those who take away or bind the notion of "Freedom" from others. Otherwise, unknown.

Eye Color: Emerald Green.

Hair Color: Black.

Status: Alive and active.

Affiliation: Herself. At times, the Isfetiamat. Other times, the Imperial Forces/Azoth Senate as a hired mercenary of sorts.


Facts about the character

- If she had a battle theme, I could imagine it sounding something like the Chaotic Labyrinth version of Battle for Everyone's Souls. Also, the Reason Boss Theme from SMT Nocturne.

- One of the songs I associate with her character is Burnout by 10 Years, from (how to live) AS GHOSTS.

- She keeps both the name meaning as her counterpart had. As different as she may be in many other fronts, her approach towards its message may remain very much the same, however...

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