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"Judge your level of power only in battle, when your life is in danger ... and when you are training only the level of how much you have improved"
~ Eldur to Seraph Almasy (Save the World)

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Eldur was the ancient God of Fire, son of the Goddess of Night Njól and of the God of Day Dagr and the youngest of his brothers.

When humanity was born, Eldur was intrigued, unlike his brothers.

He spent centuries interacting with them, teaching the arts of forge and battle, building a thriving civilization with them.

But one day he was banished from the realm of the gods for no apparent reason, imprisoned on Earth and possessing only a fraction of his divine powers.

He remained among men as an observer and protector, but always wondering why his father had kicked him out of his home.

This version coming from an alternate timeline will be summoned by David Beckum along with the other choosen to save the multiverse from a coming threat.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C, High 8-C in his Elemental Form

Name: Eldur, Prometheus (by Greeks and Romans), Gerra (by Babylonians and Akkadians), Surtr (by the ancient Germans)

Origin: Save the World

Age: Over two billions of years.

Classification: God of Fire, Forge and War, Elemental of Fire, Sun God

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Weapon Creation, Immortality (Type 1,2 and 3), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Cosmic Awareness (Of peoples and dangers), Fire Manipulation, Heat Manipulation and Absorption (His Domain of Fire grant him total control on the element of fire, giving him the ability to generate constructs and flames), Homing Attack, Non-Physical Interaction (His fire can burn incorporeal entities and souls), Resistance Negation (His fire is so hot that can burn even entities resistant to it), Explosion Manipulation, Energy Projection (Can release scorching rays of fire energy), Transformation, Elemental Intangibility, Size Manipulation and Statistics Amplification (Can assume an Elemental Form in which his fire powers are increased by 3 times), Flight, Teleportation (Through vortex of fire), Information Analysis (The Domain of Forge allows him the ability to analyse the properties of objects and buildings while the Domain of War strength and weaknesses of his enemies), Transmutation (Can turn every materials into another one that suits his needs), Instinctive Reaction, Limited Dimensional Storage (Can keep it's standard and optional equipment inside a unknown Hammerspace. Doesn't apply to anything outside of their equipment), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; can survive within the Void of Nothingness, which has no air, 2 and 3; as a God, Eldur doesn't need to eat or sleep), Acausality (Type 1 and 4. As a Chosen, their past and future actions can't be erased or changed, due to technically being a scar in reality. This also causes flicks in history, making it impossible predict it. Not even David Beckum and None can see it, at least on a long term basis), Resistance to: Paralysis Induciment (Able to eventualy break out of No One's paralysis aura), Existence Erasure (As a Chosen, they are unable to be erased or have their actions erased. This extends to the Void of Nothingness, which erases anything that enters it out of space-time, past, present and future), Corruption (Type 2 and 3. Chosen have high resistance against None's corruption, which includes: Corrosion Inducement, Mind Manipulation, Body Puppetry, can block out Precognition, and others yet to be shown) and Absorption (All Chosen have high resistance against None's Crimson Aura, which absorbs and completely takes over someone's body, mind and soul), Soul Manipulation, Astral Manipulation, Mathematics Manipulation and Law Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation and Resistance Negation to Fire (He is resistant to his own fire that's capable to burn even who are resistant to it; His fire is hot enough to protect him from ice and water by instantly vaporizing them), Fear Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Type 1,2 and 3; as a God, Eldur's mind isn't affected by biological, mental or supernatural madness), Possession (His divine soul, mind and body are nearly impossible to be possessed) and Invulnerability to mortal weapons

Attack Potency: Building Level (Comparable to other Chosen capable of destroy a building), High 8-C in his Elemental Form (In this form his fire and other fire based abilities are increased by 3 times)

Speed: Supersonic combat, movement and reaction speed (Comparable to other Chosen like Seraph Almasy (Save the World))

Lifting Strength: Class M

Striking Strength: Building Class

Durability: Building Level

Stamina: Probably Limitless, his divine body allows him to not suffer exhaustion.

Range: Melee Range with his sword, hundreds of meters with his fire and cosmic awareness, Planetary with his teleportation.

Standard Equipment: His obsidian armor, a fine crafted suit capable of absorbing physical impacts and his obsidian flaming sword with a blade so sharp capable to cut throughs atoms.

Intelligence: Genius. Eldur as a God of the Forge and War has extensive knowledge in the military and craft fields, a tactical experience gained over the ages of mankind and the knowledge and skill in creating and replicating weapons of high technological power

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Fire Domain: Eldur's main offensive power, this domain allows him total control over fire allowing him to execute various techniques based on this element, such has:

Fire Bolt: A pretty simple and basic attack; Eldur raise one of his hand with the index and middle finger miming a gun and shooting a projectile of fire.

Fireball: A more powerful version of the previous attack; Eldur concentrate the projectile on top of his finger to then realise it, generating a powerful explosion of fire.

Fire Wave: By concentrating the on his feet, Eldur can generate a circular wave of burning fire.

Fire Tornado: Eldur raise one of his hand, generating a powerful tornado of fire.

Scorching Ray: Eldur channel his interior fire, unleashing from his hand or while wearing his helmet a Y shaped ray of scorching energy of fire.

Searing Flame: By creating a flame on the palm of his hand, Eldur target an enemies and throw at them a streak of fire that follows its target until hits.

Burning Yggdrasil: Raising a hand, Eldur proceed to create a tree-shaped tornado that fires a rain of flames against an army of enemies.

Elemental Form: Eldur channel his divine power, turning himself in his true form, a huge elemental made of fire in which his fire-based powers are increased, allowing him to perform powerful techniques such as:

Surtr's Wrath: Channelling his fire, Eldur unleashes a powerful scorching ray from his feet. He has used this technique against the Watchdog, burning his ribcage by aiming at its heart.

Beasts of Múspellsheimr: By creating a ring of fire behind him, Eldur can summon a horde of fire hounds. He has used this technique the first time against the zombies left after the defeat of the Watchdog.

King of Múspellsheimr: Similar to the previous technique, Eldur summons a powerful fire giant that resembles the appearence of the mythological norse giant Surtr; The giant is massive and armed with a huge and powerful flaming sword and from which can emit waves of fire while his mouth and eyes can unleash scorching rays of fire energy.

Blazing Gungnir: Eldur reshape his flaming body into a fiery spear to then proceed to fly at high speed against his target.

Key: First Stereo Sphere


Eldur while unleashing the Burning Yggdrasil

One of the Beasts of Múspellsheimr summoned by Eldur

Blazing Gungnir, the fiery spear

King of Múspellsheimr, the fire giant summoned by Eldur


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