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Elemental Saga is a story that follows Asura, an elemental who found out about an organization called the Gods of the Kosmos who rules the universe, he decided to free the universe from their clutches while having a portion of the power of a god within him


Spiritual Energy

Spirit is the basics of existence, it is a form of energy that resides inside every entity and object. By drawing it out, an individual can manifest it in various different forms

Spiritual Intensity

Spiritual intensity is a numerical value assigned to how much spiritual energy an object or being possesses


The essence is the collection of one's spiritual energy, it is a glowing orb of condensed spirit that resides in the core of all living beings. It contains the existence of living beings. A being's essence is like their battery, the charge is their spiritual energy and the battery itself is the essence, the charge can be used and regenerated but the battery itself cannot

Skill Types

Elementals, Demons, Angels, and Dragons all have a set of skills that are instilled in their essence, however, elementals are the only race who's skills are divided into three different categories

Normal Skills

Are those that any elemental from a specific race can learn, these are divided into a subcategory that goes basic, advanced, and expert with each presenting a certain difficulty in mastering them

Unique Skills

Are those that are unique to individual elementals and cannot be learned by others, the only way to gain a unique skill is to be born with it or absorb an elemental who has it

Ultimate Skill

The strongest type of skills that, like unique skills cannot be learned by others but unlike unique skills, ultimate skills require the elemental to awaken it by training or other means


They're tall cyclops-like beings with pointy ears and a very youthful appearance that can control a certain element, they have the ability to heal from virtually any injury and have an insane physical ability that outshines most races. elementals live forever as their as they lack most internal organs humans posses and cannot physically grow old. They are the largest race in the Cosmos and have a unique physiology that allows them to absorb the essence of others changing their own physiology in a way that they gain the benefits of the other race without any of the drawbacks, they can transform massively increasing their spiritual energy making them stronger, they have a variety of personal skills which are instilled in their essence, they can fly by creating an aura made of their spiritual energy, and can detect if another being is lying by licking their sweat


Humans are scientists that have harnessed the spiritual energy of objects and even other beings and apply it in various fields including Agriculture, Medicine, Infrastructure, Education, Transport, Combat, etcetera and vastly upgrade their technology. However, after the Great War, they were divided into two, the "good" humans and the "evil" humans


They're a race that inhabits a planet called Animalia. They have the unique ability to shapeshift where they enhance their physical ability by applying certain animal characteristics. Depending on their spiritual intensity, a selected few have the potential to become magicians, magicians are those who are born with the potential of wielding magic who are able to manifest beings known as Servants to fight for them, Servants have their own arsenal of skills and the strongest of Magicians can even have multiple Servants out at once


Rather than being massive animals with wings, they are rare humanoid beings with the characteristics of dragons, they use spirit like elementals but don't manifest it as an element but as certain skills. They exist in the Living World and in terms of fighting capability, they outclass elementals. They can also regenerate and unlike elementals, it doesn't use up their spirit but their regeneration is inferior


They are beings who exist in a realm separate from the Living World and are the representation of evil and use spirit similarly to Dragons. They are ruled by Anarchy, the Demon Queen, and her four Red Devils who all reside in the Underworld


Angels are the exact opposite of Demons, residing in Celestia they are the representation of good in the Cosmos, they use spirit like Demons and their hierarchy is comprised of four Arch Angels and the Supreme Deity

Celestial Guardians

They are entities that protect the gates of Celestia and the Underworld

Other organisms

There exist organisms that are neither of the races above and inhabit the majority of the Living World and can't use spiritual energy

Gods of the Kosmos

They are an organization comprised of ten "Kosmic Gods" with most of them having subordinates called "Kosmic Angels". The Kosmic Gods control a section of the Universe which size depends on their power, for example, Juro is the weakest member who has a spiritual intensity of 180,000 in his ascended state and he controls the entire milky way, Kale who's the 4th ranked member has a spiritual intensity of 900,000 in her base form, controls 1/10th of the universe. They regulate the balance of good and evil of said territory they control, if the balance is 40/60, they have to put it to 50/50 exterminating good or evil. The head of this organization is called Indra who is an elemental with power rivaling the gods

Holy Armament

They are special weapons wielded by elementals, with each having a special ability that allows them to stand out from standard equipment. Holy Armaments are synced with their owner's essence meaning they're the only ones who can wield the weapon, Each Holy Armament has a spiritual intensity which when wielded is added to the elemental's base gaining al the benefits from their transformations. They regenerate when destroyed and the spiritual intensity can be increased by infusing it with spiritual energy making it stronger


Books that allow beastmen to manifest their spiritual energy as a servant. Similar to Holy Armaments, only the owners can use the Servants within it, ownership can be transferred if the current owner dies or transfers ownership with their spiritual energy infused with the Grimoire


They're skills that elementals can acquire that increase their physical spiritual energy. There are divided into Tiers

  • Awakening: Elementals when they have reached their natural limit where they can no longer improve or get stronger by any means unless they absorb another being. Once pushed, they are capable of ascending that limit and increasing their spiritual energy, this form is known as 'Awakening' which increases the elemental's abilities dozens of times over. This form increases spiritual intensity by 150%, once transformed an elemental's muscle mass and height increases, their sclera turn black as a dark crack like marking stretches from each end of their eye to their jawline
  • Ascension: A form that no amount of vigorous training will unlock, only those who have the potential to phase the surface of the realm of the gods are capable of entering this form, it increases the user's spiritual energy higher than awakening while being stacked on top of it. This form increases their spiritual energy by 200% over Awakening the demand for spirit is lowered, They remain all the physical characteristics as before with this form, their muscle mass, and height increase even further as his hair grows longer and spikier, a second dark crack like marking stretches from each end of their eye to their abdomen with the one stretching to their jaw further extending to their fingers. On the left side of their head, they grew a singular horn around their hairline with about the length of their head that takes up about a third of their head in width. It also has cracklike markings that connect to their eye
  • Limit Breaker: By fully submerging into the realm of the gods, a selected elemental is capable of temporarily removing their limiter giving them unlimited spiritual energy for a short period while increasing their power dozens of times above ascension. In this form, their entire body is filled with cracked like markings that glow the same color as their eye with a dark outline, they grow an additional horn on their right side of their head that is identical to the other time, their hair grows down passing the user's waist. This form increases their spiritual energy by 300% over Ascension and elemental bypass the need for spirit, however, it consumes 5% of their total spiritual energy a second

Dragon Forms

Similar to elementals, dragons have a transformation

  • Enraged True Dragon: A form that enhances spiritual energy by 300% while also having limitless spiritual energy. While in this state the more they fight the more they are enraged which allow them to become stronger


They are physical manifestations of a beastmen's spiritual energy that are brought to life by Grimoires

Disaster Class

The Disaster Class is a system created by the Galactic Agency which measures the amount of destruction an individual can cause, the class is based on spiritual intensity but other factors like skills can have a major role in it

B Rank

  • Threatening: A threat to buildings; beings with a spiritual intensity over 500
  • Dangerous: A threat to entire towns; beings with a spiritual intensity over 1,000
  • Disasterous:  A threat to an entire city; beings with a spiritual intensity over 2,000

A Rank

  • Calamitous: A threat to mountains or islands; beings with a spiritual intensity between 5,000 and 20,000
  • Catastrophic: A threat to countries; beings with a spiritual intensity between 20,000 and 40,000
  • Cataclysmic: A threat to continents; beings with a spiritual intensity between 50,000 and 100,000

S Rank

  • Lunar: A threat to a moon; beings with a spiritual intensity over 100,000
  • Exospheric: A threat to a planet; beings with a spiritual intensity over 200,000

Z Rank

  • Astral: A threat to a star; beings with spiritual intensity between 300,000 and 500,000
  • Supernova: A threat to large stars; with spiritual intensity over 500,000


  • Hypernova: A threat to solar systems; beings with a spiritual intensity over 1,000,000
  • Quasar: A threat to galaxies; being with a spiritual intensity over 10,000,000
  • Armageddon: A threat to the Living World; beings with a spiritual intensity over 100,000,000
  • Ragnarök: A threat to the Cosmos itself; Beings with a spiritual intensity over 999,999,999



The Cosmos is the collection of three infinite space-times in which the events of Elemental Saga take place, it is comprised of Celestia, The Living World, and The Underworld


This is the upper layer of the Cosmos that is concerned with keeping the balance of good in the Cosmos and where "good" dead entities go and become Angels, it is inhabited by Angels and ruled by four Arch Angels and the Supreme Deity Yhmrus who all live on a floating island surrounded by clouds larger than galaxies. The gates of Celestia are protected by a Celestial Guardian named Angelica

The Living World

This is the middle layer of the Cosmos where all other races live and is also where the majority of elemental Saga takes place. It is comprised of countless Galaxies and civilizations

The Underworld

The lower layer of the Cosmos which contains a massive planet rivaling galaxies in size. It is where "evil" dead entities go and become demons. It's ruled by the Demon Queen Anarchy and like Celestia, it's gates are protected by a Celestial Guardian named Vulcan

Story Arcs

The Void Arc

The first arc of the series which starts in chapter 1 and finished at chapter 5. It revolves around Asura being kidnapped by a Kosmic God and being put to fight in an arena where he recruits Sora. The arc reaches the climax when Asura has to fight Amaya who's Perseres' sister and Asura killed Perseres, after a long fight, Sora jumps in to help Asura but he's almost killed by an attack which Asura saves him from by using his body. This attack kills Asura which awakens Entropy who kills the Kosmic Angels and drew a draw against the Kosmic God Juro. The arc ends with Asura, Aqua, and Sora escaping the Void, which is the name of the planet with the essence of Amaya, Argos, and Juro while the entire planet is sucked in by the gravitational pull of a star and obliterated

Power of the Verse

Attack Potency

At the start of the series, characters like Aqua, Asura, and Perseres are Mountain to Large Mountain Level, as it continues the characters continue to grow in power reaching the Planet to Star Level, Around halfway they reach Solar System to Galaxy Level, reaching the end of the series the major characters are Multi-Galaxy Level. And finally, EOS characters are Universe Level with the Gods being Multiverse Level


In the beginning, they easily rival the Speed of Light, around a little later they are easily Massively FTL+


Their hax includes Immortality, Regeneration, Precognition, Absorption, Power Nullification, Durability Negation, Regeneration Negation, Time Manipulation, Age Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Void Manipulation, BFR, Vector Manipulation, Immunity to various hax



Angels of the Kosmos

  • Shirou
  • Aurora
  • Aspen
  • Lucy
  • Audra
  • Jera

Gods of the Kosmos

  • Juro
  • Deimos
  • Phoenix
  • Ivy
  • Ekos
  • Terra
  • Arthur
  • Levana
  • Kale
  • Indra

Celestial Guardians

  • Vulcan
  • Angelica

Red Devils

  • Abaddon
  • Elizabeth
  • Arvor
  • Lamia

Arch Angels

  • Michael
  • Raphael
  • Remiel
  • Uriel


  • Supreme Deity Valkyrie
  • Demon Queen Anarchy


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