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Elemental Saga is a story about elementals, a race of tall, cyclops-like aliens who possess abnormally superhuman physical capabilities with extraordinary regenerative properties that make immortal. The reason they are called elementals is that they are capable of controlling a certain "element," the rudimentary, simplest, or essential parts/principles of which nature consists. Elements consist of one of the four stages of matter which are solid, liquid, gaseous, and plasma, this, in turn, allows an elemental to create, shape, and/or manipulate said form of matter depending on their element.

Elementals are divided into innumerable amounts of subspecies based on the element they control; elementals capable of controlling the gaseous element of fire are called pyrokinetics, those that control the liquid element of water are called aquakinetics, those that control the solid element of ice are called cryokinetics, and so on and so forth. But, they are also those capable of controlling a "special/exotic" element which isn't directly related to a state of matter if not a form of energy or a vector. Examples of such elements are Gravity, Light, and Space.

The story of Elemental Saga follows a certain elemental named Asura whose element is aquakinesis. Asura found out about an intergalactic organization called the Gods of the Kosmos that rules the entire Universe, after finding out about the atrocities they commit, he decided to free the universe from their clutches by traveling across the entire Universe and eliminating them one by one. Along his journey, Asura is faced with many obstacles he must overcome as he makes both allies and enemies. He cannot afford to lose any of his battles since his death would mean the rebirth of a malignant entity that lies dormant within him...

Astral Essence

Astral Essence is the basics of existence, it is a form of life energy that resides within and makes up the very existence of almost everything in the entire Cosmos ranging from things like plants and animals to planets and stars, everything that can be considered “organic” or “essential” to the universe. By drawing it out, one can manifest it in various different forms such as fuel for technological advances as demonstrated by Deimos, for destruction such as creating nuclear weapons whose power exceeds a gigaton, for creation as demonstrated by elementals and their various supernatural elements, and many other ways. Astral Essence in its fundamental form is completely intangible and cannot be perceived by mortals, only Elementals, Demons, Angels, and Gods can naturally interact with it in its fundamental form; however, by using specialized equipment, one can also interact and use this ethereal energy such as Deimos and his 3rd Generation Cyborgs

Astral Core

The Astral Core is the collection of one's Astral Essence, it is a glowing orb of Astral Essence in its fundamental form, it resides within all living and nonliving beings. The Astral Core of a living being acts as their soul containing everything that makes them who they are including all of their memories, their personality, and their power; if it is an elemental, angel, or demon, it also contains their skills and element. The Astral Core is where one’s Astral Essence is stored, for elementals it is the energy they use to manifest their element while for angels and demons it is what they use to manifest their skills. The Astral Core cannot be interacted with by an external source such as an opponent until the individual has died, when they die, their body disappears and all that is left is their Astral Core floating in the air. Unlike most races, after killing their opponents, elementals, angels, and demons can absorb their Astra Core and gain all of their memories, skills, power, and even their element. However, after absorbing their opponent’s Astral Core, they enter a period known as hibernation in which they remain in a dormant state as if in a deep sleep which lasts about a month or so, after this period, they become vastly stronger as they have their own power, alongside their opponent’s. Alternatively, hibernation can be negated if the person in question isn’t an opponent, if not an ally of some sort where they can willingly give their Astral Core to someone else as seen with Perseres and Amaya who sacrificed themselves in order to make Asura stronger. However, the requirements are extremely hard requiring the person to be 100% willing to do it for an extraordinarily firm cause, meaning that someone cannot tamper with their mind or emotions in attempts to make them give their Astral Core to their opponents

Natural Limiter

The natural limiter is a universal constant that puts a limit on all living beings that stops them from ever becoming stronger unless they absorb another lifeform and add its power to their own. Without training, an elemental has access to around 10% and 20% of their full power. A somewhat experienced elemental can access between 20% and 50%, a fully trained or highly experienced elemental can access between 50% and 80% of their full potential with a very small minority capable of accessing 100%. This is known as the natural limiter which stops any living being from accessing anything more than 100% of their full potential. However, a select few are capable of entering the Realm of the Gods and by using a fraction of Primordial Essence, they are capable of temporarily breaking their limit, surpassing even 100% of their power and obtaining semi-godhood which multiplies their power by over one million times


Elements are fundamental aspects or essential parts/principles that nature consists of, each element consists of one of the four stages of matter which are solid, liquid, gaseous, and plasma. The manipulation of an element is usually referred to as “kinesis” while having a prefix to identify which element is being manipulated, for example, the manipulation/control of the element known as water is called Aquakinesis which detonates the liquid state of matter. Examples of elements that detonate the other states of matter are the control of the element known as ice or Cryokinesis for solid, the control of the element known as fire or Pyrokinesis for gaseous, and the control of the element known as lightning or Fulgurkinesis for plasma. However, elements don’t end there, there are also "special/exotic" elements which aren't directly related to a state of matter if not a form of energy or a vector, examples of such elements is the control of the element which bounds all celestial bodies known as gravity or Gravitokinesis, the control of the element that illuminates the entire universe known as light or Luminokinesis, and the control of the element that encompasses any and everything in the Cosmos known as space or Spatiokinesis. The amount of elements is practically innumerable as even the control of minute things such as cloth or metal would be considered an element

Holy Armament

Holy Armaments are special weapons that synchronize with the user’s element and create a unique ability that allows them to stand out from ordinary weapons. The unique ability created by the Holy Armament is usually massively more powerful than anything the user’s race could ever do naturally and once the synchronization is over, it cannot be undone. Holy Armaments are also integrated with a massive amount of Astral Essence the user can access which allows them to enter a form called Astral Mode that increases their power several times over. Because Holy Armaments are synced with their user’s Astral Core, only the owner can wield the weapon since even if it was destroyed or somehow removed from the user, the Holy Armament would just re-materialize in the user’s hand. There are countless variations of Holy Armaments whose unique skill has an extremely powerful spin on the user’s element that is usually more powerful than anything the user can do on their own

Kosmic Ring

Kosmic Rings are as their name suggests, a set of 10 rings that were created by the leader of the intergalactic organization known as the Gods of the Kosmos, Indra. These rings originate from the ten fragments of a tablet that was an artifact Indra used to seal off the world of the dead or the Underworld and Celestia from the world of the living or Anima which ceased any Gods from traveling to and from worlds. When Indra created the rings, the concept of their design was heavily inspired by the Aegean God’s Holy Armament named the Arcobaleno Ring. In their original form, they are small, rocky, rectangular, slab-like stones that are shaped like miniature tablets. These tables are given to each one of the Kosmic Gods and by synchronizing them with their Astral Core, they form into a colorless ring which then adapts a color that relates to the user’s element as the miniature tablet turns into a Kosmic Ring; once the synchronization is over, it cannot be undone. The Kosmic Rings have many functions that allow them to carry out their mission of keeping the balance in Anima, the world of the living. The first of these functions is a build-in, holographic radar, or “minimap” which allows the Kosmic God to gain all of the total information of any location or object within a radius of a hundred billion light-year. This ability is useful even in battle as it extends to the user’s eyes and acts as a contact lens of some sort which can read all the information on the battlefield with incredible accuracy as if it were some sort of futuristic artificial intelligent computer. If the Kosmic God is an elemental, all of their analytic abilities are amplified through the roof, if they aren’t an elemental, it gives them the analytic abilities of an elemental while massively amplifying them. The second function works in conjunction with the first as it allows for instantaneous teleportation to the coordinates of any location that is within the limits of the holographic radar/ “minimap.” The activation period of the teleport is ten seconds and the Kosmic God has to be out of conflict for it to work, meaning that they have to be standing still in one location for it to work. The teleportation can also work on multiple individuals as long as they agree to be teleported. This is mainly what allows the Kosmic Gods to carry out their mission as the first function also allows them to detect whenever someone is classified as “good” or “evil" and allow them to find a densely packed location of "evil" or “good” individuals to exterminate. The third and final function of the ring is to act as a Holy Armament for the Kosmic God. Once the synchronization with the Kosmic God’s Astral Core finishes and the ring gains a color, that ring will forever be integrated with that Kosmic God’s Astral Core. The result of the synchronization is the ring will be capable of transforming into a weapon of the Kosmic God’s choice which will act as their Holy Armament whose color scheme will be the same as the ring. Like any Holy Armament, the Kosmic Ring will create an ability that is usually massively more powerful than anything the Kosmic God or their race could ever do naturally. The Kosmic Rings are also integrated with a massive amount of Astral Essence which the user can access that allows them to enter a form called Astral Mode which increases their power several times over

Gods of the Kosmos

The Gods of the Kosmos are an organization of ten members called "Kosmic Gods;" their mission is to regulate the balance of both good and evil throughout the universe. If the balance is 51% evil and 49% good, they have to balance it and keep it at 50% Evil and 50% good by completely eradicating good or evil. Because of how massive the universe is, the balance doesn't change a noticeable amount when looking at the full picture, the changes are usually around 1 quintillionth of 1% of the total amount of people in the universe, or by less than 0.000000000000000001%. But since the universe is so massive, this results in millions of individuals being massacred a day to keep this balance. Because the Kosmic Gods kill so many individuals on a daily basis, the balance is bound to shift due to them killing more than necessary; to stop this, Indra decided to divide their work 10 where each Kosmic God is assigned to regulate one of 10 Superclusters that exist in the universe, this means that rather than managing the entire universe, they only have to manage 1/10th of the universe. But the universe is very large, it is infinite, but there is a finite amount of matter within the universe, this is known as the “Observable Universe” which has a diameter of over 100 Billion LY, meaning that each Supercluster is spread across 10 Billion Light Years, in order for them to travel these insane, intergalactic  distances in such a short amount of time, they are given special rings called Kosmic Rings which allows them to teleport anywhere they desire and detect whenever someone is classified as “Good” or “Evil.” The Kosmic Rings were created by the head of the organization or the 1st Ranked Kosmic God who is an elemental called Indra that has power rivaling the Gods themselves

Black Ops Unit

The Black Ops Unit is the name of the first set of four 3rd generation cyborgs created by Deimos but it is derived from a plan formulated by Deimos called Project Black Ops where he used 4% of the Earth's Astral Essence in order to create four next-gen cyborgs. At the time, Deimos only powered two of them, Sora and Kuro, for the sole purpose of killing and collecting 1 billion humans in order to extract their Astral Essence. This unit was a breakthrough on various fronts as this was the first time Deimos created a cyborg from scratch rather than infusing a human's Astral Core in order to inhabit them. This generation of cyborgs were emotionless machines with no freedom created specifically for killing, their efficiency was like nothing the world had ever seen, as they knew every form of hand to hand combat, how to drive and operate any kind of machinery, how to wield any weapon on an expert level, etc… They were like a perfected human being. But it doesn't end there, what made them especially dangerous as their physical capabilities and arsenal which Deimos was very proud of. Their physical capabilities allowed them to withstand the detonation of the most powerful nuclear warhead known to man, Titan, who's yield was equivalent to over a billion tons of TNT, while also exceeding its power with their attacks. Their hypersonic speeds were unmatched by even the fastest fighter jet in the world which could travel around the planet in under an hour while the 3rd Generation Cyborgs could do this in under a minute. But the real groundbreaking advancement came in the form of "Boosters" which are exhaust-like entries in their palms and feet which allowed them to shoot beams of Astral Essence which could vaporize almost anything it came in contact with, the force exerted from these boosters is what allowed them to fly since it propelled them at insanely high speeds


They're a race of tall cyclops-like beings with long pointy ears that have extraordinary physical prowess allowing them to split entire boulders with a single strike, lift an entire building with a single-arm, run faster than the speed of sound, endure being hit by a truck, react to bullets, etc… They also possess an unreal regenerative property that allows them to heal and recover from any and every injury instantaneously, even to the point of regrowing entire body parts including any and all organs, muscles, bones, veins, blood, etc… Their regenerative property is part of their physiology which works on a cellular level allowing them to recover as long as a single one of their cells exists. Their regeneration is so powerful that no toxin, no venom, no disease, or anything of that nature can affect it or bypass it nor can no tech or science create something that could. It is completely and utterly invincible. Elementals can also live indefinitely and cannot grow past their physical prime. The reason they are called “elementals” is that they can control fundamental aspects or essential parts/principles that nature consists of known as “elements.” The manipulation of an element is usually referred to as "kinesis" while having a prefix to identify which element is being manipulated, for example, the manipulation/control of the element known as water is called aquakinesis which is Asura’s element. The term elemental is derived from the word element and basically means "those that control elements." Elementals the largest race in the Cosmos and are divided into subspecies based on the element they control, they have a unique ability that allows them to cover themselves in a fluorescent aura of Astral Essence which massively increases both their physical and elemental capabilities. They also have a variety of skills that are instilled in their Astral Core and based on their element, they can fly by using their aura, and lastly, they can detect if someone else is lying by licking their face


They are mechanically engineered organisms created by Deimos, the smartest human in history, with the ultimate goal of total technological progress. There are a total of 3 generations of cyborgs with each serving a specific purpose. The first generation, or proto-cyborgs, were the first attempt at creating a fully cybernetic organism and it was a replica of Deimos’ dog. However, this cyborg was not intelligent if not like any ordinary robot but vastly more advanced, what Deimos wanted was something that could transcend humanity; and that’s when he began experimenting with Astral Essence. After weeks of research, Deimos found a way to animate the proto-cyborg by transferring the Astral Core of his dig, within the machine. This scientific breakthrough was truly revolutionary as it paved the way for Deimos to create what would later be called the second generation of cyborgs. The second generation of cyborgs is the result of countless improvements to the proto-cyborg which opted to create a mechanical vessel for a soul rather than attempting to create artificial intelligence that mimicked humans in both intelligence and abilities. The first of the second generation of cyborgs was Deimos himself as he left behind his mortal bindings and transcended humanity while being completely indistinguishable from the original as it was layered with artificially constructed skin-like looking material. As a second-generation cyborg, Deimos became immortal and significantly more efficient at every and anything removing the need for eating, breathing, sleeping, and every other human function and restraint. The next version of cyborgs wasn’t created until almost 40 years later in the year 2049 which marked the beginning of WW3 which would later be called the Great War; this saw the rise to the 2nd and 3rd Mark of 2nd generation cyborgs. The Mark II 2nd generation of cyborgs were created as a form of supersoldiers and came about by Deimos adding weaponry and improving the defense of the standard 2nd generation of cyborgs. The power of a Mark II 2nd generation cyborg was unmatched, it had the power and armor of a tank with the speed and precision of a bullet while also possessing the ability to fly like a jet; Nothing or no one could stand against this special unit Deimos created. Eventually, the superpowers of the world launched an Astral Warhead whose yield exceeded a gigaton, the detonation of this bomb destroyed basically everything Deimos created which forced his hand and he immediately began creating and designing far superior cyborgs, and by the 22nd of January 2050, came out with the 2nd generation of cyborgs Mark III and transferred his body into it. This upgraded generation of cyborgs was nothing but a machine of mass destruction, it was equipped with artillery that rivaled nuclear weapons in power with enough speed to travel around the Earth in an hour. After the great war ended in 2050, Deimos spent most of his time rebuilding and repairing what was destroyed by the bomb; the next advancement in cybernetic organisms would not come until the year 2089 when the world had basically recovered from the Great War. The next advancement was like nothing the world had ever seen and at the time only four of them were manufactured, unlike the previous versions, these cyborgs were similar to the idea which started it all, creating artificial life. They were emotionless cybernetic organisms with no Astral Core created specifically just for killing rather than technological advancement, they were the most difficult unit yet and it took him almost a year to create them, they were the 3rd generation of cyborgs, The Black Ops Unit. This unit was a breakthrough on various fronts as this was the first time he created a person from scratch, their arsenal was unreal as they could project energy from their hands and legs which allowed them to fly and shoot beams of energy that could vaporize matter and whose power exceeded that of the Astral Bomb used to destroy Academy City, the capital of the united states


The Disaster Class is a system created by Uriel for the officers of the Intergalactic Agency which allows them to classify and rank criminals based on how much destruction the individual can cause and in turn dispatch a suitable officer to deal with it. This system lowers the death of many officers since they don’t dispatch weak officers to deal with a powerful threat, if not send a scouting team to determine the power of a threat, then send the appropriate officers to deal with it. The rankings are based on how much Astral Essence the individual possesses which directly relates to their physical and elemental prowess, however, this can sometimes be misleading since while it isn’t always the case, many elementals have skills whose destructive power is far greater than what the user is ranked at which can have a major effect in determining how much of a threat someone actually is; that’s why a group of stronger officers is usually sent to deal with a threat rather than just several officers of the same power ranking as the criminal. The ranking goes as follows:

C Rank

  • Threatening: A threat capable of toppling an entire building, a large structure with a roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place; a threat that can cause widespread damage to a collection/group of buildings that is surrounded by streets is also ranked in this class. These threats can usually be handled by several low ranking officers
  • Dangerous: A threat that can cause widespread damage to an entire village, a clustered settlement or community with a population typically ranging in the thousand; a threat that can cause widespread damage to a town, a larger settlement with a community ranging in the tens of thousands is also classified in this class. Threats of this level are usually handled by dozens of low ranking officers or a mid-ranking officer
  • Disastrous: A threat that can cause widespread damage to several large towns whose population ranges in the hundreds of thousands. While a threat of this level can be dealt with by a grouping of mid-ranking officers, a high-rank officer usually deals with these threats

B Rank

  • Calamitous: A threat that can obliterate an entire mountain, a large landform formed through tectonic forces or volcanism which locally raises above the surrounding land in a limited area of a planet’s surface in the form of a peak; those that can cause widespread damage to a mountain range, a series of mountains ranging in a line and connected by high ground with similarity in form, structure, and alignment that have arisen from the same cause, usually an orogeny are also classified in this class. Threats of this rank require about half a dozen or so high ranking Officers to deal with
  • Catastrophic: A threat that can eliminate entire islands, an area of land smaller than a continent and entirely surrounded by water off the map; those that can cause widespread damage to an archipelago, an extensive group of islands is also classified in this class. A threat of this level requires the combined effort of several dozens to possibly even hundreds of the highest-ranking officers

A Rank

  • Cataclysmic: A threat that can cause widespread damage to entire continental masses, a very large landmass which usually houses billions of individuals; a planet usually only has about ten landmasses of this size in which the entire population resides. None other than an elite officer can take on a threat of this level
  • Colossal: A threat of this level is presumed to be capable of wiping out entire civilizations and are seen as a threat to the planet itself. A being of this level is extremely rare as they are usually capable of ruining an entire planet by causing widespread damage to its entire surface to the point it is inhabitable and devoiding it of all life. At this point, the entirety of the Intergalactic Agency’s army is required to take down this threat

S Rank

  • Lunar: A threat that can split and fracture entire planetoids or planets, an astronomical object orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity whose radius is under fifty thousand kilometers. Threats of this level require the Intergalactic Agency’s CEO, Uriel to step in
  • Celestial: A threat than can destroy entire planets, an astronomical object orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity whose radius is over one hundred thousand kilometers. Threats of this level are a challenge to Uriel
  • Supernova: A threat that can cause the total destruction of a star, an astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity. This is the highest rank of the Disaster Class system and threats of this level can take on Uriel and give him a run for his money even at full power. The classes beyond this point are Disaster Class rank S+, SS, SS+, SSS, and SSS+ created by Sora, Azrath, and Asura and are used to describe threats whose power transcends the capabilities of the Intergalactic Agency; these classes are:

S+ Rank

  • Hypernova: A threat that can eliminate traces of entire solar systems, a gravitationally bound system of a star, and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. The objects that orbit the star directly are eight or more planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, dwarf planets, and small Solar System bodies. This class was created by Sora and is used to classify the strongest of Kosmic Gods

SS Rank

  • Quasar: A threat that can completely eradicate any trace of galaxies or entire superclusters, a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter. This class was created by Asura and is used to classify Seraphs and Red Devils

SS+ Rank

  • Armageddon: A threat can cause the total and complete destruction of everything within the living world, this includes all of energy in its various forms, such as electromagnetic radiation and matter, and therefore planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space. This class was also created by Asura and is used to classify beings second to only the Gods themselves; the strongest Seraph and Red Devil

SSS Rank

  • Ragnarök: A threat to the Cosmos itself, the macrocosm which contains three infinite four-dimensional structures known as Celestia, the Living World, and the Underworld. This threat class is used to classify only 4 entities in existence, 3 of these entities are known as “Gods” who, at full power, transcend most things that bound mortals. This class was created by Azrath to classify the Gods

SSS+ Rank



The Void is a planet run by Juro whose main attraction is a colosseum-like arena with 5 segments called divisions which consist of 20 rounds. The 5 divisions are division D, division C, division B, division A, and division S. To ascend a division, you must win 20 consecutive rounds against individuals of the same division. The reason Juro created the arena was to watch exciting battles of people fighting at their best since he could not fight anyone at his best due to being so powerful. What allures people to participate in the Void is the reward, the reward is Astral Essence which Juro extracts from the star the Void orbits, he gives this energy to those who have ascended a division with the amount of energy given depends on their performance but there is always a bare minimum; this energy can be absorbed in order to make the participant stronger. The dimensions of The Void’s main attraction, the arena is as follows: The colosseum-like arena has a diameter of 500 m, the platform itself has a diameter of 50 m, the ring out zone has a diameter of 10 m and the stands take up the rest capable of holding over 100,000 spectators at once


Lagos is a planet that is about as large as Jupiter and is made of 97% water, it is several light-years away from both the Earth and Void and is the location where the aquakinetics live. Lagos used to be a desolate planet similar to mars, but it is said that when the hero of legends, the Aegean God, died millions of years ago, he died on this desolate planet which later flourished with his life energy and gave rise to a new subspecies of elementals who could create and control the liquid state of matter known as water; these being are called aquakinetics and descended from the Aegean God. When the aquakinetics first came into existence, there was a minor dispute as to who would act as their leader, but this was ignored as there were only a few hundred aquakinetics and they focused on building a civilization before choosing someone to rule them. But as time went on and the aquakinetics grew in not only population but in every department related to the foundations of society, at this point, a leader was necessary to oversee the aquakinetics. Like any emperor, they needed to be strong and have good intentions, but since they all descended from the Aegean God, the latter was unnecessary as they were all good elementals at heart for the most part. In order to determine a powerful leader, they decided to hold a tournament in which everyone would battle and the winner would be elected as the leader of aquakinetics as they had instilled in their memories that the strongest aquakinetics, were the closest ones related to the Aegean God. When this tournament took place, there were tens of thousands of aquakinetics so it took some to finish. After a few weeks, the semi-finals took place where there were only four aquakinetics left Aqua, Asura, Azure, and Kara. When Azure fought against Kara, their battle ended with Azure killing Kara, because of this, he was seen as unfit to rule the aquakinetics and while his life was spared, he was exiled from the planet. This event shook the aquakinetics but the tournament needed to end in order for a leader to be selected, since there was only one match left, they decided to just continue. In the finale, the aquakinetics who faced off against each other were Aqua and Asura, this battle would determine the fate of the aquakinetics and also reveal who is the first descendant of the Aegean God. The battle was incredible as the two strongest aquakinetics duked it out, but in the end, a winner was determined, Aqua lost the battle as Asura became the leader of the aquakinetics and the emperor of the planet which he named Lagos, but seeing something in Aqua, he appointed her as his second in command who had practically the same level of authority as himself

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